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Since the rosin was brought to the raw material concentrate market, the solvent-free concentrate processing method has proved quite viable, influencing a blast at the of innovation within the wake of rising demand.

Unlike excerpts like butane hash oil (BHO), which uses diluents, hefty kit, and time-consuming means to excerpt the resin on the plant, rosin making needs only two things: heat and pressure. Rosin can also be a great arrangement less maddening to process, now and again yielding a disposable product within seconds.

At the middle of rosin production could be the press, a piece of equipment liable for producing controlled numbers of heat and pressure over short intervals. Through DIY innovation plus the harnessing of technologies borrowed from the 3 other manufacturing industries, the rosin press has evolved extensively since its modest beginnings.


Top Best Rosin Press Machines Reviewed (Comparison)

Rosin Extract (Quality vs Yield) Using Our Recommended Rosin Presses

(Numbers in Percentage %)

Ready for Rosin Press? Check out our top best rosin press machines reviews within the market. For your ease, we made the comparison table below.

Rosin PressDetails 
LilSmasher Rosin PressPneumatic
Plug and Play
Press, 6500 PSI
Check Price
Weselltech Rosin Press 6061aluminum
plate system
Check Price
Mr.Rosin IDAB Edition Rosin PressPneumatic
1140 Lbs./psi
Check Price
Honey-Habit Rosin PressHydraulic
15000 PSI
Check Price
Tuopuke Quick Clamps Rosin PressClamshell Rosin
Check Price
NugSmasher MINI Heat Press (Best Personal Rosin Press)2 Ton Pressing PowerCheck Price
NugSmasher Pro Rosin Press (Professional's Choice)20 Ton Pressing PowerCheck Price
Rosineer RNR-MV2 Manual Rosin PressAdjustable 650lbs PressureCheck Price
My Rosin Press (Best Personal Manual Rosin Press)6 Ton Pressing PowerCheck Price
Juno 1 Ton Pneumatic Rosin Press1 Ton Pressing PowerCheck Price

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LilSmasher Rosin Press – Rosin Heat Press

This is a high-quality pneumatic rosin press purposely designed for high-volume manufacture of high-grade rosin rosin press It was created, manufactured, and tested by NugSmasher, a good U.S-based maker of top-of-the-line rosin presses.U.S-made rosin presses are often of good quality, partly due to the fact users may easily get through to the manufacturers when their presses develop a concern.Also, U.S-made presses are constructed with top quality materials and components, along with the same should also apply to your LilSmasher Rosin Press.

The LilSmasher is made from T6-6061 high-grade steel-reinforced aluminum. It also features high-grade steel components.This helps it be a durable, high-quality machine with a long life-span. However, it’s not just the longevity and material quality that matters having a rosin press; the yield and excellence of the raw material concentrates matter too. The press weighs about 65.6 pounds, this also causes it to be relatively portable as a couple can certainly move it in your home. It was made as being a personal in-house use rosin press. In fact, it’s built like a plug-and-play machine. This means that anyone need not tweak it or perform any assembly duties because machine is shipped within a ready-to-use state. It just should be attached to a local store, plus the pressure settings adjusted prior to a raw material placed relating to the bottom and top press plates is usually crushed. This simplicity allows home users to make use of this press to create high-grade rosin concentrates. The LilSmasher rosin press features dual element heating. This means that each press plate carries a heating unit that will heat it. An accurately heated press plate origin the thick oil being clasped from raw material to dissolve and steam off with no trouble.

Generally, the LilSmasher can press each of the oil from the raw material used within 1 minute or possibly even longer. The parchment paper likewise permits the impurities-free oil presence of food rating class. LilSmasher rosin press features large rectangular-shaped smashing plates, each measuring 4 inches by 3.5 inches. The by using rectangular smash plates rather than ordinary square plates does advantage anyone considering that the oil travels a shorter distance across width in comparison to the length, unlike square plates in which the oil needs to travel precisely the same distance to your of the company’s four edges before it might be collected properly.

