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Whether you are gathering steam for your upcoming do-it-yourself project or preparing to accept an established contracting job, you’re certain to look for a rivet gun for this list that will make your hard work go faster and easier. We have included both pneumatic and manual models at various price points that should work for virtually any budget.



Best Rivet Guns Reviewed (Comparison)

Rivet Gun NameWeightType 
Lobster Tools HR-002A1.3lbsManual Hand OperatedCheck Price
Dorman 743-100 Rivet Gun (Editor's Choice)3.2lbsManual Hand OperatedCheck Price
Arrow Fastener RL100K2.2lbsManual Hand OperatedCheck Price
Rivet Gun Set by Stalwart1.75lbsManual Hand OperatedCheck Price
Pop Riveter Gun Kit1.85lbsManual Hand OperatedCheck Price
Magnelex Pop Rivet Gun1.34lbsManual Hand OperatedCheck Price
Professional Pop Rivet Gun with 60 Rivets1.32lbsManual Hand OperatedCheck Price
Tack Life 13” Rivet Gun2.27lbsManual Hand OperatedCheck Price
Heavy Duty Air Hydraulic Rivet Gun by Shining Eyes3.95lbsHydraulicCheck Price
Astro Tool 14425lbsManual Hand OperatedCheck Price


Lobster Tools HR-002A

This is not very popular but one of the best rivet gun you can find in the rivet gun review It is very lightweight and can be used practically for any sort of purpose. The design and build quality is also very nice and excellent. The material used to make this rivet gun are aluminum with steel handle. It’s self-opening spring makes it user-friendly as it ejects mandrel automatically. The lobster HR-002A gun made in Japan and has a high quality. This rivet gun also comes with 4 noses of sizes of 3/32 inches, 1/8 inches, 5/32 inches and 3/16 inches.

Strong build
4 noses


No doubt, one of the best rivet gun you can buy for your project or work. But, it is not very common brand maybe because it is Japanese made anyhow, this rivet gun is very light weight which makes it very easy to carry anywhere. It can be used virtually for any kind of work. The material is very strong which makes it quality super high. This product comes with 4 noses of various sizes. As it costs around $60 so, can be expensive if you are on a budget. Itself has no con yet to date.



Dorman 743-100 Rivet Gun – (Editor’s Choice)

The most affordable well-crafted rivet gun money can rivet gun Dorman Rivet Guns are created to install multiple rivet sizes, eliminating the requirement to switch rivet guns if a different size rivet is required. Rivet Guns are recommended to help in setting up a Dorman Window Controller. This rivet gun is highly recommended by Dorman for the usage of window works. It has simple design of open wrench and rivets are also included.  It has long handle, so you can use it as easy as possible. It also has a storage bottle so, you can store and attach rivets with its handle flawlessly.

Budget FriendlyLarge rivets handling issue
Works Perfectly


Budget friendly rivet gun by Dorman. Works very well for general purposes but highly recommended for works related to windows and windows regulators. Surprisingly, it has a very strong feel when you hold it as it costs under $20. It also works flawlessly despite it’s cheap pricing. The only issue with this rivet gun is that it can not handle big size rivets easily. You need to drill it hard to make it hold larger rivets.



Arrow Fastener RL100K

The RL100K rivet kit is an ideal core kit for DIYers as well as the sporadic rivet cheap budget friendly rivet gun kit reviewed The kit includes multi-purpose RL100S Rivet Instrument, two substitutable nose pieces, a nose altering yank, and 50 of two most in request rivets – 25 all 1/8 inches medium rivets and 25 all of 3/16 inches medium rivets. The kit comes with a no cost storage case to maintain the supplies organized.

As it is complete rivet tool kit. It includes everything for newbie to professional user. It features vinyl grip for maximum handling, this rivet gun tool kit also comes with extended noses, and automatic spring filling handles. This tool kit is made off all steel so, it has a very long-lasting life. You can count on this kit for any kind of riveting work. But it is highly recommended for duct, Gutters and any sort of metal work. This product is 100 percent USA made so, you can count on it’s quality as well.

