Best Rosin Press Under $500
(Last Updated On: January 13, 2019)

Usually if you want to get tasty and beautiful resins you going to need to have spent a lot of money in rosin press. However, its true if you want to have an excellent rosin press but if you are on a budget and still want a rosin press to extract resins, we have got you covered with the list of rosin presses. We have gathered the list so, you can choose the best rosin press under $500 without sacrificing the quality much.

Best Rosin Press Under $500 (Comparison)

Rosin PressPlates 
NugSmasher Mini (Editor's Choice)Stainless SteelCheck Price
Dulytek DW1005 Rosin PressStainless SteelCheck Price
MyPress Gen 2Stainless SteelCheck Price


NugSmasher Mini – (Editor’s Choice)

The NugSmasher Mini may be the best-selling personal powerful press that can come handy constantly.NugSmasher Mini Best Rosin Press Under $500 It features 2 a great deal of pressure and larger 2.5” smash plates. Thus, it could be ideally employed for pressing approximate 3.5gms of cloth easily. It is extremely small in space in order to make it to you as part of your travels easily. Also, it could be used perfectly for private use in a apartment. The press comprises of solid steel and really should last ages. It gets hot quickly and is particularly great for acquiring control if you need.

It is an ideal product for first-time users too. Moreover, there are lots of videos online that will help in solving your queries in connection with means of making use of it. The press takes around 12 minutes to warm up completely. It has a smooth functionality and also the end product is merely amazing. I have used a press of one other brand too, but I found the NugSmasher Mini Rosin being much better than the remaining as being the end product was much flatter compared to other presses. Use it; you’ll be shocked to discover the number of rosin about the parchment paper!

We would recommend someone to utilize the filter bags so that you can get yourself a cleaner end product. It may be the most recommended product which gives you the top yields additionally, on consistent basis. The press may be valued at every penny that you just commit to it and carries the very best warranty with the company.

Outstanding ValueNot Suitable For Commercial Use
High Quality Extracts


Nugsmasher mini is one of the best rosin press under 500. Despite being inexpensive press it offers plenty of features like dual heating element and sturdy built. Nugsmasher mini ensures to provide Return on Investment. The quality of extracts are premium. Moreover, this rosin press is compact which makes it easy to carry. There are no major downside except you cannot use it for a commercial purpose.




Dulytek DW1005 Rosin Press

DW1005 Manual Heat Press is surely an apt product for individual use together with small business owners.Dulytek DW1005 Rosin Press Best Rosin Press Under $500 It is mainly used in solvent-less plant oil extractions. It features 3” x 5” dual heating plates and contains simple-to-use touch-screen temperature controls and press timer. This feature permits you to save and hang press parameters making sure that multiple batch extractions may be quickly. The dual heat plates include aluminum, which makes certain that heat is distributed evenly therefore you receive the best yield. Also, it is incredibly all too easy to operate, and first-time users can utilize it effortlessly. You will not require every other equipment to work with the press. It is a high yielding device that’s adjustable pressure knob that helps you to apply force approximately 1000lbs. Thus, it reduces manual workload. There are rubber stoppers on the bottom with the equipment making sure that it stays available during use.

LightweightNot Suitable For Heavy Quantity
Strong Build
Powerful Extraction


We are not expecting much from this rosin press, but it truly surprised it with its quality. Even though, it is manual rosin press and requires manual labor yet extracts resin in good quality. The built is sturdy and does not feel like you bought this rosin press under $500. On downside, as it requires manual labor so, not suitable for you if you want to extract a lot of quantity because it will be very tiring for you.




MyPress Gen 2

MyPress Gen 2 is definitely a small, frivolous rosin press and thus you may go anywhere you would like effortlessly. The machine weighs thirteen pounds. This rosin press is perfect mainly for individual use in your house. The included pressure adjusting wrench permits you to adjust pressure keeping the hands out of the heated plates even though the press is running. The press automatically powers off after thirty minutes of no activity. My Press is made so it stays inside a closed position when you’re not deploying it. This means that the plates aren’t going to be exposed or touched unintentionally. If the press’ heat exceeds 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the device will automatically power off. The plates and frame are grounded. All you have to do in order to obtain the best rosin should be to learn every one of the right information around the material you’ll press, amount, temperature, required pressure and also the time needed to your material to become pressed.

PortableNone That We Could Find
Easy To Use
Comes With A Lot Of Safety


MyPress Gen 2 is electric rosin press yet inexpensive. It is portable enough to be carried anywhere and we do not think you have seen 13 LBS rosin press before so, yes its very lightweight. The most surprising part is safety locks provided by mypress are truly impressive. No one reported downsides about this rosin press till to date.



How To Choose Best Rosin Press Under $500?

Off course, the criteria is same in choosing any sort of rosin press but for your easy follow the tips given below for making your shopping experience effortless.

Resin Quality

The purpose of rosin press is to produce resin so, you have considered the quality of resin even though you are going for budget friendly machine. The above-mentioned rosin presses are very good in producing resin.

Frame Quality

No one likes a weak built. So, the case is similar in choosing resin machine. Always go for a rosin press which is made of strong material and does no collapse as it can be dangerous.


Safety should be first step. If you are looking to purchase a rosin press, ensure that it is licensed and complies with all safety features.



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