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We have reviewed bet electrician tool belts for all DIYers, carpenters, electricians and building specialists. Never be left struggling for the best gear again by investing in one of those good quality electrician tool belts, which supports you retain all you need within easy reach. This list includes something for any job, regardless of how big or small.

Best Electrician’s Tool Belts Reviewed (Comparison)

Tool Belt NameMaterialPockets 
Occidental Leather 9855 (Editor's Choice)Leather23Check Price
CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614Polyester20Check Price
ToughBuilt Journeyman TB-CT-114-2 (Best for DIY Light Work)Nylon31Check Price
Occidental Leather 5036 LG (Most Durable Electrician's Tool Belt)Leather23Check Price
McGuire-Nicholas 526-CCLeather6Check Price
DEWALT DG5103Polyester10Check Price
Gatorback B240Nylon18Check Price
Klein Tools 5240 Tradesman ProNylon4Check Price
ToughBuilt Handyman TB-CT-111C Tool BeltNylon10Check Price
Trade Gear Electrician Tool BeltNylonn/aCheck Price

Now without any delays pick up the best electrician’s tool belt.


Occidental Leather 9855 – (Editor’s Choice)

Providing their quintessential product, the Occidental Leather 9855 is possibly just about the most durable electrician’s tool belts we will electrician's tool belt While the leather mightn’t have been pre-treated, this choice favors longevity over comfort. By forcing that you oil the leather personally, it offers already hardened to process.

This tool belt consists of tough leather. As such, the belt will absorb any oil that’s applied, as opposed to being split up by it. Granted, this does imply probably you’ll ought to spend weeks or possibly a couple months breaking this tool belt in before it’s truly comfortable, it also shows that tool belt could conceivably last cades if looked after.

Another profit to this breaking in process could be that the tool belt may ultimately be custom made available for you. Based on in which you put your tools throughout the breaking in process, the leather will in accordance with that arrangement. Once fully broken in, the Occidental Leather 9855 offer the very best tool gripping capabilities with no closures above the pouch compartments. So long as you will not go the other way up, the instruments will continue available if you live climbing or crawling for your work point.

Still, the pouches aren’t ideal. Specifically, the Occidental Leather 9855 is usually a tad within the low end in the compartment range with only 23 total compartments. Some have reviewed how the shortage of handles for the pouches can be a bit of your oversight at the same time. Finally, this is usually a expensive tool belt, and you definitely get what we spend on – and you might never have to buy another tool belt again.

Excellent Leather QualityD clips are Weak
Handmade in the USA
Can be used for Heavy Duty Tools


Featuring a fat lip bag design with room for much more equipment than you almost certainly would like to carry, the Occidental Leather 9855 is the best selection for the professional carpenter. All its pouches have leather-reinforced bottoms and corners, protecting it from deterioration. The only drawback was found by some users that it has weak d clips and can make your tool loose, but this issue has been facing by very rare people. Indeed, this is one of the best electrician tool kit also selected as our editor’s choice




CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614

Finding a suitable electrician tool belt doesn’t should be hard for those who have electrician's tool belt The CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 features a comfortable and durable fit. With 6 pockets and 13 extra pockets and sleeves for storage, you won’t overlook one item.

This CLC Work Gear electrician tool belt is without an uncertainty industrialized for hard jobs. It’s yours if you want a hefty duty and handy tool belt for daily use. This puts less pressure with your hips minimizing back, a major talking point for electricians.

You also need to be aware that this tool belt comes with an exclusive open pocket design. This allows better accessibility and reinforcing. So, nothing quickly scans the blogosphere of the sight when you are engrossed with your work.

If you want, use this tool belt minus the suspenders. The harness system minus the suspenders feels much lighter compared to. So, if you are using the services of more tools than usual, I would counsel you to get rid of the suspenders prior to the job’s done.

The least appealing feature with this tool belt would be the connectors. The band don’t tighten while they should for that ideal waist size.

Easy to load/unloadSuspenders lack Paddings
More than 20 Pockets


CLC custom leather 1614 is also very best electrician tool belt. It costs under $55 and provides very smooth experiences to it’s wearer. It has easy to load/unload tool system. It offers more than 20 tool pockets to carry maximum stuff. As, the price suggests it offers than it costs so, it is very cheap what they are offering in it. The only issue with this belt is that it’s suspenders lacks paddings which can make you discomfortable after wearing for a long time. Overall, it is the belt you must choose if you are looking to get on within budget.



ToughBuilt Journeyman TB-CT-114-2 – (Best for DIY Light Work)

The ToughBuilt Journeyman CT-114-2 matches the character from a professional electrician's tool belt It comes furnished with tool compartments, a notebook pouch, wire-tester sacks, and loops.

