Best Wireless Earbuds
(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

Best Wireless Earbuds

If you are here maybe you are tired of your tangled headphones. No matter what you do, how much care you put in them they are going to get tangled. Make your life wireless today. As, we are going to share 10 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Under $100 you can buy right now.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Under $100 Reviewed (Comparison)

Earbuds NameDimensionBattery CapacityCharging Time 
Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth6 x 7 x 1 in200 mAh3 hoursCheck Price
Sony SBH80 Bluetooth Headset
(Editor's Choice)
4.33 x 4.72 in125 mAh2 hoursCheck Price
Hiwill V4.1 Bluetooth Earbuds5.6 x 1.4 x 3.8 inN/A30 minutesCheck Price
Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Sport EarbudsN/A300 mAh2 hoursCheck Price
FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth0.6 x 0.9 x 0.5 in2 x 55 mAh30 minutesCheck Price
Otium Best Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headphones1.4 x 0.6 x 0.6 in120 mAh2 hoursCheck Price
MAOKOT HM2060-R Bluetooth v4.2 Wireless Earbuds0.6 x 1.5 x 0.5 in2 x 40 mAh1 hourCheck Price
AELEC S35Headphones Wireless In-Ear Sports Earbuds1.4 x 0.78 x 1.18 inN/A2 hoursCheck Price
Rowkin Bit Charge Stereo Truly Wireless Headphones0.83 x 0.55 x 0.55 in55 mAh1.5 hoursCheck Price
Small Target BH01
(Top Choice)
1.4 x 0.6 x 0.6 in150 mAh1.5 hoursCheck Price

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1. Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth

What makes Jaws stand out is its unique design; it’s not onlybest wireless earbuds possibly the lightest of wireless headphones which has a neck band out there, nonetheless its magnetic clip provides comfortable wear. Just clip these phones wear around your neck!

This method is jam packed while using all the features you would expect to find out in a quality wireless Bluetooth headphones including sleek controls for play/pause, answer calls, and next/previous track buttons. My favorite feature of this system would have to become the noise cancelling, up-to-date modern CVC6.0 technology. The noise cancelling feature not simply filters out unwanted background noise and ensures the clearest quality of sound for calls and your favorite tracks. This method comfortable because of its lightweight neckband, converting a lot of the regular earbud consumers because of the” barely there” feeling. This product boasts an ultra-long life of the battery of 13-hours music time, greater than 5 hours more than others already in the market usually (tied to 8 hours playtime).

LightweightNeckband Category, not simple
13-hour playtimeRelatively large compared to other earbuds
4.1 BluetoothNot water proof only bares few drops
Sweat Proof


This product is very comfortable despite having few drawbacks. It is not as good as small earbuds in terms of comfort but it is lightweight, and have a longer battery life.



2. Sony SBH80 Bluetooth Headset (Editor’s Choice)

The Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH80 originally arrived quitebest wireless earbuds a while back. The premium headset posseses an iconic design and contains consistently received great feedback for the quality of the sound reproduction.

We never went about getting a deep go through the Sony SBH80 headset if this initially launched, so check out our full thoughts below.

The Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH80 is well-spec for the wireless headset. The headset supports Bluetooth 3.0, NFC for straightforward pairing, aptX audio enhancement, multipoint connectivity and HD Voice. The headset posseses an 125mAh battery, perfect for 8 hours of talk time (or 6 hours of streaming time) as outlined by Sony. The headset can be simply charged via micro USB.

Sony works on the neckband-style design with controls tracking each ear piece. It is splash proof and has double microphones simply put caller will usually hear you, regardless of what way your face is turned.

Sony has a few accessories from the packaging, which carries a 10cm Sony EC300 micro USB cable.

Sony features a pack with two various sizes of rubber earbud for every ear (not including the main one already about the headset). So, you have a range of e. three earphones altogether, so that you should be able to locate one that fits you properly.

The whole headset weighs 25 grams, same goes with very lightweight. The great thing about this type of neckband design is always that it takes the load off the earphones (and hence the burden off your ears), providing an even more comfortable listening experience.

The bottom in the neckband has the ability button, a micro-USB port to charge as well as a small LED notification light to spotlight battery status. There is a flashing blue light used if your headset is pairing mode as well as a flashing purple light any time a call is incoming. There are three different battery states highlighted:

The Sony SBH80 Headset takes about 2 hours to totally charge. From our usage, we found out that Sony’s stated usage time was broadly correct. We could get less than six hours of streaming time ahead of the headset gave out, if you’re a whopping user, you a lot need to charge the headset every day.

