Smartwatches are evolving instruments that have become essential in the modern era. Unlike conventional men’s watches, a smart watch is built for practicality and convenience rather than mere fashion goals. If you are seeking an exciting lifestyle upgrade, it is time to invest in a smartwatch.

There are several top brands producing premium smartwatches today, from tech giants like Apple and Samsung to old-school manufacturers like Fossil. Although each model brings a distinctive experience out of the box, the best smartwatches tend to excel in 4 primary fields: battery life, durability, pre-installed functions, and design. The watch’s interface must be driven by a reliable OS compatible with your android smartphone. You can link your phone to the OS and have any notifications, messages, and reminders displayed on your wrist. Some of the best smartwatches take it even further through advanced modules, ranging from heart rate sensors and workout monitors to GPS functionality.

Popular smartwatches can be incredibly expensive, but you can avail several budget-friendly models as well from lesser-known brands. We have sorted through piles of products to determine the best smart watches for men. Read our reviews thoroughly to figure out your ideal match!

The 3 Best Android Smartwatches (Comparison)

ProductOperating SystemPrice
Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm - ( Editor's Choice)Tizen 4.0Check Price
Garmin Venu GPS SmartwatchVenuCheck Price
Fossil Unisex 44MM Gen 5 CarlyleWear OSCheck Price

(Editor’s Choice):  Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch is a well-rounded, powerful device that has dominated the android watch industry since its inception. Its Tizen 4.0 OS is tuned to your daily health, fitness, and social needs, making it the best smartwatch in the current market.

The watch is comprised of a 42mm, round case that simulates the appeal of conventional analog watches. Its rotating bezel is one of the defining qualities of Samsung smartwatches, being practical and aesthetically appropriate. You can scroll through your apps and menus conveniently by twisting the bezel. The best smartwatch needs to connect readily to your phone, and Galaxy accomplishes this through its Bluetooth 4.2 equipment. If you are concerned about having to use headphones for incoming calls or listening to music, you can let your worries go.

The Samsung smart watch offers a built-in speaker and microphone capability. Although you’ll still wish to utilize a Bluetooth handsfree setup, you don’t have to miss any calls or take out your phone if the headphones run out of battery. The minimalist, single-tone design makes it significantly less conspicuous on your wrist as compared to most other brands. For people who often find themselves in business meetings/occasions, the Samsung smartwatch can be a subtle device that lets you engage with your messages, calls, and notifications without flipping out your phone every 5 seconds.

In terms of software, the Samsung Galaxy Watch occupies an expansive domain of applications envied by the best smartwatches. Its array of sensors allows you to track your daily workout progress, heart rate, sleep schedule, and stress levels. If you are more of an outdoor jogger or adventurer, the watch’s GPS functionality is a must-have. Typical modules, like appointments, alarms, and weather, are refined by the beautiful Tizen 4.0 OS through a comprehensive control panel. Geared in every aspect to enhance ease-of-use, this is the smartwatch android phones have been craving.

The watch is fueled by a 270mAh battery and comes with a wireless charging dock as well as a travel adaptor. Among the brands we tested, Galaxy ranked as the best android smartwatch for battery efficiency. The OS manages its applications with such aptitude that the battery can last days even under rigorous usage. The watch is listed as 5 ATM water-resistant, which makes it suitable for swimming as well. Samsung backs it with a 1-year warranty, a final adornment that renders it the best smartwatch in the current market.

Rotating bezel for easy navigationTizen OS has limited extra apps
Efficient battery management with Tizen 4.0 OSCannot connect to captive-portal Wifi networks
Water-resistant (5ATM)
Offers heart rate and stress tracking
The design blends well with business settings


The Samsung Galaxy Watch beats the competition by offering a diverse range of applications, from heart rate, sleep, and stress monitoring to advanced GPS modules. Even some of the best smartwatches failed to keep up with Samsung’s Tizen OS and its effective battery management. If you desire the most advanced yet durable smartwatch, Galaxy Watch is the one to invest in.

Garmin Venu GPS Smartwatch

Garmin Venu is a smartwatch for fitness lovers. It is loaded with distinctive, health-centric features that assume charge of your daily activities, keeping you on track.

The watch boasts an elegant 43mm case with an AMOLED display and the ever-resilient Corning Gorilla Glass 3 window. Not only does it come in a range of attractive colors, but you can also pick the dial shape (square or round) to match your style, which is why it ranks among some of the most beautiful smart watches for women. The watch’s OS is exceptionally versatile as compared to the best smartwatches in the industry, granting various handy functions, including email alerts and text-back capability. You can even download music directly into the watch from Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon. This is remarkably useful if you plan to set aside your phone for exercise or work.

The true prowess of the Garmin smartwatch lies behind its tracking modules. You can set up the software to track your energy levels, stress, respiration, menstrual timeline, sleep schedule, and even your estimated heart rate. Every day with the Garmin Venu is an enlightening trip into your body’s capabilities and growth. The smart graphing keeps you updated with minute details and irregularities in your daily schedule. Feeling exhausted or overworked? Pop up the energy-stress tables and narrow down the cause, down to the very hour you may have engaged in an unwise activity. Such thorough monitoring is unparalleled even among the best smartwatches of today.

