Things To Know About 3D Printing
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2018)

3D Printing has been with us for quite sometime now, introduced back in 1986 in the form of a fully functional 3D Printer it has evolved into a bid deal now. There are preparations being made for taking 3d printing into production scale and start manufacturing products on mass scale. There are 3d printing pens now which use the basic principle of 3d printers to produce 3d objects on small levels and have even inspired artists to use 3d pens to create amazing pieces of artwork. These are some of the things you will notice about 3d printing happening right now as we speak. But there is more to it that you should know about and in this publication we will discuss just that.

Benefits of 3D Printing


3D Printing has allowed designers and engineers to work with different types of designs which has led to new innovative ideas and solutions to existing problems in manufacturing sector. The prototyping with already existing methods of manufacturing was very time consuming and saw a lot of wasted material. 3D printing has changed that because of it’s ability to 3d print objects on demand.


3D Printing has brought versatility in our lives, whether you look at 3d pens or 3d printers. Professionals are no longer limited by the technology to create object, they can design whatever they can imagine in the CAD software and see it come to life within matter of minutes.

With 3d pens it’s exactly the same thing on a smaller scale. Artists are no longer limited to a pen and a paper when it comes to their imagination. They can draw anything in thin air, they can create art right out of nowhere and they can really test their limits of imagination with 3d pens.

Cost Effective

3d printing technology has proven to be very cost effective along with time saving benefits. The conventional method of manufacturing “subtractive manufacturing” has proven to be costly comparing it to 3d printing technology as a lot of material is wasted reaching the final product that includes the research and development process as well. 3d printing has allowed researchers to create a functioning testing product with a significantly cheaper material than the original material which will be used for manufacturing the final product. It’s the method of 3d printing technology as well, which is very efficient and doesn’t use anything more than the required material to 3d print an object.

Applications of 3D Printing Technology

There are countless applications of 3D Printing Technology throughout various fields of work and the numbers are growing day by day. We will get into some of them in this publication.

Medical Science

To our knowledge medical science is getting the most advanced research and development related to 3d printing technology and a lot of work in that research is coming out and being implemented in the field of medical science. To start with few there are already programs that are 3d printing prosthetics for handicapped people and are being used by them as well. 3d printed prosthetics are not only very easy to produce but they are also cost effective as well.

Apart from that medical science is researchers are developing a 3d technology that will allow them to use organ tissue to 3d print human organs which will be a medical breakthrough because the organs will then be produced on demand and the patients will not have to wait for transplants for months.


Automotive industry is also widely using 3d printing technology in their process of manufacturing cars. 3d printed parts are being used in cars which are not only easier to produce but they are also cost effective as well. Research and Development is working on such 3d printing technology which will allow whole assembly lines to be automated using 3d printing technology and whole cars will be manufactured right before our eyes. But that is a long way ahead in the future.


Aerospace industry is also using 3d printing technology in production of commercial airliners. Airbus’A350 airliner is using 3d printed parts on board. The benefit of using 3d printed parts on airplanes is that not only the parts have no joints in them making them very strong but also they are very light as well. You can’t get that from conventionally produced airplane parts.

Even NASA has tested engine injector that is 3d printed and that injector produced 10 times more thrust than any other engine injector they have tested.


Defense Distributed a gunsmith group has produced world’s first 3d printed hand gun which can literally be printed overnight. Not only that there are certain individuals out there, who have accomplished this feat as well. We might be seeing here is the future of firearms. They might be 3d printed and they can certainly be used in the warzones as well when a soldier requires a gun, just 3d print it on the spot. But obviously the process needs refinement and with time that refinement will come.

The things we discussed above were not accessible to everyone back in it’s early days but now 3d printers and 3d pens are accessible to everyone. They have become affordable and you can create whatever you want right in your home. The 3D printing technology has proven to be one of the best things man has ever produced and we will see more of it as the time goes by.

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