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If you  have arrived at this publication then you are a simulator racing games fan and if you are then chances are you most probably own a Xbox steering wheel or a steering wheel for any other platform you own. If you are looking to buy one in the near future you have most probably arrived at this publication just out of sheer confusion because of the large number of choices available in the market. And if you are confused there is nothing to worry about, either it’s your first time buying a steering wheel for your Xbox gaming platform or you are no newbie, getting confused with so much choices and wondering what suits best to your gaming style is a common issue.

Now to get that out of your system we are pleased to state that the market is filled with great steering wheels for your Xbox and we will review them so you find the best according to your gaming style.

Logitech and Thrustmaster are among the many trustworthy names in producing some of the best top of the line steering wheels.

Best Xbox One Steering Wheels Reviewed (Comparison)

Today in this review article we have listed some of the best Xbox steering wheels in the market according to their best features. We have mentioned their Pros and Cons accordingly so you can find the best steering wheel for your Xbox right here in this publication.

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So without any further delay, let’s look at our best Xbox One Steering wheel list.

Xbox Steering Wheel 
Logitech G920 Driving ForceCheck Price
Thrustmaster VG FerrariCheck Price
Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Steering WheelCheck Price
Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458Check Price
HORI Racing Wheel OneCheck Price
Thrustmaster VG TX Racing WheelCheck Price
Thrustmaster VG Ts-Xw Racer Sparco P310 Competition Mod (Editor's Choice)Check Price


1. Logitech G920 Driving Force

We are starting out our list of Xbox One steering wheels with the steeringBest Xbox Steering Wheel wheel produced by Logitech. The Logitech G920 Driving Force is purposely designed for usage only with a Xbox gaming console. Which is a good thing because the steering wheel which is purposely designed for the Xbox would have only one goal, to make the Xbox gaming experience as fun and good as possible.

If you are looking for a gaming steering wheel which is not just for use with Xbox you can always go for Driving Force G29. The G29 will provide support for the PC, PS3 and PS4 as well. That should solve the issue. Now on to the G920 Driving Force, the G920 is a top of the line steering wheel which is quiet capable to prove it’s performance and class with the amazing gaming experience.

The design of the G920 Driving Force is elegant with a sophisticated finish meanwhile maintaining that flash to it’s appearance. The buttons on the G920 are perfectly placed and you can reach them with no issue at all. The placement of this steering wheel is very good and it can fit places. If you have proper racing cockpit you would enjoy playing racing games with this steering wheel and the unique experience.

Now with all the perfect and unique experience you are reading about would raise one question in your mind. There has to be some negative or unpleasant thing about this steering wheel.  Well there is only one. The Price! The G920 Driving Force costs around $350 without a shifter and if you include the shifter with your order the price will reach beyond $400.

Now looking at the quality of the product offered by Logitech and the near perfect experience, the price tag is justified.




2. Thrustmaster VG Ferrari

Next steering wheel on our list is the VG Ferrari by Thrustmaster.Best Xbox Steering Wheel By far the cheapest steering on our list priced at $99.99 is designed specifically for the Xbox One gaming console. Now with such a low price tag, it will not be fair for the Thrustmaster VG Ferrari to be compared to the steering wheels such as the Logitech G920 and the G29. But for the sake of providing better reviews we do have to find out more about the VG Ferrari so you can know all about this steering wheel and the rest before making your choice for a better gaming experience.

Right after you take it out of it’s box you get the feels of holding an actual Ferrari steering wheel. The similarities and the attention to detail is striking. Because of the low price tag we were sure that the build quality of the VG Ferrari must have been compromised to achieve that. But the Thrustmaster proved us wrong, the build quality was solid and compact as any other gaming steering wheel and it worked smoothly with every racing game as any other gaming steering wheel.

The extra options provided by other top of the line steering wheels were missing in this one which was a negative point we found with this gaming steering wheel. The strong build quality was a plus point for this gaming steering wheel but the material Thrustmaster used to achieve that strong build was plastic and that feels really cheap in your hands. But do keep in mind the price tag of $99.99  which is you are paying for the VG Ferrari so the plastic material is not to be complained over when you get a good build quality.

Do visit GTPlanet Forum for more point of views on the VG Ferrari.



3. Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Steering Wheel PS3/PS4/PC/Xbox One

The Xbox One Steering Wheel we reviewed is from Thrustmaster, one of the leading gaming accessory manufacturers out xbox one steering wheel So you can say that Thrustmaster is a name you can trust with quality high performance products. The steering wheel in question holds a little special value because it is not only an add-on gaming steering wheel for Xbox One but also a collector’s item. The gaming wheel in question here is the Ferrari F1 gaming wheel. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.



