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When it comes to filing small brad nails, there isn’t any better arsenal make use of in addition to the brad nailer. It is a powerful tool that are experts in nailing these little nails on tight corners and hard-to-reach spots. Moreover, the most beneficial brad nailer can perform the project efficiently and smoothly.

Some people might think that brad nails perform manually. Well, people that have nimble hands can perform such feat. But ok, we will remind you that it’s a challenging and time-consuming process. You just must understand that most brads nails have a very period of only 5/8 inch to just one 1/2 inch. If you consider such dimensions under consideration, you could possibly be aware that dropping your hammer is a great idea.



You can’t work together with brad nails from the traditional means. Brute force is useless here. Instead, you ought to depend upon the efficiency and speed that brad nailers will offer. With them around, you can perform various renovation and finishing jobs. You don’t have to break a sweat an excessive amount of because these tools will perform hard part in your case. Now let’s have a look at some of the best brad nailers that are available in the market today.


Best Brad Nailers Reviewed (Comparison)

Brad Nailer NamePower SourceWeightMagazine Capacity 
DEWALT DC608K Brad Nailer Kit (Editor's Choice)Cordless Battery Powered7.4 lbs110 BradsCheck Price
BOSTITCH BTFP12233 Smart Point Brad Nailer KitPneumatic3.1 lbs100 BradsCheck Price
Hitachi NT50AE2 (Best Budget Friendly)Pneumatic2.2 lbs100 BradsCheck Price
PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA Cordless Brad Nailer KitCordless Battery Powered5.9 lbs100 BradsCheck Price
Makita XNB01Z Cordless Brad NailerCordless Battery Powered7.7 lbs110 BradsCheck Price
PowRyte Air Brad NailerPneumatic2.1 lbs100 BradsCheck Price
Valu-Air 2 in 1 Air Brad Nailer & StaplerPneumatic3.3 lbs100 BradsCheck Price
PowRyte 2-in-1 Air Brad Nailer/Narrow Crown StaplerPneumatic2.7 lbs100 BradsCheck Price
NuMax 2-in-1 Brad Nailer & StaplerPneumatic3 lbs100 BradsCheck Price


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DEWALT DC608K Brad Nailer Kit (Editor’s Choice)

DEWALT DC608K brad nailer is usually a device which could get the job done brad nailer reviewed It is often a powerful brad nailer that exhibits extreme precision in nail placement. It can also get caught up with your pace, too. The speed and smoothness on this nailer are very similar with pneumatic nailing. It can include an excellent output, the same as the professional touches of hand nailers.

Notably, the DEWALT DC608K is usually a compact brad nailer. It is usually a cordless tool, making it portable. Therefore, carrying this gadget will not be a problem on your side. The device can accommodate 18-gauge brad nails that consist of 5/8-inch-long to 2 inches long. It also features an insane driving speed, that may rate just as much as five nails per second.

However, the best-selling point which the DEWALT DC608K can it be doesn’t have to have the assistance of a compressor. You are not forced to drag an air hose wherever you’re working, that’s annoying and cumbersome. It is an ergonomic feature that directly raises the efficiency and smoothness within your projects.

18-volt NiCad battery powers the DEWALT DC608K brad nailer. Meanwhile, its magazine hold around 110 brads, that is amazing. It simply lessens you want to always refill every now and then. The device boasts a seamless construction to stop the entry of debris and mud. These external components include the common factors that cause damages among any tools.

CompactHeavy Compared to Others
Two Modes
Swing Open Mechanism


This brad nailer kit is one of the best. It is very compact, portable offers two firing modes rapid and single also has swing open mechanism which prevents nosepiece to get stuck. The only issue, it is not lightweight despite it’s compact size.



BOSTITCH BTFP12233 Smart Point Brad Nailer Kit

The world of tools will not be whole with no origination of brad nailer This brand has often been challenging with another top brand like Makita and DeWalt. When it comes to brad nailers, we can point out that BOSTITCH offers quite a bit say. Precisely, their BOSTITCH BTFP12233 Smart Point 18GA Brad Nailer can be a package that any professionals and DIYers should investigate. The features which it has will assist you to accomplish various tasks and projects smoothly.

