Best Hammer Drills For Concrete
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

Hammer drills can bore into almost everything, along with the hammering feature makes any home task easy. No matter what you must do, you can depend on a hammer drill to reinforce job to check professional. If you’re planning on finding the best hammer drill for concrete, then this list is for you. So, stick with us to find the best hammer drill to get your work done.



Best Hammer Drills For Concrete (Comparison)

Hammer DrillVoltage 
Milwaukee M18 2704-20 (Editor's Choice)18 VCheck Price
Makita HR2811F240 VCheck Price
Makita HP2050240 VCheck Price


Milwaukee M18 2704-20 – (Editor’s Choice)

M18 hammer drill will reach 2000 RPM and not using a problem, so that it is great for having it.Best Hammer Drills For Concrete a great deal of work to do. It includes a lot of torque to provide you with over the toughest materials. The hammer drill features a feature that prevents the drill from getting damaged. It prevents the drill from overheating, and significantly reduces power on the battery to counteract damage. It’s practical for individuals who have to have a reliable hammer drill.

The lithium ion batteries give you a longer life cycle of battery that will help you complete any task you must do. You can complete more assist the drill. This is great promptly need to have a drill they’re able to make use of when they’re working. The adjustable clutch is perfect if you desire a drill they will use more intensively. You can modify the clutch to assist you to cut from the toughest materials and hang up this for one’s preference.

Very PowerfulThe Chuck Quality Is Not Good
Abundance Of Torque
Best For Drilling Through Concrete


2740-20 M18 hammer drill by Milwaukee is one of the best hammer drill for concrete because of its very powerful working and toque generation you can rip through any hard surface without any issues. On downsides, the quality of it’s chuck is just average.




Makita HR2811F

HR2811F hammer drill incorporates a 7 AMP motor, helping you to penetrate through any material.Best Hammer Drills For Concrete It can be as long as 1100 RPM, and that is great when you really need to slice through tough material. It may be 4500 BPM for people tougher tasks the hammer drill comes with a twisting restrictive clutch which is plotted to evade gear damage. If you don’t need to burn out the hammer drill, getting the torque clutch will likely be useful. If the bit binds, the drill will automatically disengage gears.

The power judgement makes hitting easy and quick. You won’t must overlay the bit impacts each and every time, so that it is well suited for faster drilling. This is a good feature for the people that wish to tackle larger projects, and ought to complete them quickly.

Outstanding ValueAdjusting Torque Needs A Lot Of Manual Effort
Steady Drilling


Makita HR2811F offers plenty of features for drilling through hard surfaces especially concrete. This hammer drill is also cheap compared to other models and without any doubt provides outstanding value. Also, this hammer drill is one of the steadiest one in the market and help you penetrate through anything rapidly and accurately. The negative about Makita HR2811F Is its torque setting which needs a lot of manual labor to adjust properly.



Makita HP2050

The prevailing motor is 6.6 AMP, turning it into stronger than your traditional drill.Best Hammer Drills For Concrete The extra AMP helps make the drill better for drilling or hammering with the toughest materials. It’s suitable for pretty much any jobsite. HP2050 hammer drill includes two different operations, turning it into good to accomplish any task. You can select from rotation only or hammering with rotation, which makes it great for anyone on any jobsite. It offers a good amount of applications you wish to use.

The torque limiting clutch allows the drill to use to its full potential without causing any breaks. It also prevents overheating on the drill, and that is practical for anyone searching for a durable hammer drill. The battery will likely be protected, at the same time. The hammer drill incorporates a positive stop mode selector, preventing the drill from becoming engaged without you. If you’re hunting for a safe drill make use of on any project, this is an outstanding option.

Worth The MoneyPlastic Build
Very Good Torque


HP2050 by Makita is very powerful and it’s truly worth your money. It is also not very expensive and compact enough to carry anywhere. The torque is also very good, and its powerful motor really help to dig through sturdy materials including concrete. Only issue we found in this hammer drill is its built quality which has a lot of plastic material which makes it not very sturdy.



Why Buy Hammer Drill?

Most of today’s drills allow usage of the hammer action plus the rotatory action separately or possibly a blend of both, according to the material to get drilled. They were invented in 1975 by James D Smith, who had been a stonemason. These forms of drill are extremely efficient for drilling holes in brick, concrete, sandstone and several kinds of rock. The hammering action chips away/ breaks in the masonry plus the drill flutes transport the debris away.

There are numerous different makes, prices may range from just a couple pounds to get a simple model which can be well suited for your house DIY enthusiast, approximately many a huge selection of pounds for additional serious use and applications i.e.; building industry and automotive industry.

Hammer drills is usually either cordless or mains powered. Mains powered drills require some kind of external power, either mains power or power generated by some kind of creator which can be usually mobile.

Cordless power hammer drills carry their particular power source available as an assortment and that is usually fitted on top of the end from the drills handle. With technology advances plus the advancement in battery design as well as, cordless DIY equipment have grown to be an exceptionally attractive solution to a lot more conventional mains powered saw which enables it to provide endless use. This has made them highly sought after inside the public and commercial markets.

Hammer drills will surely have distinctive features included in them. These features might include:

  • Switchable hammer action (the drill could be set from normal action to hammer action)
  • Clutch (this lets a slipping action if your drill bit encounter any difficulties; for instance, get stuck or jam up).
  • Adjustable clutch; this lets the right torque with all the drill for driving screws.
  • Reversible switch
  • Another sort of hammer drill runs on the rotary action, and the forms of drill are rotary hammer drills. The rotary type works on the piston mechanism rather than a special clutch allowing these to deliver a bit more powerful hammer blow.
  • Hammer drills utilize a specially engineered clutch allowing it to punch (hammer) and spin while doing so.



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