What To Look For In A Plasma Lighter And More Information
(Last Updated On: February 19, 2018)

When you are looking to buy a plasma lighter though an inexpensive product but you have to look around to find which suits best according to your needs. And it’s not just plasma lighters one should always do a little research and dig around the factors that make up a good purchase of that specific product.

When it comes to plasma lighters most of the individuals tend to go for a lighter which is the cheapest of the lot or the other group of individuals will go for something flashy that has an appealing design on it. Keeping these two things in your selection criteria will prove to be not so good when you buy a plasma lighter. The plasma lighter that you will buy keeping in view these things will most probably prove to be a bad experience for you as the plasma lighter will not be performing as you would want it to. So in this publication we are going to discuss some factors that contribute to an efficient and smart purchase of a plasma lighter and we hope you find it useful. So let’s get started.

Which Factors to Consider?

  • Know Your Requirement

The first thing that should be clear in your mind is that there are a lot of different types of lighters in the market and each one performs excellently in a specific situation or cater to a specific type of requirement. There are lighters that use different types of fuel to provide you with the ability to light things up. So first of all you should know what kind of requirement do you have in terms of an lighter. There are lighters that can only light cigarettes and objects with small surface area and are not very powerful and there are others which can be used for camping purposes to light large surface area projects and are very powerful but also drain the batteries quickly as well so if your only requirement from a lighter is to light cigarettes then there is no use of owning a lighter that is powerful enough to facilitate a camp fire.

  • Design

Now this factor is all about personal priority, if you are looking for something that will not only provide you with functionality but also will be an object of you standing out from a crowd then there are plasma lighter that are 18K Gold Plated as well. If you are not looking for anything that expensive or flashy then there are a lot of beautiful and attractive designs of plasma lighters available in the market you can always check them out.

  • Functionality

When selecting a plasma lighter people only have one concern over it’s functionality which is if it is single arc plasma lighter or a dual arc plasma lighter. We will get into the difference between the two in this publication in a bit. But in short the difference between them is the power of plasma produced and the dual arc plasma lighters produce a fine, consistent and powerful light which allows you to light objects with a larger surface area.

How Do Plasma Lighters Work?

This is a very important question especially for individuals who are looking to own plasma lighter for the first time. If you have used the old disposable lighters which used butane as fuel and a spark mechanism to produce a flame, well plasma lighters are nothing like those lighters because plasma lighters don’t use any kind of inflammable or combustible material as fuel.

The power of the whole plasma lighter is provided by a built-in rechargeable battery which provides the charge to two, four or six electrodes which are placed on top of the plasma lighter and are placed opposite to each other in equal numbers. These electrodes upon receiving power from the battery ionize the air between them and a plasma or light is produced. This plasma produces a lot of heat thus it lights any type of object you want to light. We hope every reader has this question answered to their satisfaction knowing how the product you own works is a very important thing.

How To Use and Maintain Plasma Lighters?

Conventional butane based lighters were not so easy to maintain as the plasma lighters are, butane based lighters had multiple parts which needed some kind of looking after from time to time. First the fuel itself had to be refilled and as the fuel level went down so did the performance of the lighter. The spark in butane based lighters is produced using a flint striking a steel plate which also needs to be replaced from time to time because it wears out.

Now the plasma lighter’s fuel source is the rechargeable electric battery that is built-into the plasma lighter and there are no other moving parts that need maintenance apart from the occasional cleaning swipe of the electrodes to keep the dust away. The fuel source of plasma lighters (rechargeable battery) provides consistent charge to the electrodes which in return produce consistent plasma for your convenience. And the only time you would have to worry about plasma not being produced as you’d expect from it will be when the battery needs recharging and that is a very easy task. You can charge your plasma lighter with any USB cable or a USB charger which are commonly present in every home.

What is the Difference between Single Arc Plasma Lighter and Dual Arc Plasma Lighter?

As you may have noticed we mentioned single arc and dual arc plasma lighters above in this publication and briefly explained their difference. Now we will get into this discussion even further. Single arc and dual arc are basically types of plasma lighters that you will find in the market and the newest addition to this line is the triple arc 360o plasma lighter.

The types are divided into three plasma lighters according to their electrode placement and number of electrodes. The single arc plasma lighter consists of two electrodes which are placed opposite to each other and when they are provided the power from the battery they produce a single arc or plasma which is not only efficient but also generates less heat and is best for lighting small surface area objects.

Then there is dual arc plasma lighter which has four electrodes with two placed on each side and they both are aligned opposite to each other. When the power is provided to these electrodes they produce two arcs or plasmas by using more battery power. The dual arc plasma lighter generates more heat and is suitable for medium sized surface area objects.