Sony says how the SBH80 is splash-proof, in order that it should survive okay having a bit of rain. However, without formal IP rating, we will advise caution within a wet environment.

Despite the Sony SBH80 Headset launching a couple of years ago, it is still popular. Sony has continued to make the headset.

It only has placed two separate controls on each side from the earphones. One side controls volume plus the ability to have a call, the other controls music playback (play/pause/rewind/forward).

As you will notice just under the chrome buttons, Sony has additionally used a mic on each control unit. This means you’ll find double microphones to ensure you can invariably be heard, wherever your face might be tuned. We found call quality to be good, even within a relatively windy environment. Other parties could hear us without muffling and that we found the controls to be very conveniently placed to require a call and control volume. It is also worth noting which the neck band contains a gentle vibrating alert to be able to avoid those missed calls.

When looking at the in-ear monitors (IEMs) themselves, Sony flags which ear piece is good for which ear with clear ‘R’ and ‘L’ markers. As mentioned earlier, the rubber headphones/tips can easily be removed should the size doesn’t conveniently fit. There are another two differently sized rubber tips from the box. Sony uses 5.8 mm dynamic drivers with 15 Ohm as well as a frequency response of 10Hz to 20,000Hz.

Overall, the audio quality was neutral with maybe a small bias for the bass side. Sounds reproduction was very good which has a wide soundstage. The Sony SBH80 Headset includes Bluetooth aptX support, enabling CD-like quality wireless audio. This should mean a lot more faithful reproduction within your music as aptX decreases the bit rate without affecting audio quality or introducing latency issues.

A small criticism is the fact that leads to each earphone feel a bit fragile, so we’re ensure the way they would fare in the longer-term

Great soundSplash Proof only
Great handsfree callingLow battery life
Led notification
NFC pairing
Tangle Free
Quick Charging


I am using these earbuds personally and they are the best. Yes, they have drawback like low battery life but it does not matter as it gets fully charged within 20 minutes. Its design is very professional and if you are looking to get best wireless ear buds this is our top choice.




3. Hiwill V4.1 Bluetooth Earbuds

If you’re trying to find top recommended Wireless Headphones,best wireless earbuds Hiwill V4.1 Bluetooth Earbuds, is my suggestion. Many good reviews already proving the grade of this product. If you wish to know further on this wireless ear buds, just read its main features below.

Hiwill v4.1 Features

  • 2 in 1 mini earbuds and power bank: For the earbuds, you should use the two earphones simultaneously or utilize the RIGHT earbud single just to save power. Stereo for music, but mono for cellphone. As for the portable power bank, despite the fact charge your earbuds, but in addition for your phone, no stress about the power off if that you are outside.
  • Truly cordless with Bluetooth V4.1+CVC 6.0: No more cable mess, these earbuds are completely wireless by using a Bluetooth connection. BT 4.1 Low power consumption, better signal. CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology filters the surface noise.
  • MiNi, secure and humanized design: The earbuds were created lightweight and small, resembling a small dot inside your ear. They are almost invisible. It is coded in ear, also is sold with five size ear tips, well suited for most people.
  • Long lasting time: Built in 2000mAh powerful lithium battery, practically 30 minutes in case gives you about 2 hours of listening time, as well as the powerful charging case can charge 15 times for earbuds, offering you a full day of enjoying true wireless audio.
  • One-Year Product Warranty: Our company warrant this supplement 12 MONTHS from your date of purchase including any amazon fulfilled orders that are over the return time. Any questions around the product, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Light weightSmall size
Easy to useEasily losable
30-minute charge
Ear friendly


This is must have product if you are looking for tiny earbuds to fit in your ears without any hassle. This is great product and people are loving it. It has great reviews so far. The quality is great, the charging is quick and playback support is also excellent.



4. Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Sport Earbuds

Mpowbest wireless earbuds Wolverine Sport Bluetooth 4.0 headphones, an in-ear “budget” model that sells online for around $35. The pitch was that only were they lightweight and sweatproof, nonetheless they featured “crystal clear hifi stereo sound and didn’t disappear your head,” despite the presence of a strong shake.

