Best Sanders For Exterior Paint Removal
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

A sander can be a remarkably simple saw that helps you to definitely smooth surfaces harnessing the abrasive qualities of sandpaper. This sandpaper is linked to the sander by a mixture of methods with regards to the type of tool you obtain. You’ll get yourself a mechanism in the housing to advance this sandpaper rapidly. Sanders might be handheld or benchtop style. They are usually powered electrically but sometimes, especially in garages, they will use compressed air. You might already own a drill or multi-purpose tool using a sander attachment but there really is not auxiliary for a passionate machine. Today’ we intend to look at best sander for exterior paint removal.


Best Sanders For Exterior Paint Removal (Comparison)

BLACK + DECKER Orbit Sander (Editor's Choice)Orbital ActionCheck Price
Makita BO5041 Orbit SanderOrbital ActionCheck Price


BLACK + DECKER Orbit Sander – (Editor’s Choice)

One of the leading features of this BLACK & DECKER sander, price schedule, is its ultra-compact nature.Best Sanders For Exterior Paint Removal It weighs simply a fraction over 3 pounds therefore you won’t get fatigued even when you to get a larger project. It measures just 7 x 5 x 5 inches so that you can make use of it one-handed. The rubberized, non-slip grip completes this ergonomic package and helps make the BDERO100 an actual pleasure to work with.

With the sanding pad making miniature orbital rotations, you’ll find the smoothest of finishes while remaining confident your workpiece won’t get scratched up. Not only this, the orbital action also enables a large removal rate which means you can do more designed in a shorter time without compromising aesthetics.

By keeping the motor and sanding pad apart, you’ll be away to crack let’s start work on work without having to be affected by vibration. This is one of the many when the BDERO100 puts user comfort uppermost.

The 2-amp motor isn’t the hardest-hitting power plant available but it’s greater than fit for purpose.

There’s no variable speed to be had with this particular sander. Your pad will move consistently for the same OPM (orbits each and every minute) even though this is much less bad as it can sound. Although it won’t be possible to tweak the pace, you can just swap the paper and utilize different grit sizes to tackle various applications. This way, you’ll be able to still exercise control and not having to spend on the price tag on a flexible speed motor.

Removing and swapping the paper can be an actual chore by sanders. The hook and loop system with this orbital unit, in comparison, renders it a complete breeze. You literally peel away your sandpaper and change it out then you’re fine. While this approach might appear to lack security, the paper will continue to be set up and there’s little potential for it falling off despite the presence of vigorous sanding sessions.

There’s a dinky dust canister included. While we could complain that doesn’t work brilliantly and is also for the small side, it’s certainly better than nothing. This canister is straightforward to get rid of to the factors like emptying and cleaning.

All corded tools will a point restrictive. The BLACK + DECKER has only a 6-foot cable but, within the plus column, it’s housed along with the sander and it is possible to move against each other of one’s way easily. Just make sure that time period of cord offers you adequate room for maneuver.

Outstanding ValueCanister Is Small
Very Lightweight
2 Years Warranty


This is one of the best sander for exterior paint removal. While you won’t be loaded with accessories nor brought a sander able at nonstop custom on work site, you shouldn’t expect that because of this price. What you will get is really a top-notch orbital sander efficient at serving up a silky smooth and flaw-free finish in the compact unit that’s watching to utilize. While it can be inaccurate to say the BDERO100 can be a contender for top sander available, it’s certainly fair to express that in their class and price point, it’s no solemn contestants.



Makita BO5041 Orbit Sander

With a potent 3-amp motor kicking out a top rotation speed, the Makita Sander enables you to complete your sanding projects in double quick time.Best Sanders For Exterior Paint Removal With large, sealed ball-bearings, the motor doesn’t just serve up a lot of power, but it really can last you longer to the bargain.

The pad control system that starts once you turn up the Makita puts paid to your nasty marks and gouges that may spoil your finish before you even begin.

The 1/8-inch orbit is very generous for any sander this compact. While the Makita will probably be obviously outflanked by much larger sanders, for something this size its pretty challenging beat.

The handle can be a pleasure to keep therefore you won’t notice the pinch although you may utilize this sander for lengthy spells of tough work. This handle rotates 360 degrees, so you’ll have an overabundance of latitude to operate good exigencies any project. The trigger was created to be utilized with 2 fingers and its particular nifty lock-on mechanism helps you to conduct ongoing work while not having to maintain continuous pressure.

One significant issue using the Makita it’s worth being conscious of would be the way it vibrates excessively at lower speeds. This effectively limits deploying it to a couple minutes at any given time without running the chance of injuring yourself. You’ll also notice an unwelcome dip in power at lower speeds so think seriously around the style of work you find attractive before potentially squandering your money.

In the interests of fairness, this definitely does disappear while you crank the pace approximately halfway and above. At higher speeds, the B05041K is blissfully vibration-free and suitable to prolonged sanding.

Noise also varies considerably based on speed. At full-clip, you’ll feel the terrible racket doled out by essentially all compact sanders. Dial things back a notch plus the Makita is surprisingly quiet.

Each sander stances or plunges with surface value as well as the Makita transports work that’s beyond criticism without having noticeable pattern by any means plus an extremely flat clearance you will be proud off.

There’s an abrasive disc, dust bag and tool case included together with the Makita which fits somehow for making up for your price. Also, if you’re unhappy along with your sander, you’ll employ a month to claim the whole refund. Beyond that, there’s the normal 1-year Makita warranty to pay for all reasonable repairs without dipping in your pocket.

PowerfulVibrates A Lot
Outstanding Finish
Easy To Use


While the Makita isn’t the cheapest option for your use, not many are within the trail on the lowest-priced product. In return for paying more, you’ll be rewarded having a truly versatile random orbit sander equally in your house within your DIY workshop or out for the site.

The B05041K is often a best sander for paint removal which, if you’re willing to cope which has a few quirks and niggles, provides a wonderful finish alongside in excess of adequate capability to churn from the most taxing projects.



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