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Connecting Bluetooth Adapter to Car Audio System – Complete Guide

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2018)

Having Bluetooth connectivity in your car’s stereo can prove to be very handy especially when you are driving about and you get a phone call. Now if you have your phone connected to the car’s Bluetooth stereo system you will be able to answer your phone without being distracted as you would be when you’re picking up the phone and answering it holding to your ear while driving, this can be a very big safety issue as the distracted mind can lead to road accidents.

Nowadays almost all the new cars come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity in their stereos but there are a lot of cars that are either older or just don’t get Bluetooth connectivity feature from the manufacturer to begin with even if it is the latest model. So there is no need to worry about it if that is the case since there are Bluetooth Adapters and Transmitters available that can connect your smart phone to the car’s stereo via Bluetooth connectivity.

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In this publication we are going to discuss the step by step process of Installing and Connecting the Bluetooth Transmitter/Adapter in your car. Let’s get into it.

Requirement of Wires

The number one question that every car owner will have in mind that will this Bluetooth adapter/transmitter require for me to get into wire hassle? Since anything related to aftermarket electronic that you install in your car leads to rewiring and whole setup procedure, Bluetooth adapters don’t require anything like that. There is no requirement of any kind of wired setup when it comes to Bluetooth transmitters/adapters and they are pretty simple to setup since they are plug-n-play.


There will be concern of the car owners that if the Bluetooth adapter will work with their existing non Bluetooth stereo that they have in their car. Well for a Bluetooth adapter/transmitter to work all it needs is a 12V Lighter Plug and a FM stereo we think that this is pretty basic and every car has these two things. There is an option of Aux input in some stereos but that is not the requirement of Bluetooth adapter/transmitter since it works wirelessly.

Workings of Bluetooth Adapter/Transmitter

Every Bluetooth adapter/transmitter that is available to us in the market today works on the principle of two way communication mode. There is a receiver and a transmitter within the Bluetooth adapter/transmitter. The receiver as depicted by it’s name receives the data and the transmitter transmits onto the stereo which further transmits the signal on to the audio system of the car. The adapter is plugged into the 12V Lighter Plug of the car to power it.

Smart Phone Compatibility

Most of the smart phones that are available today for purchase can easily connect to the Bluetooth Adapters which have the newer version of the Bluetooth on them and the newer models of the Bluetooth adapters do have newer Bluetooth version. There can be performance issues when you use the adapter but that mainly depends on the quality of the adapter you bought and if there is any type of obstacle between the Bluetooth connection. So before you choose any Bluetooth Adapter/Transmitter for yourself always check reviews and specifications of that model.

Setting Up Bluetooth Adapter/Transmitter

There is absolutely no complicated stuff involved in the whole setup of the Bluetooth adapter/transmitter and there are no extra stuff such as wires or other switches required that need to be installed for the adapter to work. The first thing you have to do is to connect the transmitter to the 12V Lighter Plug to provide power to it and as soon as it powers up you have to turn on the Bluetooth on your smart phone and complete the pairing process between the two devices.

As soon as the pairing is successful you have to turn on your FM Stereo and search for an empty channel to tune into. It is absolutely necessary that you find an empty FM channel because if the channel frequency is already occupied by a radio station then there will be a lot of interference when you use the adapter to receive calls or for any other purpose it is designed for.

Once you have selected an empty channel then you have to dial in the exact FM frequency on the Bluetooth adapter/transmitter to synchronize the stereo and the adapter. That’s it now whenever you will receive any call on your phone the adapter will transmit it to the stereo audio system and you will be able to answer the call without even physically picking up the phone.

Additional Features

Apart from the features discussed above in this publication, the Bluetooth adapters/transmitters that are available today for purchase have built-in microphone as well as volume control keys along with answer/decline key. These come in handy when your phone is in your pocket and you can’t take it out while driving you can just answer the call with the press of a button.

Apart from the buttons these adapter come equipped with USB ports which can be used to charge your phone or you can connect USB drive to it to play something which is stored in the USB drive.

We hope that you find this publication useful.

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