Let’s start with the design of this gaming wheel, it is an exact replica of 2011 Ferrari F1 steering wheel and it is pretty impressive to look at. There are total 6 buttons, 2 D-pads, 2 rotary wheels and of course gear shifters. The front of the steering wheel is all brushed metal with leather grips for comfortable gaming experience. The rest of the gaming wheel is plastic build, but the build quality is durable and strong.
The add-on gaming wheels don’t have many features other than the buttons, design and the build quality. This Ferrari F1 gaming steering wheel is no different. It has a quick release system that almost all of the Thrustmaster add-on wheels have and it is compatible with Thrustmaster T500, T300 and TX Series Mods.
The performance of this steering wheel is very good and impressive it gives a real feel during gameplay. The leather grip is a bit annoying if you have sweaty hands and might be a problem during gameplay. The shifters and rotary wheels are very responsive indeed and the buttons are very high quality built and you can’t expect to hear any kinds of rattles from this steering wheel any time soon.


All in all the Ferrari F1 Gaming Steering Wheel for Xbox One is a very good add-on wheel to have and it won’t disappoint on the performance and build quality level. We rate it 8 out of 10.



4. Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458– Italia Edition

The TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 by Thrustmaster is next on ourBest Xbox Steering Wheel list of best Xbox steering wheels. The TX Racing Wheel comes in two editions this review is all about the first one, the Italia Edition. The second one which is the Leather Edition will be reviewed later on in this publication. So let’s  get to the Italia Edition and find out what this gaming steering wheel has to offer.

Going through the design of TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 you would expect by the name the Ferrari Branding which you do get. The gaming steering wheel design is based on the real life Ferrari 458 model and the there are no over the top gaming elements on the steering wheel sticking to being on the minimal side when it comes to that. The steering wheel supports both the Xbox One and the PC. The build quality of the TX Racing Wheel is not there to disappoint the solid and compact feel will take upon itself the adrenaline pumped emotions of the gamers with ease. However having reviewed the leather edition of TX Racing Wheel, the feeling of the leather edition is much more towards the luxurious feel. The Italia Edition does not feel that way. The leather edition costs $470 and the Italia Edition costs $300 that’s a lot of price difference for a premium feel and aesthetic upgrade when the performance stays the same.

The performance tests on the TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 – Italia Edition were to a good result, the performance of this gaming steering wheel was really good on all the games it was tested on. The force feedback and the vibrations, the elements proved to be very responsive, strong and very smooth. For the readers, the games it was tested on were GTA 5, GRID, Forza Motorsport along with others, the performance was no joke and there were no major issues during game play. All the performance tests did not disappoint us and this gaming steering wheel will surely not disappoint it’s users as well and it will let it’s users enjoy the game play like no other.

With so much praise and so much details going in to this gaming steering wheel’s performance and design, the final question remains. Does it have any faults or negative points? To be honest, there isn’t any. The only thing you would want to improve in this steering wheel would be it’s build material, but giving it negative review based on that would not be fair to this product. The Ferrari branding to the steering wheel does add a cool factor to owning this steering wheel. That is all that this steering wheel is offering to it’s users and that makes it one of the best gaming steering wheels available in the market today.




5. HORI Racing Wheel One

Next up on our list of best Xbox steering wheel is the HORI RacingBest Xbox Steering Wheel Wheel One. This entry on our list is for the people who are looking for a good gaming steering wheel under a budget. The other noticeable thing you will find in this particular Steering Wheel is that it is officially recommended/certified to be used with Xbox One by Microsoft. You can show your certified steering wheel off to your friends. The budget oriented people can grab this steering wheel for a affordable price tag of $80, let’s find out if it’s worth it or not.

The build quality considering the low price tag of the HORI Racing Wheel One brings in all plastic construction which will surely hit below the expectations of a lot of the users out there but that is the compromise that will have to be made for more than half the prices compared to the VG TX Steering by Thrustmaster and the G920 by Logitech. The designers of this gaming steering wheel were so focused on bringing the price tag down that they just plainly stripped off a lot of the features that make racing steering wheels popular among the fans and also perform well with gaming consoles. To name one we can look at the lack of the force feedback and the vibrations that make the gaming experience feel so real and good. Games like Forza Motorsport are a disappointment if played without such features, but arcade games are much suited to this gaming steering wheel where these features are not necessary.

Even though the steering wheel is offered with a budget price there are two things that will bother even the budget racing game enthusiasts. The lack of force feedback is a major deal breaker and the mounting system has suction cups to make it stick to the surfaces. Seriously these negatives are very hard to ignore. If you are able to do so then this steering wheel is for you.



6. Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel– Leather Edition

The next one on our list of best Xbox One Steering Wheel is theBest Xbox Steering Wheel Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel. You may be wondering if we are reviewing the same steering wheel the second time here. That is not the case, we mentioned in the earlier review that there are two editions to the Thrustmaster VG TX the Italia Edition and the Leather Edition, we are reviewing the Leather Edition in this particular instance. Now if you want to feel the luxury and premium feel with your game play experience you should opt for the VG TX Leather Edition with eyes shut. This steering wheel has two variants that you can choose from, one with Leather design and the other is without the leather material design. To give you a better insight into this steering wheel you should know that the VG TX is was produced to compete with the Logitech G920 which as we know is a very good gaming steering wheel but the VG TX has beaten to it when it comes to supporting gaming consoles, the VG TX supports PC connectivity as well as for the Xbox One whereas the G920 supports only Xbox.

On opening the box of the VG TX you will be graced with a Leather Feel on the steering wheel. Once you observe the quality of the premium fine leather on the steering wheel the price tag is justified right there and then. The functions on the VG TX Leather Edition are no joke, and the functions are more than you need for an amazing game play. Now on to the force feedback, a lot of gamers worry about the force feedback not being strong enough, well we can assure you that the force feedback is strong and is responsive way beyond you can think of. It’s the real deal.

Now the other question, is there anything wrong with it or is there something missing in VG TX? If you are not a hardcore gamer, the whole package that the VG TX offers is more than enough for you. If you are a hardcore gaming enthusiast and you scrutinize the VG TX you will notice that the pedals on the VG TX cannot be inverted which can be annoying and the build material of the pedals is plastic which can prove to be really uncomfortable if used for a consistently long period of time.

All in all the Thrustmaster VG TX is among the best steering wheels gaming enthusiasts can go for out of what is available in the market today which is not only good for the Xbox but also for the PC gaming as well. You will enjoy the racing games with this steering wheel as if you are really living them. The solid build quality and the luxury feel it offers is a lot for a decent priced steering wheel. It provides good value for your money no doubt about that.



7. Thrustmaster VG Ts-Xw Racer Sparco P310 Competition Mod

The next entry in our list of best Xbox Steering Wheels is frombest xbox steering wheels Thrustmaster, now we have reviewed some very good steering wheels from the Thrustmaster above but the VG Ts-Xw Sparco P310 is something else. Sparco have released this wheel just recently via Thrustmaster and is one of the high-end steering wheels on the market. This Xbox steering wheel is licensed for use on the PC and Xbox One, we are pretty confident that this steering wheel will be compatible with Xbox X One as well because of it’s recent release. Now the Sparco P310 is a 1:1 replica of the original Sparco wheel. So let’s get into how the P310 fared in terms of design and performance in our review.

The design of the P310 is pretty great in terms of looks with flat bottom and top look, the foam on the steering wheel grip is both comfortable and good for grip during gameplay. The internal structure along with the pedal set are all 100% constructed so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear with this wheel. The P310 Xbox Steering Wheel has a diameter of 31 cm and is lightweight for better sensation of the performance during gameplay. All the pedals on the pedal set are adjustable according to your height and comfort level. The wheel is also detachable as well.

Now let’s get into performance of the P310. The motor on board this competition mod is 40-watt brushless Servomotor which performs exceptionally well even after long and intense use the performance stays consistent. The turbo shaped external power supply supports the motor to compensate with the lightening requests from the games with power peaking at 400-watts. The angle rotation is adjustable from 270 degrees to 1080 degrees. The performance and the feel out of the P310 really puts you inside the driving seat and the response you get out of this machine is exceptional and very sharp. The ultra progressive resistance at the and of the brake pedal’s travel is a very nice touch and completes your gameplay driving experience.

The only thing that we found that Thrustmaster and Sparco didn’t provide was that the P310 Steering wheel is not sold separately you have to buy the whole bundle to enjoy the gaming experience this Xbox Steering Wheel has to offer, so if you are looking for something low budget you will be disappointed with the price tag. Performance wise the P310 performs great, the pedals are good and the steering wheel itself build wise is great and the motor in a word is “good”.



New Arrival

Fanatec Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel and Pedals Bundle

We like our readers to stay updated and choose the best with thebest xbox steering wheel with pedals contemporary releases in front of them. That is why we have added this section of new arrivals for our readers. The new arrival in the best Xbox steering wheels is the Fanatec Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel and Pedals Bundle for Xbox One and PC the beast of the Xbox Steering Wheels. This racing steering wheel compatible with both Xbox One and PC is the real deal and is the official Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel. This steering wheel for gaming console is not aimed at the audience with a low budget if you are willing to go for quality and unique gaming experience then you wouldn’t mind spending more than the average gamer. Now all the introduction aside let’s get right into it. What makes this Xbox One Steering Wheel the best that current market has to offer.

