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Top 5 Best Waterproof Drones Reviewed Oct. 2018

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2018)

Whether you’re a proficient drone hobbyist, a novice to the flight arena or maybe a grandparent buying a young child his first RC flying device, considering a waterproof drone a very good idea. The waterproof features about the models below allow freedom of flight beyond fields and backyards to rivers, oceans and lakes. You can also get awesome underwater shots, as well as the fun will not need to end if this sets out to sprinkle. The selection of drones which could handle water is quite small.

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We have selected some of the best options in numerous price classes. Check out our reviews of waterproof drones below.


Best Waterproof Drones Reviewed (Comparison)

Drone NameCameraFlight TimeRange 
Splash Drone 3 Auto 4K (Editor's Choice)Waterproof 4K Camera16 Minutes0.6 MilesCheck Price
GP Toys NextX H2O Aviax DroneNo Camera Included6-8 Minutes100 MetersCheck Price
Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone – New ZVGA Mini Camera (640X480)7 Minutes20 MetersCheck Price
Goolsky Q353 TriphibianNo Camera Included6-7 Minutes150 MetersCheck Price
JJRC H31No Camera Included8-10 Minutes70-80 MetersCheck Price

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Splash Drone 3 Auto 4K (Editor’s Choice)

The Splash Drone 3 Auto would be the latest version from the SwellPro Manufacturers.best waterproof drones It can float on water, fly in rain, land on water and surf within the water. The Splash Drone even offers follow me functionality, rendering it an incredible camera drone option for aquatic sports, like surfing, kite boarding, and sailing. The waterproof camera shoots 4K under water.

This drone comes with an additional 1 kg payload release module, which you can use for fishing or water rescue. You can use it to cast a bait inside the ocean, or perhaps lift small fish. The Splash drone may also deliver an automatically inflating life preserver to swimmers. I suspect this module needs to be purchased just as one increase. I am not sure with that.

The Splash Drone Auto has a 2-axis waterproof gimbal for stable camera and video shots using its 4K camera. Skim this quadcopter over water for nice underwater footage together with your waterproof camera linked to the gimbal for vivid shots. You get live video feed and real-time data within the new in one controller. Download the app for android devices for additional control options. Comes with a “return to home” function to stop loss during failure.

Outstanding ValueSome Motor Rotation Issues Reported
4K HD Camera
2-Axis Rotation
Follow Me Feature
Live Video Feed




GP Toys F2C NextX H2O Aviax Drone – Best for Beginners

F2C is a great little starter drone for water or land. Produced by GP Toysbest waterproof drones, it is up to 20 centimeters of diving, waterproof power, this drone produces a perfect starter choice and several funs to get underwater footage. On-board colorful LED lights makes night flights and underwater glow great.

The LCD transmitter displays life of the battery, speed along with other flight data. It is recommended to prevent flying on extremely windy days, which is a quite small quadcopter. It can perform a 360-degree flip, has cruise control and headless mode.1 hour for charge time (from a 30-minute cool-down period recommended through the manufacturer. The drone is about the dimensions of a dinner plate and will be controlled from over 300 feet away. It has reliable customer care that can respond to questions or concerns within 24 hours.

Best Drone For BeginnersAverage Build Quality
Reliable Machine
Budget Friendly
LED Lights




Parrot Hydrofoil ORAK MiniDrone – New Z

Hydrofoil ORAK drone requires no FAA registration, so fly away!best waterproof drones It’s created for freshwater use and may reach boosts to six mph within the water and 11 mph rising. You can download the Free Flight app from Google Play to reach more tricks and drills. Take aerial photos in the drone’s flight while using embedded camera. The shock resistant design allows this model to hover over water or fly over land or indoors. Control these devices from about twenty meters away. This style is controlled with the Free Flight app, which can be kept up-to-date through the company. It takes only 25 minutes to charge.

No FAA Registration RequiredIssues with Rotors Reported
Comes With VGA Camera
Low Priced




Goolsky Q353 Triphibian

The Goolsky Q353 is a cool and unique toy drone.best waterproof drones You can sail it within the water, just like an amphibian car, and pull off with no trouble. You can even let it run on land. The Goolsky Q353 is entirely waterproof.  You can dump it on its head within the water, and it’ll float backup.

It has one key resume home, are available using a handy remote control that provides you the data you may need. Yes, it’s a toy drone, but it really the method that you can adjust between water, land and air can make it quite unique. It has a choice of 150 meters, and can stay up in mid-air for about 6-7 minutes.

One Key ReturnNone That We Could Find
6-Axis Gyroscope
LED Flashlight



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JJRC H31 Waterproof Drone

This is a great drone for freshies.best waterproof drones It is very durable, and keeps flying even though you require a hit. The drone is usually surprisingly fast and moves adequately. It flies smooth and is also easy to fly.It can fly around 80 meters high.  Because of their size, no fly wonderfully in windy conditions.

JJRC H31 can do 360 flips. I would know this as a hobby quadcopter, and it is extremely navigable. It has a standard JJRC transmitter, using a one key return. Although it is water-proof, it is likely you shouldn’t land it in water if could be avoided. There are some holes within the design. All in all, it is an awesome sporty waterproof quadcopter. It flies fast, which is a fantastic choice for newbies, and you could keep flying over water or perhaps when it rains.

Low PricedNot Very Reliable Internal Components
6-Axis Gyro
Strong Build Quality




Waterproof Drones Care Guide

Like any true pilot with his/her plane, your drone lasts a lot many years for proper care of it. Here undoubtedly are a few tips in drone care.

  • After salt water use, or exposure, always rinse drone to prevent potential corrosion – even when the drone advertised to corrosion-resistant.
  • Always take time to read user instructions and manuals before drone assembly and operation. Spending enough time in advance may save your valuable from spending the amount of money later.
  • Like high quality pilot would, always preflight your drone before use. Ensure the motors and propellers are evident from a obstructions and debris.
  • For beginners, take the time in enabling involved with it. As we can all appreciate, drones undoubtedly are a costly investment plus the final thing you may need would be to wreck your drone looking to be Maverick or Iceman for the first day of flight – needless to say, this isn’t to express to not have fun!
  • At all costs avoid congested areas with power lines, large gathering of folks (unless naturally it’s component of your drone flying mission/job), and avoid unauthorized operation in the vicinity of aircraft.
  • Adhere to all or any the person manual limitations and restrictions so far as flying conditions, climatic conditions, and terrain come to mind.



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