Keeping your electronics safe is often the biggest concern on any journey. Whether it be a swift flight or an extended sight spree, the rigors of travel demand a strong, reliable backpack to keep your precious devices intact.  This is where a purpose-built laptop backpack provides the ideal solution to any traveler’s worries.

Laptop backpacks are constructed from tough, protective materials and loaded with padding on each side. Through organized compartments and dedicated sleeves, they serve to eliminate travel shock that can damage your delicate electronics, especially a laptop or tablet. The best laptop backpacks are also equipped with a water-resistance mechanism for unprecedented situations. If you are new to the luggage industry, it can be perplexing to sort through the vast range of backpacks in the market. To help you make the best investment, we have tested and ranked the best laptop bags we could find for travelers.

Our experts have assessed each of the top backpacks based on durability, storage, cushioning, and comfort, identifying 3 truly worthwhile models. Read their reviews below to single out your ideal match.

Best Laptop Backpacks for Travel (Comparison)

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
EVERKI Titan Business 120 - ( Editor's Choice)40L storage, 5-point strapsCheck Price
SwissGear 5358Embedded USB port, ScanSmart designCheck Price
TIDING Leather 15.6Leather body, Suitcase modeCheck Price

(Editor’s Choice):  EVERKI Titan Business 120 Travel-Friendly Laptop Backpack

When it comes to travel backpacks, Everki knows how to stitch convenience into each bag. The Everki EKP120 Titan backpack is one of the most versatile, and user-friendly, laptop backpacks out there with a plethora of features to support your journeys.

Titan owes its name to its massive 40L storage capacity. The spacious interior is divided into two main compartments with a full-length front pocket. Each compartment is lined with handy zippers and vaults to organize your items. We loved the bag’s integrated laptop sleeve. It can easily accommodate a massive 18.4″ laptop without bulging, enveloping your device in thick, shock-absorbent walls. Such a roomy sleeve is not something you find in a typical laptop backpack, and it parallels laptop cases in terms of effectiveness. There is an additional tablet pocket in the bag with a felt lining. It is especially useful for storing thin tablets or delicate electronics. Near the bag’s shoulder, you will find a scratch-resistant media pocket with built-in cable access. If you need to charge your phone or listen to music, just stow your device/charger into the pocket and operate on the move. Such quirky add-ons grant you the benefits of a mini backpack inside a computer backpack frame.

Furthermore, Everki Titan goes the extra mile to ease your travels. Each compartment zips open 180-degrees to reveal its contents. Not only does this encourage more efficient packing, but it also speeds up the screening conducted by airport/security officials. Although it is not a waterproof backpack, the Everki laptop backpack comes with a water-resistant cover that you can pull up during rain/snowfall. Like the best backpacks, Everki Titan boasts tough metallic zippers. Metal zippers are known to be remarkably more durable and tension-resistant than typical plastic ones, but you won’t often see them in a laptop backpack under $200.

Everki EKP120 Titan aces the comfort test with its 5-point strap system and smart padding. The pillow-soft straps are arranged in a pattern that redistributes the bag’s weight across your torso, preventing excessive strain on the back or shoulders. Our testers found the shoulder straps to be incredibly lenient even when the laptop backpack was fully loaded. If you are looking for a mighty laptop backpack that packs everything without agonizing your back, the Everki EKP120 Titan should be your first pick.

5-point balance strapsNot completely waterproof
18.4" laptop sleeveLack of color/theme options
Metallic zippers
Checkpoint-friendly, 180-degree compartments
40L storage capacity


Everki EKP120 Titan is a backpack that has thought of everything. Its massive 40L interior, dedicated 18.4″ compartment, and advanced padding outstrip most laptop bags for men. It carries numerous features, like 5-point balance straps, water-resistant cover, and checkpoint-friendly design, to support you on every step of your journey, making it the best travel backpack for laptop users.


SwissGear 5358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

SwissGear 5358 hails from a series of specialized laptop backpacks called ScanSmart. These backpacks are designed in consideration of travel protocols, like bag scanning and TSA searches, so that you don’t have to endure lengthy security checks.

SwissGear 5358 extends 31.4 Liters of storage space with separate cabins for electronics and clothing. Its laptop compartment is zippered at a full 180-degree angle, allowing it to open up like a suitcase and reveal each device you carry. Inside, you will find a 15″ laptop sleeve with safe, padded boundaries. The sleeve is layered with smooth, shock-absorbing fabrics that keep your laptop guarded at all times. There is a similar but smaller compartment stitched opposite the laptop sleeve. It can be utilized as a storage pocket for tablets, phones, or even documents. This distinct design lets you keep all your electronics in a single compartment, separate from clothes and other personal items, so you can get instant approval at any checkpoint. It is always embarrassing to sift through your belongings next to a security official, which is we love this design in the SwissGear 5358 laptop backpack.

