Top 10 Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners Reviewed
(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

Battle, cuisine, fox hunting, backpacking, home maintenances, and opening mail all have thing in harmony: You should have a great knife once you do them. The problem is that even when you develop the finest tactical knife and the fastest folding knife on the globe, it’s worse than useless whether it includes a dull edge. Unless you’re spreading butter, a knife must be sharp to work, but every blade blunts as time passes and until you seem like paying for an experienced at intervals of turn, you need to have a great knife sharpener around to keep.



We have gathered the list of best pocket knife sharpener and without any further delays let’s look at it.


Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners Reviewed (Comparison)

Pocket Knife Sharpener NameMaterial 
Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener (Editor's Choice)CeramicCheck Price
Lansky Blade Medic PS-MED01 (Best Pocket Knife Sharpener)AluminumCheck Price
Fallkniven Knives CC4 (Best Stone Based Pocket Knife Sharpener)Ceramic WhetstoneCheck Price
Smith's TRI-6Multiple OptionsCheck Price
DMT F70F Diamond Mini Knife SharpenerDiamond-Coated Stainless SteelCheck Price
Smith’s Pocket Pal X2 SharpenerCeramic/CarbideCheck Price
Wusthof 2899 2 Stage Pocket Knife SharpenerFine CeramicCheck Price
Victorinox Pocket Knife Sharpenern/aCheck Price
Wenger Super SharpenerDiamond CarbideCheck Price
AccuSharp 001CDiamoned Honed TungstenCheck Price


Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener – (Editor’s Choice)

From Smith’s modest early development being a small Arkansas stone business to their existing place subsequently the market front-runner inside knife and scissor sharpening group, Smith’s is the fastest increasing, full-line dealer of great sharpening ceramic based pocket knife sharpener reviewed

The Pocket Pal arrives with a fold out, elongated round diamond layered rod for perfecting jagged and standard edges, pre-set carbide knife-edges for swiftly fixing a dull edge, and precisely designed ceramic stones for any razor-sharp finish. The carbide blades deliver rapid edge setting ability for grey or spoiled knives, blades are equipped for use on straight edges only. Ceramic stones offer a smooth, polished edge for already sharp knives which enables it to provide on serrated or standard blades. Both the carbide blades and ceramic stones are reversible and replaceable for sharpening life. The Pocket Pal measures 3-1/2 inches long and 1 inch wide, plus it weighs just 1 ounce. Always clean your sharpener which has a damp cloth after use and towel dry. Do not clean with water in any condition.

Excellent SharpeningDoes not make Extreme Dull Knives Sharp (Thick Blades)
Pocket Size
Less Weight
Easy to Carry


Smith’s Pocket pal is an excellent knife sharpener. It costs less than $10 and offers multiple sharpening functions. It is very compact and easily fit able inside your pocket which makes it very easy to carry anywhere you go. It is also very light weight so, you can use it in survival conditions as well for quick sharpening. The drawback of this awesome knife sharpener it can not make dull knives into sharp ones, but it does make them useable though so that’s not a very severe drawback. We and our editor highly recommend this best knife sharpener.



Lansky Blade Medic PS-MED01 – (Best Pocket Knife Sharpener)

Lansky’s PS-MED01 looks like Smith’s Pocket Pal, But the Smith includes a plastic body as you move the Lansky’s is metal, therefore, the Lansky is aluminum pocket knife sharpener reviewed The Lansky is additionally longer, meaning that its tapered diamond rod is longer at the same time – an excellent. As with the Smith, the tapered diamond rod is usually pulled looking at the stay and rotated 180 degrees to some locked open position to use to be a diamond file (sharpening tough to reach items, serrations, etc.). The Lansky rod’s longer length gives advantage used.

The Lansky’s length pays for escalating a virtually 2-inch amount of bare ceramic bar on viewpoint on the sharpener frame. This ceramic bar carries a rounded-point cross section to activate and sharpen most serrated edge scallops; it is usually used being a ceramic rod to fine-sharpen any edge likewise. I’ve done both with good result.

The Lansky, such as Smith, comes with “V” sharpening notches of carbide (for edge repair or sharpening a rough-use edged knife) properly ceramic (for quick fine sharpening with a good edge). These V are set at 40 degrees compound, which suggests the sharpening surfaces are in 20 degrees in the center distinct the V; it is standard for the sharp, yet strong edge. Not all knives have subordinate drudgeries of 20 degrees, however. You may be dulling a knife which has a super satisfactory bevel of 15 degrees, or only crushing away for the bevel shoulder of the “firm use” knife with bevel of 25 degrees.

