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Drone Follow Me Technology

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)

The drones have been around for quiet some while now and without any doubt they are one of the most fascinating innovations of our time. Since the introduction of civilian drones there has been quiet a development in their regards in terms of new technology. Commercial drones as we all are witnessing, being used in every industry which needs automation in the work force but now personal drones are also witnessing new technological developments as well. Personal drones known as Camera Drones are being used widely mostly for photography and videography and they are providing amazing results at that.

One of the newer technologies is the one being known as the “Follow Me Technology”. The follow me technology has allowed drone users with so much new to do especially the photographers and cinematographers as this technology is allowing them to create mesmerizing angle shots that was never possible before. So what kind of features has “Follow Me Technology” brought with it. Let’s get into it.

How Does Drone Follow Me Technology Works?

Before we get into the features of follow me technology we have to know how does this technology works? The drone which has the follow me technology on board will have a visual recognition software with it which will allow the subject to be recognized and followed or filmed. That’s the first part, now there are features that allow the drone to automatically adjust it’s angle or altitude according to the location of the subject. This feature is available with the help of GPS system on board the drone as it is connected to either your smart phone or the drone controller. The system co ordinates using the GPS technology and the location adjustment is made precisely by the drone.

Features Provided By Follow Me Technology

  • GPS Tracking

This feature allows for the drone user to have the drone follow him or her using the GPS connection between the drone and the controller. This allows for the user to set a specific distance between himself or herself and the drone to capture the footage as someone was using a camera to follow at that distance.

  • Auto Framing

This feature in the drones uses visual recognition software and it’s algorithm to keep the subject (drone user) to be at the center of the frame. This feature is very useful for creating stunning videos as you go along on a run or rowing or any other activity which needs you to be on the move.

  • Angle Mode

This feature allows for the drone user to set an angle at which he or she needs the footage to be shot from, it can be from the back, from the sides or any customized angle you want. The drone will be on that static angle and will follow you as you are on the move making a cool video.

  • Altitude Mode

This feature allows for the drone user to go rock climbing and make footage of himself or herself doing it. The altitude adjustments is up to the drone itself, the drone will gain altitude or loss altitude as you climb up or down as long as it is connected with your phone or the controller during any activity you are doing.

  • Automatic Return

This feature allows the user ease of mind as the user can stray from the starting position and the new technology of drones have dynamic return home feature and use GPS to track the location of the user and reach there without any hesitation. This feature may change in different drones as the older ones use a static GPS route to return to the starting point.

These are the features that Follow Me Drones will usually have with some variation in some cases but the basic function will remain the same. To choose the best follow me drone for your self check out Best Follow Me Drones.

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