A woman’s backpack is the matrimony of style and usefulness. There are countless forms of luggage in the market that cater to a woman’s needs, but none can match the versatility of a purpose-built backpack. Whether you are a frequent traveler or a campus citizen, your backpack will always accompany you, keeping your belongings close, secure, and organized.

You might wonder what makes a backpack for women different from the standard sacks you see at Walmart, and the answer is simple: personalization. A women’s backpack is designed to accommodate the feminine physique, with support for narrower shoulders and wider hips. A backpack for women is often loaded with organizational features that you won’t find in typical bags. It is essential to invest in a reliable women’s backpack, but if you, like most, are unfamiliar with the tricky characteristics of modern luggage, you might end up wasting your money on a poorly matched bag.

Don’t worry, because our travel experts (women, of course) have combined their knowledge to bring you today’s article, showcasing the 3 best backpacks for women and what makes them special. If you are looking to own a well-rounded pack for any occasion, read on and get yourself one of the 3 best backpacks for women.


Best Backpacks for Women (Comparison)

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
The North Face Women's Jester - ( Editor's Choice)FlexVent suspension, elastic bungee compressionCheck Price
Vera Bradley Women's MicrofiberLightweight, WashableCheck Price
Osprey Sirrus 24Airspeed suspension, trekking pole attachmentCheck Price

The North Face Women’s Jester Backpack

The North Face is one of the most successful backpack brands in America. If you have ever researched a backpack for women, you were probably blasted with praise about The North Face Jester bag, and it’s not hard to see why.

The North Face Jester is an exceptionally sturdy backpack for women with diverse usage profiles. The bag boasts 28 Liters of storage space, separated into two compartments. The main compartment is primarily designed for books. It is cushioned, airy, and built to adapt to large books or clothes. We also found its shock-absorbent walls to be suitable for sensitive electronics, like a camera or phone. If you need to carry a laptop, you can slide it into the specialized laptop sleeve integrated into the wall. The sleeve is buff and muffled with generous amounts of padding, so you don’t have to fret about sudden jolts damaging your devices. This remarkable interior is what allows The North Face backpack to function as a capable bookbag as well as a travel backpack for women.

On the exterior, the Jester backpack is equipped with an elastic bungee system. Not only can it compress the bag and make it easier to carry, but it also spices up the appearance as you see in a women’s backpack purse. There are two bottle pockets on the bag’s sides for additional storage. The North Face has installed an elaborate internal frame into Jester, enabling it to remain upright while unsupported. The frame is a refreshing alternative to a typical, limp, women’s bag, and speeds up the process of searching through your belongings. Another amazing aspect of the Jester backpack is its FlexVent suspension design. It has been engineered to accommodate a woman’s body through injection-molded straps and a health-conscious back panel. Our testers loved how it supported their body’s contours, outshining every competing backpack for women in comfort and weight.

What truly pushes the North Face Jester backpack for women to our number one spot is its sheer reliability. The bag is sewn from 600D polyester fabric and supplemented with a lifetime North Face warranty, and considering the brand’s spotless reputation in the travel luggage industry, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Jester is a lifelong companion backpack for women. Its superior construction breathes confidence into your daily activities, so treat yourself to The North Face Jester backpack and upgrade your lifestyle.


Comfortable FlexVent suspension systemCan be "stiff" and may require a break-in period
Padded Laptop SleeveNot water-resistant
Elastic bungee system for appeal and compression
Lifetime warranty
Plenty of color options to choose from



The North Face Jester is one of those classic backpacks that you can strap on for any event/purpose and not be disappointed. It boasts a spacious, well-cushioned interior and numerous organizational modules. The bag’s FlexVent support system is one of the most comfortable suspensions you will find in a backpack for women. Combine that with a lifetime North Face warranty, and you get the most worthwhile backpack for women in the current market.


Vera Bradley Women’s Microfiber

Designer backpacks often face criticism due to their singular focus on appearance. Vera Bradley’s Microfiber backpack, however, is an incredibly efficient piece of luggage that rocked both the fashion and performance tests.

With 25 Liters of space, the Vera Bradley backpack is ideal for school/bookbag use or as carry on luggage, etc. It is crafted from premium microfiber that feels soft and smooth to the touch. If you dislike bulky monsters like a typical leather backpack, you will love Vera Bradley’s lightweight aura. This microfiber backpack has been stitched ergonomically to minimize its presence on your back as you stroll through the streets, making for a relaxing, unburdened journey that rivals even the best travel backpack. The sheer tenacity of Vera Bradley’s microfiber body beats most other backpacks for men and women in terms of weight and comfort. When purchasing, you can pick from several bright color options to suit your style.