This brad nailer incorporates a specific form of driving 18-gauge brad nails that contain a length of 5/8 inch to 2 1/8 inches. Therefore, it simple to state that this device features a comprehensive scope in relation to the brad nails it can cater. The BOSTITCH BTFP12233 also features the Smart Point technology. The latter enables quick and flawless keeping pins a result of the presence of your small nose. Its nose is pretty small compared to other BOSTITCH brad nailers.

Moreover, you don’t have that you should press the contact trip in this brad nailer before you actuate it. As a result, you may efficiently reduce damages on your own workpiece. I like how the BOSTITCH BTFP12233 can also work without oil. Therefore, oil stains are excluded within the scene already.

You will likely love until this tool has a tool-free release system. With this mechanism, you’ll be able to disengage the tool within the of jams. It reduces the risk that you basically come across on the work. In the meantime, its Dial-A-Depth module means that you can countersink claws swiftly.

Oil FreeDepth adjustments are not accurate
Multiple Brad Nails Option
Easy to Adjust


This brad nailer can handle various length of nails. It also provides messy oil free operations and it is very easy to adjust but if you try to go for deep adjustments it will disappoint you because those are not very perfect, and you will have to be very careful about adjustments which requires depth.



Hitachi NT50AE2 – (Best Cheap Brad Nailer)

For those that desire a great brad nailer but on a tight budget, we give to you this cheap brad nailer review The Hitachi NT50AE2 is often a powerful brad nailer that is included with a fair asking price. It has the performance and quality that you might not expect due to the given value. You can use this tool for small carpentry and woodworking projects as it is included with precision and accuracy. Of course, its power is one area that you cannot underestimate, too.

The Hitachi NT50AE2 comes with a magazine which could contain 100 brad nails during a period. Therefore, it can be a high-capacity option that lessens the requirement of constant refilling. The device also features voluntary actions to help you achieve tool-less transitions in firing. You just have to slide its selection control, so you operate the equipment in both continuous or intermittent firing. As a result, it is possible to undertake jobs that either requires precision or speed.

This tool has an ergonomic depth-of-drive handle near its nose. Just turn the knob to be able to adjust how deep their nails should function into the workpiece. It is usually a very convenient feature that enhances the speed of your respective work. Furthermore, playboy magazine on this saw features a bottom-loading mechanism. It can be quickly accessed and will cater 18-gauge nails with 5/8 inch to 2 inches length. There is also a pin indicator that lets you make a record about the remaining pins on playboy magazine.

Unlike another brad nailers, this gadget is merely weighs 2.2 pounds. Therefore, it’s completely controllable. Meanwhile, its handle features a polymer cover to make sure a non-slip grip and control. It also absolutely makes the Hitachi NT50AE2 very easy to transport.

Easy to Use


One of the cheapest best brad nailer in the market you can obtain. It is very lightweight. Also, easy to carry due to it’s compactness and very easy to manage and control. The downside, it is very noisy. So, keep your ears covered while using this.



PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

The PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA is really a professional cordless brad nailer review It can be a brad nailer that works well with robust applications. It carries a sturdy and durable construction, rendering it impervious to the potential damages. Specifically, this unit is really a cordless model, which a 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery powers. Therefore, you may make certain that it might last inside field. In fact, this tool can increase to at least one, 300 nails per an individual charge!

Just like several of the brad nailers here, the PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA can operate without the need for compressors or gas cartridges. These extensions are very expensive. Once you invest within this tool, you simply won’t need whatever else. Of course, to the side of performance, this brad nailer is exceedingly reliable. It can provide consistency for the depth of the drive, because of it’s very easy depth adjustment dial. If there is often a need for countersinking, this tool will let you.

The device also provides a release lever within the of nail jams. As a result, you may work without experiencing any fusses, even when small interruptions are available. Meanwhile, its motor incorporates a special design that allows stability in firing no matter what any materials that you’ll be using. Moreover, this revolutionary product can function even just in cold conditions.

Because a lot of the top features of the PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA use a tool-free mechanism, it’s guaranteed stable. It also improves your productivity rate. The unique form of this brad nailer allows the distribution of weight focused at its center. As a result, you may experience maximum convenience if you are making use of this tool.

Built in LEDDelayed Shots
Safety Lock


One of the professional brad nailer offers plenty of features including LED light for perfect accuracy, it also has safety lock to avoid any kind of incidental triggering. The drawback about this brad nailing gun is that it is fire rapidly. You will experience delay shots after pulling the trigger.