This tool belt is ready to your ever-changing needs to be a tough electrician. What’s more? It has durable pin strengthening making up for forceful working circumstances. So, you can work in the murky light, this best electrician tool belt gives a light cape. It’s variable and safe for your needs.

The clip strategy is durable enough to keep to your entire tools. It can be a tough-built belt with suspenders, a belt, and plenty of storage pouches. What more does an electrical contractor want?

This tool belt works effortlessly which has a regular belt. It has open pockets as well as a sturdy attaching system which will keep your tools safe and fixed place. You can attach the clip for your belt and it also sticks on until the end through the day.

This is usually a light-carry tool belt. It’s not made for tools heavier when compared to a hammer. If you want a heavyweight toolkit, there are additional selections on this list that can fit your interests.

LightweightNot for Heavy Work
Does not work up your back
Strong Clips
Excellent Material Quality


This electrician tool belt is excellent for light work. It costs less than $40 and offers 21+ pockets and circlets. It’s light weight and does not put much load on your back. The clipping of this one is very strong certainly does not look like a tool belt under $40. The material is also very excellent of this belt. This belt has everything except it’s not for heavy workload and for heavy loads for that purpose you can check out other belts in this list.



Occidental Leather 5036 LG – (Most Durable Electrician’s Tool Belt)

It’s steadfast advice that it best electrician tool belt is easily the most durable one in the electrician's tool belt It’s composed of top-grain leather with 23 different pocket compartments. The belting leather comes can be purchased in many sizes from up-and-coming small to XXX-large.

We know the Occidental Leather 5036 can be a tough and efficient electrician’s tool belt to get. To improve its life expectancy, it may not be pre-treated each other leather belt. This feature favors an extended quality life than looks and comfort.

This electrician tool belt isn’t for weak hearted. It’s robust before it’s comfy. And even though it comprises a bit on comfort, doesn’t necessarily stop working at the same time. It’s one of the few tool belts crafted from top-grain leather. This also explains its high asking price and demeanor. It fits waists above 36-inches with adjustable pockets and detachable pouches.

The hammer holder is sturdy, as the pockets take advantage of high-grade rivets for durable use. Making this tool belt very easy to clean, polish, and observe after for a long time of their time.

Since this is truly a leather tool belt that is not pre-dried, it takes refining. You might have to apply the oil for weeks at a stretch to break-in the leather down for the easy fit. But this means until this tool belt may last for very, long time when dealt with.

The only issue with this tool belt is its breaking in process. It can take as much as months before it adapts for a waist for the comfortable fit. The top-grain leather construction favors durability over comfort.

Heavy DutyNot easy to fit in the Beginning
Top Quality Leather
Excellent for Use


If you are looking for a belt which is very strong and gets comfortable with the time, then nothing beats the occidental leather 5036 LG. It is one of the strongest electrician tool belt you will ever get. It’s even that strong that it has created drawback for itself. You can take weeks before you will start adjusting and fit in it well.  If you are looking for heavy works get done, then go for occidental leather 5036 LG.



McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC

The next pick out in leather belt there will be the McGuire-Nicholas electrician's tool belt It substitutes all the tool belts existing. With a material looks and impressions capable, this may perhaps be the best electrician tool belt. The high-quality edifice and design allow it to become tough to dodge.

If you intend to make use of a fabric encouraged tool belt on your handiwork, this bel looks actual. It has each of the right stitching for any durable tool belt. Plus, it’s surprisingly lightweight and cozy. After inspecting the grade of this tool belt, the rivets for the pockets are sturdy. And so, would be the padding.

While a padded harness system may seem a little uncomfortable, this blog isn’t. The loops and pockets are big enough to have an electrician. And so, may be the strong stitching. It might feel a tad stiff, though with just a little breaking within this belt work fine.

The very to discuss it the “T” chain tape clip. It holds my way through place and you also won’t realize it’s of all other tool belts manufactured from leather.

This real leather tool belt needs frequent polishing to protect yourself from wear. This makes the tool belt are so durable without tearing or sagging. Make sure you choose the form of oil that absorbs well to the fibers from the leather.

The pockets and stitching from the tool belt feel too stiff. Only following a long time of breaking-in, which often can be weeks or months, it feels relaxed.

Excellent Leather QualityIn beginning the material will feel too Rigid


McGuire Nicholas 526 CC is made from top notch leather. It is comfortable and very specious. This electrician tool belt is very strong. Even though it has an excellent quality it costs less than $30 which makes us wonder how they mange to pull this price for such a best belt. The material is very strong and very rigid in the start, but you will get fit into it after some time.




The DEWALT DG5103 feels trustworthy and cozy for multipurpose electrician's tool belt It’s the right electrician’s tool belt for those varieties of tools. It offers hands-free handling. Featuring big-sized pockets, loops, along with a sleeve pocket which could hold heavier tools.

