Best Tablets For Architects
(Last Updated On: February 16, 2019)

You are here on this page that means you are looking for the best tablet that can fulfill your architectural purposes, lucky for you, we have something in store that you should definitely check out.

Once you have decided you want to buy a tablet for yourself, the never-ending search begins. There are so many brands now in the market that have launched hundreds of gadgets, making a decision becomes hard because there are just too many options available. So we have compiled some of the best tablets for architects below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

Since there are hundreds of options, chances are that you will end up making the wrong choice and you will regret it later because you didn’t spend your money wisely. Unless, you do a through research and consider everything important before you make your final purchase.

Here are a few things that can help you decide what kind of tablet you need and all the things you must think about before you make your purchase.

Operating System

this should be easy. There are only two major operating system available in the market when it comes to buying a tablet, Microsoft or iOS. If you are an Apple user, you must be aware of how it really works and its specifications. Then you can consider buying an iPad because you will get the hang of it very quickly. However, if you are not an iOS user, then you should definitely choose Windows and do not get into complications.


Always look at the specifications before you buy a tablet. The specifications you need to consider before buying a tablet include its resolution, processor, operating system, RAM, camera, battery life and so on. This will help you differentiate between the tablet that is right for you. Always check if the tablet you have chosen to buy has the required specifications for you or not. if so, you will have a winner.


Once you head out in the market, you are going to find hundreds of tablets. Some will come into your price range and some will not. you need to decide how much you are willing to spend and what does your budget say. Once you know what your price range, it will be easier for you to pick the right tablet.

These were a few things that you must consider before buying a tablet. Now, moving on, here are a few tablets that you can check for starters.

Best Tablets For Architects (Comparison)

Microsoft Surface Pro 612.3"Check Price
Apple iPad Pro12.9"Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab S410.5"Check Price


Microsoft Surface Pro 6

If you are looking for a tablet that you can use for all your architectural purposes, Microsoft Surface pro 6 is a tablet that you need to check out right away.Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Best Tablets For Architects

The Surface pro look, works and feels great and is definitely cheaper than its predecessors. The Surface Pro is the latest addition in the long series of detachable tablet PC launched by Microsoft.

You can say from the outside, much hasn’t changed with Surface Pro. It is practically identical to its predecessor however, Pro 6 does come in Black matte color that makes it worth buying if you are looking for better aesthetics.

It comes in 12.1 display with front-firing speakers along with the same dimensions and weight as Pro 5. The Surface Pro 6 also comes with a kickstand that allows the user to keep it standing for more convenience while using. For hand-held comfort, the tablet has rounded edges and the material that has been used to manufacture this piece of art is magnesium. The Surface pro 6 is the best tablet for Windows 10 and its reception is going very strong till date.

If you attach the Type Cover with the Surface Pro 6 tablet, the total weight of the gadget will be around 1.08kg which is still the lightest for a tablet of this caliber. It is one of the easiest full-power PC that you can roam around with and comes in very handy.

The Pro 6 comes with Intel’s latest eighth-generation core i5 and i7 chips, both of these faster and more efficient than their predecessors. The performance across the board of this tablet is amazing. The integrated Intel UHD 620 graphics chip means you’re unlikely to be able to play any modern graphically intensive games on high settings, nor be able to edit multiple 4K videos, but the Surface Pro would manage a lot else with ease.

The battery life of this tablet has improved predominantly. Now this tablet can last 9 hours for you on a single battery charge that is more than enough for a single day use. It has a magnetic Surface Connector for expansion and power. It also possesses a microSD card port right under the kickstand that can be very useful. All in all, it is useful tablet that has a lot of new internal features to offer.

Great DisplayDoes Not Have USB-c or Thunderbolt 3 Sections
Great Battery Life
Easy To Carry


Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is a modern-day tablet that comes with new features and Intel i5 & i7 core chips. The battery time of this tablet has definitely been improved and it is one of the highly recommended tablets for architects.



Apple iPad Pro

If you are not fond of Samsung or Microsoft, perhaps the only left for you to look at is an iPad itself. Yes, we are talking about the iPad Pro that comes in a magnificent design and enhanced features.Apple iPad Pro Best Tablets For Architects If you are someone who is fond of using iOS, then this is something you are really going to like.

