Backpacks beat suitcases in all dimensions of convenience. If you are a passionate traveler who likes venturing into the world, not from hotel to hotel, but to destinations unique and paths untrodden, then you need a light, convenient method to pack your necessities. A backpack, given its compact frame and hands-free mobility, allows you to be swift and ready to embark on an adventure without the worries of tugging along a bulky suitcase.

There is a diverse landscape of choices when it comes to travel backpacks. Manufacturers, from budget-friendly stores to luxurious brands, craft bags to excel in comfort, durability, and capacity. Although it is best to have the maximum amount of space in your bag, you need to be conscious of travel restrictions, like the carry-on size limit for airlines, when selecting a bag. An ideal backpack is appropriate for any location or occasion that you might face on your travels.

Given the vast array of elements that make up a backpack, it’s no surprise that each bag offers a different experience. The key to finding the right fit lies in thoroughly identifying your needs. For example, if are you likely to hike on your trips, then your backpack must be lightweight and generously padded. On the other hand, if you need to carry a range of chunky items, then prioritize the backpack capacity and compartment design. We have discussed such intricate factors in detail as we compare the best travel backpacks in the industry. Scroll on and enlighten yourself to the Best Travel Backpacks in the industry!

The Best Travel Backpacks of 2020 (Comparison)

Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack - ( Editor's Choice)40LCheck Price
Pacsafe Venturesafe GII Anti Theft Travel Backpack25LCheck Price
JanSport Driver 8 Rolling Backpack36LCheck Price

(Editor’s Choice):  Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack

If you are a hardcore traveler, you have probably heard of the Osprey Farpoint 40. This magnificent backpack has combined the fundamental features of travel bags with a precise, lasting design, earning a global reputation.

The backpack boasts a pristine, mono-toned body available in black, red, or blue shades. What grants the Osprey Farpoint its spotless repute is not some flashy, luxurious gear, but rather its simplistic, endurance-based design. The bag offers conventional backpacking necessities with a promise of unwavering resilience, regardless of the situation. At a capacity of 40 liters, it falls among the more spacious bags. By our estimate, you can fit around 2 weeks’ worth of clothing and accessories in the bag without stretching the limit. The body is fitted with a premium LightWire frame to uphold the shape. It can be frustrating when your bag collapses the moment you take out an item, which is why a supportive frame is so desirable.

The Osprey Farpoint 40 is modeled after a duffel-bag with a U-shaped front zipper. You can view the entire contents of the bag by sliding it open, quite like a suitcase. There are 4 lockable fabric straps integrated into the front panel to compress the backpack body. Even if you stuff it to the brim, the compression straps can slim down the body considerably. This can be especially useful when trying to fit the bag in an overhead compartment. What’s more, the straps blend neatly into the black backpack, enhancing the minimalist aura. The bag’s interior features a separate laptop pocket enveloped in secure padding and zippers. It can accommodate laptops with up to 15-inch screens, which is rare even amongst the best backpacks for men.

In terms of mobility, the Farpoint 40 backpack leaves no stones unturned. It’s back and shoulder straps are lined with plush, shock-absorbent mesh that maximizes cushioning. There is a sturdy hip belt conjoined to the straps. Apart from lending extra back support, the belt reinforces the bag frame, ensuring that your items, especially the laptop, are immune to sudden bends or twists. Combined with the dual bottle pockets on the bag front, this makes the Farpoint an ideal daypack. If you are looking to spice up the aesthetic appeal of your travel backpack, you will love the Osprey’s zippered back panel. It can enclose the back/shoulder straps and hide them.

As compared to a mens leather backpack, the Osprey’s fabric body maintains fresh, ventilated air around your clothes. Unlike most manufacturing brands, Osprey has not restricted the Farpoint 40 to the male physique. Its female-friendly counterpart, the Fairview, offers the same design & features and ranks as a best-selling travel backpack for women.

Lightwire frame to support the bodyNo sling strap
Stowaway back panelNot entirely water-resistant
Dual bottle pockets
Spacious, 40L interior
Meets most airline carry-on requirements


The Osprey Farpoint 40 is an all-rounding travel backpack that serves you faithfully in any location. Its cushioned body, hike-style strap system, and appealing compartment design make it well-suited for both urban and wilderness sprees. If you seek a true jack-of-all-trades backpack, Farpoint 40 is the one to own.


Pacsafe Venturesafe GII Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Pacsafe is a trusted backpack brand known for its remarkable anti-theft modules. Their Venturesafe GII backpack is an epitome of bag security for all kinds of travelers.

The Venturesafe GII is composed of high-grade nylon and polyester fabric. It provides 25 liters of storage in a carry-on sized body (19.7” x 11.4” x 7.9”). It is akin to canvas backpacks in terms of durability, given the steel-rooted body. Although the storage falls quite behind Farpoint, this small backpack is a beast in terms of space management.  There are several pockets sewn into the interior and exterior that extend your storage range. The slim interior functions just like bookbags or college backpacks, but that does not hinder clothes that you may wish to pack.

A carefully cushioned laptop sleeve extends across the bag’s inner wall, hanging without scraping against the bottom. It is an innovative take to electronic storage since most travel backpacks provide only a full-length sleeve with little tolerance to pressure. The sleeve can host a device with a 15-inch screen, making it a perfect laptop backpack for women.

