Business trips are both nerve-wracking and exciting for a career woman. It could be that last step towards a promotion or something as a make-or-break situation for the company you are representing. And with all the preparation you need to make for that deal-breaker presentation or proposal, you would also need to do this with the essentials you need to bring.

A laptop backpack is preferred by most because it offers the right amount of space, frees your hands, and it is easier for you to go from one place to another without having to worry about your bag being left somewhere. A backpack with laptop sleeve is popular since it is designed to provide additional protection for your laptop or other sensitive gadgets.

Most backpack laptop bag models also have several compartments to organize your loot – with one dedicated for compact to normal-sized laptops, zippered pockets for your charger, or earphones that are easy to reach even when the pack is at your back. It has space for documents and keeps it flat. It also has a main space for extra clothes or your other essentials.

Your business backpack also needs to be ergonomically-designed to avoid straining your back, much more a woman’s smaller body built. It may offer less space than its normal counterparts, but it should offer at least a decent space and enough protection for your laptop and documents.

We did our research and came up with 3 of the best laptop backpack choices available online that provides outstanding scores in the following criteria:

  • Durability
  • Design
  • Ergonomics
  • Space
  • Accessories (if any)


NameKey Feature 
TUMI - Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe Brief Pack Laptop Backpack- Editor's ChoiceComes with Tumi Tracer – a technology that helps trace the whereabouts of your bag in case it gets stolen or lostCheck Price
Eagle Creek Women's 65 Liter, Black, One SizeCovered by the Eagle Creek No Matter What warrantyCheck Price
MYGOFLIGHT PLC Pro iPad and Laptop Flight and Travel Bag and BackpackFits TSA standardsCheck Price


TUMI – Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe Brief Pack Laptop Backpack – Editor’s Choice

As a woman on a business trip, you can still look classy and stylish while traveling. Bringing your business essentials with you does not mean you will look like carrying for a backpacking trip or camping. If you prefer the freedom that comes with a backpack but still wanted to look more composed and stylish, this laptop backpack is for you.

This travel laptop backpack is made of durable ballistic nylon fabric and premium zippers so you do not have to worry breaking your loot at the middle of the trip. It has a number of compartments in both the interior and exterior, allowing you to fit as much of your essentials in a more organized way. It features leather accents that makes it more professional looking than being the best backpacks for college students with laptops.

The TUMI – Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe Brief Pack Laptop Backpack offers a lot of functionality, veering away from flashy accents to focus more on what will make you comfortable on your business trips.

This laptop backpack has two side pockets for easy access; one for your water bottle or an umbrella (since the lining is made of a water-resistant material and air vent), and the other for your items that needed to be within easy reach. It also features a leather handle on top that is generally more durable and convenient to wipe clean. It also has a back slip pocket with a hidden magnetic snap for your flat items.

As the best business backpack, the Tumi Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe is also generous with its interior compartments. It has a padded laptop compartment that fits up to a 15” laptop. It has a dedicated pocket for your tablet, a zip pocket, card pockets, open pockets, a pen loop, and a key leash.

The TUMI – Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe Brief Pack Laptop Backpack also has the exclusive Tum Tracer, a technology that allows you to trace your bag’s whereabouts should it be stolen or lost. It comes complimentary with this laptop bag, with a metallic plate with your personal unique 20-digit identification that is also uploaded in its website with your information.

Professional design with leather accentsCan only fit smaller and compact laptops
Generous interior and exterior compartments
Dedicated padded pockets for a tablet and a laptop
With a waterproof pocket for a water bottle or umbrella
Comes with Tumi Tracer – complimentary technology that helps trace the whereabouts of your bag in case it gets stolen or lost


The TUMI – Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe Brief Pack Laptop Backpack is everything professional and convenient – from the design to the pockets and compartments. It fits a modern woman traveler bound to a business trip and holds enough essential items for business trips.


Eagle Creek Women’s 65 Liter, Black, One Size

As a laptop backpack for women, it is designed to conform to a woman’s curves and smaller built. Thus, the straps were made thinner and the hip belt at just the right height. This might be small details for some, but it does a lot when it comes to bringing comfort to a woman. And it helps her to be more comfortable while traveling, as well as more secure with her belongings.