I was skeptical regarding quality, but I’m always trying to find good bargain headphones, so I figured I’d give them a shot.

Mpow Sport Design and Features

Let’s commence with what I like about them. They are indeed lightweight and sort of wind up to a ball you can easily stick in the bank. While somewhat unusual looking, they’re pretty generic within their styling and check like budget headphones. Their building doesn’t inspire confidence they can hold up under rigorous use for some time, but by the same token, they don’t really seem poorly built.

The other, potentially more severe issue is body of the headphones. With the included eartips — you can find three sizes — I couldn’t receive the headphones to remain in my ears. The right earbud kept sliding out, which besides was irritating nonetheless it obviously had a direct effect on quality of sound.

Mpow Sport Performance

I wasn’t amazed by their sound, nonetheless they offered relatively decent clarity and didn’t overaccentuate the bass. I’m not going sit here and inform you they sounded incredibly accurate or natural, but I thought they measured up practically against Bluetooth headphones that cost double the and maybe more.

Light weightSmall battery life
Water resistantToo small buttons
Cheap but good quality
Easy pairing


Personally, I wouldn’t pay attention to them for too long periods (I did experience some listening fatigue, which normally means there’s some treble push — personally, anyway), but think they’d be acceptable for workouts while working out and runs outside.



5. FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth

At first glance, you’ll likely notice how incredibly small , minimalistbest wireless earbuds they search. In fact, they’ve been publicly credited as being the “smallest” and the majority “invisible”, budget-friendly headphones available. But how good do they actually be? We’re here right now to take a closer check out their features, comfort, audio quality, usability and also other crucial factors. We’ll take an in-depth have a look at what they have to supply and how they truly perform.

First Impressions

One in the first things you’ll notice in regards to the Focuspower F10’s is their smaller than average and discreet form factor. Measuring in at under one inch in diameter, they’re meant to fit snugly inside your ear canal. Before pairing these to our smartphone, we popped them inside our ears and located them surprisingly comfortable and discreet. Given an oval-like shape, they lodge perfectly between ear cartilage and apparently stay perfectly snug – despite having vigorous or continuous movement. These are the smallest earbuds we’ve laid our practical, so it’s nice to determine that they stay snug if you want them most.

One thing to notice is they’re sold individually and never as a pair. Most listeners should have two earbuds, instead of one, to want to pick-up two rather than one.

Pairing ComfortSound Quality Battery
Moving on, we necessary to test out the exact audio, so pairing these to our Bluetooth enabled device (iPhone 6 in your situation) had to become done. To make this happen, simply press the tiny button found on the right earbud. Once you try this, you’ll notice the tiny LED emit a blinking signal. At this time, it’s seeking a Bluetooth device for connecting to, so ensure your phone or tablet does have it’s Bluetooth setting enabled. Next, surf for available connections with your device and you should spot the “Focuspower” option with your list of nearby connections/devices to pair with. Tap it once, along with a secure and consistent connection needs to be established.

The Focuspower F10 Earbuds in addition have a feature called “Multi-point Connection”. This allows you to simultaneously connect two devices at the same time so you can share playlists or play tunes from different devices. It’s not just a feature we’d typically use often, but it’s nice to view it included. Making a multi-point connection is actually comparatively easy. Just manually pair two devices to your same “Focuspower” Bluetooth signal, like you’d pair just one device.

Before you have into playing your selected sound tracks, it’s vital that you achieve a proper fit. For most individuals, they need to fit as good as right out in the box. However, if you’re experience any movement when they’re you, you may would like to take a second to fidget using them. Try changing the ear tips, because there are extras included. Take some more time to get familiar with how they’re meant to be placed in your ears.

We found enhanced comfort to be quite sufficient in your experience. We didn’t have to change the tips or move them around much. Once they were wear, no movement or flimsiness was noted. They truly do manage to stay fitting well, although we all know this can be determined by personal factors like the dimensions of your ears, etc. The rubberized ear tip material is soft, plush and appears to cause no pressure points or unwanted side effects.

Likely an important factor for virtually every earbud is the quality of sound itself. After all, why can you want a two of miniature earbuds should they weren’t gonna play music well? After you’ve paired them and achieved a fit that you’re very happy with, it’s time for you to test the audio. We spent multiple hours playing via a variety of songs at a wide range of genres.

