Best Table Saws for Small Shops
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

A table saw is regarded as the common little bit of large woodworking equipment present in shops worldwide. Table saw are certainly versatile, in case you can simply have one section of woodworking equipment, a rigid table saw is amongst the best one to select. These more portable sorts of table saws offer versatility and usability together with the capability of portability.

There are four main classes of table saws:

  • Contractor Saw
  • Benchtop Table Saw
  • Cabinet Saws
  • Hybrid Saws

When deciding between moveable and floor standing table saws, the biggest thing you’re seeking to do is balance resilience with compactness. Since most portable forms of equipment do not possess the same durability features, they typically will not last as long because their less portable counterparts.

Now look at best table saw for small shop which offers durability, movability and compactness.


Best Table Saw For Small Shop (Comparison)

Table SawWeightPower Source 
Bosch GTS1031 (Editor's Choice)64.8 lbsCorded-ElectricCheck Price
DeWALT DWE748054.4 lbsCorded-ElectricCheck Price
SKIL 3410-0267 lbsCorded-ElectricCheck Price
Shop Fox W1837260 lbsCorded-ElectricCheck Price
General International TS4001 10" Table Saw (Cheapest Table Saw)43 lbsCorded-ElectricCheck Price


Bosch GTS1031 – (Editor’s Choice)

The GTS1031 is compact and relatively light, and when you can handle how light it is of 52lbs you may carry this saw using one table saw for small shop

Because on the dimensions, I expected so that it is less powerful. However, principally with this little unit can be a powerful 15-amp motor which means you may depend on it 100% even though ripping hardwoods. It’s built to cut as deep as 3-1/8″ for a right angle while still being able to cut as deep as 2-1/4″ for a 45-degree angle.

The whole unit is made around an all-steel base that produces stronger. Most tools experience some challenging “banging” at work, so it’s comforting to recognize this little guy are prepared for it.

It boasts a Square lock rip fence, which moves down the channels on both sides with the saw. This means you don’t must adjust it, and it’ll deliver an easy and consistent cut each time.

Like all top models, the unit has onboard storage which I find very handy. Table saws need an abundance of attachments, and devoid of the storage area underneath the saw the probabilities are they’ll just find yourself all over your workshop. (With onboard storage you may safely store nearly anything like the rip fence.

Easy to TransportWider Blade angels are made of Plastic


One of the best table saw for a shop due to its portability, easy working, accuracy and power. The downside? Wider blades are made of plastic and looks very fragile though they do not fall apart easily. Overall, best table saw for the money.





DeWALT DWE7480 is designed with a stand and immobilize fence system that is resourceful at providing elasticity in addition to precision when cutting table saw for small shop Regardless of its lesser size, it possesses a decent 24.5-inch rip capacity so even large items of wood and wood-based material is usually sawed through without struggle and accuracy.

This unit also contains a Site-Pro Modular Guarding System. This means you can fine-tune the guarding essentials of the saw without resorting to any gears, which quickens the workflow massively. The optional scissor stand could be put in place or separated right away too, and even though it doesn’t consist of compact and moveable wheels.

The blade in charge of doing the many sawing is 10 inches in diameter, and it is made from carbide that’s a very hard substance. The saw also has a push stick, miter gauge, blade guard, and hardware bag. Charge up with the lowest aggravation thinking will be the involved storage which lines the shielding mechanisms and many sorts of compulsory gears. At the core of the bad boy beats an outstanding 15-amp motor. The motor offers this table saw with adequate measurements to rip over wood as well as any alike material lacking much energy because of the no load spinning speed of 4800 RPM. It has 24-tooth and 0-inch blade which won’t be a disappointment about those harder sawing works.

Easy to Set upNo Moveable Wheels
Easy to Lift


DWE7480 is very easy to use table saw. It can even be used by DIYers. Also, it is very fitting for people with small shop. It is not very heavy, and you can lift it from one place to another without much effort. The compact size is also makes it easy to store. Some people consider con that it lacks wheels. Other than that, flawless tool you can get to rip through wood and other materials.




SKIL 3410-02

The SKIL 3410-02 is compact and portable benchtop table saw and is created outside of heavy-duty steel, rendering it somewhat heavier but additionally tougher).best table saw for small shop Portable table saws tend to be too light and flimsy and thus less stable, but we are excited to report that is not the case using this table saw.