The longer the space the oil travel, greater it must stick to a heated plate, this also contributes to evaporation from the volatile terpenes hence decreasing the overall flavor and yield from the raw material. Therefore, a rectangular plate allows oil to search a shorter distance through the width from the plate, and also this not merely increases the yield, but additionally preserves the terpene content from the hash oil. The smashing plates are designed from high-quality metal which allows these phones quickly to distribute and dissipate heat. This allows the oil involving the plates to store their terpene content. The top smashing plate is fixed, even though the bottom smashing plate is movable. There is usually a conveniently placed hand-dial allowing the person to set the base smashing plate. To press the 2 main plates together, you need to make use of the manual arm pump. Once both plates are pressed tightly contrary to the raw material, these are left to face in order to let the oil to exudation.

Afterwards, the underside plate is retracted down. Furthermore, this rosin press incorporates a fast-retract plate release, which is often used to quickly alleviate for most within the plates. The manual arm features an ergonomic handle. The press also features circuit protection to safeguard its internal circuitry from damage.

The LilSmasher rosin press has a lifetime warranty.

lifetime warrantyPressure limited to 6500 psi
user friendly
excellent performance


The Lilsmasher rosin press is really a complete rosin extraction system created to perform both concentrate extraction and purging processes, while producing large volumes of high-grade rosin concentrates. It incorporates a dual element heating which help its rectangular-shaped press plates to raise the yield of hash oil. The capability to produce high yields of premier connoisseur-grade rosin concentrate, easy-to-use features, and exceptional cost-performance ratio helps make the LilSmasher Rosin Press the most notable pick in your best rosin press locate.



Weselltech Rosin Press 6061 Kit

This is undoubtedly an aluminum plates kit that comes built with a high-quality heating rod and precision-driven rosin press Normally, this kit is shipped by DHL, as well as the user can receive it in 5 days. Its fast delivery is because its compact design and lightweight nature allowing the shipping agent to relocate it alongside other lightweight packages. This kit was created, manufactured, and tested by Weselltech. Unlike the LilSmasher rosin press, this Wesselltech kit is not a complete resin extraction system the way it lacks the frame onto that the press plates is equipped. It is therefore shipped as a possible incomplete resin press.However, this gives the person to utilize this aluminum kit with any rosin press which the kit can match.

The press saucers are 5 inches lengthy, and 3 inches wide. Each plate is 30mm thick. Hence, this kit uses four-sided crash plates which permit the raw material oil travel a shorter distance across its width as opposed to length. As mentioned from the review above (and in the buyer’s guide), rectangular plates help make a higher yield of hash oil, along with preserve the terpene content. The smashing plates are created from high-quality aluminum. The use of aluminum plates gives this kit an original edge over people who come pre-loaded with steel press plates. Aluminum press plates can rapidly distribute heat across their surface, this promotes optimal heat dissipation hence preventing the parchment paper from charring or just being burnt up.

Unlike the LilSmasher rosin press which features dual element heating, the Weselltech Rosin Press 6061 Kit is included with 2 heating rods, one to the top plate along with the other for your bottom plate. Each heating rod measures 115mm in total and has now a diameter of 9.5 inches. The rod is equipped securely right into a cylindrical hole inside press plate. This allows the rods to heat the press plate, that causes the thick oil being squeezed from raw material to liquefy and flow easily. This 6061 Kit incorporates an electrically-powered temperature control box. The heating rods are connected to this control box via flexible coated hoses which enclose electric cables that relay electricity on the control box for the heating rods.

The control rod boasts a thermostat which allows anyone to pick out the temperature for oil extraction. These 6061 kits is shipped alongside an M8 wrench and 6 items of M8 screw. It also incorporates a double PID controller and also a power cord. The double PID (proportional–integral–derivative) controller serves to increase the heating precision of the two heating rods.

This kit incorporates a 12-months guarantee.

12 months warrantyNot user friendly. Expertise is required
two heating rods
manufactured with high quality material


The Weselltech Rosin Press 6061 Kit is undoubtedly an aluminum plates kit that comes furnished with a high-quality heating rods. If you can brave the setup procedure this is surely an interesting option to the extraction enthusiast.