Makita XNB01Z Cordless Brad Nailer

The Makita XNB01Z brad nailer can be a beast you should battery powered brad nailer review It is an excellent option for anyone who is doing large-scale projects, especially those which involve the installment of moldings and narrow trims. Despite its power, this gadget remains being compact. It is not exactly lightweight; however, it includes a weight that you could actually “feel.” As a result, it is simple to maneuver this tool with no complications.

Just such as remaining portion of the brad nailers that we have listed here, the Makita XNB01Z can perform driving 18-gauge brad nails (from 5/8-inch to 2-inch nails). Moreover, it incorporates a maximum magazine capacity of approximately 110 nails, that is adequate already. With its 18V LXT lithium-ion battery, this battery pin can stir up to a single,000 nails per one charge.

But perhaps, the key feature on the Makita XNB01Z is its Star Protection Computer Controls. It is an exclusive technology to Makita only. This innovation integrates real-time monitoring on the saws developed by Makita. As a result, the unit will automatically protect itself from over-discharging, overheating, and overheating. It can be a convenient feature that adds to the lifespan with the tool.

All the fundamental components for the brad nailer occurs about the Makita XNB01Z. It has two firing modes, depth adjustability controls, with an ergonomic visual gauge for your battery level. Using this product is usually very convenient, thanks to your presence of your belt clip and comfy handle.

Long Battery TimingHefty
Durable Build
Can fire up to 1000 nails with one full charge


If you are looking for heavy weight, monstrous and long-lasting brad nailer then Makita XNbO! Z must be your choice. It offers very powerful battery which lasts longer than any other brad nailer mentioned in this list. You can gain up to 1000 nail fires with just one charge. This brad nailer is not compact and very hefty in size.


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PowRyte Air Brad Nailer

This is one of several high-performance brad nailers with all the efficiency-oriented design that you could find within this pneumatic brad nailer review PowRyte makes this nailer being driven from the air pressure when nailing the gauge on to the wood. Specifically, this air brad nailer has operating air pressure of 70 – 110 pounds per square in. (PSI) with all the nails length from 3/8 inches as much as 2-inch. Additionally, PowRyte also means the graceful operation using this type of nailer as it is equipped while using tool-free jam release mechanism for quicker nail removal. Also, there exists a reload indicator offering the visual recognition once the nail nearly gets outdated, avoiding the dry firing.

On the opposite hand, PowRyte isn’t going to only choose this brad nailer for solely the dominant performance, almost all features the look shooting for comfortableness and efficient use and the long-lasting durability. Particularly, it features the non-slip rubber grip within the handle and trigger for your extra comfort and firm control. Moreover, the exhaust port is designed to get 360-degree adjustable helping you to release the left-over effortlessly.

High PerformanceProblem shooting longer Brads
Easy to Use


One of the best air brad nailer amongst many. The performance is also very good. The material is sturdy and gun itself is very easy to use. As, majority brad nailers are not built for longer nails you can suffer jamming if you try to shoot longer nails with it.



Valu-Air 2 in 1 Air Brad Nailer & Stapler

This two-in-one saw boasts while using super powerful motor which could drive the 18-gauge nails inside selection of 5/8 inches as much as two pneumatic 2 in 1 brad nailer For the stapling, it functions together with the 5/8 inches to just one 5/8 inches crown staples. Moreover, this air-driven nailer operates with the pressure of 60 to 120 PSI according to the settings. Also, there exists a 0.25-inch NPT air inlet fitting that generates the stress throughout the operation. Also, Valu-Air designs this with the heavy-duty operation. Specifically, it features the high-capacity magazine that holds around 100 nails inside it.

Besides, Valu-Air also features an ergonomic design in this nailer. It features the tool-free precise adjustable depth of drive. This design permits you to quickly and precisely countersink their nails or staple.  Moreover, in addition, it has got the rubber grip about the handle avoiding the slippage through the operation. Furthermore, this Valu-Brad nailer was made to last having its materials of heat-treated aluminum housing designed for your challenging. However, the aluminum also makes this device portable at the same time.

Budget FriendlyMisfires
Includes Stapler


This 2 in 1 brad nailing and stapling function gun is very good for professional use. It is not very expensive compared to other brands which have built in staplers. The magazine is also large which can hold up to 100 nails in it. But, it has a problem on 60 PSI it misfires sometime but if you use it on 80 PSI you will surely get better results.