Proper Full KitPop Gun is Slippery
Excellent Quality
Sturdy Material


Can you image a cheap rivet gun complete till kit under $11? You better should, because this rivet gun tool kit costs under $11. It is complete tool riveting kit so, you do not any spare parts with it. Its quality is also flawless and made of sturdy steel material. The pricing of off course is cheap as well. Let’s look at drawback, it is only one that the pop gun for riveting can be slippery most probably due to it’s steel material. But, if you grip it harder you are not going to have any sort of issues at all.




Rivet Gun Set by Stalwart

The Stalwart Rivet Gun is built using all steel which has a nonslip knob grips for steadfastness and will achieve your riveting rivet gun set reviewed This is also Rust resilient, this strong set lasts for several years. It is easily grab the rivet gun from occupation to occupation at the same time as your set organized if you are finished. The included carrying storage case will carry the non-slip held rivet gun, together with the 4 rivet heads and the wrench that stores inside the handle.

The Stalwart Rivet Set incorporates a starter assortment of 40 aluminum rivets in 4 sizes. The 4 rivet heads permit you the flexibleness to try and do majority projects using the 10 pieces each one of the following rivets which are included from the set: 3/32”x4/4 inches, 1/8”x1/4 inches, 5/32”x1/4 inches and 3/16”x1/4 inches. Great for car mechanics and home DIY developments! 40-pieece set contains the rivet gun with non-slip grip clasps, it comes with 4 rivet heads, head puller, transport case and 10 every one of the following aluminum nails: 1/8”x1/4”, 3/32”x1/4 inches, 5/32”x1/4 inches and 3/16”x1/4 inches It is crafted from steel with aluminum rivets

Excellent CaseNone That We Could Find
Easy to Carry
Many Accessories
Budget Friendly


This rivet gun costs under $20. It has very compact case for carrying rivets from one place to another without any hassle. It also contains a lot of accessories and various rivets for get any kind of job done. The quality and pricing of this rivet gun is flawless and makes it user-friendly as well as cheap. This rivet gun has reported no drawback till today.



Pop Riveter Gun Kit

XOOL pop rivet gun is needed by riveting fastening tool for many sorts of mental plate and pipe in industrial rivet gun kit reviewed Currently, pop rivet gun is reliable for locomotive, aeronautics, railway, crane, apparatus, gears and the like. Pop riveting is really a technique that is needed to participate in or rivet thin pieces or sheets of metal or plastic. It is ideal for all those types of DIY projects. XOOL Pop Rivet Gun has 4 various sizes, which may greatly meet your requirement. It comprises a highly strong aluminum figure with drop shaped carbon steel greater handle. The component of riveter gun accepts heat treated which makes the gun more robust and strong. The fulcrum pin is constructed of cold-formed, heat treated steel to prolong the using life of rivet gun. Spring-loaded handle ejects rivet stem automatically. Whether you might be a novice or seasoned riveter, this gun will accomplish your requirements.

The XOOL rivet gun adopt ergonomics design to greatly save your valuable strength. Controlling and don’t require much muscle to have a faultless riveting. The thick PVC clutches deliver ease for user. Anti-slip handle make work easier and improve user’s work efficiency. Saving your time and energy allow you to be to accomplish more things. The unique form of rivet gun permits use with one hand. he Pop Rivet Gun kit includes a small wrench which is handy for detaching the adapter for that different size rivets. This riveter will reliably grip your mandrel and ensure it seats correctly. After 2-3 tries, the pop rivet gun would snap over rivet pin. This riveter incorporates four mounted nosepieces 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″, and 3/16″. After rivet finally was finished, you’ll receive the remainder pin out from the gun easily. In the bottom of pop rivet gun, there have a stainless buckle. When you don’t utilize it, it is possible to buckle the safe lock. The pop rivet gun can be up-and-coming small to useful space. And it will also become portable, which can be convenient for the work and life. Portable box be sure to go head to anywhere that you might want to travel

PowerfulLack of Instructions Manual
Easy to Use


Hmm…. This rivet gun is very powerful it can cut through leather like you are cutting yourself a piece of cake. It is also considered as affordable rivet gun as it costs less than $20. It is not very hard to use but it can become difficult to use for newbies because it lacks instructions. The product itself has no flaws or any sort of issues.


