Best Impact Wrench For Changing Tires
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Changing tires can be a bit of hectic task sometimes and it can be a really hectic task if your car’s wheel have old or rusty lug nuts and you are stuck with them as you have a flat tire. Manual tools require a lot of strength to operate and you can have a problem with them if you don’t have that kind of strength to use them. Well you don’t have to worry no more luckily we have some tools for you that are specifically made for this kind of thing and you using those tools you will not have to break a sweat when you open those tough little lug nuts on your car’s wheels.

These little tools are known as the impact wrenches which you would have already seen in the construction areas or with carpenters and other professionals. You can get one for yourself either for your garage or you can get a portable one to carry it with you in your car.

Now there are few technical details that you have to be aware of, mostly you have to look for bolt capacity and square drive. For an impact wrench to have square drive of around ½ inch will do just fine when it comes to socket size for the lug nuts. Other than that you will have to look for the power, that is the torque of the impact wrench and the fact that it’s motor will stand through the toughest of the situations without burning out.

In this publication we are going to review some of the best impact wrenches for changing tires that are available in the market right now. We have mixed things up a little bit and we have reviewed pneumatic impact wrenches for changing tires and as well as cordless portable battery powered impact wrenches for changing tires. So let’s get into the main section of this publication.

Best Impact Wrenches For Changing Tires (Comparison)

Impact Wrench NameTorqueWeightRPMIPM 
AIRCAT 1000-TH 1/2" Impact Wrench (Best Pneumatic Impact Wrench)1000 lb ft4.5 lbs80001300Check Price
DEWALT DCF899P1 20V Brushless 1/2" Impact Wrench Kit (Best Cordless Impact Wrench)700 lb ft7.2 lbs19002400Check Price
Ryobi ONE+ P260 18V 1/2" Impact Wrench (Mid Range Impact Wrench)200 lb ft3.65 lbs30003000Check Price


AIRCAT 1000-TH ½”Impact Wrench w/Twin Hammer Mechanism – (Best Pneumatic Impact Wrench For Changing Tires)

The first impact wrench in our list is the 1000-TH model from pneumatic impact wrench for changing tires This impact wrench is from the reliable name in power tools manufacturing i.e. AIRCAT. They specialize in making pneumatic (air-powered) tools for home and commercial use so it looks like they know what they are doing with the 1000-TH. So how this impact wrench fared in our review? Let’s find out.

The first part of our review consists of the design of the impact wrench. The design of the 1000-TH is pretty basic. The build of the 1000-TH is the first thing we liked about it, it is very well built and the quality is not compromised at all. The strong build quality and the ergonomically designed body of the wrench make a very good combination of strength and comfort. The fatigue factor is dialled down to almost nothing due to the ergonomically designed body of the 1000-TH. The operation flip lever is very accessible and you don’t have to go out of the way to flip it back and forth.

Now onto the next part of the review and that is the features, the 1000-TH is packed with them. The first thing to shed a light upon is that this impact wrench is not like other impact wrenches when it comes to creating a racket instead it is one of the quietest models of impact wrenches in the market today. The sound level of the 1000-TH in full motion is around 86db and this low sound technology is patented by AIRCAT. The working torque on the 1000-TH is between 200 to 800lb ft depending on the speed mode you have on and the breakaway torque touches 100lb ft mark. The bolt capacity on the 1000-TH is 9/16 in and the ½ in square drive is perfect for lug nuts on the wheels of your vehicle.

The air pressure required on the 1000-TH for operation is between 90 to 120psi as it is pneumatic impact wrench and the twin hammer mechanism is a good addition to the 1000-TH model by AIRCAT.

Now onto the performance review of the 1000-TH, it is one of the best performing pneumatic impact wrench out there and the explosive power of this wrench is a testament to that. It removes lug nuts very easily and effortlessly. The quiet level of the operating sound of the 1000-TH is the selling point of this impact wrench. We’d say that it is a very good investment in terms of tools to have for your vehicle. The only thing that is against this impact wrench is the portability factor as it is better suited to use in the garage and can’t be carried around.

Overall if you are looking for a pneumatic impact wrench for yourself then this is the best there is.