Caution basic V- our bodies are metal versus the Smith’s plastic, so try not to press downward strongly when you use a V; these are typically intended to be drawn through, not sawn through.

The Lansky Blade Medic is usually a more useful field sharpener as opposed to Smith Pocket Pal and would serve well; nonetheless it would most likely ride in pack or kit, not in pocket caused by size (as would the Smith, too, for instance). The difference totally is weight versus increased usefulness; that is a user preference. I’ve in the Lansky 4 stars only because of its weight (I’d provide Smith 4, too, caused by its lack of the sharpening bar surface).

Sturdy MaterialHeavy for Some Users
Effective Sharpening


Blade medic by lansky is one of the best pocket knife sharpener you are going to get in the current market. It’s looks not any different than our top and editor’s choice smith pocket pal but this one is made of metal body. Its material is very strong which makes it very effective for sharpening. Although some people complained that it is heavy to carry but it is far lighter than many other pocket knife sharpeners. Overall, this is best seller pocket knife sharpener and costs less than $12.



Fallkniven Knives CC4 – (Best Stone Based Pocket Knife Sharpener)

Falk Niven CC4 is a combination ceramic/ceramic whetstone that could grip your optimum sharpening stone based pocket knife sharpener reviewed The newly established CC4 whetstone is made up of wonderfully okay ceramic stone (white side) (0,1 micron) sideways with a ceramic stone, made from artificial sapphires (dark grey) (1 micron). You do not require any lubrication for these stones these days and then you must investigate scrubbing all of them with water and liquid soap. A leather pouch included with this knife sharpener to keep it protected

It has proportions of 32mm into 100 mm this is weighs at 51 g. If your knife is gloomy, we counsel you in the first place a ring stone. After restoring the side to original shape, de-burr the extra edge casually together with the grey side from the ceramic stone to get a cut throat sharp edge. The white side from the CC4 is a flat ceramic stone, it´s generally used for honing the knives. Use no oil or water. Start by laying the blade flat within the stone, enhance the blade spine approx. the thickness with the blade, and commence moving the knife in round motions.

Sharpens and Hones the ShapeNone that we could find
Excellent Quality


CC4 by Faulk Niven is a stone based pocked knife sharpener. It is made of excellent ceramics and it works very strong for both purposes of sharpening and refining the dullest knives. It has very excellent quality material which makes it lacks any kind of cons. This excellent pocket knife sharpener costs less than $20 and not a single user complained any kind of issue with this pocket knife sharpener.



Smith’s TRI-6

Smith’s TRI-6 three-stone honing system contains an average Arkansas stone, good Arkansas stone, and rough artificial stone committed to a shaped plastic triangle with grips for the end for speedy stone rotation and easy-to-read stone pocket knife sharpener reviewed The sturdy shaped plastic base has nonskid elastic feet for protection, “V” holder to knob the oil drippings, which is easy to clean. A bottle of Smith’s finest honing solution as well as a sharpening angle guide will also be included.

At the purchase price range, you can obtain this pocket knife sharpener, this can be a good buy. Good water stones cost you $40 an article but are bigger so better to move your blade across. This is under $30 for 3 stones plus a stand even so the stones are about 7/8 inches smaller in width and 2 inches smaller in size compared to a traditional Japanese water stone. If you are utilized to using larger stones, you could have a tough time adapting to how big these stones. If you really are a beginner or someone familiar with more casual sharpening having a rod or perhaps a smaller pocket stone, that is a nice improve along with perhaps an excellent summary of stones particularly if you own several smaller blades or pocket knives.

If you’ve never used a sharpening stone before, it will try taking some practice prior to familiar with. The blade guide that is included with it could be of great help for some blades and not all. If you aren’t sure the sting angle with your blade, you need to seek advice from the company of the knife for tips on proper sharpening and edge angle. Most of my knives can be a Scandia grind that has a high bevel angle and sharpening them on these stones is simple without the extra edge guide.

Most importantly I think is utilizing the appropriate stone with the current condition of the knife. Most times you are not going to be utilizing the coarse grit stone unless your knife is super dull (usually from not being maintained properly). I often begin with the medium grit stone which removes minimal metal in the blade. The fine stone is good for taking it that last touch or possibly simply for touching up a little bit before a little bit of rather more serious assist your knife. You could then consume that has a leather strop block

CheapMedium stone clogs up
Good Sharpening
Excellent for Home Use


Overall, we think this is an excellent sharpening system for a person that may be a far more casual knife user (vacationist, pursuer, backpacker, bush crafter) that likes maintaining their own blades in your house. A more severe user, as well as collector, of knives will need a rather more serious sharpening system like Japanese water stones or possibly a precision diamond/ceramic set-up.




