Best Metal Detectors For Coins
(Last Updated On: January 24, 2019)

Do you love finding things in the trash or on the beach? Some people, every time they go out either on the beach or in a jungle, they enjoy finding small metals from the trash or through the soil. So, if you’re thinking about getting a metal detector for yourself, you have come to the right place.

Finding the best metal detector for your needs isn’t an easy thing to do. There are hundreds of metal detectors available in the market and every time you will search for the right product, you will be given so many options that you wont even know yourself which product to choose.

However, we have compiled some of the best metal detectors for coins below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them. But before that, here are a few things you need to consider before buying a metal detector.

You will be spending some money on your purchase so isn’t it better to do it a little wisely? Keep these things in mind and you will not regret your choice later.

Searching For?

Most of the metal detectors that being manufactured now are “all-purpose”. That means, you can almost find anything with the help of these detectors but still, if you are going to be looking for specific object, like coins, there are metal detectors available in the market that solely built to fulfill that single purpose.

Where Will You Search?

Also consider where you will be using your metal detector. Would you be going on a beach to look for stuff or use it in trashy areas. If so, go for metal detectors that are built for those locations. For an instance, you will find waterproof detectors in the market that will not get damaged in trashy areas where there is a puddle of water.

Usage Capacity

How often will you be using your metal detector? Will you be using it daily or once a week? Ask yourself before you make your purchase. If you will be using it regularly, choose a metal detector with longer battery life. That way you will not have charge it every now and then.

So, these were a few things that you need to keep in mind before you make your final purchase. Read further and know about all the recommendations we have for you. These are the metal detectors best for hunting coins.

Best Metal Detectors For Coins (Comparison)

Metal DetectorFrequency 
Garrett ACE 40010 kHzCheck Price
Tesoro Compadre12 kHzCheck Price
Whites TREASUREpro8.2 kHzCheck Price


Garrett ACE 400

If you’re looking for a metal detector than you must have heard about the entire Garrett series.Garrett ACE 400 Best Metal Detectors For Coins We recommend you take a look at the Garrett ACE 400. The series is extremely popular and the metal detector that we have just suggested is one of its top line model.

This metal detector comes with a huge range of features that include iron audio, digital target ID, a very lightweight design and a notch discrimination. Most of the ACE models are extremely affordable and this one also comes in a very reasonable price.

This metal detector can be known as the successor of now discontinued ACE-350 and has a lot of new upgrades to offer as compared to other ACE metal detectors. If we look at the basics, this is a VLF metal detector that operates on a frequency of 10kHz. It is higher than previous ACE models and thus easily detects objects with medium conductivity and is more sensitive to smaller targets. This frequency is also great when detecting coins or relics for that matter. And if we talk about the appearance, it is instantly recognized due to its yellow color. It is not very appealing to some people but in general, ACE-400 isn’t a bad looking detector.

The metal detector provides approximately 25 hours of search time and it is powered by 4 AA batteries. It comes with an indicator that constantly allows you to know the duration and stability of the batteries, so you can prepare yourself if the batteries run out, beforehand. Most of the detectors available in the market can be easily separated into three parts and so can this detector. It comes with cam locks that provide more support and stability to the separation joints and it also makes the detector feel more stable throughout the swing.

The detector comes with a large search coil and that may seem unbalancing to some users, but it is not that uncomfortable to use. You can also adjust the frequency of this detector in case you’re searching in a group and the device is being used by more than one person. ACE-400 also comes with an audio system that can emit three different kinds of tone depending on the type of metal it detects. Another unique feature that this metal detector comes with is the Iron Audio System that allows you to detect discriminated iron targets and you can easily adjust the signal range yourself to detect different targets masked by iron. ACE-400 also features a visual ID function that indicates whether the target is gold, iron, copper or any other metal.

Iron Audio SystemNo Option To Adjust Factor Pre-set Ground Balance
Battery Level Indicator


If you’re looking for something that is topnotch and comes with a number of functionalities, ACE-400 is a product that you should definitely consider for all your endeavors. It is easy to use and has an extremely reasonable price tag.