Needless to express, the Focuspower F10’s gave the impression to emit sound that’s much nicer than originally expected. Rap, rock, country and classical music all sounded equally nice with clear tones, vibrant highs and stable level of treble. The only area that seemed a tad-bit lacking was the deep, deep bass. As expected, most earbuds don’t reach the same belly-dropping low tones a typical two of studio-grade or over-ear headphones produce. Likely one contributing thing to this is the miniature size and the fact which they’re earbuds. The low tones don’t have quite the identical effect since there’s less space to the deep bass to radiate no dedicated woofer. We’d want to conclude how the bass isn’t amazing but it’s definitely sufficient.

However, the overall audio quality is still very pleasing. Even though the bass doesn’t quite live-up to professional quality, the rest from the sound range comes off very well.

Since the F10’s are completely wireless and without any a tangled mess of wires, each earbud depends on their own independent 55 mAh lithium-ion battery. Although this height and width of battery doesn’t feel like much, there is wireless listening between 5 to 6 hours. Throughout multiple listening sessions, we found this quantity of listening time being fairly accurate. There was one time how they didn’t last over 4 as well as a half hours, but that has been simply because the degree was cranked up right, putting much more of a strain within the internal batteries. While 5-6 hours is a pretty standard duration for normal-sized wireless earbuds to last, that is typically a lot more than enough time for almost all situations.

While the built-in batteries apparently work well, there’s one obvious downside. You’ll need to ensure that they’re fully charged if you’re going to use them for some time. Luckily, this is comparatively easy to do with the magnetic USB charger that’s included. In a similar form-factor being a USB flash drive. All you should do is squeeze earbud about the charger and plug it into any available USB port or charger. This means no fiddling with wires and cords, which equals a tangle-free and minimalist approach – something we could all appreciate.


InvisibleNot in pair
SmoothSmall buttons
6-hour battery timing


If you are looking for invisible wireless earbuds go for it. It is comfortable and great sound quality but make sure to order two as it does not come in pair.



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6. Otium Best Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headphones

The Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds sports an identical colorbest wireless earbuds scheme and design as being the Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless. These earbuds can be purchased through the Unibuying website or through Amazon and are offered at a heavy discount when compared to Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless.

The construction in the Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds’s cardboard box is reasonably solid, using the lid was taped down with two circular bits of tape sporting the name, “Otium Beats”.  The cover incorporates a rather artistic rendition with the headphones, a black silhouette contrasting resistant to the red background, while using power button highlighted on one with the ear pieces along with a red circle on the other instrument.  The bottom with the box provides more information on the unit, advertising its features and specifications.

Opening your box required the removal from the two stickers, though a straightforward slip of an knife over the tape would’ve sufficed too. Apart from the earbuds themselves, the therapy lamp also contained an instructions manual, charging cable, and also a Unibuying contact info card.

The Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds itself features a curious shape

It is attached with a pebble-sized protrusion, which, when worn, usually do a decent job in blocking out noise. The right earpiece contains all from the control buttons- the facility button located on the side, and a couple distinct buttons to improve and lowering the volume. The headphones are charged by way of a port on the bottom in the right earpiece, concealed with a flap of silicone-like material.

While the Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds will not be too subtle with similar colors, design, as well as using the name “Beats”, it’s obviously not the same as being the Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless and must not be confused with products from Apple’s Beats.  Still, the Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds possesses some degree of quality in the construction and presentation and is also very affordable for anyone with a tight budget but wanting this kind of headphones.

Looks like beat audioTried to copy beats
Good quality in cheap priceNo color options
Attractive design


Looks like beat audio headphones. If you are looking for cheap alternative as if you cannot afford beats go for it. It has good sound quality not as compared to beats but it’s a lot cheaper as well.



7. MAOKOT HM2060-R Bluetooth v4.2 Wireless Earbuds

The next wireless earbud in our list is the model HM2060-R from MAOKOT which is not one of the big branded wireless earbuds in the market going for hundreds of dollars.bluetooth 4.2 best wireless earbuds It’s good reviews among the masses has led us to review these earbuds and present it to our readers who deserve nothing but the best. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.






The HM2060-R has a small and compact design, they are so small that you won’t even feel that they’re in your ears. They are built using aerometal and have a very good build quality. The earbuds fit comfortably in your ears and they don’t jiggle in your ears they fit perfectly without falling off. The earbuds are also IPX4 Sweat proof which makes them great for use during your workouts.