On the bag’s exterior, you will several features that are rarely seen among most low-priced backpacks for men. There is a USB charging port built into the backpack strap that connects to an internal pocket. You can simply plug and charge your phone while navigating your way across a city/trail. SwissGear has implanted the iconic Airflow panel on its back. This cushioned layer maintains a constant circulation of air between the bag and your backbone, preventing nasty sweat accumulation during long walks. Moreover, if you need quick access to additional items, like a camera lens or shoes, you will love this laptop backpack’s collapsible side pocket. It opens with a zipper and even stretches to accommodate a large-sized pair of shoes. This convenient module will undoubtedly save you some hassle in various situations.

Collapsible shoe pocketThe removable pouch is too small for most smartphones
Integrated USB portAppearance can be unstylish/out-of-place
ScanSmart design for quick checkpoint clearance
Separate, lay-flat laptop compartment
Ventilated AirFlow back panel



SwissGear 5358 brings convenience to your travels with its multitude of compartments, in every shape and form. From collapsible side pockets to removable charger sleeves, the bag has a dedicated space for any item you wish to pack. And the best part? This ScanSmart laptop backpack is entirely checkpoint-friendly, making it top our choice travel backpack for women and men with ambitious packing needs.


TIDING Leather 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack

Tired of scrolling through boring backpacks with monotone designs? Try the Tiding leather laptop backpack. This leather beast boasts an exciting vintage look with a suitcase-like frame and unlimited appeal, all geared towards laptop carriers.

The bag is handcrafted from cowhide leather with a powerful, convertible frame. Its leather radiates a rugged, manly look that even outshines cute backpacks in appeal. The main compartment opens with a 180-degree zip stretching around the side, top, and bottom, unlike a conventional zipper that you see in school backpacks. It plops open like a suitcase, allowing you to pack neatly and fly through security checks. Tiding has sewn YKK zippers in every compartment. The YKK zip assembly is tested to be exceedingly durable and tension-resistant, and you will have a hard time finding such advanced specifications in most laptop bags for women and men.

The Tiding leather backpack is loaded with pockets on the inside, with various specialized sleeves on each wall. Its powerful laptop sleeve can hold a 15.6-inch device with ease, hugging it in cushioned walls. On the bag front, you will find 3 handy pockets that spice up the bag’s appeal and convenience. If you need quick access to sensitive items, these pockets will ensure they are always safe and within reach. A mens leather backpack does not often sport such a versatile storage design, which is we adore the Tiding laptop backpack.

Carrying this beast is convenient if you get tired quickly, owing to the myriad of strap variants it carries. Apart from typical backpack straps, the bag possesses a one-shoulder strap, trolley strap, and even a quirky handle-strap that you can use to carry it like a briefcase. This combination makes it a refreshingly comfortable partner on long journeys, with the strength of a tactical backpack and the appeal of designer backpacks.

Handcrafted from durable cowhide leatherHeavier than conventional backpacks
Beautiful vintage designThe leather body can restrict ventilation
Suitcase-styled compartment and straps
Versatile device pockets
Equipped with strong YKK zippers



Tiding’s leather backpack is an unparalleled gem in the luggage industry. Armed with a 15 inch laptop sleeve, rows of compartments, and a multi-dimensional strap system, this is a bag laptop users always admire. Its fashionable, retro body is backed by durable leather layers that will make a statement in any location!



The luggage industry is plagued by low-quality backpacks that you can never trust with a laptop, especially while traveling. After rigorous testing, we have chosen 3 laptop backpacks today that will cost you slightly more than such options, but each carries a promise of reliability for years to come. And amongst rows of flashy laptop bags, we found Everki EKP120 Titan to be the most well-designed model for travelers.

Everki Titan lays an impressive 40L interior at your disposal with intricate sleeves and pockets. Its felt-padded sleeve was one of the most shock-absorbent laptop compartments we found in the market. Coupled with the bag’s stable, 5-point strap system, it provides unbeatable, all-around protection for your electronics. Even the Tiding and Swissgear backpacks fall behind Titan when it comes to travel-friendliness. You can charge your phone as you move, placing it in the bag’s shoulder pocket. Reach a security checkpoint? Just zip open the 180-degree laptop compartment and get cleared in seconds. Furthermore, Titan’s included water-resistant cover adds an extra layer of security that other low-priced backpacks cannot match. This unblemished catalog of features is why the Everki EKP120 Titan is our top choice laptop backpack for travelers.


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