Moreover, the digital watch section is programmed with more than 20 sports apps that you can access through the Garmin Connect app, including yoga, cardio, swimming, running, etc. Get round-the-clock feedback and tips for each of your sports activities.  Garmin has installed its own virtual coaching assistant into the Venu, which analyzes your fitness data and provides comprehensive workout schedules to maximize daily output. This is how Garmin embodies the goals of the best smartwatch for fitness. No need to invest in eccentric personal coaches or spend hours buried in Youtube tutorials once you don the Garmin Venu. If you are serious about your health and love to exercise, the Garmin Venu is the best smartwatch to consider.

Apart from fitness specialties, the Garmin Venu offers multiple convenience features you won’t find in other smartwatches. It has a Garmin Pay element that lets you conduct transactions, at stores, or restaurants, without having to touch cash, a handy tool during the pandemic. You can also tap into Garmin’s Connect IQ store to download personalized applications and themes. When it comes to battery, the watch can last up to 5 days on a full-charge and standard-setting.

Extensive fitness tracking featuresNo notification filter
Better personalization (Connect IQ store offers multiple additional apps and themes)No open-water swimming support
Garmin Pay for contactless transactions
Several color and shape options
In-built workout support


Loaded with tracking features, the Garmin Venu is a dream device for health and fitness pursuers. Its workout support and direct music download functionality are incredibly handy if you engage in exercise often. Additional elements like Garmin Pay and IQ store round up the watch’s convenience, making it the best smartwatch for those looking to stay in shape.

Fossil Unisex 44MM Gen 5 Carlyle

Globally praised for its analog watches, Fossil has taken a mighty step into the smartwatch industry with the Gen 5 Carlyle. By focusing on operational ease and beginner-friendliness, this Fossil smartwatch has snatched a place amongst the best smartwatch rankings.

The watch’s triple-crowned dial and 44mm case sets it apart from most smartwatches. Fossil, unlike tech giants like Samsung and Apple, is experienced in the intricacies of wristwatch manufacturing, especially when it comes to comfort and design. Their expertise is apparent in every aspect of the Gen 5 Carlyle. The watch is equipped with Fossil’s tried-and-tested 22mm band, built from tested endurance materials and exchangeable with any of the company’s other models. This grants Carlyle a touch of personalization that the best smartwatch needs to offer.

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle is controlled by Google’s Wear OS and brings exceptional user convenience to the industry. Google’s tried-and-tested applications occupy the smartwatch memory, offering a flawless interface perfected over the decades. Keep on top of your schedule through the Google Calendar and Agenda application, or shift through Google alarms, contacts, news, and games on your wrist. Association with Google lends the Gen 5 Carlyle its most exciting feature: Google Assistant. You can operate the smartwatch entirely through voice commands and let the intelligent AI program manage your data. This is a blissful functionality for those who despise jabbing their wrists for every single control and notification. Moreover, if this is your first smartwatch, the voice control can offer you the best smartwatch experience by significantly simplifying the complexities of smartwatch operations.

The Carlyle smartwatch does not fall behind in terms of fitness-tracking either. It is integrated with Google Fit and monitors heart rate and daily activity. The app is layered with advanced routines that collect your wellness statistics, from sleep timing to GPS-based distance tracking. Have your daily activity reliably recorded and read aloud during workouts for instant improvement. How convenient is that! The watch is seamlessly constructed and labeled with a 3 ATM water-resistance guarantee, making it suitable for swimming and light water sports. In terms of battery life, it outstrips typical smartwatches with a promise of 24-hour multimedia usage. You can adjust the battery usage through 3 built-in modes and extend its timing to several days.

Google Assistant for voice controlThe triple-crown dial may be unappealing for conventional smartwatch lovers
Smart fitness tracking with Google FitFixed display orientation
Powered by Wear OS
24-hour multimedia battery life
22mm band exchangeable with other Fossil designs


Fossil’s Carlyle is a comfortable smartwatch with several quirks under its strap. Being integrated with Wear OS, it provides access to Google’s brilliant applications, including Fit for workout-tuning and Google Assistant for voice-control functionality.  If you are new to the smartwatch fervor and seek a wholesome, well-rounded experience, Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle is the best smartwatch for you.


The smartwatch industry is a static dimension that evolves to new standards every year. It is populated by innovative brands like Samsung, Apple, Fossil, and Garmin that strive to outdo each other with every model they produce. As we conducted a thorough evaluation of their products to determine the best smartwatch in the current market, the Samsung Galaxy Watch emerged as the most worthwhile model for android users.

Samsung’s Tizen OS is leaps ahead of Carlyle’s Wear OS in terms of sheer efficiency. It is better at optimizing the battery and smoothening app functions. Moreover, the rotating bezel of Galaxy Watch outstripped both Fossil and Garmin’s best smartwatch with its superior operational convenience. Wireless charging is another feature that Samsung’s competitors failed to deliver. Whether you are a businessman or an athlete, Samsung’s Galaxy watch is equipped with the ideal design, tools, and support to ease your lifestyle, making it the best smartwatch you can invest in.

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