It incorporates a ballistic poly-material which strengthens against long-term use. What you will love essentially the most relating to this tool belt would be the wide belt strap that sits comfortably. The rear clip is wide enough to add to wider belts.

It’s the ideal spontaneous tool for electrician’s who’re always on their toes. The style and sensation in this DEWALT electrician tool belt errand coziness over the whole thing. The bag contains the correct size plus the trapezoid shape permits improved movement.

Lots of electricians possess a notebook and pens when planning on taking down notes on internal projects. It helps them continue to surface of things and remain accurate. This tool belt, too, follows the same route. It has enough space to stand up to all sorts of working conditions. And it gets the right pockets to keep all sorts of metal tools. So, all you must do is buy yourself this excellent and handy tool.

Know a few things about tool belts? Then you’ll glance at the difference between this along with the rest. Its clipping strategy is lightweight as well as doesn’t put much stress on your small of the back. You can climb ladders without worrying about this slipping past your hips.

The clip in the back of the tool belt generally is a bit tricky to take care of. It isn’t as durable as being the material itself. But obtaining a good replacement clip is not difficult enough once the original one breaks.

Strong Polyester MaterialClips are not hard-wearing
Wide Clips


If you are in a search for belt which is strong and not made of leather than this is the best one you can get in the market. It works for various purposes. It has wide clipping for comfortable use. If you are very tight on budget even, then you can buy it because it costs no more than $15. The only drawback in this belt it’s clip are not very strong and breaks up after some time, but they are replaceable and this whole electrician tool belt only costs $15 so this should not be an issue.



Gatorback B240

Gatorback B240 also is best electrician tool electrician's tool belt It’s a combo having a supportive belt, nylon construction and 18 pockets. It is for sale in all sizes favoring comfort and efficiency.

There a wide range of facets to this tool belt you will arrived at love. E.g., it offers an exclusive air channel fabric that aptitudes matchless comfort. What its design ought to it promote good airing and breathability to expurgated back sweat.

When you perform heavy tools around your hips, you’re sure to sweat. So, the ultra-breathable fabric of the tool belt minimizes that from happening.

Moving forward, the belt, pouch, and tiny pockets are manufactured to withstand daily use. What this means is you’ll be able to store as much heavy tools as you wish, nevertheless the belt still feels light and cozy. Unlike other tool belts, the Gatorback comes that has a defect-free warranty. So, no sagging or tearing could keep you from this beast.

The right side offers more than 15 pockets along that has a tape hawser. While the left side holds down 9 fastening tool compartments. Each pocket brings a plastic liner to support keep moisture out. This also makes it easier to clean up and accessible.

The craftsmanship for this belt is correct for infrequent use. The stitching can experience broken down after intense daily use. As would the belt, which loses its grip on long-term use.

ComfortableNot right for regular use
Easy to Wear
18+ Pockets


This is also one more best electrician tool belt which is comfortable, very easy to wear and offers more than 18+ pockets and costs around $100. But, it has serious worn out issues it can be destroyed easily if you use it regularly and not suitable for long term use. But, if you are looking for belt for special and occasionally uses then choose this one.


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Klein Tools 5240 Tradesman Pro

The Klein Tools 5240 is usually a compact, but effective electrician’s tool belt. It has enough pockets to carry all basic electrician's tool belt It’s a standard pick for budget-minded buyers.

With a tape thong along with a tunnel loop, this best electrician tool belt is a simple grab-and-go tool. It fits 2-inch belts and it is great for all waist sizes. Offering promising features that continue for long, the Klein Tools 5240 will probably be worth buying.

To complement its comfort, this tool belt offers tiny pockets to handle small fittings and splitters. So you not have to cart a backpack for all you equipment.

It also has a shoulder strap for better stability just in case you’re climbing a ladder. With belt loops in addition to clips, they fit great operating work belts. It’s far better for basic hand tools for instance purpose pliers, excluding hammers.

The point is this best electrician tool belt offers each of the right features for any handyman. It comes with compact and accessible pockets. And its lightweight construction keeps your body on its toes, every day.

Depending around the type of tools you devote it, this pouch really can climb onto its very own. It has a flatter bottom, and not a rigid one to hold on to its ground when added to a table. But it’s better in case you hang it up on a wall when it is not that come with your belt.

As it takes place, this tool belt isn’t fit for intense use. It doesn’t support heavy-duty tools just like a hammer. And neither will it support large-sized pockets for handy use.

CompactCannot Hold Large Tools


Klein tolls offer this small tool belt for light working. It is very compact and cheap as it costs less than $18. If you are looking for a belt which can hold heavy things, then this is not for you. This belt made for done light weight work without lifting the heavy weight belt around you.



