Best Tablets For Video Calls
(Last Updated On: February 27, 2019)

The best part about owning a smartphone is that it allows you to get rid of distances through the video calling feature. When you are talking to your loved one through a video call, it hardly seems that they are millions of miles away from you. But, all of that can be sabotaged when the quality of video disrupts and all you are left with is a reconnecting error.

Why not get a tablet that suits best for video calling so you can talk to your friend and family without any distortions? There are many tablets available in the market that can provide you with topnotch quality when it comes to video calling.

And not just that, these tablets also come with high functionality so you can use them for other purposes as well. To help you out a little more, we have compiled some of the Best Tablets For Video Calls below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them. But before you take a look at the recommendations, here are a few things you need to keep in perspective when you are out in the market, buying a tablet for yourself.


You want a tablet that you can use to fulfill all your video call requirements. Well, the first requirement in that case is the display. You will find hundreds of tablets in the market, all with different sizes of displays. Choose the display according to your need. If you also plan on using it for binge-watching, you should go for display larger than 9”.


When it comes to video calling, we all want to see crystal clear face of those we are talking to. Go for a tablet that provides you with high resolution. You do not want a grainy screen on your hand. The tablet that provides you with color range and coverage has to be your winner.


Since you will be buying a tablet that you basically need for video calls, you need to set your budget beforehand. Chances are that you will not be looking for something too expensive, so it is always better to know what you price range is. That will help you out when you want to choose the right device for yourself.

These are the few things that you need to keep in perspective when buying a tablet. Now, here are the recommendations we have for you. You can read the detailed reviews and choose your tablet wisely.

Best Tablets For Video Calls (Comparison)

Apple iPad Pro11"Check Price
Apple iPad9.7"Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab S39.7"Check Price


Apple iPad Pro

Apple is always the first company that comes to mind when you think about buying high-end device for yourself.Apple iPad Pro Best Tablets For Video Calls Apple is known for manufacturing immaculate tablets, smartphones and laptops. Their prices are a bit too high as compared to other products in the market, but these devices make it worth your while.

Our first recommendation in this regard is Apple iPad Pro because with this device, the company really wants us to envision ourselves using a tablet instead of a MacBook.  Let’s take a look at the specifications of this tablet and see what it has in store for you. The iPad Pro is a beast especially with its regally redesigned Apple Pencil and Smart Folio Keyboard that comes in as an extra accessory that you must buy if you are going for iPad Pro.

This is a versatile piece of technology and some people have also labeled it to be futuristic. The design is highly compact and portable. You can easily switch between typing and longhand writing with this iPad. Most of the people find trouble doing everything with ease when using a tablet but iPad Pro makes it very convenient to perform every task on it instead of going for a PC. The screen looks extremely responsive and provides a very smooth scroll.

In Apple iPad Pro, you will not find any home button and if you want to talk about upgrades, face ID has come to iPad for the very first time, making all your data even more secure this time. the Face ID works even faster on the iPad and doesn’t matter from which angle you look, landscape or portrait, your iPad will unlock instantly. The front camera of this iPad is 7MP, that makes attaining Face ID possible and it also means that now you will be able to take portrait mode selfies from the front camera through your iPad.

The iPad Pro comes with increased power and display, that also enables the users to make use of AR very efficiently or play games on it. Apple is claiming 35 per cent faster single-core performance, 90 per cent faster multicore performance and twice the graphic speed. It also comes with a 10-hour battery life that makes this device all the more worth it. It sure is a bit costly as compared to other tablets but iPad Pro is a gadget that you should absolutely consider buying if you have money to spare.

Powerful DeviceExpensive
10-hour Battery Life
Face ID


If you want to buy iPad pro, our final verdict on this device is that it is a futuristic piece of technology that comes in a very compact design. It is extremely portable, possesses some strong features and can be super-fast in performing all the necessary tasks for you.. It is a power-gadget that you should definitely buy if you have money in your pocket that can be spared.




Apple iPad

Our second recommendation when it comes to tablets you can use for video calls is another Apple device, iPad in this case. We are a fan of the functionality Apple provides and when it comes to talking to your loved ones on video calls, you will not find anything like the quality Apple provides.