DMT F70F Diamond Mini Knife Sharpener

This little key ring sharpener indeed amazed diamond coated stainless steel pocket knife sharpener When we first noticed it a few months ago, we merely did not be prepared to obtain such achievement by reviewing the operation. Quoted from the manufacturers as being a Diamond Whetstone that travels along with you, it’s miniature size really can make it a real convenient tool in case you simply need to hone your blades during the move.

And seriously, to spell it out it to be a mini whetstone is completely correct. You do not need oil to work with the Mini-Sharp but used dry or with a bit of water and you manually sharpen your blades equally you’d probably a whetstone sharpener fitness center from the work-shop; except you could be landing on your bank of your river while trawling.

A simple and easy convenient design, the DMT F70F hangs from the handy key chain which might be that come with your rucksack, kit bag or number of keys. It also includes a folding handle that protects the stone keep. And to claim that the tool is lightweight is surely an understatement (it weighs only a gram).

CompactPlastic Looks Fragile
Extra Fine Sharpening


The DMT F70F Diamond Mini-Sharp knife sharpener, is an excellent little tool. While not as versatile because the others we have now reviewed here, for sheer convenience it’s difficult to get fault using this type of sharpener. It is well-made and sturdy and may easily provide many years of consistent performance for anybody needing quick knife maintenance while outside in the sector. The fine diamond abrasive (25 micron / 600 mesh) provides a greater than adequate razor-sharp edge, considering you are paying a lot less than $12 for this pocket knife sharpener, So that as stated, no messy oils are needed.


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Smith’s Pocket Pal X2 Sharpener

The Smith’s Pocket Pal X2 is a fully contained version with the popular PP1 Pocket Pal sharpener by Smith’ ceramic carbide pocket knife sharpener By adding a compass on the line, together with incorporating a whistle, a fireside rod, along with an LED light, the slightly larger X2 is equally as effective a sharpener but holds some survival trickeries up its sheath.

The sharpener, however, is ready for full-time use.  So, let’s keep an eye on for the tools.  It is obvious how the compass is surely an inexpensive zipper-pull type together with the main directions in green, and 10-degree increments marking the rest from the circle.  While I find the compass as accurate just like any mass-produced button, others have experienced different luck when reviewing the web-based reviews.  But frankly, anyone who places their life at the disposal of a compass in this way has more troubles compared to what they know.

The LED light is on the traditional brightness of any tiny keychain button-cell light.  Yes, it’s superior to nothing, you will find it’s the light containing many uses, nonetheless its range is barely a yard, and that’s downhill using the wind.  A keychain light is employed to illuminate a keyhole where you can insert an integral. This light, however, is indeed weak that in addition to reading a guide close, it’s got little practical use

Survival ToolsLow quality Survival Kit
Same Quality of Pal 1


Given that the Smith’s Pocket Pal X2 has all of the features in the Pocket Pal sharpener, the X2 is an excellent deal and certainly merit ownership. The standard Pocket Pal with carbide, ceramic and tapered serrated sharpener will cost you ten bucks. Our advice is by using it daily like a sharpener but save the survival features because there isn’t any other option.




Wusthof 2899 2 Stage Pocket Knife Sharpener

Wusthof 2899 2-Stage Pocket Knife fine ceramic pocket knife sharpener It’s a true pocket-sized knife sharpener with coarse carbide heads that provide a blade’s edge to obtain that professional edge. It has two different slots that happen to be labeled, fine ceramic rods, non-slip rubber inserts on top and bottom to deliver stability and safety, an important chain for carrying, which is a bright red, textured grip sporting the Wusthof’s Trident logo.

The specs within this item are 3 x 2 x 1 inches and is 1.6 ounces. Overall, that is a tool you need to dress in you all the time. Even if you have your place of work. It’s so compact, simple, and efficient, which it must be standard equipment at home, outside in this line of business, or at the shop. When you need that extra edge over an instrument, you merely whip out and obtain busy. It’s safe and durable and fans and customers realize it’s an extraordinary buy. They often buy several for a lot of people with the household and employees at the shop. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this can be the pocket-sized knife sharpener you shouldn’t head out without.