The Bluetooth v4.2 compatible HM2060-R earbuds have the best noise cancelling feature of any wireless earbuds and a great signal quality. They have a connection range of 33 feet and can charge within an hour. At full charge you can use these wireless earbuds for 2 to 3 hours max. the HM2060-R come with a 500mAh station which is 3in x 2in x 2in in size small and compact which can provide 4 to 5 charges to your earbuds on the go.

These earbuds can be used to make calls and listen to music simultaneously as each of the earbud can be used for separate function at the same time. They also come with 30 days money back service.

The sound quality of these earbuds is excellent and up to par with the big branded wireless earbuds. The pairing is very easy and convenient on these earbuds and there are no reported build quality issues with these earbuds. So if you’re looking for wireless earbuds on a budget this is our suggestion to you. You can get these for around $70.
500mAh Portable Charging StationNone That We Could Find
Individual Separate Use
Easy Pairing
30 Days Money Back Service


Overall these wireless earbuds provide very good value for money and can last for couple of years easily that out of budget wireless earbuds is rare. We rate them 8.5 out of 10.



8. AELEC S350 Headphones Wireless In-Ear Sports Earbuds

When it comes to best and affordable product, you probably oughtbest wireless earbuds to please take a glance at the AELEC S350 Headphones Wireless In-Ear Sports Earbuds Several users have reported many Excellent reasons for AELEC S350 Headphones Wireless In-Ear Sports Earbuds Sweatproof Earphones Noise Cancelling Headsets with Mic for Running Jogging, hence we made a decision to go on a overall look in internet marketing and highlight why is this product Wonderful.

AELEC S350 Features and Specifications

Comfort Wear that Never Hurt your Ears

Ergonomic design ensures comfort wearing without hurting your ears regardless how long time you put it on in gym or running. Enjoy a secure fit and skip-free high-fidelity stereo music each time with precision earbuds. Perfect partner for sports enthusiasts especially.

Never Miss a Call by Connecting 2 Devices

The S350 has the capacity to connect with 2 devices while doing so, which permits you to answer messages or calls from 2 devices and makes certain that you will not miss a crucial call or message at the TV or sweating while working out.

High Fidelity Stereo Audio Output

The S350 feature built-in CSR BlueCore chip (CSR8635) and APT-X audio decoding technology along with CVC6.0 noise canceling technology to deliver perfect audio quality, drive yourself forward with stunning premium sound.

Lightweight & Sweatproof, Perfect for Working Out

We manufacture S350 with light materials and have them as lightweight and does not add any burden for your requirements during runs. Embedded sweatproof component protects your device from damage of sweat and helps it be the perfect selection for working out.

Hassel-free Warranty & Guaranteed Reliability

At aelec, we feel in our products. That is why we back all with an 18-month warranty and two months money-back guarantee and offer friendly, easy-to-reach support. In addition, you can expect lifetime sweatproof warranty and first-class customer service rather than aelec headphones.

18-month warranty
Comfortable wearing


It is one of the best wireless earbuds. Comes with hefty warranty great quality, comfortable wearing, they get paired easily with any device and I am unable to find any drawback in them so far. If you find any let me know comment section.



9. Rowkin Bit Charge Stereo Truly Wireless Headphones – Invisible Bluetooth Earbud

The Rowkin Bit Charge wireless earbuds are tiny Bluetoothbest wireless earbuds earbuds that store in a very rechargeable case that doubles being a backup battery for ones other gadgets that charge with a USB cable.

Judging the Rowkin earbuds on precisely the way they are and feel, these are my historical favorite set of two wireless earbuds. They come within a sleek case that features a gun metal grey aluminum shell that houses a rechargeable battery that charges the earbuds after they aren’t with your ears.

The built-in batteries in the event charge while using included micro USB cable. You’ll also discover that there’s a normal USB port in the event too. The case doubles being a backup battery for other gadgets that charge via a USB cable. And LED involving the two ports blinks in blue to suggest the battery capacity level.

According from what I’ve read, true can recharge the earbuds nearly 15 times before the truth needs to be recharged along with the earbuds themselves will run for as much as 3 hours per charge. I know that doesn’t seem to be a long time, but considering how tiny they can be, this indicates pretty good if you ask me.