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Magnelex Pop Rivet Gun

Mangelex pop is ideal for joining all sorts of metal bowl and pipeline. Great for linking plastic and thick pop rivet gun reviewed Used for DIY home, commercial, locomotive, aeronautics, ductwork, storage plant, tools, furniture and even further. Everyone needs one of these simple within their tool box or drawer. You have all you should adapt this remarkable tool immediately. Perfect for fixing items or building something totally new. his may simply be really the only rivet gun you ever need. Can handle pretty much any of the very most common sizes of plastic and metal for sturdy, reliable rivet fasteners. It has durable black wrinkle finish to shield one’s body. This is greater than the painted finish that chips easily utilized on many riveters. Its cash back warranty safeguards this will likely get your selected no-risk buying.

SolidNo Instructions Included
Includes Starter Rivets
Works Perfectly


This product costs under $15. It has very strong material. It also has starter rivets so, you can practice a little bit before use it professionally. It has solid grip which makes it perfect rivet gun for anyone. It’s very easy to use you can even gift to anyone. But, the lack of instructions manual can make it tricky to use if you do not know anything about rivet guns.



Professional Pop Rivet Gun with 60 Rivets

This rivet gun is High strength aluminum body with drop forged carbon steel upper professional rivet gun reviewed The square shoulder fulcrum pin consists of cold-formed, heat treated steel and prevents pin rotation that could elongate the engaging holes. The dense pad prepared vinyl clasps deliver coziness for the user. This riveter will constantly grip your mandrel and make sure it places correctly. For a beginner or experienced riveter, this gun will achieve your necessities. Lesser quality options can often jam, forcing someone to dissemble each time and take the mandrel. Save the cursing to the dishwasher and acquire something you realize works. This riveter creates to 3/16 inches steel rivets and is retailed with four mounted noses 3/32 inches, 1/8 inches, 5/32 inches and 3/16 inches. The set incorporates fifteen 1-2/5 inches rivets for each size nose. The included service wrench permits a rapid change.

StrongNone That We Could Find
Easy to Grip
Budget Friendly


Costs under $15, made from very strong material and easy to grip rivet gun. This rivet gun has no cons. It also offers 60 rivets within this budget without any doubt makes it very budget friendly.



Tack Life 13” Rivet Gun

Tack life rivet gun is included with extensive and heftier handle with double compound axes that maximize leverage, without employing an excessive number of effort, save your respected time and rivet gun review Its high-strength carbon steel knobs help to make the rivet gun sturdier. Coming with chrome moly steel maws allow added toughness and to vary a rivet width. It also has changeable Cover with 5 Useable noses. It includes Hand Riveter, User Manual and 2 years Warranty

Extra LeverageFragile Jaws
User's Manual Included
2 years Warranty


Tack life is one of the best rivet gun company, this product by them is also very excellent which comes with 2 years warranty and user manual as well. (As many lacks user manual). This rivet gun costs under $25. The only complain we came to know about this rivet gun is that it has fragile jaws and can break after some time but it’s not a point of worry because it happens very rarely and if it happens within 2 years you are protected with warranty.