With iPad Pro, Apple really wants us to think that a tablet can take place of a MacBook. Let’s look at the specifications of this tablet and see what it has in store for you. The iPad Pro is a beast especially with its regally redesigned Apple Pencil and Smart Folio Keyboard that comes in as an extra accessory that you must buy if you are going for iPad Pro.

It is a versatile piece of technology that also support USB-C and it achieves the label of being futuristic as well. The design is highly compact and portable. You can easily switch between typing and longhand writing with this iPad. Most of the people find trouble doing everything with ease when using a tablet but iPad Pro makes it very convenient to perform every task on it instead of going for a PC. The Liquid Retina display utilizes the similar technology seen in the remarkable LCD screen on the iPhone XR, therefore that means it has improved brightness and additional powerful color image than any other iPad display. The screen looks extremely responsive and provides a very smooth scroll.

In Apple iPad Pro, you will not find any home button and face ID has come to iPad for the very first time, making all your data even more secure this time. the Face ID works even faster on the iPad and doesn’t matter from which angle you look, landscape or portrait, your iPad will unlock instantly. The front camera of this iPad is 7MP, that makes attaining Face ID possible and it also means that now you will be able to take portrait mode selfies from the front camera through your iPad.

The iPad Pro comes with increased power and display, that also enables the users to make use of AR very efficiently or play games on it. Apple is claiming 35 per cent faster single-core performance, 90 per cent faster multicore performance and twice the graphic speed. It also comes with a 10-hour battery life that makes this device all the more worth it. It sure is a bit costly as compared to other tablets but iPad Pro is a gadget that you should absolutely consider buying if you have money to spare.

Powerful DeviceExpensive
Provides 10-hour Battery Life
Face ID


The Apple iPad Pro comes with a futuristic design and provides you with all the convenience you need in your palms. It is extremely portable, possesses some strong features and can perform up to 3 trillion operations within a second. It is a power-gadget that you should definitely buy if you have money in your pocket that can be spared.




Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

If you are looking for a true detachable tablet that can perform 2-in-1 well, then you should take a look at Tab S4.Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Best Tablets For Architects

The main features of Galaxy Tab S4 include a 10.5-inch display, 64Gb of internal storage, S Pen stylus along with 4Gb RAM. Another feature that Tab S4 has is the built-in Dex software that has second-screen capabilities and mimics desktop interface quite perfectly. You can say that the Dex software feature is the best and worst part about this tablet. It transforms the android interface into desktop layout that can be harder for people to understand who enough time do not have to understand it before getting to the point where they actually make use of the tablet.

The touch screen of this tablet misses a little, but it performs perfectly well most of the time. you will need to use your S Pen or a Bluetooth mouse to make the Dex function properly. The core software works great and you will not have any problem regarding the laptop getting hanged. The RAM does its job perfectly and it never crashes. The machine is stocked with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, which ought to deliver high system execution. It is 7mm thick and feels really good in hand not to mention the tablet is very lightweight.

It supports up-to 400GB microSD cards that you attach separately if you require extra space on your hard drive. This tablet has a USB 3.1 Type-C port that boosts both USB On-The-Go (OTG) and connected video output. The Tab S4 primarily utilizes the last feature with its DeX mode to venture onto an exterior display, but the device also holds wired or wireless display reflecting should you require to use it.

It has an integrated Oreo 8.1 operating system on to which Samsung has added their own UI. The Tab S4 includes numerous Samsung applications along with its Galaxy Application store and on top of that, it also has some preinstalled applications that you can later disable if you want to. The integrated Dex software is not going to work with multiple user accounts and the Stylus Pen will also function only for a limited period of time. the tablet supports all modern WIFI systems along with that, it also supports data connection and GPS. It is a tablet available on a very reasonable price with all the necessary features. If you plan on buying this, you certainly won’t regret it.

Easy To UseTouch Screen Misses Frequently
Comes With Integrated Dex Software


The Galaxy Tab S4 comes with a lot of new features and is among the best 2-in-1 tablets available in the market. it functions really well for a tablet and the Stylus Pen is definitely a plus point. The best part about this tablet is its price which is very reasonable.




So, these were a few of our recommendations regarding tablets for architects. If you have any recommendations in this regard, we would love to hear what you have to say. Don’t forget to leave us with your feedback in the comments below.



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