When we got this Steering Wheel all setup and ready for testing the first impression we got was the luxurious feel of it. The steering wheel is covered with genuine leather with fine white stitching and the whole rim is made up of Aluminium and not some cheap plastic. A good start! The pedals and the wheelbase are from Clubsport, if you are a gaming fanatic you’d know about their reliability so the best parts of the world are fitted onto this gaming steering wheel.

For the technical specs the wheel diameter is 33cm and it has the most customizable options of any Xbox steering wheel, the buttons on the steering wheel can be placed on any position you want them to be. The compatibility on this Xbox Steering Wheel is going to be no issue for you as it will cater many future gaming consoles to come.

Now onto it’s wheelbase, the wheelbase is Clubsport v2.5 which I must say is a masterpiece of an equipment. The Directsensor technology on board this wheelbase gave us a truly mesmerizing gameplay the precision of the steering wheel due to this wheelbase is truly amazing. The belt drive consists of multiple v-ribs and ball bearings which gave us no drags and slips during the heat of the moment when playing Forza Motorsport and it gave a very real feel as if you are really in the car. All the parts on board the whole bundle are aluminium which are tough and durable.

Now the pedals, pedals are from Clubsport as well the Clubsport v3 to be exact. The 90kg load cell allows you to give a real pressure application and the one cool thing with the pedals is that you can adjust the stiffness of the brakes like you can on a real car which makes gameplay really exciting. Other than that you have all aluminium construction and the vibration motor has also different vibration patterns helping you identify between the pedals during gameplay.

All in all we found nothing wrong with this Xbox steering wheel the build quality and the performance is unmatched. The price tag is high which is justifiable with the performance and the quality it presents.



Other Accessories

Openwheeler Cockpit

The next item on our list is not a steering wheel but a Cockpit for theBest Xbox Steering Wheel steering wheel, if you want a complete gaming experience the cockpit needs to be there with the steering wheel. This cockpit is compatible with all the steering wheels including the G920 and G29 by Logitech and the steering wheels by Thrustmaster. The price tag of this cockpit is $378 but is it any good? Let’s get into it.

The reviews of this cockpit are full of praise, even being called the “true racing seat”.  The reviewed cockpit comes in different color options and the quality is not compromised at all, the build material is  top of the line and comfortable for long gaming hours. It doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, big or small the cockpit has many adjustment options on board which will help you adjust accordingly.

With price tag under $400 the cockpit is offering a lot for that money and the options that come along with it are more than enough to please any gaming enthusiast.



Thrustmaster TH8A Add-on Gearbox Shifter

Recently we reviewed Openwheeler Cockpit which as we all know is a complete necessity if you want to experience a realistic gaming xbox Add on gearbox shifter Now we have reviewed another gaming accessory that will enhance your gaming experience surely. It is the TH8A Add-on Gearbox Shifter by Thrustmaster. We are always working on finding the perfect gaming accessory or steering wheel that will enhance the gaming experience of our readers and this gearbox shifter does exactly that. So how it fared in our review? Let’s find out.



Let’s start with the design of the shifter. The shifter has a very realistic feel in your hand and when you are using it during gameplay you don’t feel the difference at all as if you are living the game. The design of this gear shifter is all metal and gives out a very old school yet very refined and elegant look. The quality craftsmanship is all you see on the design. The knob of the gear shifter is detachable and is mounted on a 13cm tall gear stick which can support the use of a real universal gear knob which you use in cars. Overall the build quality is very strong and durable.
On to the features of the TH8A Gear Shifter. The TH8A comes with 2 shift plates for you to choose between your favourable shift patterns either the “H”-Pattern or the Sequential Shift Pattern (+/-). The clamping system is all metal and is removable and can be screwed onto any surface up to 55mm thick. The resistance of the gearshift is also adjustable. There is no tact switch or potentiometer on board this gear shifter for a very long duration life. The magnetic sensor on board this gear shifter is very responsive and there is no over time in the response and the precision is excellent.

Now the main performance review, the gear shifter performed exceptionally well in our review. It is responsive with no lag. The connectivity of this gear shifter with your gaming steering wheel is very easy. But the main thing that bothered us that it only works with TX Racing Wheel on Xbox. This gear shifter does support PS4, PS3 and PC connectivity.

All in all there is no better gear shifter for your gaming steering wheel than the Thrustmaster TH8A and you can count on what we say.


Final Word – Wrapping It Up

Unlike the early days of gaming peripherals, the market today is dominated by the 3rd party manufacturers and they are rolling out some really cool gaming peripherals everyday. Logitech and Thrustmaster are right in front of us as the leading examples. If you are looking for some cool gaming peripherals check PS4 Steering Wheels.

You will be welcomed by a lot of choices if you looking to buy a gaming steering wheel that will confuse you making your decision harder to make. That is the main reason we have compiled this list so that you get to choose the best steering wheel for yourself without all the fuss and the confusions.

Hope this publication was good enough to have helped you make a decision.




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