Great ValueIts small size makes it Unstable
Excellent Honing
Easy to Use


This sharpener is simply a great value. Chiefly, it could have sharpened all you could have. It is nearly foolproof. Very easy to make use of. The only major drawbacks that any of us see are that you just can’t do serrated blades and it is small size causes it to be somewhat unstable. To me, the actual useful and storage will probably be worth the decline of stability and serrated knives do not require as keen an advantage as regular blades. When I say it’s somewhat unstable, I mean that you just need to hear and be sure it can be looking at a straight surface. The non-stick pads work along with the design can make it difficult to cut yourself unless you are just being completely careless. You do have to be sure the keychain isn’t within the sharpener, but that is the one place a fair person might go wrong.



Victorinox Pocket Knife Sharpener

The Victorinox knife sharpener is slightly different to others with this pocket knife sharpener review It is a ceramic rod, sufficiently small to get mistaken to get a pen. This makes it very easy to transport along with you on excursions. It also gets results on all grades of steel, meaning countless uses for flash on essentially any knife. It’s very all too easy to clean in hot water having a nylon sponge.

The other place on this device will be the V-shaped pull through sharpener for many who aren’t at ease with while using ceramic rod. The pocket clip means you can attach it to your cable in the event you please, giving both hands more freedom. It also comes which has a lifetime guarantee. Customers loved the fine edges they got in the ceramic rod, but a majority of complained how the V-shaped pull through didn’t obtain the results they wanted. One claimed that this pull through just has the correct angles for Victorinox knives.

Great ValueRod Sharpener Only
Ceramic Rod
Easy to Clean


Victorinox pocket knife sharpener is in a pull thru. It costs less than $12 and offers a great value for sharpening pocket knives. It has ceramic rod which is far better than diamond surface. It is also very easy to clean. More, it is compact you can adjust it in pocket like a mini knife and can use it anywhere.

The only drawback it has that it only sharpens the rod because of it’s size and compactness. Off course, if you are looking to hone sharp and bigger pocket knives you should avoid buying this product.



Wenger Super Sharpener

The Wenger Super Sharpener is created more as being a compact knife sharpener instead of a pocket knife sharpener, however, they fit in the bank therefore it is last diamond carbide pocket knife sharpener reviewed Perfect for chef knives but made for Swiss army knives, the Wenger Super Sharpener is extremely simple to use and has now a big safety bar to stop inexperienced users from chopping their fingers off. The Diamond Carbide sharpener is acceptable for smaller garden tools together with sharpening a dull blade as you move the V-shape slot puts a superb edge over a variety of cutting tools. Wenger claims which it sharpens serrated blades however we found it incredibly tricky and when it’s a serrated blade you might have use some other knife sharpener than Wenger.

The Wenger Super Sharpener is really a diamond carbide knife sharpener and is also great for survival knives. It is simple in design that has a V-shape blade, and extremely convenient to use hand grip style casing. When outside in the area it’s able to give all sorts of knives (including very importantly, serrated) the temporary touch up required.

Easy to CarryNot very effective against serrated Knives
Safety Bar


Wenger super Sharpener can be used for multi-purpose. Basically, it designed for small knives, but it can be used as a pocket knife sharpener as well. It is easy to carry, and it also includes safety bar. It has a V-shape slot and can be used any type of knives but try not to use it for serrated knives as it is not very effective with them no matter how much company advertising about it.



AccuSharp 001C

The best words to spell it out an AccuSharp knife sharpener are dependability, flexibility, and diamond honed pocket knife sharpener reviewed Designed for simple and easy, secure daily usage making of resistant materials to make sure a lot of efficient use, this manual knife sharpener with replacement blades works for the number of cutting devices, from blades to gardening tools.

Two times as stiff as steel, this mix of materials also ensures great erosion battle, approaching that surrounding noble metals. The blades from the knife sharpener don’t rust and so are intended to last between 5 and decade when properly used and maintained. Besides these blades, the AccuSharp knife sharpener comes with a large, ergonomic handle along with a full-length finger guard for secure use. The last characteristic is obviously a bonus with this device which is usually unseen for most low and mid-priced sharpeners. In fact, the complete style of this kitchen tool helps it be safer than other similar devices relating to the movement in the blade.

The most critical accessories from the AccuSharp handheld knife sharpener are the replaceable and reversible blades, which is often interchanged for enhancing the lifespan in the device. Although the two blades as part of the package are made to last a long time, the maker also provides extra cutting surfaces for many who take advantage of this tool daily and even be sure they also have a new blade obtainable in case the initial ones get damaged.

Unlike ceramic or electric knife sharpener models, this place is dishwasher safe, and that means you may easily finish the sharpening process after which toss the manual knife sharpener to the dishwasher. This characteristic is very important for the kitchen tool mainly because it can save you time and effort by devoid of to hand wash it after each use.