Heavy Duty Air Hydraulic Rivet Gun by Shining Eyes

If, you are looking for a rivet gun which can do heavy duty work then this hydraulic rivet gun by shining eyes can be air hydraulic rivet gun reviewed It has Instinctive pressure nails, also far more fitting rivet catcher within the back, the design is patented for safety, the rotating cup makes relaxed pouring of halted nails it comes with 4 noses of 3/16-inches, 5/32-inches, 1/8-inches, 3/32-inches. It generates average pressure of 90 to 120 PSI. It also includes unbendable 360-degrees turntable pipe. The trigger can be quite soft and ensures placing rivets on point quickly and strongly

QuickNot good for Copper Rivets
Strong Riveting


This very strong hydraulic rivet gun costs under $200. It done the job of riveting very swiftly, efficiently and flawlessly. Shining eyes are proud for producing this rivet guns and they recommend it for professional and home use because you have no manual labor involve in it. The only drawback, it lacks copper riveting if, you try copper riveting you will be disappoint badly but it works excellently with aluminum rivets.



Astro Tool 1442

Astro 1442 rivet gun features tool free Quick-Change Head design that enables for simple changing of mandrels and nose pieces Pneumatic rivet gun reviewed The Disassembly of tool never obligatory, unique spring loaded inner hex sleeve robotically locks the revolution of hand fitted mandrel, it has Smaller handle with double composite pivots make the most of lever. It is highly recommended for SUV / Jeep adjustments. It comes with six changeable nose heads.

Outstanding ValueHard to Adjust Pressure
Works great for HTV’s Adjustments
Perfect for Household


Astro pneumatic 1442 rivet gun costs under $55. Without any doubts, it offers outstanding value. This rivet gun is recommended for using on HTV, SUV’s and jeep type vehicles adjustments. But, it also does not disappoint for the usage of household. Some people have issues adjusting its pressure which makes it difficult for them to use it properly. But, if you read instructions carefully it has no flaws.



Things You Should Know About Rivet Guns Before Purchasing

There are many types of rivet guns, one of these will be the rivet that is employed for various applications. The process of riveting goes back on the days before welding plus the utilization of bolts were common in construction. Many old bridges scattered around the world are nevertheless functioning because of their original rivets. There are many forms of rivet-type fasteners because both versions are required to get a certain purpose; yet it is pop rivets that individuals are most enthusiastic about here.

Before we check out pop rivets though we feel it’s important to go into detail the idea of how rivet-type fasteners work. A rivet is really a small metal shaft that has a at once one end that is certainly inserted through two adjacent sheets of fabric, often metal, to hold on to them together. The clasping effect in this form of fastener happens when the end without worrying about pre-made head is bent or ‘bucked’ therefore this end from the rivet is usually the ‘buck-tail’ end. The fastener expands which is riveted moreover the buck-tail effect on the bent end which lends extra grip. Unlike screws, rivets do not possess a spiral thread and usually two riveted surfaces may be narrow in extent, so a screw wouldn’t work here as screws normally hold by penetrating deeply into thick materials and grip doing this.

The expression ‘pop rivet’ features a strange ring going without running shoes that looks like the noise a riveting gun makes. Incidentally, you need a special riveting gun to successfully squash the buck-tail of any style of rivet then it sports these two constructions surfaces available which is true of all rivet-types, besides pop rivets. This last-mentioned assortment of rivet is usually sometimes called a blind rivet and is not as efficient at bearing heavy loads as other sorts of rivets. It is ‘blind’ since the riveting is completed in the either side whilst one other remains unseen.

Pop rivets have something known as a ‘mandrel’ at the center which will be the portion that expands if it’s fastened then snaps off at the conclusion. One from the difficulties with these rivet-types is usually that the mandrel is prone to loosening caused by vibrations. If the mandrel sheds, the rivet will likely be hollow inside and thus a lot of strong and because in the mandrel this rivet-type does rust easier.

The interesting thing about pop rivets, however, is the fact that before these people were invented it had not been possible to rivet from only the reds of a construction and herein lies its value being a rivet gun. When it is impossible to gain access towards the back end of the structure is the place where this rivet-type comes in handy. A joint is really a good example of the place where a blind rivet-type may be used. Another advantage is always that it can be done to be effective in situation of this type.



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