PowRyte 2-in-1 Air Brad Nailer/Narrow Crown Stapler

It is another brad nailer from PowRyte, nevertheless it has more than simply the nailer to suit your pneumatic 2 in 1 brad nailer reviewed This tool features the 2-in-1 design which can be used for both since the nailer as well since the crown stapler. Like other nailers, this PowRyte’s brad nailer uses the pneumatic system to do the sealing and stapling progression. It has the effective air pressure of 60 to 100 PSI. Furthermore, it truly does work while using standard nails length from 5/8 inches nearly two inches; as well as being the crown staples inside array of 5/8″ to 1-5/8″.  Furthermore, this brad nailer features the tool-free jam release mechanism enabling you to take off the nail very quickly. Also, it’s the reload indicator that alert once the nails or staples nearly go out.

More interestingly, PowRyte also designs this tool with the comfort and efficiency with the users. Specifically, the handle as well as the trigger of the nailer is wrapped using the elastomer grip that adds to the control as well because the comfort in the users. In addition to that, PowRyte equips this nailer together with the narrow nose that permits easy nailing access even inside confined space. Also, it has an exhaust port that may be 360-degree adjustable assisting you to discharge the waste and refuse on the processes with no trouble.

Outstanding ValueShort Life Span
Multi Purpose


This budget friendly brad nailer cum stapler offers outstanding value to it’s users. It can be used for multiple purposes for nailing or stapling effortlessly. It is also friendly for both pro and home use. As, it is cheap so, it has drawback of short life. It can get rusty or just die on you after 6 months or year but no doubt it serves you more than you are paying for it.



NuMax 2-in-1 Brad Nailer & Stapler

This versatile tool works perfectly with 2 types of fasteners, 18-gauge brad nails, in addition to the 18-gauge 0.25″ crown 2 in 1 brad nailer reviewed The recommended fasteners compatible due to this tool would be the nails between 3/8″ to 2″ and the staples from the variety of 1/2″ to 5/8″. Like the previous product we’ve seen, NuMax’s nailer also uses mid-air pressure to do the nailing and stapling process. It is an ideal tool on your DIY activities and the repair of your old furniture. By the way, NuMax designs this nailer to do business with any depth of drive where you can adjust for specific situations.

On additional hand, this NuMax’s brad nailer was made for your long-lasting durability plus the unmatched comfort for your users. Specifically, NuMax makes this brad nailer while using the die-cast aluminum making the product or service lightweight. Furthermore, NuMax equips this brad nailer together with the narrow nose that suits into any confined space. Also, the nose features the no-mar tip that eliminates possible injury to the project surfaces.

Budget FriendlyLeaves Slashes on Wood
Works Flawlessly
18 Gauge Staples


One more 2-in-1 brad nailer plus stapler. This one fires quickly and does not dig holes in your pocket. It also works flawlessly and rarely jams. The stapler of this one is very powerful by using 18 gauges. The downside is that it sometime leaves marks on wood which can be unpleasant if they are too deep.



Things We considered While Reviewing Brad Nailers

Size with the Nail

It is important to evaluate the size or dimension with the brad nail that you’ll be planning to use. It will assist you to pick a compatible brad nailer. Most in the brad nails today have 18 gauges. Therefore, brad nailers which have 5/8-inch to 2-inch nail length compatibility can cater them.

Depth Tuning

Another aspect that you ought to seek out brad nailer is its depth adjustment. You can never maximize the versatility of the tool whether this will not enable you to control the depth with the sink with the nail. The brad nailer is a more useful tool inside field if it features exists. Moreover, it needs to be accessible, too. Otherwise, the type of material that one could work towards will likely be limited.

Nail Capacity

It could be great should the brad nailer you’ve got carries a large capacity. It just lets you work continuously without making use of constant refilling. That is a fantastic aspect, specifically if you work on large projects. You don’t want your pace for being hampered by always running out of bullets. Ideally, brad nailers that contain magazines that could deal with 100 bits of brad nails are wonderful already.

Angle Adjustment

To further increase the versatility of your respective brad nailer, it must offer an angle adjustment feature. Some workpieces will need someone to work from various angles. Of course, that is difficult should the nosepiece of your respective brad nailer remains to become static. Make sure that it could possibly rotate on different and specific angles to cater your distinctive needs.