Mr.Rosin IDAB Edition – Pneumatic Rosin Press

This can be a high-quality pneumatic rosin press deliberately planned for production of high grade rosin rosin press It was completed, mass-produced, and verified by Mr.Rosin, a U.S-based manufacturer of top-of-the-range rosin presses. This press model is confidential as within the IDAB edition, this also shows that it is made to use like a table-top personal-use rosin press. Just such as LilSmasher rosin press, this U. S-made rosin press consists of top quality materials, and Mr.Rosin provides after-sales services. The necessary addresses are offered for the users to be able to easily get towards the manufacturer when their presses develop a concern.

The Mr.Rosin IDAB edition is factory-made out of from high rating stainless steel and in addition structures high grade steel mechanisms..This lightweight press can be simply moved about in the home. Just such as the LilSmasher rosin press, Mr.Rosin IDAB Edition was created like a personal in-house use rosin press, that is built being a plug-and-play machine.Therefore, anyone doesn’t need to tweak it, or perform any assembly because machine is shipped in a very ready-to-use state. It just ought to be connected to power, plus the pressure settings adjusted prior to a raw material is put relating to the smash plates for being crushed. Its compact-design and easy-to-use features allow novices, dab enthusiasts, hash aficionados, as well as ordinary home users make use of this press for producing high-grade rosin concentrates. The IDAB press features a power rating of 300 watts, and delay pills work with 110volts strength. This table-top press incorporates a strong pneumatic cylinder along with an air conditioner filter; as well as an up-and-down lever plus a heater control box.

The air conditioner filter makes certain that mid-air that climbs into the pneumatic technique is free from particulate matter, which could make the moving elements of the oxygen-pressure system to obtain stuck or break quickly.Just such as the LilSmasher, the IDAB Edition can be a complete rosin extraction system that has heated press plates.However, unlike LilSmasher which includes rectangular press plates, Mr.Rosin IDAB uses cylindrical smashing plates. These plates measure 3.5 inches in diameter. The heater control box regulates the heating in the press plates.This rosin press can generate pressures of up-to 1,140 psi (pounds per square-inch). This pressure rating is leaner than that with the LilSmasher press. Still, this is usually a underhand that could squish the vast majority of extracted oil from your raw material placed relating to the press plates.

The raw material must be placed within a parchment paper, and that is then folded before it’s added to the underside press plate. This allows oil freed from particulate impurities circulate in the squished material. The yield of material’s oil would depend regarding how long the squished material occurred constantly in place under, underhand between smash plates. Just such as LilSmasher, Mr.Rosin IDAB can press every one of the oil out from the raw material within 1 minute or possibly even longer. Likewise, the utilization of parchment paper permits your production food-grade extract oil which could be consumed immediately.

Heated smash platesPressure limited to 11440psi
user friendly
high quality built


Mr.Rosin IDAB Edition is really a high-quality pneumatic rosin extraction system purposely produced for manufacture of high-grade rosin concentrates. It features heated circular smash plates that help the yield of hash oil. Highly recommended.



Honey-Habit Hydraulic Rosin Press Plate Set

Honey-Habit Plate Set is undoubtedly an electrically powered hydraulic rosin press plate set expressly projected for creation of high grade rosin rosin press It is planned, produced, and verified by Honey-Habit, a U.S-based producer of rosin presses. Just such as the LilSmasher and Mr.Rosin IDAB rosin presses, this U.S-made rosin press plate set is constructed of top quality materials, as well as the manufacturers in addition provide after-sales services. This hydraulic press plate set is made from high-grade corrosion-resistant materials, and as well features high-grade steel components. This plate set is good for use with any rosin presses. It is therefore a durable, high-quality machine using a long life-span. Likewise, it can be built to maximize the yield superiority rosin concentrates. It incorporates a C-shaped frame store the press plates. It measures 17.5 inches wide and 18.7 inches long. It’s height is 20.5 inches and is a must have for 10 ton and 20 ton presses.