The third type which is relatively new in the market is the triple arc 360o plasma lighter. This plasma lighter uses the most battery power of the three and it has total of six electrodes built-into it. The six electrodes produce three arcs or plasmas which produce the most heat out of the three plasma lighter types and is suitable for use in camping activities and can easily light up large surface area objects because of the design of the triple arc 360o plasma lighters.

Lifespan and Normal Usage Time of Plasma Lighters

When you are buying a plasma lighter you are paying more money comparatively if you were to buy a traditional butane based lighter or any disposable lighter that is why you have to make sure what kind of investment are you making when it comes to a plasma lighter and how long will that investment last? Let’s get into that.

Let’s start with the usage time of plasma lighters, these lighters on a full charge can be good for 100 to 200 lights depending on the power consumption and type of plasma lighter being used. And if you look at the plasma lighter lifespan well it’s up to the user how he or she uses it, if you use it with care and don’t damage the charging port and the electrodes you can theoretically use the plasma lighter for decades because the battery on plasma lighters is replaceable. But as we all know every product has a limit beyond that it will most likely not function as well as it used to or will not function at all so to put a number on that you can expect your plasma lighter to last for 5 to 10 years easy.

Do Plasma Lighters Need Refilling of Any Sort?

If you have previously owned a lighter then you will probably be asking this question because butane based lighters needed a refill of butane every now and then and if you had bought a disposable lighter you would just throw away the lighter when it runs out of fuel. Disposable lighters are not environmental friendly. Butane based lighters required you to buy a butane refill tank out of which you would fill up the lighter when the butane runs out.

This is not the case with plasma lighters as the only fuel source used in these lighters is the electric charge which is provided by the rechargeable battery built-into the plasma lighters. The battery is charged via a USB cable and from the time you plug your plasma lighter in for a charge it takes two hours at the most for the battery to max out. That maxed out battery will last you between 100 to 200 lights depending on the type of plasma lighter you have.

Safety Precautions While Using Plasma Lighters

Using items that can generate a spark or flame can never be 100% safe. Conventional butane based lighters generated flame which for the very obvious reason is dangerous to use as the risk of getting a burn is considerably higher than the plasma lighters. Even though there is no flame generated in plasma lighter but there should be precautionary measures taken even when using plasma lighter. Those measures can include making sure that you are not any flammable material as the heat generated by the plasma lighter can lead to devastating results. You should never make a direct skin contact with plasma as it can considerable burns on your skin.

Apart from these couple of things you can also make sure on your own that you don’t treat plasma lighters as toys. This is a very common mistake among plasma users. Use it with care.

What Are Different Types of Lighters Available in the Market Today?

Since we have finished up on plasma lighters in this publication we decided to briefly familiarize you with different kinds of lighters that are available in the market that you can easily buy. Out of all lighters, One or two lighters we are about to mention here may have the same functionality and working mechanism but they may be different from each depending on their single distinctive feature which we will mention with it. Let’s get into it then.

  • Plasma Lighter

A Plasma Lighter is the most popular nowadays and it utilizes the electrode placement on it to generate a plasma. There are three variation available in the market when it comes to plasma lighters. Single arc is the most energy efficient, dual arc is kind of in the middle series and then there is triple arc 360o plasma lighter which uses the most power and is the most powerful of the three.

  • Electric Lighter

Next one in the list is the electric lighter. Electric lighter is not very different from the plasma lighter as it utilizes the same fuel source which is a rechargeable battery but the only difference between the plasma and electric lighter is the power. Electric lighters tend to generate very little spark enough to light a cigarette and nothing of large surface area which makes it ideal for smokers and doesn’t offer much to other users such as campers that is where plasma lighters come in.

  • Arc Lighter

Arc lighter is any lighter which produces a pulse or an arc to light things up. These lighters are battery operated and can be used for variety of purposes not just for smokers. These lighters are mostly found under plasma lighter category.

  • Tesla Coil Lighter

Tesla coil lighter is not very different from plasma lighters as the fuel source for both the lighter types is the same, a rechargeable battery.tesla coil lighter Plasma lighter and Tesla Coil Lighter both produce an arc or plasma to light things up but the difference between the two is that the Tesla coil lighter use a special coil to generate arc or plasma while the plasma lighter uses electrodes to do so.

  • Windproof Lighter

A Windproof Lighter is not a type of the lighters but rather it is an attribute defining term for lighters. Windproof lighters in general can be operated in any weather condition whether it is raining or there are strong winds you will be able to get a light regardless.

  • Elementium Lighter

Elementium Lighter is not a lighter type but rather a brand name.elementium lighter Elementium Lighter uses the same technology as you would find in any plasma lighter but the only considerable difference between elementium and plasma lighters in general is that elementium lighter is considerably quieter than the rest of the lot.


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