Best Impact Wrenches For Lug Nuts
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Impact wrenches are modern mechanical tools that can apply an advanced of torque with minimal manual labor. They are also often known by other names, like air wrenches, air guns, torque guns, or impactors.

Impact wrenches are trusted both in household and industrial applications, plus they differ in line with the precise mechanism that they can use. Most powered torque wrenches use compressed air, budget friendly yet highly competent power source.

All impact wrenches work using the code of spinning mass quicker and storing worker’s energy, then abruptly releasing a burst of high torque swiftly on impact. The user from the torque gun feels little or no from the torque, because it is applied indirectly over the motor plus the rotating mass. Since as soon as the high-powered impact the hammer is capable to spin freely again, it could possibly store considerable amounts of one’s energy as time passes to maintain delivering short, high torque impacts.

Let’s Look at best impact wrenches for lug nuts.


Best Impact Wrenches For Lug Nuts (Comparison)

Impact Wrench NamePower SourceWeight 
Milwaukee 2763-22 (Editor's Choice)Battery Powered15 lbsCheck Price
DEWALT DW292 7.5-Amp (Best Impact Wrench For Lug Nuts)Battery Powered8.05 lbsCheck Price
Air Impact Wrench by Campbell HausfeldPneumatic8 ouncesCheck Price
Valu-Air RP7426 (Professional Mini Impact Wrench)Pneumatic3.17 lbsCheck Price
PowRyte Elite 5000360 1/2-Inch Air Impact WrenchPneumatic4.72 lbsCheck Price


Milwaukee 2763-22 – (Editor’s Choice)

Milwaukee 2763-22 impact wrench for lug nuts offer excellent and superior battery powered impact wrench for lug nuts It offers around 700 ft lbs. of supreme fastener spin, also offers 1,100 ft-lbs. of nut rupturing torque and 2 times powerful timing then other brands. It also has brushless motor which does not get heated which enables to use it without any precautions. It also has mode choosing options with Milwaukee drive control. It is powered the high quality Red lithium 4.0 batteries and it comes with ½ inches anvil which works efficiently for changing lug nuts.

Very PowerfulHeavy Weight


One of the best impact wrench for lug nuts in the market. It is very powerful, done the works quickly do not produce any sort of irritating noises and free of any tangling cords. As, it is totally focused on power so, it is not compact and heavy. But, it’s not an issue unless you have girly hands,




DEWALT DW292 7.5-Amp – (Best Impact Wrench For Lug Nuts)

Not as powerful as Milwaukee M18 but DEWALT DW292 offers high durability to it’s cordless impact wrench for lug nuts This impact wrench is compact in size and offers the torque power of 345 ft-lbs. It has pin anvil of ½ inches. Its grip is also very comfortable as it is very soft. It has construction of ball bearing which makes it long lasting. It is not cordless but has ac/dc forward and reverse switch.

Excellent for Lug NutsSometimes get stuck during use
Easy to Use


It is one of the best impact wrench for lug nuts because of its size, durability and user friendliness. The only drawback in this tool is that it get’s stuck sometime especially on the reverse. Overall, one of the easiest to use impact wrench.



Air Impact Wrench by Campbell Hausfeld

Whether you are a rare DIY-user or automotive fanatic, the proper tool is essential to finishing the pneumatic impact wrench for lug nuts This twin hammer grasp model TL140200AV 1/2-inch impact wrench from Campbell Hausfeld provides extreme power of 550 ft lbs. of rotation in a budget friendly price, an adjustable speed controller offers low, medium and full power output within the forward direction and determined power in the reverse direction to tackle your car repair together with other maintenance projects. The TL140200AV impact wrench brings an influential and stable twin hammer impact machinery which distributes precise results with abridged shaking. This unit claims 550 ft- lbs. of maximum torque, 1,200 impacts a minute, and 8,000 rpm. to attack hard lugs and bolts effortlessly. Weighing in at 4.4. lbs., the lightweight fused design along with soft rubber grip reduces fatigue during use.

LightweightNot Durable
Easy to Use
Budget Friendly


Very compact, easy to use multipurpose impact wrench but mostly get used for lug nuts because of it’s lightweight. Very easy to operate and less cost. But, Campbell hausefeld comprised on it’s durability. It has excellent features, but it is not made for long term use.