On the exterior, this travel backpack is flanked by two zipper bladders for added storage convenience. Its shoulder straps are compatible with both male and female physiques. The best aspect of the Pacsafe VentureSafe GII is its security-conscious skeleton. It’s not uncommon to run across pickpockets while traveling, especially in foreign locations where you stand out. Skilled thieves can slice through bags and vanish before you even notice, which is why the Venturesafe GII’s anti-theft design makes it one of the best backpacks for international destinations. The backpack is founded upon eXomesh technology, which is a steel mesh frame molded to the backpack’s shape and layered into each fabric. The steel resists common knives and cutting objects. The straps are also infused with sturdy wires to guard against slash-and-run attempts.

Thanks to the anti theft backpack’s security hooks, no one can force your external zips to open without exerting a noticeable amount of force. You won’t have to worry about quick-handed pickpockets even while you are wrapped in a crowd.

Moreover, travelers often slide their sensitive ID and credit cards into pre-built compartments. Once you don your travel backpack, such pockets are pushed against the bag walls and become obvious to any passersby, which can be just as foolish as wearing a clear backpack. The Venturesafe GII has overcome this problem by installing a suspended RFID pocket into the main compartment. Not only does this hide the location of your cards from an outsider’s perspective, but it also blocks radio transmissions that hackers use to scan your RFID. You won’t find such specialized security even in an advanced tactical backpack.

eXoMesh skeleton for knife protectionSmaller than conventional travel backpacks
Anti-theft strapsLimited color options
Security hooks to prevent pickpocketing
RFID blocker pocket
Suspended laptop sleeve



When it comes to travel security, the Pacsafe Venturesafe GII is an unparalleled travel backpack. Its steel-reinforced body and security hooks stand up to pickpockets and slash-and-run thieves. If you travel with sensitive documents/cash or simply desire a theft-free vacation, then the Pacsafe GII is the way to go.


JanSport Driver 8 Rolling Backpack

JanSport has launched a quirky masterpiece into the travel backpack industry with its Driver 8 model. This bag offers dual-movement support, combining roller wheels with back straps, to bring you the best of both worlds.

The Jansport Driver 8 is built from alternating nylon and polyester fabric. Its aesthetic blueprint resembles school backpacks, printed with floral patterns in various shades. The bag can host 36 liters of luggage, which is delightfully spacious for 1-1.5 week trips. You can carry the Driver 8 through its blissfully padded shoulder straps or the 80mm skating wheels latched onto the bottom. As we mentioned previously, backpacks are most convenient for quick, hands-free movement without vehicles, but that does not mean you have to restrict yourself to one form of mobility. Whether you are cruising through ancient streets or enjoying a walk among lush forests, the Driver 8 is ready to accompany you without demanding any unnecessary stress. You can quickly switch the backpack into roller mode, or vice versa, by utilizing the straps’ tuck-away functionality.

In terms of storage, the Driver 8 lays out plenty of options, including a zipper front pocket, side water-bottle pouch, and padded laptop sleeve. Its interior is divided into two main compartments, similar to kids backpacks. It is well provisioned with soft, shock-reducing pads to gently caress your accessories. If you pack fragile electronics or engage in strenuous, action-packed walks while traveling, the Driver 8’s cushioned interior is bound to alleviate your worries. But that’s not all; the backpack stretches its comfort to the shoulder pads and back panel as well, hugging your backbone to prevent back strains.

This travel backpack comes in a variety of colorful options, with some emblazoned with flowery patterns. It is rare to find such a cute backpack design when perusing the travel industry, which is what makes this JanSport bag so amazing. The Driver 8 is a unisex bag that can work simultaneously as a kids backpack and a boys backpack.

Moreover, if you support sustainable manufacturers, JanSport should be on top of your list. Their Driver 8 travel backpack is assembled in solar-powered factories through recycled plastic materials. But don’t worry, this does not imply any weaknesses in the fabric. On the contrary, the Driver 8 is waterproof and comes with a lifetime return warranty. Yes, it’s that durable!


Equipped with 2 80mm roller wheelsNo hip belt
Large, 36 L capacityNo compression straps
Advanced cushioning system
Available in a wide range of colors
Made from recycled polyester


JanSport’s Driver 8 is an exciting backpack to have on your travels, given its wheeling-capability and quirky appearance. The bag exhibits a spacious interior with intelligent compartment design and cushioning, which makes for a stress-free packing/unpacking experience. If you are looking to minimize your exhaustion during your travels, then the Driver 8 is your perfect match!



The process of choosing a travel backpack can be intensely fluid, considering the varying factors driven by individual needs. But with heaps of manufacturers saturating the market, we have managed to outline some of the finest, most desirable features of travel backpacks that everyone must consider. Analyzing these features, brands like JanSport, Osprey, and PacSafe emerged as our top contenders, but the one backpack that outshone the rest was Osprey Farpoint 40.

The Osprey Farpoint 40 remains one step ahead of the competition by being focused on travel-convenience, rather than roping in pointless, flashy tech to attract customers. Its massive capacity (40L) far exceeded the PacSafe Venturesafe GII backpack’s specifications, and when it came to comfort, especially during backpacking, the Osprey’s ergonomic belts and straps were simply unrivaled by JanSport’s limited support. Hence, the Osprey Farpoint 40 earned our pick for the Best Travel Backpack for 2020!

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