History Of 3D Printing Pen
(Last Updated On: December 31, 2017)

3D Pen is a relatively new product that has emerged in the last four or five years. 3Doodler, a 3d pen is considered as the world’s first 3d pen and it allowed users to literally draw in thin air. This new innovative style of creating object is done in three dimensions. A plastic material is used to 3d print object which has certain chemical properties allowing it to harden instantly as you 3d print any object.

Origin of 3D Printing Pen

Back in 2012 three inventors Peter Dilworth, Daniel Cowen and Maxwell Bogue decided to create a prototype of their latest invention, 3D pen. The 3d pen that they created back in the day was tested by them and the prototype took 14 hours to complete a single printing job which is a lot by today’s standards. Realizing that, they improved on the prototype and introduced 3Doodler to the market.

The creators described the process of their 3d pen as; it used two filament types PLA and ABS to 3d print an object. The 3d pen melts the filament through a patented process and extruded out through the nozzle, as the filament is softened under heat be sure to create any shape in 3D as the filament extrusion is happening. Once a shape is created after extrusion the plastic material cools down and hardens within seconds or instantly depending on the filament material.

3Doodler 2.0

After huge success of the original 3Doodler, in 2015 the three co-founders of 3Doodler introduced a second 3d pen named 3Doodler 2.0. It was a direct outcome of Kickstarter fund raising campaign which helped them generate 1.5 million dollars.

3Doodler 2.0 came into action with that funding and the 3d pen was in every way better than the original 3Doodler 3d pen. 3Doodler 2.0 saw improvements not only in the design but the whole mechanism. It was not as big as the first one as the design improvement saw to easy grip. The fan in the original 3d pen was loud and was quietened down in the second one and the nozzle was improved too which allowed for a more accurate 3d printing by the users.

3D Pen

A 3d pen is designed to look like an ordinary pen and even feels like one when you hold it. The thought behind designing a 3d pen like that is because of the already set parameters of objects that function to create art e.g. pain brushes. They are easy to grip on to and easy to guide it while creating art. 3d pen is an device which also creates art a different kind though.

3d printers have been around way longer than 3d pens but both use identical technology to 3d print objects. The only difference between the two is the automation process. 3d printers use nozzle just like the one you see in 3d pens but the nozzle is automatically handled by motors which are built in the 3d printer and those motors follow the instruction of a digitally designed blueprint.

3d pen doesn’t have computer instructions or motors to operate it is the bare essence of 3d printer mechanism and require only a human hand and human imagination to 3d print different objects.

How Does 3D Pen Function?

A 3d pen is quiet similar to the glue gun you might have in your home, but the internal mechanism is of course is a lot different. 3d pen functions with the help of heating element, a fan and a motor. That’s it. The parts might vary from model to model but the end result is the same from every 3d pen. You start off with loading a plastic filament which can be made up of any material, it’s up to you to make that choice according to your requirements. Once loaded the filament is processed through a heating filament which heats it up to the point of melting, melting point also vary for every filament material type and today’s 3d pens are capable of switching between the temperature settings according to filament materials.

Once heated up and melted, the filament is extruded through a nozzle at the tip of 3d pen. The extruded material will cool down and harden instantly or might take some time depending on the filament material you chose to 3d print your object.

What Can Be Expected of 3D Pen?

3d printing technology is only improving day by day and is being adapted by many industries for their manufacturing process. 3d pen is a very handy and useful mini version of 3d technology and you can expect it to become more refined and more useful in the future. Already many households are using 3d pens to create different objects which are required to purchase as a necessity such as bowls and different decoration items. We have come this far we will see 3d pens going a lot further in the coming years. Be sure to check out professional 3d pen reviews to select the best of the lot.

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