On the interior, you will find a simple yet effective storage design. The main compartment is equipped with two mesh sleeves that will hold your cosmetic items and electronics safely. Vera Bradley has also added a 15-inch laptop sleeve within the main compartment which can be locked through a zipper. It distributes the laptop’s weight more evenly against your back while adding an extra layer of security against thieves, making this Vera Bradley masterpiece an exciting laptop backpack for women. The inner walls are adorned with flower-patterned skin, and although it can limit visibility at times, it sprinkles a joyous touch into the bag’s overall theme. There are also 2 zippered pockets on the bag’s front that simulate the best carry-on luggage. They are loaded with dedicated sleeves, accommodating everything from a pen to an ID card, making Vera Bradley Microfiber one of the best carry-on backpack options in the market.

Another amazing aspect of Vera Bradley’s Microfiber backpack is that you can wash it without bruising the fabric. Unlike a conventional backpack for women, this bag can withstand bleach and cleans easily owing to its microfiber nature. Furthermore, the bag’s padded back panel makes it painless to hoist during hours of walking. Such a well-rounded portfolio is what makes Vera Bradley Microfiber a top 3 backpack for women.


Lightweight microfiber bodyLow-contrast interior in some colors
Available in several colorsLimited ventilation on the back panel
Dual front zip pockets
15-inch laptop sleeve
Numerous dedicated pockets for optimized storage



If you are looking for a useful yet small backpack that brightens up your attire, the Vera Bradley Microfiber bag is a must-have. Its washable polyester body is designed to look good while keeping your items organized through a plethora of dedicated pockets. Being a designer backpack, it makes a statement without compromising practicality.

Osprey Sirrus 24 Women’s Hiking Backpack

If you possess a thirst for adventures, Osprey Sirrus 24 is the backpack for you. This mighty beast is geared towards hiking and other rigorous activities with a women-specific frame and durable construction.

Sirrus 24 is built from one of the most powerful backpack materials: ripstop nylon, making it a safe bet for merciless hikes and grueling environmental conditions.  It extends 24 Liters of storage space for your travel equipment, and while that may seem small to some, we found it more than sufficient for lengthy trips when coupled with the bag’s unique storage add-ons. There is a handy stash pocket built into Sirrus’s top panel as well as a spacious front pocket for quick access. It is also fitted with a 3L hydration bladder that you don’t often find in a women’s travel bag. It ensures swift access to water without having to strip down the bag.

Wearing the Osprey Sirrus 24 backpack is a delightful experience. The bag’s mesh straps and back panel are arranged in a delicate balance called Airspeed Suspension. It reduces the tension placed on your shoulders by bringing the bag’s center of gravity closer to your body. Our testers exclaimed that the bag imposed little strain on their muscles even while fully loaded, outstripping a cross body bag or shoulder bag in comfort. If you plan on taking long hikes or sight sprees, the Osprey Sirrus 24 is the backpack to take with you.

For added convenience, there are built-in pockets on the bag’s straps as well as a latch for attaching a trekking pole. You can even fix an ice tool in the bungee loops sewn into the bag front. Although Sirrus 24 is not a waterproof bag, it has a smart solution for wet conditions. In case you get caught in a sudden burst of rain, you can slip on the bag’s included waterproof cover and keep your belongings dry. These specialized features are the reason why Osprey Sirrus 24 consistently ranks as the best travel backpack for women.


Airspeed suspension systemHydration reservoir is not included
Strap-integrated zip pockets for quick accessMight be too small for week-long trips
Integrated hydration bladder
Comes with removable rain cover
Trekking pole attachment



The Osprey Sirrus 24 is an unparalleled backpack when it comes to outdoor ventures. It features a plethora of travel-centric elements, like hydration bladder, rain cover, quick-access pockets, and Airspeed suspension, that merge beautifully to service you on your trip. If you are always ready to charge into exciting journeys, the Osprey Sirrus 24 is the backpack you need.


Selecting an appropriate backpack for women depends largely on individual usage priorities, and each of our top 3 backpacks offers a blend of features to suit such diverse needs. If you prefer fashion and comfort, the Vera Bradley Microfiber is an unbeatable option whereas if you like tough backpacks for various outdoor activities, the Osprey Sirrus 24 is likely to satisfy all your needs. On the other hand, however, if your requirements are fluid and you desire a backpack offering the best of all worlds, there is no better model than The North Face Jester backpack for women.

Jester’s padded interior and sleeve-integrated compartments provide the right environment for storing any item you can think of, even a laptop, camera, or cosmetics bag. To maximize your traveling comfort, the bag relies on an advanced FlexVent suspension system and bungee compression design. Like a designer backpack for women, its dual-colored body complements all wardrobe choices without going overboard, and you can choose from a wide range of themes according to your fashion sense. And the best part? The North Face Jester backpack carries a lifetime warranty that no other backpack for women comes close to matching, making it our worthy Editor’s Pick among the best backpacks for women.

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