Valu-Air RP7426 – (Professional Mini Impact Wrench)

If, you are looking for compact, lightweight impact wrenchbest mini pneumatic impact wrench for lug nuts for working on lug nuts which also offers pro quality then you should try Valu-Air RP7426 because it provides you power of 450 ft-lbs. torque. It has a design of huge hammer yet weighs less than 4 lb. It has rear air ventilation which keeps it from getting hot and noisy.

CompactNot for Heavy Duty Work


It is professional, compact, lightweight, heat and noise free impact wrench but it is not for powerful work of lug nuts. If, you are experiencing a tough lug nuts and trying to remove them then this will not offer you much value.



PowRyte Elite 5000360 1/2-Inch Air Impact Wrench

Air impact wrenches are mostly compact and pneumatic impact wrench for lug nuts And Elite 5000360 is also air impact wrench so, you should know that it is also compact and lightweight. It has a design of twin hammer. It is simple impact wrench but can be used as both forward and reverse it offers spinning power of 800 ft-lbs. And 7500 RPM at the rate of 95 PSI.

CompactGrip not good at all


It is small, easy to carry thanks to it’s lightweight design but do not underestimate its power because of it’s design. The downside, grip is not good and can make this impact wrench slip out of your hand.



Things To Consider Before Buying Impact Wrench

The major utilization of impact wrench will be the loosening of rusted wheel nuts and lugs. The rattle gun is simply as comfortable inside auto repair center, where individuals gain from the torque it creates for taking off wheel nuts that may normally be realistically be impossible to get rid of.

This kind of tool is simply as in the home affixing nuts and bolts. It’s for that reason construction workers take full advantage of them if your job necessitates that bolts must be fastened to structural steel. The impact wrench makes these kinds of job look effortless, attaching a minimum of some hundred bolts in bit of time. Since they operate in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, they’re able to equally be easily made using to add nuts and lugs too.

Now that you’ve got understood the preceding guide, it should be apparent from what extent the impact wrench has grown to be essential in a great deal of industries. The potential purchaser has two options to consider when entering industry to acquire the appropriate impact wrench, so why wouldn’t you check them both out. This tool is operated with electricity with good capacity batteries or pneumatically by an air compressor and the two of these bring pros and cons.

The trump how the air wrench offers could be the hefty numbers of torque, so it might wear tap. Put simply, this can be a direct reaction of joining an air compressor towards the tool to produce the awesome amounts of torque. The power of the compressor is, unfortunately, a mixed blessing – the facility it provides is unexcelled, but once utilizing the tool one must transport the tool around.

Portability may be the most appealing thing around the power powered rattle gun. The torque is provided by internal battery packs, meaning anyone while using tool has the capacity to work without as much constraint of electrical cord or compressors. However, the degrees of torque available just don’t satisfy the amount generated by all pneumatic wrenches.

There are many models available for sale many of which use compressed air, electric and hydraulic models are. These wrenches are powerful tools simply because provide accurate torque forced to execute a job accessible. The sophisticated models come with virtually no sit back and are also simple to use.

If you’re thinking about buying this excellent tool. It is important that you practice into mind these features prior to making an order:


Opting for a lightweight weight wrench ensures simple mobility and operation. Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrenches are comfy and lightweight which you could go for model that weighs only 3.95 pounds, has easy-grip handle, and offers added comfort.

Ergonomic design

If you are thinking about buying a wrench for professional purpose, it’s very important that you just select the one which includes ergonomic design. This ensures raise the productivity and ease in handling.


Torque must be shown to gauge the efficacy with the device to execute well the hardest tasks. A wrench that provides high torque can handle the toughest of jobs may make up a good solution. Good torque offers smooth performance for most with the operations.


It is one from the important features looking at a wrench. It is important to opt for the one who is very easy to handle. This ensures quality performance in an easy manner. This also ensures good safety while work at home at job likewise.


It is one in the most desirable popular features of most in the buyers. A wrench with strong power means that bolts get removed in a very fast yet easy manner. It also ensures that you simply do not spend unnecessary time expecting it to perform the job. For example, Milwaukee 2763-22 offers energy which is well-matched with professional standards.



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