ToughBuilt Handyman TB-CT-111C Tool Belt

The ToughBuilt Handyman TB-CT-111C Tool Belt includes a supportive and comfy electrician's tool belt It’s a multipurpose handyman tool for electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and farmers. It offers a well-balanced 3-piece tool belt and a unique harness system.

The clipping product is sturdy and durable, firstly. It doesn’t fall coming from a loose pinch, no matter the heaviness in the materials stored in the bag. On top of it all, you may use the excess clips to mount the tool belt with a wall together with your belt. This product be made up of both wall equestrian and belt mounted fasteners.

It contains 10 pockets for storing your pliers, utility knives, drill, and other tools. The modular hammer loop and holder holster also fit waists 32 to 48 inches.

The tool belt distributes the extra weight off shoulders and hips. So, wearing your tool belt considerably more comfortable. The easy don and doff design is helpful for electricians who work more than 6-8 hours daily.

The rugged 6-layer construction features a no-snag hidden seam feature. It also features plastic-lined pockets for storing your notebook, measure clips, and loops. The reliability of this best electric tool belt withstands virtually any working condition.

DurableThe Zipper is Weak
6 Layer Construction


Tough built handyman toolkit costs under $90. This belt is very durable and offers 6-layer construction the drawback it posses that it’s zipper is very weak and breaks down after some time.



Trade Gear Electrician Tool Belt  

The last pick listed may be the Trade Gear Medium Electrician Combo electrician's tool belt Not only does it use a serious carrying capacity, nonetheless it has air-ventilation support. This is a determined tool belt to the busy electrician.

This belt is efficient, durable, and cozy. With a high-density breathable polyurethane foam, it supports sweat-free handling. It even features back support for better posture. This is important because electricians take their feet for many hours from the day.

It also incorporates a carry handle, which latches don and doff belts within a second. The heavy-duty dual pouches and 27 thick-skinned pockets make a huge difference. Next, the Trade Gear bargains a nylon interior with bar-tack sewing for sturdiness. This is significant as it helps in circumventing drooping and rips.

There’s a great deal to enjoy with this best electrician tool belt. There’s much space to start and it also carries a light footprint. So, no low back pain, sweating or slipping. You no longer should walk on eggshells while wearing your tool belt anymore.

Being strong and spacious, you will see lots of space left for really tools. The material can accommodate tools as being a roto-splitter, which only hardcore electricians use.

This isn’t a universal belt so locating the proper size can be a hassle for a lot of individuals. The high-density construction as a possible impact on the flexibleness on the fabric. This impacts its size and fit.

ComfortableWrong Sizing
Sweat Free Handling


This belt is comfortable to wear offers a lot of space for tools and material is good quality as well. The only issue with this belt it has wrong sizing which makes it very hectic to purchase due to measurement issues. Overall, this belt is good.




Things We Considered while Reviewing Best Electrician’s Tool Belts

The most important thing to recognize when deciding on something belt is what style of instruments it ought to be to carry. There is often a question of durability, to be certain, especially since different professions require different tools, most of which could possibly be sharp, heavy, or hazardous, however the first order of business would be to do a list of your essentials tools, to help you discover a belt that could comfortably accommodate every one of them.

After that, have a look at the types of materials out of which one confirmed belt is done. This is especially important if your intent to using smaller pockets to hold tacks, screws, or nails. Leather is really a reliable option, because it protects your skin from any sharp points or edges that may protrude from the inside the belt. Polyester and nylon will also be excellent choices for their durability in case you are at all averse to leather. Either way, when the material and it is stitching aren’t reinforced, metal points can readily cause those pockets to tear, and can even puncture skin.

If you have a bad back (or even a narrow waist), you might want to consider a power tool belt with suspenders, which assists to support the belt in position while taking how heavy it is off from your back. If you have a wider waist, you will want to be sure you look for a belt that’s competent at fastening as part of your size. And, no matter what your size or pain issues, if you have delicate skin that’s presented to bruising, you need a belt that features some form of padding in the design.

Tool belts aren’t everything complicated. They’re meant to equip you with any the instruments you may want to have a job done without running backwards and forwards for your toolbox, saving you some time and, potentially, eliminating the requirement for an extra set of two hands.

The superimposing compartments of all belts are shaped by use of polyester or nylon, even though the original belt is factory-made of strengthened leather). These pockets store anything from a screwdriver or possibly a measuring tape, to your pair of drill bits or pliers. Most belts feature named D-clips, or rivets, for looping in the hammer, a cat’s paw, a speed square, or maybe a level. A belt’s smaller pouches are available storing tiny accessories, being a box of screws or nails.

Most belts come built with suspenders or lining, which were finished to diminish the load a person’s midsection has got to tolerate. Heavy weight or high friction in the community with the back might end in anything from blisters to muscle pain and in many cases spinal alignment issues after chronic use.


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