This electric press weighs about 77 pounds, and also this causes it to become a comparatively a portable rosin press. As while using other presses reviewed above, the Honey-Habit rosin press is made for personal in-house use and consequently it can be built like a plug-and-play machine. This signifies that it will come fully-assembled inside a ready-to-use state. The user just needs to plug it to a power outlet, along with the pressure settings adjusted and a rosin press, ahead of the raw material could be crushed. Its compact design and easy-to-use features provide an attribute of simplicity that endears it to home users who want to make high-grade rosin concentrates. The Honey-Habit rosin press can generate pressures of up-to 15,000psi. Even though a hydraulic rosin press can generate higher pressure compared to a pneumatic rosin press, additionally, it is affected with one main disadvantage. This refers to its hydraulic system. The hydraulic fluid within the system can seep out if you find breakage in most of the components comprise this method. The fluid that seeps out not just causes the device to reduce its pressure and minimize how much pressure that drive the plates, though the raw material risk being contaminated by aerosolized particles coming from your seeping machine oil.

Even so, the Honey-Habit hydraulic press has experimented with address this concern through the elimination of the compressor. This shows that in the event there’s a leak in the machine, the device oil cannot seep outside in bulk since it lack a compressor which may have otherwise continued to pump pressurized fluid no matter what any leaks. This hydraulic press plate set features rectangular press plates, each measuring 3 inches x 5 inches and the top plate has 2″ mounting hole. Its press plates are thus greater than the ones from LilSmasher and Mr.Rosin IDAB presses. Even so, its press plates may also be heated exactly like that surrounding LilSmasher and Mr.Rosin IDAB presses. The operating temperature array of its smash plates is between 1 and 485 degrees Fahrenheit. The very good pressure rating on this hydraulic press allows it to squish each of the concentrate oil from your raw material placed between press plates. Still, the raw material must be placed in a very parchment paper, which can be then folded before it can be affixed to the base press plate. This allows particulate-free oil to circulate through the squished material. The using of parchment paper also enables the assembly food-grade rosin concentrates.

pressure upto 15000 psideffect of hydraulic leaks
Heated press plates
This one is also made from high quality material like others


The Honey-Habit hydraulic rosin press is unquestionably an electrically motorized comprehensive rosin extraction system deliberately developed for withdrawal of high grade rosin distillates. It can produce pressures of up-to 15,000psi utilizing hydraulic control. If hydraulic will be the way you need to go, this would be the unit to acquire.



Tuopuke Quick Clamps

The Quick Clamps by Tuopuke is really a clamshell heat press that incorporates a simple skeletal rosin press It is created to extract rosin concentrate from raw material. Its skeletal design features two heated plates, an electronic temperature control, and also a manual arm pump. Just like other U.S-made rosin presses, the Tuopuke Quick Clamps is constructed of excellent materials, and Tuopuke provides after-sales services.The necessary addresses are supplied for the users in order to easily contact the maker when necessary. This clamshell heat press is constructed of high-grade stain-resistant materials, as well as features high-grade components. This black-colored extractor machine weighs about 33.8 pounds. It is therefore lighter as opposed to LilSmasher rosin press, which also helps it be a transportable machine. Its compact design also allows it to be used as a table-top rosin oil extractor. However, unlike all of the four rosin presses reviewed above, the Quick Clamps includes square press plates.Its smash plates measure 5 inches by 5 inches, and are also coated with non-stick material. This is necessary as square plates are usually stained by slow-flowing rosin extract.

These plates are heated, as well as their temperature is closely regulated with the digital temperature controller that’s housed inside the control box. The operational temperature array of these plates is 1 to 415 degrees Fahrenheit.Quick Clamps also is included with an electronic digital automatic timer. This timer makes certain that the rosin materials usually do not stay for too long involving the clamped press plates. This is simply because rosin oil flows poorly on square plates, therefore it may solidify as you move the press plates are clamped. For this reason, the digital timer automatic engages a release mechanism that disengages the clamp so the bottom press plate can descend down.The press is built to use 110-120 volts power sources. It also includes a time control which indicates every time a set press cycle is complete.Power levels are okay while using press the ability to generate pressures of up-to 1200psi. This pressure rating is actually equal to that regarding Mr.Rosin IDAB. The raw material must be placed inside of a parchment paper simply because this allows particulate-free oil circulation in the squished rosin. The yield of rosin oil would depend on how long the squished material occurred, setup under underhand relating to the smash plates. Normally, 60 – 90 seconds will do.

heated smash platesPressure limited to 1200 psi
user friendly
great results


The Tuopuke Quick Clamps is often a clamshell manually-operated heat press that includes a simple skeletal design. That features dual heat plates, digital temperature control, along with a manual arm pump. It is built to extract rosin concentrate from raw material.



