A detailed guide on What To Look For In A Bluetooth Transmitter
(Last Updated On: April 21, 2018)

To start things off with this publication one thing we have to shed a light upon is the Bluetooth Technology itself and a little history on how it all started that led to many devices being manufactured with Bluetooth Connectivity till this day.

Brief History on Bluetooth Technology

It all started way back in the year 1989 when few researchers at Ericsson Mobile developed this technology and the rest we know how it changed the world of IT and Wireless Connectivity.

Then comes the naming part, the Bluetooth technology was named after a King called Harald “Blatland” Gormsson who introduced Christianity in the Danish regions which led to unification of the region. So it makes sense naming the technology after him.

But it was not until 1997 when the technology was actually marketed and developments were made to make preparations to make it available for public use. That was when those Ericsson Mobile researchers were signed by Intel to do so and a year later the technology was made public. The Bluetooth technology then saw a slow rise but when it caught on the rest is history. Today all the mobile phones use Bluetooth connectivity to connect to peripherals and to transfer data among each other so it’s kind of a necessity now.

Bluetooth Transmitter

Now onto Bluetooth transmitter which is the main topic of discussion here, to start with the basic, a Bluetooth transmitter is a device that uses Bluetooth technology to connect two devices to each other. But that can be done without the use of a transmitter, you are correct. A Bluetooth transmitter can connect a Bluetooth capable device with a device such as stereo speakers which do not have Bluetooth connectivity on them, now this is something which makes sense. Right? And all of this can be done with just a push of a button.

So in this publication we are going to discuss what you should look for in a Bluetooth transmitter on your quest to finding the perfect Bluetooth transmitter for yourself and we hope you find all the answers to your questions in this publication. So let’s get started.

Starting Off

When you are starting off on your search for the perfect Bluetooth transmitter you have to have an idea on how you will be using the Bluetooth transmitter when you buy it. What is your usage criterion? This is the first and the most important question you should be clear with in your head. The rest are just specifications that every manufacture add or remove to create a wide range in their Bluetooth transmitter line.

Those specifications include the charging functionality , some Bluetooth transmitter come with wall socket USB charging option while other just allow you to plug into any USB port to charge it up. Then there comes the transmission range that varies mainly on the Bluetooth version your Bluetooth transmitter is going to be operating on, we’ll get into that later.

Then there is battery life as if how long will your Bluetooth transmitter last on a single full charge. Normally the range of most of the Bluetooth transmitters on a single full charge is between 8 and 10 hours.

All the factors aside you have to focus on one main thing in a Bluetooth transmitter that is the Bluetooth transmitter VDC Frequency range. You have to make sure that the Bluetooth Transmitter’s VDC Frequency range is compatible with your targeted devices that you will be using the Bluetooth Transmitter to connect to. Apart from these things you will also have to consider weight and the size of the Bluetooth Transmitter if you are looking for something portable. Now let’s get down to the technical bit of the Bluetooth Transmitter and what you should be looking for in the technical department.

Main Factors to Consider in a Bluetooth Transmitter

If you are looking for a Bluetooth Transmitter that will perform at it’s peak considering the current technology we have available right now then you should have a look at these things in a Bluetooth Transmitter.

Transmission Range

The first thing to look for in a Bluetooth Transmitter if you are looking for the best performing model is the transmission range. Now transmission range is defined by the Bluetooth Technology itself and the manufacturers have a very little role to play in this regard. The Bluetooth Technology class plays a vital role in defining the transmission range of the device which is same across the board regardless of the manufacturer of the device.

There are mainly two classes used of the Bluetooth Technology in Bluetooth Transmitters, the Class 1 technology has a transmission range of 100 Meters if there is no obstruction in the signal’s path and is great for use in a large office space or something alike. Then there is Class 2 technology that is good for 10 Meters and is perfect for use in a home.


The second factor, in this factor you have to look for two things in. the first one is that the Bluetooth Transmitter must be easy to handle when it comes to pairing. There are some Bluetooth Transmitters which are a mess when it comes to Bluetooth pairing and are not very user friendly in this regard. The second thing is you should look for a Bluetooth Transmitter that has the ability to pair with other devices so you don’t have to get into a hassle after you bring it home and find out that the Bluetooth Transmitter you bought doesn’t support pairing with the speakers you wanted to connect to.


The next thing to consider in a Bluetooth Transmitter is the compatibility of the Bluetooth Transmitter with other devices. Once you are sure that the Bluetooth Transmitter you want to buy can pair up with your desired device at home then the next thing is compatibility. Suppose if you want to connect to a Bluetooth mouse or any device that uses software or an OS such as Windows or Mac, then you should verify that the Bluetooth Transmitter supports the functionality over that OS or software of the device you want it to connect to.

Bluetooth Version

Now this is a very important topic that needs to be addressed. Bluetooth versions are released consistently and they are basically upgrades of the previous version with better connectivity and data transfer speeds. Before buying a Bluetooth Transmitter you should make sure that the one you are choosing must have the latest Bluetooth Version supported. The latest Bluetooth Version that is in use is the v5.0.

We hope you find this publication useful.

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