Best Storage For Gaming PCs
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Every time we blink, there appears to become a new technological advancement sprouting up inside digital world during which we live. And no industry can this statement hold water best than within the computer world; particularly in relation to its notebooks. The latest and greatest innovation may be the growth of solid-state drives or SSD’s. An SSD or electronic disk, because it’s known as, is really a device which stores data and uses solid-state memory just like the way an old-fashioned hard drive operates.

An SSD differs from the others in the standard HDD since they use microchips which keep the data which is stored and doesn’t include any moving parts, such as standard HDD currently uses. This makes an SSD less vulnerable to abrupt movement, it makes for quieter operation plus it processes information more quickly. SSD’s likewise use a comparable interface because standard disk drive, helping to make the replacement process very easy for many computer manufacturers and also owners. We have compiled some of the best storage for gaming PCs do check that out below.

Currently most SSD’s are comprised of any NAND-based memory system, which is really a positive given it retains memory without using power. SSD’s can be found utilizing the quicker accessing RAM or (Random Access Memory) system. There is also a hybrid SSD which combines the velocity of any standard disk drive while using technology associated with an SSD. This type of memory strategy is comprised of any larger hard disk drive plus a smaller SSD cache that will improve performance of files you frequently access. They operate the same as the SSD, and are also much less expensive, such as the include other ancillary benefits associated with the normal SSD.

When people try to equate an SSD to the typical Hard Drive, they generally find much the same performance benefits. The main advantage of your SSD would be the not enough moving parts along with the fact it is deemed an electronic-based system. A Hard Drive however may offer more capacity at a discount to your person. As with any new technology, the cost of SSD units is a bit more than the common Hard Drive system because of new technology and demand of the most recent features. Price should decrease on these units within the next quarter or so, as increasing numbers of SSD-driven products saturate the market industry.

When shop if you should put money into an SSD memory system or the conventional disk drive to your new computer, perform some research; find out which memory system best suits the needs you have today in addition to for the long term.

In this list we have covered both SSD and hard drives so, you can choose according to your need. Now without any further delay let’s check out best storage for gaming PCs.

Best Storage For Gaming PCs (Comparison)

Samsung SSD 960 Pro (Editor's Choice)512GB/1TB/2TB3500 MB/sCheck Price
Crucial MX500250GB/500GB/1TB/2TB510 MB/sCheck Price
WD Black (Editor's Choice In SSHD)1TB/2TB/3TB/4TB/5TB/6TB7200 RPMCheck Price
Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSHD500GB/1TB/2TB5400 RPMCheck Price


Samsung SSD 960 Pro – (Editor’s Choice)

The NVMe standard is created to take full advantage of the assets of solid-state drives, sideways with the Samsung 960 Pro takes full lead.Best Storage For Gaming PCs With an M.2 form influence and outstanding read speeds up to 3500 Mbps, these SSDs seem to be tempting, however the fact it’s available the size of 2TB is incredible. All that storage doesn’t come cheap, however, if you may need lots) of fast storage, it’ means it. It comes in capacity of 512 GB, 1 TB and two TB.  The interface it uses is PCIe Gen 3 into 4 M.2. Samsung offers 3-year warranty with this NVMe solid state drive

Fast SpeedExpensive
Available in 3 Capacities
Outstanding Reading


960 PRO by Samsung is one of the fastest SSD you can use as a storage for gaming pc. It offers very fast speed and a lot of storage without getting slow. The reading is outstanding as it reads the data the speed of 3500 MBPs. The downside? None in the storage but it’s price. It is expensive compared to many other models.




Crucial MX500

Like any respectable SSD, Crucial provides software available as its Storage Executive utility that can help you monitor your drive boost the firmware when necessary.Best Storage For Gaming PCs The MX500 hasn’t stood a firmware update yet, this means everything’s working efficiently, however, if that is essential, gone will be the should jump through special boot disk hoops.

Regarding performance, the MX500 places inside the upper ranks of SATA drives. It’s technically a tad slower than Samsung’s 860 Pro, 860 Evo, and 850 Pro, however it just edges beyond the 850 Evo within our overall metric. Strong sequential throughput is a component in the advantage, however it’s no slouch randomly workloads. The reality is that a lot of people could well be pushed to see the main difference between any with the better SATA SSDs—and that’s particularly so for gaming purposes.