The Eagle Creek Women’s 65 Liter, Black, One Size offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to movement. Aside from it is ergonomically designed and supported, it also has compartments and pockets that are placed around the pack within easy reach. This enables you to grab your essentials with one hand or without putting your backpack down, adding more convenience.

This laptop work bag has a great support system. It has an adjustable suspension that helps reduce the weight on your shoulders and revert it to your core. The torso length is also adjustable, allowing your companions to carry the bag in a way that fits their comfort level. This also makes it a good laptop backpack for men.

The 65L capacity is enough to hold your business trip essentials, whether you are taking the plane, public commute, or the company car. Opening this laptop backpack, you’ll see different compartments allotted for the different items you need to bring. It has generous space for your packed clothes, toiletries, and other essentials as well.

Another noteworthy feature is its main compartment’s zippers. It opens like a suitcase, allowing you to organize your items better. The same zippers are self-repairing and durable. This laptop backpack also has several handles on the top, sides, and bottom for easy grabbing at any angle.

The Eagle Creek Women’s 65 Liter, Black, One Size also has an included rainfly to provide additional protection from the rain. The bottom pack is made of a durable fabric that is both weathering and abrasion-resistant and easily wipes clean.

This best backpack for work’s laptop compartment can fit up to 17” laptops. The Eagle Creek Women’s 65 Liter, Black, One Size is also covered by a comprehensive warranty.

Thinner straps, with suspension, torso, and sternum straps adjustableIs not a carry-on backpack on the plane
The main compartment opens like a suitcase with zippers extending on the bottom of each side
Central point lock with padlock
With external zippered compartment at the hip belt for your phone or small items
Covered by the Eagle Creek No Matter What warranty


The Eagle Creek Women’s 65 Liter, Black, One Size is your no-frills, straightforward laptop back that has ample and compartmentalized space inside for your business essentials. This pack is also covered by a warranty, making it worth your investment.


MYGOFLIGHT PLC Pro iPad and Laptop Flight and Travel Bag and Backpack

For the constant airplane traveler, a reliable laptop backpack is a definite must-have. And of course, it has to fit the TSA standards for carry-on bags.

Women’s backpacks with laptop compartment need to provide the best protection for your gadgets. This particular laptop backpack can do just that – it has padded sleeves in the interior compartment, which provides enough cushioning and protection for your 16” laptops or a tablet. It fits the TSA standards for electronic flight bags.

The MYGOFLIGHT PLC Pro iPad and Laptop Flight and Travel Bag and Backpack resemble a cockpit travel bag. This laptop backpack’s exterior has compartments individualized for specific items essential for travel. It features quick access or grab pocket fitting for your passport or wallet. The side pocket is also high enough to contain your water bottle, or a radio transmitter, or anything similar in dimensions which you can also grab from your bag while being worn in your back.

This is also a waterproof laptop backpack since it is made of sail cloth and ballistic nylon materials. It is also made to be self-standing to provide additional stability and access convenience when it is off your shoulders.

The padded straps are adjustable and also be reconfigured as a messenger bag or as a fabric briefcase.

Different configurations depending on your comfort – backpack, messenger bag, or briefcaseSome users have problems with the straps that easily snap off the bag
Fits TSA standards
With mesh interior pockets to see your items easily
With dedicated padded interior sleeves for your laptop or tablet
With a side pocket that fits water bottle or radio transmitter
With a pocket for passport or wallet


The MYGOFLIGHT PLC Pro iPad and Laptop Flight and Travel Bag and Backpack is a great flight bag, which also fits business travelers other than pilots. It has enough compartments to hold (and protect) your business trip essentials. The self-standing feature is also a thoughtful one since it becomes more convenient to access your items while it is off your shoulders.


Final Verdict

Backpacks with laptop compartment abound on the market, but the best ones provide the right amount of protection for your essential business trip gadget. For us, the best laptop backpack on this list is the TUMI – Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe Brief Pack Laptop Backpack.

The TUMI – Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe Brief Pack Laptop Backpack’s Tumi Tracer is also a value-adding feature, which great since it comes free with your bag. It also looks professional and stylish, which makes it fitting to use for a career woman on a mission.

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