The Rowkin Bit Charge Earbuds will be the smallest I’ve ever reviewed. And, these are also essentially the most comfortable earbuds that I’ve ever tried – and I’ve tried a LOT of earbuds throughout the years.

Each earbud incorporates a status LED as well as a small multi-function button around the face. The LED offers a visual indicator from the power status, pairing status plus the master / slave relationship relating to the two earbuds.

The button toggles power, initiates pairing, controls media play/pause, call answer/end/reject and activates voice control.

The earbuds snap in the charging case and are also held there with magnets. As soon as they may be inserted to their slots, they start charging, and that is indicated by the LEDs glowing in red. When they can be finished charging, the LEDs head out.

The earbuds are removed by pressing up from your bottom from the charging case so the earbuds extend out through the top to enable them to be removed. It’s a slick design that I enjoy.

The Rowkin Bit Charge earbuds are in-ear style earbuds. I don’t usually such as this type of earbud, nevertheless the Rowkins are snug enough will wear without discomfort utilizing the default sized ear tips.

They even stayed available while performing exercises. Granted, I don’t do high-intensity workouts and don’t run, nonetheless they stayed in fine while walking briskly on the treadmill and doing various exercises on the Total Gym.

These earbuds are IPX5 rated, which means that they can be supposed to be sweat proof and water-resistant.

Pairing with Devices

To pair the Rowkin earbuds, you remove them from your charging case and press both buttons around the earbuds simultaneously. The LED will become blinking red after which red / white to let you know they’re in pairing mode. Then you just look at your device to discover Rowkin listed for an available Bluetooth device. Once these are connected to the device, the LEDs for the earbuds will blink in white. The master earbud will blink twice every couple of seconds as well as the other earbud will just blink once. This is important to learn incase you’re as i am and sometimes use one earbud so your other ear is available to hear people whenever they walk around talk to you. If that’s that which you like to do too, you’ll should insert the master earbud because that’s really the only earbud that may receive audio when a call will come in.

The Rowkin Bit Charge wireless earbuds also support multipoint connectivity. That means that in single earbud mode, each wireless earbud can get connected to two Bluetooth source devices such as your iPhone or Android phone, iPad, tablet, or laptop simultaneously. If you are streaming music from the iPad, and get an incoming ask for your iPhone, the wireless earphones will recognize this and let you to make call seamlessly without the problem of repairing.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is obviously a bit of a crap shoot with regards to Bluetooth audio devices. I was happily surprised with the Rowkin wireless earbuds. They are virtually balanced and also have good bass. Depending within the song, the audio can sound slightly flat along with times they sound great.

Even although the sound quality isn’t good as excellent wired earbuds or earphones, I enjoyed playing my favorite playlists while sitting inside my desk implementing reviews or sweating to your workout.

Unfortunately, it’s its not all rainbows and unicorns because the Rowkin Bit Charge wireless earbuds have problems with some from the same connectivity conditions that I’ve noticed for some other wireless earbuds – intermittent audio drop outs.

Excellent builtSometime Connectivity issue
Great sound quality
Good Charging


I such as design, fit and feel of the earbuds a lot that I happen to be putting up using the occasional connectivity issues. Luckily it only happens no more than one or two times in a hour if I’m sitting at the desk. It seems that occurs more often if I’m going around even if the phone was in a few feet of me. It’s annoying, these little bitty earbuds are very easy to charge and stick during my ears that I just keep utilizing them. That said, I don’t think I’d purchase them at their $129 asking price knowing that this was an issue (check other reviews, I’m not the only real one with connectivity issues). That’s big money to pay for earbuds that don’t work 100% in the time. So, in good conscience, I c whole heartedly recommend purchasing the Rowkin Bit Charge wireless earbuds, but I am hopeful that Rowkin can buy a way to fix these complaints and will be very enthusiastic about checking out other wireless earbuds from their store in the future because they little earbuds are cool as heck.



10. Small Target BH01 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones/Earbuds – Best Bluetooth Earbuds

The Wireless Earbud in question today is also one of the latestbest wireless earbuds wireless earbuds/headphones in the market. The BH01 by Small Target, we decided to give the BH01 a go since there was so much hype around this particular wireless headphone and we were curious to find out what was all the fuss about. Straight out of the box the design and the build quality caught our attention. The attention to detail and the little things on the design were very thought out and thorough. At the very first glance we thought that this could be the next best thing in the market. So let’s get right into it and find out how it fared in terms of performance and the critical review of the design.


