Even the best-planned trips can be soured by unprecedented weather or environmental conditions. Before you begin any journey, you need a reliable travel backpack to safeguard your belongings at every step. A waterproof bag is an optimal companion for such purposes.

Choosing a waterproof backpack, however, can be an exhausting process given the mounds of bag models in the current market. Any well-crafted waterproof backpack is identified by its seamless construction, which is often complemented by a water-resistant material or specialized coating to keep the interior dry. There is an extensive list of elements you need to consider before you pick a backpack. From capacity and compartment design to sheer durability, numerous characteristics influence a travel bag’s performance. The right model for you must offer the exact amount of space you require, alongside an appropriate supply of convenience modules, like a bottle pocket, laptop sleeve, or additional straps, etc.

To aid your search process, our experts have singled out the best waterproof backpacks in the current market. These models are laden with convenient features, each tried and tested on versatile journeys. Discover below our reviews of the top 3 waterproof backpacks that you won’t regret buying!


Best Waterproof Backpacks for Travel (Comparison)

Nelson-Rigg SE-3040 Hurricane - ( Editor's Choice)40LCheck Price
Skog Å Kust BackSåk Pro35LCheck Price
Aqua Quest Riparia45LCheck Price

(Editor’s Choice):  Nelson-Rigg SE-3040 Hurricane Backpack

Nelson-Rigg is a well-known brand that specializes in producing motorcycle equipment, but their Hurricane SE-3040 backpack is a well-rounded beast that will serve you faithfully on any journey. Engineered to endure the tempestuous rigors of biking, Hurricane SE-3040 dominates the waterproof backpack industry in both toughness and practicality.

The waterproof backpack is crafted from tarpaulin PVC, a material revered for its tenacity and long-lasting nature. Nelson-Rigg has processed the entire bag with anti-UV treatment. What makes this waterproof backpack truly outstanding is its welded seam construction. Each of the bag’s linings has been fused through electronic heating, ensuring that no moisture can ever penetrate the interior. There are two closure options to make it easy to store your items, one from the sides and the other from the top. Each closure is supplemented with quick-release buckles that maintain a watertight grip on the seams. This thorough enhancement is what places the Nelson-Rigg Hurricane SE-3040 among the best backpacks for wet/humid regions.

The bag boasts 40 liters of interior space in a single, roomy compartment. If you are new to backpacks, rest assured that 40L is a massive spatial capacity that will easily accommodate your garments and accessories for more than a week’s travels. Whether you are heading out on an extended hiking trip or a city tour, the Hurricane waterproof backpack is not likely to pose any problems with space constriction.

There is a built-in 15” laptop sleeve as well that accepts various electronic devices. Apart from that, though, the interior is bare of any support/guidance elements to organize your stuff. If you prefer slipping each item into a dedicated slot, like in conventional travel luggage, the Hurricane SE-3040 may not suit you. Regardless, this “open” interior lets you utilize the entire length of the bag without restrictions to store long or bulky items like cameras, gift items, etc. Once you are done packing, you can compress the bag swiftly through an innovative Air Purge valve. This brilliant feature is envied even by the best carry on backpack, as it makes it blissfully simple to fit the bag in airplane compartments while reducing its weight.

On the exterior, the Nelson-Rigg Hurricane SE-3040 is an exceptionally well-equipped waterproof backpack. There is a removable, waterproof MOLLE panel attached to its front where you can keep your phone or documents for quick access. You will also find a bottle pocket on each side. The bag’s padded backstraps make it comfortable during long walks. Such well-rounded features spice up the bag’s advanced waterproof construction, making it the best waterproof backpack for travel.

Spacious 40L interiorLack of organizing straps/pockets on the interior
Removable MOLLE panelAn elongated frame may be awkward for short people
Made from UV-treated, durable materials
100% waterproof body through electronic welding
Padded back with breathable texture


The Nelson-Rigg Hurricane SE-3040 is a confident waterproof backpack that won’t back down in any outdoor environment. Its electronically welded body and PVC construction erect some of the most effective waterproof barriers you will find in a backpack and combined with the bag’s beautiful, feature-laden frame, there’s no surprise Hurricane SE-3040 ranks first among our top picks.


Skog Å Kust BackSåk Pro Waterproof  Backpack

Skog Å Kust has been manufacturing trusted luggage for years. BackSåk Pro is the best waterproof backpack in their arsenal with a load of elements that you won’t find in typical drybags.

The Skog Å Kust BackSåk Pro backpack is built from 420-Denier Ripstop nylon, which not only grants it a glossy, smart look but also toughens the bag’s structure. This Nylon material is a tested waterproof substance with aptitude in the durability department as well. To provide all-around waterproof protection, Skog Å Kust has coated the entire bag with TPU that repels moisture from accumulating near the bag. With heat-welded seams and a rolling closure system, BackSåk Pro promises to keep your items dry in any condition. Whether you are taken unawares by rainfall or slip into a puddle, this travel bag has your back, literally. What’s more, we found the bag’s nylon construction to be readily floatable on liquid surfaces. Even if you drop the bag in deep water, its floating ability will save you from tears and distress.