Tesoro Compadre

If you are looking for the simplest metal detector, one that comes with zero knobs and no visual displays, in that case, Tesoro got it covered for you.Tesoro Compadre Best Metal Detectors For Coins

Tesoro is a USA based company that is known for making the simplest yet efficient metal detectors and supplies them throughout the country. Only a few of products in their long range of metal detectors have gotten the privilege of having a multi-tone audio or visual meter, otherwise all of their metal detectors operate without them and they do it effectively. Tesoro has always been focused on making traditional metal detectors, also known as the big guns and they have been doing it better than anyone else in the market.

The Compadre is another one of their greatly used metal detectors that comes with zero visual meter and has only one knob, yet it is one of the best metal detectors out there. Unlike their other units, the coil in this metal detector is permanently attached and never comes off.

It comes with a 5.74-inch coil and can detect stuff that are placed at a minimum distance of 6 inches. The company however is also keen on making another version of this detector that can detect objects at a much lesser distance as compared to this one. The main purpose of the Compadre is finding trash, coins and other things that most of the detectors fail at locating. The discrimination of this detector is excellent, and you will not have to dig deeper if you choose Compadre as your detector. The detector comes with a single knob and that is the best part about it. You can thumb the knob down while you are busy surfing your way around. You can easily avoid zinc pennies if you go with this metal detector.

The Compadre is among the least-expensive metal detectors that you will find in the market. it has ultra-fast signal recovery in iron and you will not be detecting anything other than that and is also the best metal detector that you can get for finding smaller objects. The device runs on a 5-volt battery and you can say since it doesn’t come with a lot of tech, it has good battery life. It also allows you to use a headphone while you search with Compadre.

Easy To UseDoesn’t Have A Display
It Doesn’t Come With A Lot Of Tech
Lifetime Warranty


If you are looking for something extremely easy to use that doesn’t come with a lot tech, go for Compadre. It is great for finding small metal coins and can be of great use for all the beginners out there.



Whites TREASUREpro

Whites is another one of the companies that is known for manufacturing the best metal detectors for smaller treasures. Their manufacturing is always recommended for it being compact and user-friendly.Whites TREASUREpro Best Metal Detectors For Coins The metal detector that we have among our recommendations is TREASUREpro so let’s list down what it is really made of and its main functions.

Unlike its previous metal detectors, the TREASUREpro comes with 10” DD coil attached to it and can be switched with other coil that are available in Whites family. The metal detector arrives disassembled and has three parts, the lower rod, the coil and the S rod that has an attached control box. the assembling of this metal detector is quite easy, and you can do it with your bare hands, no tools required for assembling, it helps you learn a lot about this detector and how it works. It is a very simple to metal detector and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge, making it the best metal detector for beginners.

The metal detector is easy to carry and lightweight, but it also comes with an armrest so in case you get tired, you can always attach the armrest and continue with your search. This feature comes very handy for those who have to search for hours. The handgrip is only a few inches away from the control bos and is very easy to handle. There is a display on the control box that produces a very clear image of the object and is clear, easy to read. The display comes with a set of buttons that are also easily understood and comfortable to use.

The TreasurePro comes with 5 different modes such as pinpoint mode, coin and jewelry mode, all metal mode, beach mode and high trash mode. You can increase the sensitivity of this metal detector while keeping the ground mineralization in mind. This metal detector is highly recommended because it contains a balance between being easy to use and having a lot of capabilities. It is made for all the experienced and beginner level hunters.

One of the best features that TreasurePro possesses is that it adjusts to the surrounding ground mineralization and it works extremely well over normal soils. And in areas where there is a higher interference, you can always set its mode accordingly. The audio system of this metal detector is also highly advanced. It comes with 8-tone options and you can set it according to your own requirement. With the help of TreasurePro, you can identify pull tabs, iron, foil, zinc and Indian heads, nickels, dimes and copper coins, dollars and quarters. Last but not the least, the search coil on this metal detector is also waterproof so you can submerge your detector in puddles for a smaller period of time to detect any metal or object.

Great SensitivityBit Expensive
Search Coil Is Waterproof
5 Modes


Whites TreasurePro is one of the best metal detectors available in the market. if you’re looking for something that is easy to use and comes with a lot of capabilities, this metal detector is highly recommended. The price may be a bit much, but every penny is worth it if you make it your final purchase.




So, these were a few of our recommendations regarding best metal detectors for coins. If you have any suggestions in this regard or any questions that you want answers to, don’t hesitate to leave us with your feedback. We appreciate it and we will be happy to get back to you.



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