NugSmasher – MINI Heat Press

The next rosin press on our list is the NugSmasher’s MINI Heat rosin press We decided to review this rosin press because of it’s popular demand and very high critical praise. Unlike the other rosin presses in our list, the NugSmasher is the best choice for personal use and is not a good option for commercial usage. The quality of this rosin press is not compromised at all as it is Made in the USA. So let’s get into the details of the NugSmasher and see what it has in store for us.

The NugSmasher when unpacked is ready for use. There is no complex assembling procedure to this rosin press you just need to plug it in and get it to work this makes it a great pick for personal use in your home. The steel pressing plates on board the NugSmasher are 2.5 inch in diameter and deliver pressing pressure of 2 tons. Now if you see the whole rosin press in the picture it’s not that big in size and the pressing power it generated in our tests extracted the best rosin. We recommend you use 1.5 inch x 4 inch screen bag when you extract the rosin.

Although you will not be able to press more than 3 to 4 grams of material in the NugSmasher but that is what you can expect out of personal rosin presses. The heating up of the steel plates go up to 350 degrees although not recommended but the number can be exceeded. The NugSmasher weighs about 25lbs and is very portable and compact comparing to other rosin presses. This rosin press is the current Number One Best Seller as well as boasts 5-Star Ratings on Amazon.

Great for personal useNone that we could find considering it is a personal use rosin press
2 Tons pressing capability in a personal rosin press


All in all the NugSmasher is the best rosin press for personal use with the current market you will not be able to find a better rosin press. We tried our best to find any flaws with it but we failed to find out any. You can go for this rosin press with a 100% trust that it will perform and it will be the most reliable rosin press for your personal use.


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NugSmasher Pro Rosin Press – 20 Ton Pneumatic Rosin Press

The Rosin Press in question here next on our list is the NugSmasher rosin press nugsmasher pro We decided to review this rosin press because of one thing in mind we did not have one thing for our readers that was a rosin press that could do everything and not fail at it. We reviewed all the rosin presses that fit the description but we brought the best for our readers. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.






The design of this press is pretty basic and nothing out of the ordinary. The construction is solid as it gets. The construction of this press is done on CNC machinery using A36 Steel and T6 6061 Aluminium. The size of this press is not small you have to have a proper space for this press as it weighs over 200lbs. It’s manufactured keeping in mind that it can cater home and mass production needs.

On to the features now, the NugSmasher Pro is loaded with them. There are a lot of features you will not find in any Rosin Press on the market so let’s start with the pressing power well it has a pressing power of 20 Tons and the plate is 7” x 10”. The plates can be custom built you can just convey your requirements to the NugSmasher people they will build you one. The alignment racks are also customizable. It has a nice touch of LED lights on board. It has dual temperature control as well as circuit protection on board. Along few gauges is the built in pressure gauge.

The top and bottom plates each have three heating elements and the power consumption is 480W per plate. This warms up the whole thing in 5 – 10 minutes. The plates’ heating element power wattages can be custom designed for you ranging from 100W to 800W according to your need. The temperature of both the plates can be controlled individually.

The performance of the NugSmasher Pro is unmatchable. Period! There is nothing that this rosin press cannot do. You’ll have full custom options and gauges which will allow you to extract rosin with the perfect settings for individual need. The durable construction is built to last ages and if you are looking for a rosin press for mass production and home use then NugSmasher Pro is the best pick.


If you are looking for a Rosin Press that is an All Rounder that can do every job imaginable, then the NugSmasher Pro is your ideal choice. It can handle Commercial and Personal needs easily if you have a place for it and if you require rosin production on a large scale volume.

