Best Tablets For Reading Newspapers

Every single person out there has a hobby. Some like to spend their leisure time doing cooking while others love music or some enjoy reading their favorite novels or newspapers to gain some insight about the world.

Some people think that reading on paper has become an old thing and it is time that technology took its place in that side as well. Many tablets have been launched in this regard as well, exclusively for those who love downloading e-books from kindle or PDFs from Google.

In case, you happen to love reading as well and you have been looking for the right tablet to fulfill all your reading requirements, you have come to the right place. We have compiled some of the best tablets for reading newspapers for you that you are really going to like.

We came up with these recommendations because we know exactly how hard it is to find the right tablet for your requirements especially when there are hundreds of options available. However, if you keep the following things in perspective before you buy a tablet, your decision making will become a lot easier and you will most definitely not regret your purchase.

Here are a few things that you must consider before you buy a tablet for reading newspapers


Reading newspaper on a grainy display is not just hard but also harmful for your eyesight. You need a tablet that provides you HD display. You do not want a grainy screen on your hand so look for something that has high resolution. The tablet that provides you with a larger color range and coverage has to be your winner.


You are looking for a tablet on which you can read easily which means you will need a bigger display. Bigger displays make it easier to read and in case you want to take notes, large displays just add to the comfort. You will find hundreds of tablets in the market, all with different sizes of displays. Choose the display according to your need.


Once you have come across a number of tablets, you need to compare their price and features. Find the tablet that offers you maximum features in minimum price range. It will really help you choose the right tablet for yourself in the budget you have.

Keep the above mentioned things in mind and you will never regret your purchase.

Moving on, here are a few of our recommendations in this regard. We came up with these tablets after thoroughly researching the needs of a reader and found the best available tablets in the market.

Best Tablets For Reading Newspapers (Comparison)

Kindle Oasis E-reader7"Check Price
ONYX BOOX MAX213.3"Check Price
Apple iPad Pro12.9"Check Price


Kindle Oasis E-reader

If you love using tablets from Amazon and you’re looking for a tech device on which you can read newspapers all day long, you really need to take a look at Kindle Oasis E-reader.Kindle Oasis E-reader Best Tablets For Reading Newspapers The latest version that we are talking about may be a bit expensive for some users but it will provide you the best e-reading experience that money can buy you.

Kindle Oasis E-reader was released 10-years after the first launch of Kindle series by Amazon. This tech piece comes with a waterproof technology, audiobook playback features along with notably larger screen that enables all the readers to enjoy their reading time phenomenally. The users have declared this tablet to be the best one among all its predecessors.  The Kindle Oasis comes in 2 versions, 8Gb and 32Gb, providing you with the liberty to choose the device according to your storage requirement. However, the 32GB version comes with cellular technology and it allows you to download e-books no matter where you are. You may be thinking that for its price, this Kindle is quite expensive because there are hundreds of other tablets of this kind that you can easily acquire un $70 but Kindle Oasis E-reader isn’t just a tablet for you to read newspapers on, you can do a lot more with it.

The latest upgrade in Kindle Oasis E-Reader is that it comes with audible integration which enables you to listen to audiobook service from Amazon through the use of Bluetooth headphones or speakers. However, the e-reader doesn’t come with an audio jack so your usual wired headphones will not work with it.

This is the first time Amazon has released a tablet that is all metal and waterproof.  The tablet comes in aluminum material that doesn’t feel slippery at all and provides you with a great grip. It is lightweight and easy to carry. However, if you keep it on a single surface for too long, it may feel a bit too cold at first once you pick it up otherwise; Kindle Oasis E-Reader is the most comfortable e-reader that you will find anywhere. You can buy this tablet easily from Amazon and other technology retailers.

Waterproof DesignSomewhat Expensive
Audible Integration
Amazing Reading Experience


If you are looking for an e-reader that comes with good capacity, offers you more than just moderate features and is also sleek in design, Kindle Oasis E-Reader is the tablet for you. It is easy to use, comfortable and comes with audible integration. That makes this device one of our highly recommended tablets for reading newspapers.




The next recommendation that we have on-board is BOOX MAX2 E-reader, a remarkable full size tablet that comes in a 13.3inch display and an enigmatic HD quality resolution.ONYX BOOX MAX2 Best Tablets For Reading Newspapers The company recently celebrated their 10-years anniversary since they started selling amazing technology for all the readers out there.

