How To Extend Drone Battery Life
(Last Updated On: January 2, 2018)

Drones are no short of anything amazing there is no denying that because personal drones are in their infancy in terms of developments, there are some limitations to them for the time being. One of those limitations is the battery life of the drones. Personal drones don’t have a very good battery life, not the budget friendly ones anyway. They can fly for anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes at the max and after that your picture taking drone lands back on the ground. To counter this problem drone users tend to carry extra battery with them to extend flying time of the drone. So the first thing we will discuss in this publication that will lead to extended fly time is the battery of the drones.

What should you look for in a drone battery? Let’s get into that first.


The first and the obvious thing to consider when buying a drone battery is the capacity of the battery. The battery capacity translates into the amount of charge storage which will in return power the drone motors. The capacity of the battery is measured in mAh and the higher the mAh figure on the battery the longer it will last with your drone during flight hence increase in flight time.


There are two types of batteries you will encounter when it comes to drone batteries, LiPO and NiCad batteries. The process of manufacturing these batteries is different so is the materials used in them. The LiPO batteries are considered to be more efficient and long lasting than NiCad batteries so opt for the LiPO batteries when selecting a battery for your drone.

Charging Time

Charging time of a drone battery is also a very aspect to look into when selecting a battery for your drone if you find yourself a battery which has high capacity but takes hours to charge up it is of no use to you since the capacity might only increase your drone’s flight time by 10 or 15 minutes but in comparison the charging time will shoot up exponentially which is not a good deal. You have to find a good balance between the charging time and battery capacity only then it’s worth it.

Considering these factors when selecting a battery for your drone will help you very much in extending the battery life of your drone and you will be able to keep your drone in the air for the perfect footage and capture your precious moments without having to rush everything because your battery may run out soon.

Apart from these factors you can follow some measures to retain as much battery life as possible by flying your drone efficiently and the end result of those measures will be a better battery consumption. What are these measures? Let’s get into it.

Measures for Efficient Battery Consumption on your Drone

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions play a vital role when it comes to your battery life. It’s simple Physics here, say if you were to fly your drone on a windy day. The wind will cause resistance against the drone and the drone’s motors will have to work extra hard to move against the wind which will cause the motors to drain battery charge quickly. So before you decide to fly your drone always check if the weather conditions are favourable or not.

Flying Style

Flying your drone in a manner that will impress your friends, doing flips or abruptly changing directions in the air will not result in very good battery life. When you push the motors of your drone to do any maneuver that will go against the current flow of the drone flight, it will require extra power to perform it. That extra power will lead to draining of the battery quickly as well.

Flying Mode

If you are flying your drone and operating your drone camera at the same time recording footage as you go it will drain your battery the fastest because of the consistent use of the camera. If you are using your camera to take occasional snapshots as you fly the drone it will consume a little less power from your drone’s battery and if you are flying the drone without any camera on board your battery will give you the maximum battery life it has in store for you because of the weight reduction.


Weight is a big factor when it comes to battery life, we would recommend that you buy a drone with a detachable camera. This will give you an edge, if you want to fly your drone without the need of a camera you can detach the camera and fly the drone. This will not only reduce the weight of the drone but also will allow drone’s motors to work less hard to keep the drone in the air and in return the motors will use less power from the battery.

Battery Charge

When in flight, never let the battery run dry. If the battery level drop to 20% land the drone and charge it to about 60% then store your drone. This measure will not only help you maintain your battery but also slows down the battery wear and tear over time which will lead to increment in overall lifetime of the battery.

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    I like that you provided some tips on how to extend drone battery life such as making sure not to let the battery run dry. It is recommended that you charge the batteries of your drone when they go below 20%. This would help extend its battery life and prevent wear and tear. I will definitely keep this in mind especially now that I’ve just recently purchased my own drone. Thanks.

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