How are Drones Waterproof
(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)

Personal and Commercial Drones as we all know are one of the best innovations that we have seen in the last couple of decades and with the passage of time new features are being added to already vast line of drones. You may have read about the follow me technology, drones which are designed for kids and drones for fishing enthusiasts. Now the technology of drones has taken a step further with the ability to go on and under the water to cater to the needs of mankind. Drones are now being used in vast amount of commercial fields, agriculture being the biggest user.

With all the commercial use, drones are being adopted for research purposes too. Marine researchers have started to use drones to facilitate their studies and even the lifeguards are using drones to provide assistance to the swimmers, if they need something out in the water like first aid kits or life jackets so they can hold on while the help arrives. These are usages of drones are made possible with the help of waterproof technology of the drones. How is that technology developed? Is waterproof drone any good? And can you waterproof your drone yourself? We will discuss all of this in this publication.

How Does Waterproof Drone Work?

The waterproof drones are no different than any other personal drones with a camera. The only difference between the waterproof drones and the rest of the personal or commercial drones is the ability to totally submerge in the water or the capacity to fly over water. Currently there are two kinds of water drones in the market there are waterproof drones and water resistant drones.

Water Proof and Water Resistant Drones

The water proof drones are completely ready to go under the water at certain depth which is certified under IPX certification. The recommended underwater operational depth of the drone will be listed on the drone’s operational manual. The water resistant drones cannot go underwater as they are only resistant to splash of water.

Waterproof Drone Mechanism

The waterproof drones are completely sealed off by the manufacturer using silicon or other substance. The completely sealed off body of the drone protects vital electrical components such as circuit boards and batteries on board the drone. The rotor motors are also sealed off using silicon coating and anti corrosion matter which allows them to function under the water.

Water Resistant Drone Mechanism

Water Resistant drones are not completely sealed off as the waterproof drones are but rather use of a simple rubber material wet suit to protect them from splash of water. They can operate in the rainy weather but cannot function in deep waters. Wet suits are made available for the drones such as DJI Phantom 4 by their manufacturers.

How Can You Waterproof Your Drone?

You can easily waterproof your drone by yourself and it is especially easy if you have a mini toy drone. Bigger drones require expert knowledge of all the circuits and the electrical components so that nothing goes missed when you water proof your drone.

To start off waterproofing your drone you need only two things, a silicone conformal coating which you can buy off the internet for $20 and a anti corrosion spray which is also very cheap to buy.

Directions to Waterproofing Your Drone

To waterproof your drone you have to open up the body of the drone and start by disconnecting battery from the circuit board. After disconnecting the battery start applying silicon conformal coating to the whole circuit board of the drone leaving out the battery connector as the silicon coating will create an obstruction between the battery connection and the connector will not pass on the charge to the circuit. After applying the silicon conformal coating to the circuit board leaving out the connector, use the anti corrosion spray, spraying it on the rotor motors and the battery connector. Then connect the battery to the connector and spray the battery terminals with anti corrosion spray as well and at the end spray the whole drone with anti corrosion spray. That’s it you are good to go. Test your drone by dipping into bowl of water, that is if you are waterproofing a small toy drone. Best of luck!

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