The tablet arrives in a grey cover and does not seem heavy at all. If you carry it, you will feel that you are just carrying a small stack of papers. The first thing that we would like to bring to your attention is that this tablet offers you an HDMI slot which means you can easily attach it to your laptop or LCD screen. The display comes in E Ink which literally looks like paper and can be read easily. You don’t have to struggle reading on Max2 E-reader even in sunlight due to its E Ink display. As for its resolution, the display supports a resolution of 2200 x 1650 pixels, which gives a pixels-per-inch (ppi) density of 207 which is just a tad bit less than Apple iPad Pro  which happens to be one of the biggest rivals of BOOX MAX2 E-reader.

However, one of the biggest downsides of having an E Ink tablet is that it is only visible in black and white and does not support any kind of animation or video.  But everything else for being an e-reader measures up nicely. The device is slim 7.5mm thickness and is extremely lightweight. It support a micro USB slot for recharging its 4100mAh battery that offers you a battery time of almost 4 weeks, isn’t the whoppingly amazing?

The BOOX MAX2 E-reader runs on Android 6 Marshmallow, so it can embrace the never-ending world of the Google Play Store apps. Most of the e-readers do not come with this feature and that makes this tablet one of a kind for all the readers out there. It also supports web-browsing so you can also spend your time surfing if you do not plan on reading for a while.

It also has a tiny built-in speaker that enables you to listen to your favorite music or listen to audiobooks while you are on the run or just relaxing under the sun. Another feature that BOOX MAX2 has is that it can read your document aloud in a very natural voice and also highlight the passage it is reading alongside. In case, there is another person who wants to share your screen, now you can easily do it with the help of HDMI slot.

Good Display SizeComparatively Expensive
Amazing Battery Time
Worthy Note Taking Experience


If we step outside our comfort zone and look for a different device, our sight will definitely get stuck on BOOX MAX2. The E Ink display definitely makes it different than the other conventional tablets and its simple features add to its spark. A highly recommended tablet if you want to enhance your newspaper reading experience.



Apple iPad Pro

Our third and last recommendation regarding tablets for reading newspapers is Apple iPad Pro.Apple iPad Pro Best Tablets For Reading Newspapers We though it will not be fair if we don’t recommend one of our favorite brands when it comes to providing you a friend for your leisure time. Apple is one of the widely used tech brands among the public and it offers the best tablets for all sorts of purposes.

With the launch of Apple iPad Pro, Apple wanted to deliver its idea that not everyone needs a laptop and a tablet can be efficient enough to fulfill all your needs. The iPad Pro comes with a regally redesigned Smart Folio Keyboard and Apple Pencil that comes as an extra accessory that you should definitely buy alongside the tablet.

The Apple iPad Pro achieves the label of being futuristic because of its versatile features not to mention, it also supports USB-C. The design is highly compact and portable. With the help of Stylus Pen and detachable keyboard, you can easily switch between longhand writing and typing with the iPad that makes working more convenient. Some people, in the beginning, found it hard to perform their tasks on iPad but as you continue using it, you will get the hang of it quite nicely; even so, you will be doing everything on this gadget and won’t even look back at your PC. The Liquid Retina display uses the same tech seen in the impressive LCD screen on the iPhone XR, so that means it has better brightness and more vivid color representation than any other iPad display. The screen also provides a very smooth scroll and also looks very responsive.

In Apple iPad Pro, you will not find any home button and face ID has come to iPad for the very first time, making all your data even more secure this time. Apple iPad Pro also comes with Face ID that works even faster on it. Doesn’t matter from which angle you try to unlock it, your iPad will instantly unlock itself whether you are on portrait mode or landscape. The front camera of this iPad is 7MP that makes attaining Face ID possible and it also means that now you will be able to take portrait mode selfies from the front camera through your iPad.

Now you can also make use of AR and even play games on iPad pro more efficiently because it comes with extreme power and display. Apple is claiming 35 per cent faster single-core performance, 90 per cent faster multicore performance and twice the graphic speed. The tablet comes with a battery life of more than 10-hours and it is one of the reasons why you should definitely consider buying this beast. As compared to the other tablets in the market, iPad pro is a bit costly but the gadget does satisfy all your needs very efficiently.

Powerful DeviceExpensive
10-hour Battery Life
Face ID Security


The tablet comes with a very efficient design and it provides all the functionality you need in the palms of your hands. It is portable, possesses some strong features and can perform up to 3 trillion operations within a second.




So, these were a few of our recommendations regarding best tablets for reading newspapers. We hope these tablets provide you with some idea when it comes to what you are looking for. If you think there is another tablet that should be on this list, do not forget to let us know about it in the comments below. We appreciate your input.



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