Once you move in the evening slower performance of your spinning disk and type in the realm of solid state storage, it’s exactly the most demanding workloads that demonstrate an important difference between the drives. The fastest NVMe SSD just might read and write data faster versus the best SATA drive, when it appears time for it to launch a credit card application or load a game title, the real difference is frequently just one second. So, unless you’re consecutively running mainly heavy storage capabilities being a huge transactional record with uncountable synchronized users, SATA drives tend to be than necessary.

Outstanding ValueSlower than M.2 Drives
Equally Good as Expensive Brands


It is a lot cheaper than Samsung 960 PRO but still manage to make its name in best storage for gaming pc. It is well known for its outstanding value and tough time it is giving to popular brands by almost offering the same specs. But, it has a downside that it can not compete with M.2 Drives like Samsung 960 Pro, they have another level of speed and performance. But, if you are looking to get a best storage for pc gaming on budget then you should check Crucial Mx500 out.




WD Black(Editor’s Choice In HDD)

WD Black has launched a 6TB version. from the performance-driven category of consumer-grade hard drives.Best Storage For Gaming PCs It is a great internal storage solution for power consumers seeking peak performance on the market’s current hard drive technology along with those trying to find a solution to the greater expensive hybrid drives. WD is additionally marketing this drive to gamers, which certainly is a good idea because massive storage pool. PC games every so often reach virtually 60GB in space and so the WD Black’s 6TB model may add real value to low and mid-range gaming platforms. In addition, the 6TB model includes Stab eTrac Technology, which creates more accurate data tracking caused by vibrations from additional gaming hardware. WD also sees the 6TB as being a good fit for professionals trying to find capacity and satisfaction inside a desktop enclosure.

The WD Black is quoted to make available 218MB/s (a marked improvement from 194MB/s through the previous capacity) in sustained data-transfer rates. To produce these numbers, the WD Black has significant cache sizes as much as 128MB of DRAM, that’s double of the predecessor. Coupling this with WD’s Dynamic Cache Technology enables you to enhance caching algorithms in real time, which allocates and optimizes cache between reads and writes. This results inside a noticeable decline in congestion together with a rise in functionality. These characteristics have the drive a fantastic candidate for external enclosures for pros who need top rated, high capacity storage which might be moved about relatively easily.

The WD Black 6TB model looks just like that with the company’s 4TB capacity, which has been released roughly couple of years ago. As such, the consumer-grade WD drive contains the standard WD product label, gives users the information they want concerning the drive including: the capability, serious number, model number, plus a QR code that sends users on the product website. The WD Black 4TB uses the typical 3.5″ form factor that has a SATA 6Gbps interface using the heat-producing components in contact together with the body with the drive. This is WD’s normal practice for his or her layouts of these HDDs. As a result, this will give components just like the controller, RAM, and motor driver to dispense heat into your body. WD also leverages a foam pad, which can be put into involving the drive and circuit board to help you absorb vibration. The WD Black 6TB consumes an LSI controller besides 128 MB of RAM from NANYA.

Super-FastDoes not come with SATA Cable
Easy to Install
Works Well with Gaming Consoles


This hard drive is very fast. Offers a lot of storage and easy to install in any sort of device. Including gaming consoles. The only downside is that it does not come with SATA cable, you must buy that separately.



Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSHD

SSHD or solid-state hybrid drive employs a technology wherein the regular hard disk comes with NAND Flash SSD storage which is often used to be a cache from the drive.Best Storage For Gaming PCs In Seagate’s FireCuda line-up, the brand new FireCuda ST2000LX001 is based on 8GB of NAND flash storage which is quite diminutive than the desktop variants. Though the NAND or SSD slice with the hard drive isn’t straight obtainable to the customer, Seagate does tough work using the Adaptive Memory expertise which robotically figures out which records are opened possibly the maximum, so they’re automatically stored towards the NAND storage for quicker access. The Seagate FireCuda continues the legacy with the previous SSHDs who have launched before this model. It carries on the same naming scheme as being the older laptop SSHD from Seagate but has been created part with the FireCuda high-performance product stack. Seagate packages their FireCuda products inside a full-color cardboard packaging on retail shelves. The Seagate FireCuda 2.5″ SSHD follows both the.5″ drive form factor using a 7mm thickness. This makes it perfect for notebooks, HTPCs and consoles using both the.5″ drive slot. The drive doesn’t come having a spacer for 9.5mm slots.

Hybrid StorageDoes not have long life


This is also one of the best storage for gaming pc. It has hybrid technology which empowers it in respectable manners. It is also very cheap compared to every model. But, as it is cheap it has shorter life than other models. If, you are on very tight budget and looking to get a storage which can last for year or two then go for it.



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