Brad Nailer Buyer’s Guide

Brad nail rare expected frequently in your house however an all-purpose brad nailer which you can use for multiple purposes isn’t usually available. There is usually a specific brad nailer essential for each construction product and extremely few brad nailer s can be used as multiple projects. There are separate nailers available which might be employed for working together with thinner wood materials, nevertheless the same nailers is not employed for projects using thicker wood slabs. A few of the brad nailer s you can purchase are discussed below:

For projects using thicker and denser materials for construction, framing nail guns are particularly used. They can drive in large box-type nails which can be about 1″-4″ in space. These nailers are generally large in proportions and are also quite heavy.

There can be a nailer currently in use specifically towards the roofing projects. The nails used are coil-type and are also specially engineered for roofing purposes. This nailer can store numerous nails each time.

Another specific group of highly specialized nailers would be the siding nailers which might be designed for the reason for nailing down siding. They are created to possess a large magazine of engineered coil type nails.

Brad nailers will also be generally known as pin tools or finish nailers. As the name suggests, these nailers are useful for finishing purposes, as well as the nails used are a lot easier smaller bigger and sometimes rounded so they usually are not very visible for an onlooker. The nailers are generally stick-type and therefore are commonly employed for punching over the last few nails to provide the final touch for the project. They are built to work towards lighter and smaller materials.

Wherever high precision is essential in driving inside the nails, pneumatic nailers are being used. They are known so, in accordance with the method they normally use they are driving inside the nails. The nails are punched in from the pneumatic or air pressure.

In contrast to your pneumatic nailers, Coil type nailers use coils or springs to shoot inside mails. For construction projects that need workers to make use of nailers for longer durations, these nailers are employed. They are built to hold a huge number of nails in a point of time and therefore are designed in a way that they don’t tire out the employees easily.

When doing work in constricted areas such as between wall studs or ceiling joists, you have a lesser brad nailer. The Palm brad nailer s come handy such situations because they’re sufficiently little to adjust to easily from the palm within your hand.

For projects can utilize fragile materials and require high accuracy while punching from the nails, a headless pinner is utilized. They are frequently used by craftsmen who design hand crafted products and require working with delicate fasteners to carry the pieces together. The nails found in such a work are generally with no head, making small marks when punched in, in order that they are hidden well from view.

Benefits of Using Brad Nailers

The electric nail guns are normal tools you will find today. They are certainly reliable when you’ve got small nailing tasks. Some people end up stuck between buying electric plus a pneumatic. The latter guns are certainly powerful, explaining why they’re fit for industrial or heavy-duty applications. On the other hand, the electric nailers don’t have enough capability to allow commercial applications. Despite this fact, you must realize that electric styles have some of benefits to them.

For instance, they can be not bulky because the compressor is. This helps you’re employed for many people hours continuously without feeling tired. The other advantage you’ve is undoubtedly a having access to various models. Some designs have cords as well as others don’t have it. The corded electric styles are relatively tricky to utilization in some things. The cordless models are extremely the most beneficial choices. If you buy these cordless designs, you then do not possess to drag any cords as you choose to work. Thus, it is possible to are employed in an incredibly dangerous point.

The electric models will not generate a wide range of noise when these are used. Therefore, you can use them at your residence area without disturbing your friends. These are not as rowdy as being the powerful compressor are. The electric is even quieter as opposed to pneumatic guns are. If you opt for the corded styles, you can expect to pay less cash. According to reliable facts, the fee can go with twenty five percent less, if than the pneumatic nail gun prices.

The pneumatic styles require an air compressor to work properly. They also require oil application to protect yourself from water increase that may cause corrosion. Lubricating the inner systems with oil might be relatively messy and plenty of people usually do not are interested. Those who don’t want it to be can purchase the electric. In this case, you must prepare in some ways. For instance, you must do serious remodeling project a tool powered up. The pneumatic is easier to make use of because it is possible to plug the compressor in a power outlet and run the hose. The other thing you need to consider is the place where you must maintain your electric nailers.

These gadgets are more vulnerable the compressor is. These are lighter compared to pneumatic nail guns. Unless you buy many batteries, cordless electric cannot enable you to a whole lot. The battery needs a recharge after its power falls. Therefore, the corded styles are popular because you may connect these phones the energy supply prior to the job has finished. Overall, the electric nail guns do not possess quite high capability to allow you finish a large task. If you have some of frequent small nailing jobs, you can depend on these products. You can find many on the Internet. Many stores sell both new and used styles. All you must do would be to decide the favorite choices nail guns according to your financial allowance.