For Home & Commercial UseThe Size of this Rosin Press will need a Dedicated Space
20 Ton Pressing Power
Highly Durable & Strong Build
Circuit Protection
Pneumatic & Manual Dual Operation



Rosineer RNR-MV2 Manual Rosin Press

The rosin press we are going to review here is for the individuals who want to own a rosin press on a lower budget and don’t have larger production of rosin on their manual rosin press It is one of the better rated rosin presses in it’s class and we thought we should have a look at it. The rosin press in question here is the model RNR-MV2 by Rosineer. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.







The design of the MV2 is pretty basic and it is solid when it comes to manufacturing. The body is made up of iron and the backbone of the press is stainless steel and iron so it pretty much sums up that it is durable when it comes to the manufactured bit. It is made for the personal use and is the better ones when it comes to personal capacity rosin press. The design is modular and it makes it very easy to maintain.

The MV2 has dual plates with dimensions of 3” x 4” which have the ability to heat up, the stainless steel protective cover is on the plates for heat insulation. The whole rosin press is manually operated and requires no air compressor to do so. The power required to operate MV2 is 700W.

The heated plates are manufactured using food grade stainless steel and the adjustable bottom plate can be used to generate maximum of 650lbs of pressure. Both plates have individual temperature control and timer as well.

If you are looking to extract rosin out of 5 to 7 grams of flower it performs very good on that scale but if you are going above that figure we suggest you go for a more powerful rosin press instead. The things that bothered us on the MV2 is the quality of the electronic components on board the mechanical parts are good they perform good and are built strong. Electronic components specifically the temperature control has been reported to have issues of malfunction over continuous and long use.


The Rosineer RNR-MV2 rosin press does a very good job on the extracting rosin. The electronic components if used with extra care can go a long way but the truth is the electronic components need improvements on the MV2.

Food Grade Stainless Steel PlatesSome Reports of Quality Issues with Electrical Components such as Temperature Control
Durable Body Design and Build
Easy Maintenance
Adjustable Bottom Plate



My Rosin Press – Best Personal Manual Rosin Press

The rosin press next on our list is the best in it’s class and that is the only reason for us to review this rosin press.My Rosin Press Manual best personal rosin press review The rosin press in question here is My Rosin Press. As you may have noticed in the title it’s the best personal manual rosin press available in the market today. The best rated and the highest selling in it’s class and for our readers there is no space for a product that is not up to par. So how this rosin press fared in our review? Let’s find out.



This rosin press has a small design and a very strong build quality. The design itself is so compact and lightweight that you can place it among other appliances on your kitchen shelf and it won’t take up any space, it will blend in. It’s portable as well you can carry it around in your backpack. What more can you ask from a rosin press? It’s great for personal use.
My Rosin Press features a 3” x 3” stainless steel axiom plates which deliver 6 tons of pressure, which is a lot for a personal rosin press that you can carry around easily. The temperature is adjustable with +10 Degrees Fahrenheit increment. The temperature ranges between 160 Degrees Fahrenheit to 280 Degrees Fahrenheit. There is an LED display on the rosin press as well which feature a timer for you to note down the precise timing required to extract the best rosin. This rosin press requires 120W to operate.
It performs great and there is no reported issue in any of the parts of this rosin press, it fits in your backpack to move around and it’s lightweight. The build quality is unmatchable in it’s class. The LED timer starts timing when the plates close and stops when plates open back up again. It’s silent in operation as there is no hydraulic sound that you would encounter in other rosin presses.
PortableNone That We Could Find
Strong Build Quality
6 Ton Pressing Power
Easy to Use


If you are looking for a personal rosin press that is silent, portable and manual operated look no further, My Rosin Press is the one you should go for without any doubt. We rate it 9.5 out of 10.




JUNO 1 Ton (2,000psi) Pneumatic Rosin Press Machine

The next rosin press on our list is from Juno Extraction Technologies. It is a relatively new name when it comes to rosin presses so we decided to give it a try and see how it fares in our 1 ton rosin press reviewed To start things off we are going to divide our review of Juno 1 Ton Model in three parts. So how it fared in the review? Let’s get into it.