From the inside, Skog Å Kust BackSåk Pro stretches to 35L of space. For added convenience, the interior is lined with a reflective white material that makes it easy to discern each of your items. You know how frustrating it can be to shuffle through a travel bag in low-light conditions, which is why this subtle feature can add just the touch of convenience you need.

There are layered pockets integrated within the bag, including a laptop sleeve, a zippered pocket, and even a clip for securing your keys. Such organizational support is what you expect from the best travel backpack. Outside the waterproof backpack, you will find an exceptional front pocket. It is based on IPX-7 closure which makes the pocket retract into an airtight compartment the moment you zip it, making it safe to place important documents, like a passport or ticket, for easy access.

We also loved how comfortable the BackSåk Pro is when compared to a conventional shoulder bag. Its back panel is equipped with striped pads that actively enhance cushioning and reduce tension in key areas of your back, simulating the feel of a cross body bag.

Airtight front pocketSmall bottle pockets
Cushioned back panelThe design could be better
100% waterproof Nylon construction
Available in 3 colors
Floats on water


Skog Å Kust BackSåk Pro is another masterpiece of the waterproof luggage industry. Its seamless Nylon construction resembles the best industrial backpacks for men and sporting a floating capability and airtight front pocket, this waterproof backpack is one of the most reliable travel bags for men and women alike.

Aqua Quest Riparia Waterproof Backpack

The Aqua Quest Riparia backpack lives up to its name by booting up an intricate waterproof system around your belongings. The bag caught our attention by outpacing carry on luggage in weight and a mens leather backpack in durability.

Aqua Quest Riparia employs the tried-and-true Nylon construction with TPU coatings to safeguard its interior from any water penetration. The entire length of the bag is cut from ripstop Nylon, and if you are familiar with luggage materials, you know how durable such construction is. Most waterproof backpacks lean on heat-welded seams to edge up their overall protection, but Aqua Quest has focused on minimizing the very number of seams in Riparia. The result? An almost seamless nylon beast that feels light yet powerful. It rides through the wettest of conditions without a hint of interior dampness, and the bag’s supple frame shames even the best carry on luggage in terms of weight. Aqua Quest has attached a mighty lifetime warranty with the bag just like a North Face backpack. Such confidence stands testament to Riparia’s long-lasting build.

Aqua Quest Riparia is not a small backpack when it comes to space. Its 45L storage capacity is likely the largest you will find amongst similarly priced waterproof backpacks. The main compartment is dotted with handy pockets and storage sections to organize your stuff. If you carry a plethora of tiny items on your trip, Riparia waterproof backpack will make it easy to find each swiftly and without hassle.

There are two spacious bottle holders built into the bag sides. You will also find an exterior pocket on the belly with splash-proof walls. It can be accessed through a vertical zip that runs across the middle. This quirky placement is something you see in a leather backpack, and it multiplies the bag’s convenience. Furthermore, the Riparia waterproof backpack comes in several colors and themes, including a camouflage version. Such organizational add-ons and customizability are the reasons behind Riparia’s popularity, not just as a waterproof backpack but also as a top travel backpack for women.

Lifetime Aqua Quest warrantyOverlarge frame
Sturdy 420D Nylon/TPU constructionMay not fit carry-on requirements when fully packed
Equipped with several convenient zippers and in-built pockets
45L storage capacity
Lightweight body



Aqua Quest Riparia reigns among the toughest waterproof backpack models in the market. Its enormous 45L capacity is complemented by an exceptionally lightweight, TPU-infused waterproof frame. On top of that, the Riparia backpack carries a lifetime warranty, making it a safe investment for anyone seeking a long-term travel companion.


When it comes to travel backpacks, there are several elements, in the shape of comfort, convenience, and durability, that must come together to grant a truly enjoyable experience. Our top 3 picks, as you discovered above, succeed at fusing each element in their distinct way, placing a range of qualities at your table. The most advanced backpack among them is Nelson-Rigg’s SE-3040 Hurricane.

Most backpacks rely on design gimmicks to acquire waterproof characteristics, but Hurricane’s Tarpaulin PVC body and electronically welded seams combine masterfully to bring you true, flawless water protection. Nylon backpacks, like Riparia and BackSåk Pro, come close to matching Hurricane’s waterproof efficiency, but their flimsy frames and shiny texture fall behind the rugged and erect body of SE-3040. The bag is loaded with specialized modules, like the Air Purge compression valve and removable MOLLE panel, that you won’t find in competing backpacks. Such convenient features can lighten even a stressful journey, which is why we consider Nelson-Rigg’s SE-3040 Hurricane the best waterproof backpack for travel.

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