CheapUsers will have problem making razor edges
Replaceable Blades


Accusharp is different from other brands of pocket knife sharpeners. It is wash-able, can sharpen many types of knives and costs less than $10. it comes with an entire life warranty that guarantees you the manufacturer will fix or replace any damaged unit or portion of the AccuSharp handheld knife sharpener.

Another selling point of this tool is that it includes replaceable blades that is easily detached on the device, and that means you won’t should buy another kitchen sharpener once the one you’ve loses its sharpening ability. Just by treatment of screws, placing the replacement parts and tightening the screws back. Some customers remarked because you can twice the lifespan in this sharpening tool and low cost by reversing both the identically shaped blades. Obviously, knowing this trick is useful as it might literally help save when you require make use of the sharpener immediately but don’t have any extra blades and the original ones are damaged. The drawback Some customers criticized until this AccuSharp knife sharpener can just deliver decent edges not razor ones.




Things We Considered While Reviewing Pocket Knife Sharpener

With the many pocket knife sharpener options available things could be a little devastating in relation to making your pick. And although our pocket knife sharpener reviews above will assist to make things simpler for you, you must be aware of the items to consider when choosing one so that you can have confidence of creating the proper decision.


The best pocket knife sharpener in your case is that is certainly compact and lightweight because doing so ensures that you may go on it anywhere. Most people will buy pocket knives for external use; therefore, the sharpener should also be ideal for use when in the woods camping or backpacking. Just like the pocket knife, worth keeping needs to be pocketable.


Apart from your size, the burden can even get a new portability. Anything that is certainly more when compared to a few ounces heavy aren’t going to be very portable, which might be more for those times you mean to make it in your pocketbook. Also, that you must hold it inside your hand when sharpening the knives signifies that much you’ll not work as you cannot handle rid of it.


Although pocket knife sharpeners are very affordable in case you compare them on the knives, it is vital to get started with the very best quality. A good sharpener must have a sturdy construction to ensure it serves you for very long. An all metal construction is the foremost, but it is possible to still get high-quality plastic ones. Also, people with diamond rods, ceramic blade, and carbide blades will give you the highest quality.


Multifunction pocket knife sharpeners include the most commodious simply because they ensure you will not need to buy different sharpeners for each tool. A sharpener that may restore the side on flat surfaces, serrations, and hooks is the most beneficial. Also, people that have some extras like fire starters will also be perfect.

You need to consider which kind of sharpener you wish. This will largely be depending what will you make use of the knife for, or that you will probably be with it. For use inside field, like camping or military exercises, you want a smaller and convenient tool. Home use won’t require this type of convenient oral appliance knives can also be honed using the base of your coffee mug. Also, if you are without having a pocket knife sharpener inside the field, you’ll be able to refine your knife using a little quantity of sand or dirt. Just be willing to require adequate time.

There are a couple of quite popular commercial pocket knife sharpeners that incorporate a couple of opposed carbide teeth, opposed ceramic teeth plus a folding diamond rod. It’s just like the Swiss Army Knife of knife sharpeners. These devices really are useful due to variety they have, and perhaps they are so inexpensive there’s no need for replacing the blades. Just simply invest in an another one.

A sharpener is important for any pocket knife. You might also think about smaller sharpener, like ceramic strip. This is simply a little bit of ceramic, often coated by incorporating rubber to be a handle and grip. These really are convenient for their size and easily integrate a pocket. Many are double sided too, with flint on the reverse side. Flint is wonderful for producing sparks and starting a hearth, nevertheless it does wear away quickly. These sharpeners are extremely a good choice for extended camping or hunting trips and they are very inexpensive.

Many will select the basic sharpening stone. These often accompany a hunting knife when purchased. These are, historically, essentially the most common knife sharpeners. You can easily attach the crooks to the sheath within your knife, or merely ensure that it stays on your bottom line. The most common stones are small carboned or small Arkansas stones. These convenient, pocket-sized sharpening stones measure about 3 inches long, but not. For their convenience, and deficiency of moving parts, these are generally trusted pocket knife sharpeners which they can use freehand to keep an advantage on the blade.

The great things about owning a benefit pro pocket knife sharpener are obvious. If you’re away for several days, you should have one along with you since frequent use within your pocket knife causes the blade to dull. On such excursions, you will be sharpening your pocket knife daily to keep the extra edge. As above mentioned, certain blade sharpeners may also double up like a flint. This is extremely useful when out within the wild. Matches or lighters will be more convenient but don’t work if they’re wet. Flint is merely stone and will dry quickly being able to assist you in making your fire.



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