If talking about the details regarding this device, the first thing that comes to mind is the display and this iPad comes with a 9.7inch display packed in an aluminum lightweight body. The overall aesthetic and looks of this device aren’t something you haven’t seen before but the it is extremely reliable if you are looking for something on a budget. The design is solid, and you will literally not feel any weight while you carry it. The iPad measure 0.29 in thickness and weighs around 1.03 pounds that is extremely lightweight for any gadget.

It also has a lightening connector that tells you exactly when your tablet is on charging and has a traditional home button that also play the role of being the finger imprinter. We all know that delicacy is something that comes alongside Apple’s every gadget so in case you will be handing this over to a child, make sure it is protected in a complete cover case. However, you will not be able to connect this iPad with Apple’s Smart Keyboard because it lacks the necessary connector. In case, you still want to connect it to a keyboard, you will have to route it through the Bluetooth.

The display is so bright and colorful that you will be able to make out all the glory details within the high-definition videos that you watch. However, some people will consider the display to be smaller as compared to other tablets.

As for an iPad, this one is highly economical, and you get access to an A10 Fusion chip, immersive augmented-reality applications and Apply Pencil support. The iPad supports 10-hours of battery life and an iWork that is enough to provide you with all the productivity essentials. For an iPad of this price, this one is a total steal.

Provides Great Battery LifeNo Support For Apple’s Smart Keyboard
Screen Resolution Is Perfect
Offers Great Functionalities


If you are looking for something on budget that can fulfill your daily requirements, buying an Apple iPad will absolutely be a wise choice for you. It is affordable, provides great battery time and is perfect for solving all your daily tasks.




Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

When we talk about buying an Android tablet, the first company that comes to mind is none other than Samsung.Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Best Tablets For Video Calls It is by far the biggest competitor of Apple and the only two brands that this world has come to know. Samsung is known for manufacturing flagship devices in Android domain. It is by far the best company you will find that can provide you with a quality Android tablet or a smartphone.

The tablet that we are going to recommend you here is Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. It is one of the best Android tablets that you will find anywhere for that matter. It comes in a sleek display, great resolution and by far the best battery life.

The S3 doesn’t look much different from its predecessor, it has that gorgeous 9.7-inch AMOLED display and it is extremely lightweight and thin. Along with that, Samsung provides you its renown S Pen for free if you buy Galaxy Tab S3, isn’t that amazing? The price of this tablet is somehow expensive than you may have assumed but given it comes along an S Pen that you will not have to buy separately, pretty much makes up for its price.

If you have used Galaxy Tab S2, the stunning display that takes more of it front is not going to make much difference to you. The resolution of this tablet is 2,048 x 1,536 but the screen now provides you an HDR experience. The resolution is vibrant, and colors are also very radiant. The AMOLED display does make the color contrast and coverage of the display extremely good. This tablet is suited to use in any kind of condition, you can easily do all your tasks on Galaxy S3 even in sunlight. All those days when you used to watch your favorite TV shows in low resolution are over because the HDR support now provides you with a crispy experience while watching your favorite videos. You will be able to identify even the slightest of details due to the colors and resolution being really crisp.

The sound quality of Galaxy Tab S3 is remarkable because it has an integrated 4-speaker arrangement. Another features that enhances its sound quality is AKG-branded “quad-stereo” array that will enable the tablet to detect the its position, whether portrait or landscape, and will provide you a proper stereo image according to the way you are holding it. Another significant feature of this tablet is its optional keyboard. The tablet comes along with a lightweight keyboard that you can attach to it whenever you want. The keyboard is extremely responsive and the due make the best combination.

The Galaxy Tab S3 comes with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor along with 4GB RAM and 32GB built-in storage that can be expanded with a microSD card for up-to 256GB. You can also get this tablet in an LTE model if you want to experience high-speed download of up-to 300Mbits/sec. the battery time of the following tablet is almost 12 hours that just adds to all the reasons why you need this tablet in your life.

AMOLED DisplayNot Budget Friendly
Good Battery Time
Stylus Pen


When looking for an Android tablet that makes well for all its promises, you need to get yourself Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. This is one of a kind Android tablet and the kind of functionality this device provides, you are not going to find anywhere else. It has great battery time, comes with a gorgeous display and is extremely functional. A highly recommended tablet that you need to buy right away.




So, if you are looking for the best tablet for video calls, these are the tablets that you can consider buying. These are by far the best tablets on the market but in case, you feel that there is another tablet that will perform great in the video calling domain, don’t forget to provide us with some insight.



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