Types of Nail Guns and Safety Measures

Standard Nail Gun – here is the kind that fires your normal nails that you’d otherwise nail in personally, with a lot of ranging in lengths between 50 and 75 millimeters. Bear in mind that there are now not only varying lengths, but varying shank diameters and head sizes. Be aware of what you will be utilizing the tool for and what specific nails you may be needing for the task. Most countries have building codes that mandate specific nail types with specific nail pitch for assorted elements of your building.

Finishing Nailer, or Brad Nailer – this place is employed for intricate be well as fastening stock along with materials that will not require strong attachment. Those who are acquainted with nail guns understand that there’s substantial kick-back when firing larger nails, making precision attachment of “floating” or else unstable boards rather difficult a result of the sudden jolt.

For example, you can use a finishing nailer to connect two boards together in the temporary fashion, eliminating the opportunity of unwanted movement during attachment with larger fasteners. Splitting is yet another potential problem that may be avoided using a finishing nailer. This versatile tool can be used most situations which is delicate and/or requires precision.

Pin Nailer – these are typically used after you do not want to get visible nail heads, as even finishing nails is so visible. Of course, smaller the nail head gets, the less hold it provides to complete its job. Therefore, pin and finishing nailers in many cases are utilized in conjunction with a bond of some sort. Pin nails can certainly always be seen by a person that knows things to look for, however it is hardly noticeable. A common using this tool is designed for finishing work including trimming and molding.

Stapler, or Tacker – I’m sure we’ve knowledgeable about hand staplers, right? Well, they’re this is the heavy-duty version powered by an air compressor. Tackers can shoot staples commonly between as short as 19 millimeters to 57 millimeters. Tackers are mainly useful for tongue and groove boards, even though they can basically be used by whatsoever.

Being that staples hold greater than nails of the identical circumference and length, they are useful for boards which are delicate but call for a strong hold. However, simply because they have relatively thin girths, they’re also often found in conjunction with the ideal bond. This tool, such as the finishing nailer, is very versatile, but leaves a far more visible staple head. On the plus side, it holds better.

Nail Gun Safety

Some of the pointers might seem obvious, but we will be in the major safety pointers for individuals who might not know or who are required a recap – in case you are on that report on casualties provided for the ER!

Only place your finger about the trigger whenever you’re ready to fireplace. This is the primary cause of accidental firing! This rule is applicable to all tools or weapons that fire about the pulling in the trigger. Never maintain finger within the trigger when walking on or climbing a ladder etc., just as one unexpected fall may cause one to accidentally pull it in surprise.

Most nail guns contain a safety feature the location where the nailer head, or muzzle, must be dejected before it might fire (dual-action contact-trip trigger). But don’t let your guard down! It has been the unfortunate example of many a veteran carpenter with the trigger to be inside a pulled state for quick firing, as well as the muzzle accidentally becoming depressed over a nearby thigh or knee! BAM! Serious pain and injury will in the end follow…

– Make sure there is certainly no one within the other side with the workpiece being nailed. Thin plywood for instance, can be simply pierced and exited if there’s no additional stock for the other side. Nailing plywood externally of a building based purely on chalk lines or factory-stamped guidelines may be misleading, causing you to fireplace a nail for you may well not be any framing.

– Wear eye protection. Nails typically are available in rolls attached together by metal wiring. A hammer will “knock” claws free of this attachment in the event the trigger is pulled. However, small segments of metal wiring can fly outside in unexpected directions if there exists no guard. Many people remove this guard because of it masking the actual position on the muzzle.

If you don’t own or wouldn’t like to wear eye protection, being my stance, transform it into a habit of looking away when firing. Having said that, it’s unlikely you or anyone will faithfully disappear each time a nail is fired, especially after you’re firing consecutively for very long durations. So, if you do not want to wear eye protection, expect you’ll incur this and damage the consequence of little bit of steel wire for the eyeball sooner or later.

– Beware of nails popping in unexpected directions because of wood grain and/or arsenic intoxication other nails and fasteners. It is not uncommon for nails, especially thinner ones like finishing nails, to defend myself against an unpredictable path and kick off even 90 degrees or even more in which it had been intended. Do not assume the nail follows a certain trajectory, as unforeseen obstacles might cause it to deflect.



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