Design Features Performance
First of all let’s get into the design of the BH01 Wireless Earbuds. When you try on the BH01 you get only one feel and one feel only, secure and fit design. The ear hook design is the perfect one if you are going to use it during your workouts or if you are a runner look no further than the BH01. The ear hook design will keep your earbuds in your ears and will never fall out. The earbuds are coated with silicone which protects them against the sweat and the moisture. The earbuds of BH01 are also customizable they come in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large). The usage of the Small Target BH01 is extremely easy with the remote control being on the right ear for volume and navigation control.
The features on board this wireless earbud are no short of high end. The BH01 boasts the latest Bluetooth Connectivity Technology the v4.1. The BH01 has Water Proofing IPX7 which is the best if you are going to use it outdoors and while working out. The noise cancellation CVC 6.0 technology is amazing the level of outside sounds being cancelled on this wireless earbud is comparable to the high end wirless headphones in the market.

The BH01 can be connected to two phones simultaneously and you can switch between the phones for phone calls. This wireless earbud has perfect compatibility with wide range of phones such as the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 along with the Samsung Galaxy S8+. There is Siri Compatibility in this wirless earbud, you can use voice commands to know the operating status.

The performance of the Small Target BH01 was amazing in our reviews. It had open operating range of over 30 feet till which we received clear and crystal sound on phone calls and music playback. The battery notifications were sent to the connected phone and the charging time was about an hour and a half. The audio performance was excellent and premium what you would expect out of $300 headphones. The playback time we got was around 9 hours on full charge and standby time of 250 hours.


Premium Sound QualityNone That We Could Find
Long Battery Life
Great Design Doesn't Fall Out
Pairs With Two Phones Simultaneously


The Small Target BH01 among many wireless earbuds we tested gave us nothing to complain about. The BH01 provides the best value for your money and we couldn’t see the reason why would anyone buy a wireless headphone from Beats or Bose over this wireless headphone. We do get it that it’s a small time brand compared to them but this wireless headphone from Small Target is among the best sellers on Amazon and is providing if not better, the same Premium Audio Performance as any other big brand out there.


Honourable Mentions

Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset

The wireless earbud that we are going to review here is the modelbest wireless earbuds X3 from Jaybird. Now Jaybird is a very reliable name when it comes to producing headsets and this particular model is from their X series which is top of the line produced by them. The X series has two previous models and this is the latest and third in line the X3.

The reason we have reviewed the Jaybird X3 is because of the great performance by it’s predecessors and the decent upgrades it brings with it will be something for the consumers.

The strongest point of the X3 is the range, you can use the X3 connected to your device from over 90ft away.



Design Features & Performance
The design of the X3 is very good, it’s gotten smaller as the X2 had charge connectivity direct onto the headset. X3 in that matter is over 30% smaller than the X2. You get remote clip attached which has controls of the music you play. The X3 is sweat proof, silicone nano-coating proves it’s worth in every weather condition as well as during your workouts. The ear fins provide the secure fit and the earbuds don’t fall off even during intense running. The sweat proof on this earbud is so good that if the earbuds fall into water they keep on working, this is something we found out.
The noise cancellation on the X3 is among the best rated by the rating bodies. It’s so good that during running you will have to keep an eye on the surroundings while you workout or go out for a run because you will barely be able to hear anything from the outside.

The sound quality has definitely seen an improvement from the X2, the enhanced 6mm driver produces fantastic sound quality and the bass and the low booms are enhanced, which give out more detail in the music you hear. You can also create a custom sound profile for yourself using the MySound app.

The X3 has a quick charge functionality giving out 1 hour of playback time with only 15 minutes of charge. Overall the playback time from the X3 is around 8 hours.

The X3 is compatible with devices running iOS 9.0+ and Android 4.4+ so that covers up almost all the mobile devices currently available in the market.


Premium Sound QualityCharge & Remote Clip should've been Interchangeable
Quick Charge FeatureRemote A Little Heavy (Annoying)
Secure Fit Design Doesn't Fall Out
Best Noise Cancellation


All in all Jaybird X3 is a very good performing wireless headset but there are a few things which bothered us, one of them being the remote clip, the remote clip is a little on the heavier side which will bother you during your workouts, but the earbuds don’t fall off don’t worry about that. The other thing is that the charge clip and the remote clip should’ve been interchangeable.