Despite it being robust, you may still easy transport it from a single location to another because of a foldable stand. It does not have wheels though and picking up and carrying it around can generate problems for most. It weighs 67lbs that is challenging.

The saw measures 28.9 x 13 x 20.9 inches which puts it among compact table saws available. The surface of the table is fabricated outside of cast aluminum, as well as the table uses a 120-volt, 15-amp motor that is surprisingly powerful giving out 5,000 RPM. The specs about the motor prove it’s that can deal with basically what you throw advertising. The tool has the capacity to slice to 3-1/2 inches detailed in a right angle, and a pair of.5 inches for a 45-degree angle. Plus, it possesses a self-aligning fence that ensures almost every cut is accurate and consistent. The saw works on the 10-inch blade, as well as the rip capacity (nearly everywhere) is 12 and 24.25 inches individually.

Best for Newbie
Easy to Transport


It is very good table saw for a people who are new to using these types of tools. The table saw by SkiL very strong. It is also foldable so, you can place and store it anywhere including in your home. Some people complained about it’s being heavy because it is made of strong steel.



Shop Fox W1837

Shop Fox W1837 is fervent about nothing besides bringing pure table saw for small shop This truth is evident inside the heavy iron construction which houses a genuine beast associated with an engine, a 3hp Leeson motor which relies on a belt drive to offer that ability to the blade. Next, there is a massive certain table and wings.

The unit can also be pre-loaded with a camlock T-fence and riving knife which follows the movement in the blade, heavy cast handwheels, magnetic switch with thermal overload protection, T-slot miter gauge, 4-inch dust port, and several other highlights. Some repeat the miter gauge is a little flimsy but unless you’re a complete pro I think it’s solid and precise enough (in case not, well, there are lots aftermarket miter gauges available).

The rip capacity of this table saw is 29-1/2 inches, along with the measurements are 40 x 45-1/2 x 62 inches. The surface from the table is mounted 34 inches across the ground, and it also weighs about 530lbs. The table dimension is 27 x 40-1/4 inches current extension available, 27 x 53-5/8 inches. The no-load speed from the blade is 4,300 RPM having a maximum cutting depth of 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees, and 2-3/16 inches at 45 degrees.

Easy to Set upExpensive
No Adjustments Needed
Best for Professionals


One of the very powerful table saw. It made it’s name in hybrid table saw category and it’s done the work flawlessly and professionally. The accuracy is also nearly 100 percent. The best part that is that it is not noisy like many other table saws. This table saw has no drawback itself but it’s price is high compared to other models we listed here and makes it inaccessible for people who are on tight budget.



General International TS4001 10″ Table Saw – (Cheapest Table Saw)

This compact table saw by GI TS4001 does not offer much in terms of features, but it is one of the cheapest table saw in the cheap budget friendly table saw for small shop And, if you are on tight budget and looking to get the work done instantly or just want to make yourself experienced in the industry of table saw working you should get this one.

It can cut through light woods easily. It comes with 2-12 inches clamps to hold the wood and other stuff. It is foldable, and it integrates the quick opening system. The measurements of this tables are 85 into 55 into 76 CMS.

CheapNot suitable for Heavy Works
Easy to Use


As, we mentioned above if you want to light work done or just want to practice your skills of table sawing then you should get this one. It is cheap, easy to open, store and use. The downside is obvious, it is not recommended for heavy and professional working.



What Matters the Most in Table Saw for Small Shop?

The answer is simple. Compactness and portability. We have mentioned the best table saws for small spaces. But, we also want to let you know that more than compactness the portability plays a vital role in choosing the right table saw for your work. And keep in mind the following features before buying any.

If you wonder which table saw will be the most suitable choice to your woodcutting needs, you will must look for some parameters and highlight them in accordance with the projects at your fingertips. Before buying a table saw and table saw tools make sure out of the accuracy, motor system and portability and therefore you will be aware what one will be fit on your task. If you are going to handle the saw to you and make use of in multiple workplaces it needs to be portable and light-weight enough for being carried with. On the other hand, when you are planning to hold the saw in your shop, maybe it’s a 10-inch table saw or 12″, portability won’t be of this importance. Also look at the fence plus the table setup, the blade and motor mounting system plus the table saw tools coming with all the saw itself.



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