A smarthome thermostat revolutionizes the way we make our home more comfortable and energy-efficient.

With the help of its automatic and sensor-based controls, it is now more convenient to manage your home’s cooling and heating system using a single device. It centralizes your home comfort management system so you do not have to frequently change settings on different appliances. A smarthome thermostat can either be controlled using a central hub or through an app on your smartphone, which you can do anywhere you are at home, or even away.

Your thermostat’s automatic features enable your cooling and heating system to adjust on its own depending on the number of people around or on the climate outside. This helps your heating and cooling system become more energy-efficient, saving you on electricity bills. A smart thermostat is one of the best cost-effective devices you can invest in that will bring you a decent ROI.

The technology of a smarthome thermostat is continuously evolving to make it more intelligent and beneficial for our lives. Some models respond to voice commands, allowing you to connect them to your smart home system. Some also have preset programs with customized settings that fit your most frequent home situations. This makes it more accessible and ever reliant on your everyday routine.

A technology called “geofencing” is a service that may trigger an action depending on your location. Home thermostats with this feature will shift to Away mode, which helps you conserve energy if you are away from your home’s location. And then, it reverts to Normal mode once it detects you nearby, approaching, or already inside.

A smarthome thermostat comes in modern and minimalist designs to suit your modern home. It has intuitive controls that are easy to operate, with a digital display for you to view its current settings and adjust them according to your needs.

We checked Amazon to help you trim down your options for the best smart thermostats 2020 that are worth investing in. Read on.


NameKey Feature 
ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control- Editor's ChoiceSmart Home and Away feature – uses geofencingCheck Price
Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation) with Nest Temperature Sensor (T5000SF)Learns your routine and automatically sets the thermostat settings that will make you more comfortable and save on energy billsCheck Price
Honeywell THX9421R5021WW 2 Wire IAQTrilingual – Spanish, English, and FrenchCheck Price


ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control – Editor’s Choice

This smarthome thermostat has been drawing a lot of attention with its tons of innovative features. It can also hook up with your smart home system but can be one in itself since it has a built-in Alexa. Alongside monitoring and controlling your home thermostat, you can also play music, make calls, or announce dinner.

The ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control had a lot of improvements over its predecessor. If you are timing your thermostat for a house upgrade, this makes a great choice. Let me guide you to all its impressive features.

First is the eco+. This smart sensing technology takes cues from your routine, environment, community energy demand, and even electricity pricing (which varies from time to time) and presents you with recommendations through setting adjustments that can help you consume energy more efficiently. In effect, you are producing less carbon footprint, which also lessens the strain on your community’s cumulative energy consumption since you are consuming less during peak hours without sacrificing comfort.

The eco+ also tries to keep your smarthome thermostat to your routine. For example, if it detects that you wake up at 7 am, it opens up before so your home will be ready and comfortable when you get up.

As one of the best programmable thermostat for homes, the ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control also utilizes other smart sensing features to further improve your home’s comfort level. The Follow Me feature allows your smarthome thermostat to sense your presence and adjust the room’s temperature accordingly. The Smart Home & Away utilizes geosensing, which automatically shifts the mode on Away if you are not home, and reverts to Normal when you already are.

This thermostat with sensor comes with a Smart Sensor that senses the occupancy in the room and automatically sets the perfect temperature all the time. You can place it in the room where you frequent, or purchase more Smart Sensors and scatter it in different rooms.

The ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control can integrate with different smart home and automation systems like the Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Smart Things. It also looks modern and sleek on your wall and can be connected to most HVAC systems. It also supports a wide range of other HVAC accessories like dehumidifiers or humidifiers for a powerhouse smarthome thermostat system that suits your personal needs.

With built-in AlexaPricey
Can be controlled via the ecobee mobile app
Smart Home and Away feature – uses geofencing
Follow Me feature that detects which room you are present in and adjusts the temperature accordingly
Works around your routine, environment, and community peak usage to automatically adjust your thermostat settings
Integrates with your smart home system (HomeKit, Smart Things, Google Assistant)


The ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control is jampacked with innovative features that ease you in operating your thermostat system. The smart features focus on your comfort as well as on helping you consume energy more efficiently for savings and less carbon footprint.


Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation) with Nest Temperature Sensor (T5000SF)

When it comes to the best thermostats for home, this smarthome thermostat is always present on any list. And it is because of its powerful features.

This smarthome thermostat is geared towards helping you to consume energy more efficiently. That is, it learns your routine and then implements the best thermostat setting that matches it. The way it adjusts the settings automatically actually refrains you from consuming energy that ends up wasted.

The Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation) with Nest Temperature Sensor (T5000SF) is the first smarthome thermostat to earn an Energy Star Rating. According to its statistics, it can help save users up to an average of 12% from their heating bills and about 10% from cooling bills. At this rate, the best digital thermostats can pay for themselves in a few years.

This wifi thermostat partners with a smart sensor, which you can purchase separately. Dubbed as the Nest Temperature Sensor, it reads the temperature of the room it is placed in, analyzes it against your needs and cues like present occupants, environment outside, room humidity, etc., and then adjusts your home’s thermostat settings accordingly.

The Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation) with Nest Temperature Sensor (T5000SF) can also provide you with data-driven insights about your energy consumption during different times of the day or days of the week. This can help you look for situations where you can save. Switching to the suggested setting that requires you to spend less energy rewards you with what Nest calls as the Leaf. The Leaf might be awarded on different temperature levels, depending on where a home saves best.

Provides data-driven insights about your home’s energy consumptionSmart sensor should be bought separately
Learns your routine and automatically sets the thermostat settings that will make you more comfortable and save on energy bills
Can be controlled by a mobile app
Integrates with most smart home systems


The Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation) with Nest Temperature Sensor (T5000SF) is one of the forefronts of the smarthome thermostat technology that also continuously evolves to meet modern needs and to stay compatible with modern smart home systems. You can never go wrong choosing this for your home.


Honeywell THX9421R5021WW 2 Wire IAQ

The best thermostats utilize data from your home’s environment, temperature, as well as your routine and family habits, to either suggest the best thermostat settings that match it, or, adjust it automatically for your convenience. That is what this smarthome thermostat does for you.

New thermostats like the Honeywell THX9421R5021WW 2 Wire IAQ are one programmable digital thermostat that gives you the control over how you want your thermostat to work to your benefit. You just have to supply it with the information it needs by answering questions and then it sets the program that best suits your preferences, routine, and needs.

This smarthome thermostat can centralize your heating and cooling system and can control either a heat pump system or a conventional one. The former can work on up to four heat and two cool stages while the latter to three heat and two cool stages.

The Honeywell THX9421R5021WW 2 Wire IAQ also got some cool features up its sleeves. It can speak in English, Spanish, and French. This smarthome thermostat has a full-color touchscreen display that provides you with the information you need about your thermostat settings, as well as the date and time.

This is also one best wifi thermostat which can be controlled wirelessly using your mobile devices like smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Trilingual – Spanish, English, and FrenchThe compatible smart sensor that can help provide more insight and customization should be purchased separately
With a full-color touchscreen display
Connects with your thermostat system using only two wires
Programmable – you can program your thermostat settings up to one week at a time


The Honeywell THX9421R5021WW 2 Wire IAQ works fine as a smarthome thermostat that automates your thermostat settings according to your routine and preferences by programming it yourself.



Final Verdict

The technology for smarthome thermostats is still evolving, but the present-day one is already impressive itself. Centralizing your heating and cooling system is a good idea. This is because it can help you customize settings to fit your needs. And with the help you smart sensing technology, you can also save on energy consumption while achieving utmost comfort all the time.

The best wifi home thermostat on this list is the ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control.

As the best smart home thermostat, the ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control provides more and the best smart features when it comes to a smarthome thermostat. And with its built-in Alexa, you can seamlessly integrate it with your other smart home devices or with your smart home system itself. This smarthome thermostat’s smart sensing capabilities implement the data it captures as settings that will allow you to stay comfortable in your home while saving on energy bills and producing less carbon footprint.

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