Nitin W6 Wireless Bluetooth v4.2 Earbuds

The wireless Bluetooth earbuds we are going to review here are definitely something different but different is not all we look for, we provide our readers with unique and the best performing products out there and this underdog is not different in that.Best Wireless Earbuds The earbuds in question here is the Nitin W6 Wireless Bluetooth v4.2 Earbuds. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.





The earbuds are no doubt very beautiful to look at. The stylish design and the build quality are something to be discussed. The design of the Nitin W6 is almost invisible when you put them  in your ears, they are ultra light and very comfortable to fit in ears as they only weigh 0.2oz.

The features of Nitin W6 include a built in mic of course but one thing the company lists about the W6 is that they are IPX4 Waterproof but you have to be cautious about that as they are water resistant and not waterproof. The sweat and little rain drizzle won’t affect the W6 but if you expect them to work after dipping them in bucket full of water well, don’t. W6 has noise reduction and echo cancelling technology and the voice prompts allow you to stay aware of the phone calls and other notifications from your phone. You can access SIRI right out of your earbuds controls. There are no physical buttons on the Nitin W6 but there are touch controls which are very good.

The battery is 60mAh and charges in 1 to 1.5 hours. The battery lasts for 3 hours whether listening to music or 3 hours of talk time. The standby time is around 27 hours and there is a portable charger that comes along with it so you can charge your earbuds on the go. The range of the W6 is 15 meters in uninterrupted space and around 10 meters when outside.

The sound quality is very good and we noticed that there is not a lot of bass in these earbuds but the sound is crisp, clear and the noise cancellation works really well too. There are no build quality issues with these earbuds and the company has a 30 days no-ask return policy as well along with 18 months warranty.
Ultra Light WeightNone That We Could Find
Comfortable Fit Design
Touch Control
IPX4 Waterproof (Splash Resistant)


All in all the Nitin W6 Earbuds provide a very good value for your money and performance is excellent too. No quality issues reported or found so if you are looking for earpod design earbuds on a budget you can go for these without any hesitation. We rate them 9 out of 10.



Best Rated Wireless Earbuds

Nexgadget SX-810 – Retractable Bluetooth Headphones

The wireless earbuds in question here today are the SX-810 from rated wireless earbuds We decide to review these earbuds because of it’s under the radar existence yet it’s ratings caught our attention and we decided to give it a try and find out why so many people like this product yet it is not shown among the big boys of the industry. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.






Let’s start with the design of the SX-810. The design of this earbud is around the neck 3D design and the earbuds are retractable. When you wear these earbuds around your neck you literally don’t feel anything extra around your neck. It is very lightweight, weighs only 1.6oz and sits on your neck very conveniently and comfortably. The build quality is extremely durable and strong, by extreme I mean these guys have tested it and the earbuds have passed the 9lbs pull test and worked as good as new. The neckband is flexible and very soft so it won’t bother your skin with hard material.

Now on to the features of the SX-810. The SX-810 has three modes for your listening pleasure i.e. deep bass boost, normal and high pitch boost. The perfect working range of this headphones is 10 meters or 33 feet which is pretty standard. It can connect to 2 devices simultaneously and the best feature we liked about the SX-810 is the nice little touch of vibration alerts and voice prompt. You can never miss any call or a text with the vibration notification.

The sound quality is extremely good and you can listen to music for about 14 hours (Manufacturer Claim) straight but realistically the figure is around 12 hours. The charge time in our review was around 2 hours but the manufacturer’s claims it charges in 3.5 hours time. Talk time on this thing is around 16 hours on a full charge.

Now on to the most important part of the review, how is the performance? This particular model of Bluetooth headphones has over 90% Five Star Ratings. That’s no joke. The sound quality is extremely good as a matter of fact it’s so good that you can easily compare it to high end wireless earbuds and you will not be ashamed. The neck piece is extremely light you won’t feel it wearing it around your neck. We rate the performance of the Nexgadget SX-810 9 out of 10.
Retractable EarbudsNone That We Could Find
Vibration Alert
Strong Build Quality
Over 90% Five Star Rating
Very Light Weight


If you are looking for a wireless headset in the design of wear around the neck you cannot find a better Bluetooth Headphone than the SX-810. And we have provided it the coverage it deserves by listing it in our highest rated wireless earbuds.



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