We start things off with the design review of the Juno 1 Ton model. The design of the rosin press is pretty basic and the build quality is solid with metal construction. The knobs and start button are all located on the side of the rosin press freeing up space from the front. The control panel is on the front of the rosin press with digital gauges and the solid manufacturing makes the control panel durable and easy to use even when extracting rosin when things can get messy sometimes. The Juno 1 Ton doesn’t take up much space and weighs adequately for it’s class at around 85lbs without the air compressor.
Let’s get into the main part of the review, the features. The Juno 1 Ton is well packed on features for it’s class. The Pneumatic rosin press doesn’t come with air compressor included which you will have to buy separately with specs of around 175psi. The plates on this rosin press are measured 3”x 3”which are independently heated. The temperature range on this rosin press is between 0oF to 410oF. The plates on this rosin press are coated with non-stick element which makes it easier for you to extract rosin without any mess. There is a built-in microprocessor on this rosin press to control the gauges. The Juno press gives out maximum of 1 Ton of pressing power which is a lot for it’s class and will require 400W of power to operate.
This rosin press provides a step forward in the rosin press line as it integrates microprocessors into rosin presses in this class for the first time. The rosin press performs exceptionally well for it’s class and has no reported issues. The lack of air compressor on this rosin press is somewhat of a plus point as you can customize it according to your requirement with your own choice of air compressor.
1 Ton Pressing PowerNone That We Could Find
3" x 3" Non Stick Coated Plates
Independent Temperature Control for Both Plates
Strong Build


All in all it is a very good rosin press in terms of performance and design. The price may be $20 or $30 higher than other similar rosin presses but that extra money will be worth it when you use the Juno 1 Ton. We rate it 9 out of 10.



How Rosin Press Works

 To produce rosin, three components are essential: heat, pressure, and time. The technique in rosin production rests inside the capability to balance these three components together to generate a superior product in flavor and effect.

When extracting rosin, heat must be controlled to be able to preserve terpenes and cannabinoids. High temperatures have the capability to rapidly degrade these molecules, building a bland and inferior final product. Therefore, producing rosin at the smallest temperature possible is vital. Limiting time confronted with high heat can retain some terpenes; however, reducing heat could be the only technique to be sure the least degradation possible.

To relieve heat, pressure should be increased. High pressures have the chance to develop a final product with a lesser amount of the compromise for the original terpene profile. The measure of a highly effective rosin press is its capability to provide enough pressure in order that heat can be lowered to some extent where minimal degradation can take place.

Types of Rosin Press

 More and more rosin presses are emerging on the market since this segment grows. However, necessities such as most presses in the market today: DIY presses, manual presses, hydraulic presses, pneumatic presses, electric rosin presses and hybrid presses.

What precedes finding the right rosin press is determined by your requirements your demands outside the press. Here are a few questions to assist you to determine which rosin press is the best for you.

  • Is it for private or commercial use?
  • How much time a day/week can you thinking about utilizing the rosin press?
  • How much material how about to press each and every time?
  • How important is space for you?
  • Are you an environment that may tolerate noise for a number of hours in the daytime?

DIY Rosin Press

DIY presses, as being the name suggests, is usually a do-it-yourself rosin press. This typically involves choosing a 10-ton or 20-ton hydraulic shop press and rigging it with heat plates, heaters along with a controller to manage heat within the plates.

Manual Rosin Press

Manual rosin presses certainly are a portable, low-cost extraction solution that’s perfect for home users and consumption. They come in an inferior form factor causing them to be portable as well as simple to lug around. These units typically involve a hand crank or perhaps a twist-style mechanism to put on force to your material.

Hydraulic Rosin Press

Hydraulic rosin presses use hydraulic pressure to create the force was required to produce rosin. The force is generated by using a hand pump. It’s typical to discover 10-ton (20,000 lb) hydraulic presses, even though you may also find ones 20 and 30-ton ones. Moreover, hydraulic presses are portable because unlike pneumatic presses which require an air compressor, his or her require some hard work to provide you clean rosin.