One of the Quietest Impact WrenchBulky Feel
1000 lb ft Torque
Strong Build
Explosive Power


Overall, if you are looking to buy a pneumatic impact wrench then look no further than the 1000-TH. And it holds good value for money as well.



DEWALT DCF899P1 20V Brushless 1/2″ Impact Wrench Kit – (Best Cordless Impact Wrench For Changing Tires)

The next impact wrench on here is the DCF899P1 model by cordless impact wrench for changing tires Now DEWALT as we know is a very reliable name when it comes to heavy duty tools and they don’t disappoint. They have been manufacturing the best of the tools for commercial and home use for the longest of time and the DCF899 impact wrench from DEWALT is no exception. The DCF899 is a heavy duty model and we decided to add it to our list because of the quality and performance it brings to the table. So how it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

The first thing to notice here is the design of the DCF899 impact wrench. The DCF899 is very well built and shows no sign of getting damaged anytime soon during use. It is a very durable tool and strong build quality goes along with it very well. It is comparatively little heavy in weight but the difference is not very much. It is portable as it cordless and it can easily fit in your vehicle. The DCF899 model is said to be durable and the DEWALT even claims that it can easily survive a drop of up to 8 feet without any damage.

The next thing to ponder upon is the features of the DCF899P1. The DCF899 is heavy duty model and is designed to last through the toughest of the tasks not just the lug nuts. The brushless motor on the DCF899 produces around 700lb ft of working torque and 1000lb ft of breakaway torque. There is a built-in LED light for the convenience of the user and the DCF899 has 3 speed mode along with a very useful heavy duty impact mechanism.

The DCF899 is powered by a 5Ah battery which is powerful enough to do any task at hand and the battery will last forever (metaphorically)if you are just going to use this impact wrench for changing tires and loosening the lug nuts and the battery gauge is very useful as well.

At the performance end the DCF899 performs excellently and the battery is the main plus point to the DCF899 review. The battery lasts for a very long time and it will be a very rare occasion when you will have to use the DCF899 to it’s fullest potential it is just that good performing impact wrench. The only thing that bothered us is the weight of this wrench other than that the DCF899 is a very good battery powered impact wrench to own.

Heavy DutyLittle Heavier Comparatively
Long Lasting Battery


Overall the DCF899 is a very good heavy duty impact wrench to own if you are looking for something on the powerful end. The battery timing is excellent and the portable factor fits in the DCF899 perfectly.



Ryobi ONE+ P260 18V 1/2″ Impact Wrench

The next impact wrench in our list is rather very different from the others as it is one of the simplest to get the hang of it and the one of the most basic impact wrenches out there without compromising the quality of mid range impact wrench for changing tires The ONE+ Series is manufactured by Ryobi and the model in question here is the P260. The P260 is highly rated by the users and the reason behind those high ratings is the simple usage of the P260 and the budget friendly factor as well. So how it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

The design of the P260 is pretty basic just like any other impact wrench. The P260 is extremely comfortable to hold and is built strong as well. The lightweight design of the P260 is perfect for the users who don’t like to complicate things when it comes to impact wrenches.

The P260 is not short on features either, the working torque of the P260 is around 200lb ft and is battery powered with 18v of power. The motor on the P260 is very reliable and easy to handle since there are no speed modes on it.

The performance is excellent for it’s purpose. If you don’t want anything more done out of your impact wrench than to just loosen up few nuts here and there then P260 will work well for you. The LED light on the P260 powers on when the trigger is pulled which is a very thoughtful point from the manufacturer. It can easily work well with ½ to 13 galvanized bolts and nuts along with similar other types. The only point against the P260 is that the battery powered impact wrench doesn’t come with a battery that you have to buy separately.

Easy to UseBattery Not Included in Purchase


If you are looking for a simple impact wrench and don’t like any complex tools then look no further than the P260 by Ryobi.

For Information Regarding Extending the Life of your impact wrench check out the video below.




It is very important to own a impact wrench for your vehicle as changing a flat tire when you are in a hurry can be very frustrating with a manual tool. Impact wrench can save you a lot of time and will be less hectic and energy consuming task. We hope you find this publication useful.



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