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Uses of Drones

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)

Drones are extremely inside news, but ever wondered just what exactly they could do? Why have they been suddenly getting to be the hottest electronic gadget? In this publication we are going to discuss the top uses of drones in our lives today. Before we proceed check out Top Best Drone Cameras Today.



Anyone may take a selfie. But to completely get “likes” on web 2 . 0, try posting a “dronie” — a photograph removed from a few hundred feet above your face by the UAV.

“This is the next step from the [social websites] chess game,” says Steve Cohen, a New Jersey photographer, drone hobbyist and organizer on the New York City Drone User Group.

Many drones come designed with built-in cameras. Others are able to carry an iPhone or camera you decide to attach.

Some hobbyists used drones to capture whatever outdoor activities they are doing, shooting video of your rafting trip, say, from 100 feet inside air. (Some models have tech that follows you across the ground by using a sensor, always hovering above your brain.)

Others used them to have a bird’s-eye take a look at special attractions, including family picnics and weddings. In July, New York congressman Sean Patrick Maloney had domestic hot water after getting a wedding photographer to shoot his nuptials on the air which has a drone. The FAA forbids the toys from getting used for commercial purposes. Had Maloney taken the shots himself, with virtually no money changing hands, the photos would have been legal.


Home Improvement

As expected, it was one with the uses Martha Stewart was raving about. She wrote that seeing her sprawling Bedford, NY, property on the air “showed me also I can do from the future, and revealed unexpected beauty.”

Even in case you don’t own a sprawling estate, a drone can assist you out. Fly one over the house to search for missing shingles or clogged gutters. Or find the new Flir One camera accessory ($349) on your iPhone, which basically turns your device into an infrared sensor. Attach your phone for the drone, then fly it around your home or apartment with a cool day trying to find heat loss from windows, doors plus the roof. Now you know what



First-person view (FPV) is one on the fastest-growing areas on the hobby. A camera-equipped drone is flown and beams its video to some special two of goggles the user wears, allowing him to determine what are the drone’s camera sees.


Drone Fights & Racing

“Drone combat” — how cool are the type two words? — involves two armored, nearly indestructible machines battling the other from the air until just one is left flying.

Racing is usually popular, with some pilots attempting to best the other along a predetermined route or around pylons or another obstacle.

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