Pneumatic Rosin Press

A pneumatic rosin press virtually contains the same features being a hydraulic one, other than it needs an air compressor. That, however, means, no hand pumping. This is especially useful should you be extracting several batches at the same time. Another great thing about a pneumatic rosin press influences easy controlling and changing the stress when you press your product–it’s literally as basic as pushing control button and you may get it done in small but precise increments.

Electric Rosin Press

Electric rosin presses, within the other hand, are a newcomer for the market but you are gaining rapid adoption and popularity. It’s obvious to discover why because electric rosin presses do not require any compressors or external pumps to operate. All you need is an electrical outlet to plug these directly into and you’re simply perfect for extraction. Furthermore, even though the thought of 10-ton or 20-ton rosin presses sounds nice (specifically large batches), for anyone who is simply extracting small batches, everything you could require is but one or two numerous force; electric rosin presses are specs to offer between 6500 – 7000 lbs of pure electricity while efficient at pressing nearly 20g of flower.

Hybrid Rosin Press

Hybrid rosin presses are predominantly hydraulic rosin presses around the inside but instead of being stuck by using a hand pump with the entirety of your respective press, they’re cleverly engineered so which a simple switch of your pump attachment allows you to manipulate these presses either pneumatically, electronically or utilizing a hand pump to accommodate any kind of extraction demands. Rosin presses in this caliber are usually seen with bigger plates as well as a larger downward force (typically from the 20-30,000 lb range) and found in commercial applications.

So, that’s it! We’ve covered sets from material, temperature, pressure, together with all of the available presses within the market today.



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5 Thoughts to “Top 10 Best Rosin Press Machines Reviewed Mar. 2019”

  1. very helpful information well done Thank you!!

  2. Christina

    The #1 commercial grade Rosin Press that should be up there is hands down the STM Rosin Press 4.0.

    1. Thank You for your feedback. We’ll be looking into STM 4.0 soon.

      1. Jack MeHoff

        Awesome information. I’ve been persistently trying to find a relevant negative comment on the nug smasher OG and/or the Nug smasher mini but there simply aren’t any negative reviews to be found, which is hard to believe. I’m about to give up my search and smash some nugs, All-American style! ….

        My question is regarding the Nug Smasher OG vs. the Nug Smasher mini. Is the OG worth the $300 more? do you really need 12 tons of pressure for premium resin, or is the 2-ton mini sufficient for this? Other than the size/quantity you can press at one time, I’m not seeing much of an ‘upgrade’ other than the higher pressure and larger plates. Am I missing something?

        note: for me I am far from needing a commercial style press as I’m only going to be harvesting 4-5 decent sized mama’s at one time. The OG’s $300 extra price tag is very tempting but I’m having a hard time justifying it an seems like I should just go with the mini.

        The next step up above the OG is the XP model but I’m running into the same issue that it might be overkill since I’m only doing a single press run for the best flavor/taste possible. ‘Yield’ is not even on my radar at this point so the benefit is a moot point for me.

        Anybody that can help me/other out what’s the big difference between the mini/OG/XP would be my hero. The more input/opinions the better imo. Thanks

        1. Let me try to explain. Hope, it will be sufficient information. Hey, don’t mind me asking again if i lack some info.
          So, NugSmasher mini is highly suitable for personal use. It is portable yet extremely powerful because it can pump out high quality 3.5 grams resin in single go. (not suitable for quantity yield)
          If, you are asking our opinion, $300 of original Nugsmasher is not justified as you are not worried about the final quantity of product. However, it is bigger in size and offers more pressure. also can produce 14g of material at once.

          As you already know Nugsmasher XP is the most powerful one. Even though its look like Original one. You can juice out 28 gram of premium yield in one go.

          But as, you mentioned Yield is not on your radar. We truly recommend you to go for nugsamsher mini. As major difference between all three models are their plate sizes and final output quantity of resin. We researched closely and found no difference in quality of resin.
          So, you can safe your precious $300 and more if your goal is not producing maximum resin.
          Also, apology in advance for typos and grammar mistakes. Secondly, if you want to ask further questions know that we are here for you.

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