Best Projectors For Daylight Viewing
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

If you have arrived at this publication then most probably you are looking for a projector that will work in daylight or at the very least work in a bright room. We understand your struggle of not being able to find that perfect projector but one thing we do have to make it clear that projectors were not manufactured to work in bright lights that is not their domain. Now due to some technological advancement in regards to projector there have been some developments that have improved the overall performance of the projectors which have allowed them to operate in naturally bright rooms or with ambient lighting.

Even though now we do have projectors that can operate in bright conditions but they are somewhat expensive. A normal projector for dark rooms will cost you around $200 mark or even less but the projectors with capability of operating in bright light start at around $500 mark the higher the price tag go the more refined performance you will get out of a projector. We have compiled few options for our readers that are best projectors for daylight viewing you can check them out. But before you can check them out you should know few things in regards to projectors and bright light projection.

Brightness of Projector

There are a lot of factors that contribute to projector being able to project an image or a video in bright light clearly but the most important of those factors is the brightness of the projector. The brightness is measured using “Lumens”. In a spec sheet of the projector you will find one or two brightness figures listed, most of the time there is one figure. One figure listed will be of white light brightness while the other one will be color brightness. But before we get into these two brightness types you should know that the higher brightness count will give you clearer image in bright light. You can buy a projector with high brightness if that turn out to be too bright to use you can always lower the brightness but if you buy a projector with low brightness count you can never go around that and that projector will be worthless in a bright light situation. So keep in mind if you are paying extra for a projector now as it has higher brightness count and you are thinking you don’t need that much then you will be paying for another projector when the need for bright light projector arises in the future.

  • White Light Brightness

The higher the white light brightness figure is the better. White light brightness is there for the text and the projection which has mostly black and white color and that is mostly text. The higher the white light brightness figure the clearer and sharper you will see the projection of the text or black and white related media.

  • Color Brightness

Now the color brightness figure is mostly not shown in the spec sheet and it is better to inquire the manufacturer about it. The color brightness determines the sharpness and clarity of the multimedia such as movies or games and other stuff.  Basically all the colors will be sharper due to the color light emitted by the lamp that is if the color brightness is as high as the white light brightness in a projector.

Now let’s get into the best projectors we have for you for daylight viewing.


Best Projectors For Daylight Viewing (Comparison)

Epson EH-LS100 UST Laser Projector (Editor's Choice)24.25 lbs4000 Lumens1920 x 1200Check Price
Optoma WU336 Projector6.39 lbs3400 Lumens1920 x 1200Check Price
Optoma X600 Projector7.93 lbs6000 Lumens1024 x 768Check Price


Epson EH-LS100 UST Laser Projector – (Editor’s Choice)

The first projector we have on here for daylight viewing is the model EH-LS100 manufactured by Epson.Best Projectors For Daylight Viewing Epson as we all know is a renowned manufacturer of electronic goods. The projector in question here is the latest in technology when it comes to projectors and is one of the best projectors for daylight viewing. This projector has Ultra Short throw ratio. The EH-LS100 is also one of the highest rated projectors in the market right now. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the design of the EH-LS100 projector. The build quality of the projector is solid making it very reliable in use. The projector is also portable but not so lightweight weighing around 24lbs. The EH-LS100 projector is easy to setup and use.

When it comes to the features of the EH-LS100 projector the projector has all the latest technology has to offer. The EH-LS100 projector employs latest laser projection technology producing Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1200. The brightness of the EH-LS100 projector is 4000 Lumens for both white light and color. The contrast ratio of the EH-LS100 projector is 2,500,000:1 producing and enhancing the black in projection of images and videos. The EH-LS100 projects screen size of up to 130”and at 1.34 feet distance this projector can project 70”of screen. The optics that EH-LS100 projector is equipped with uses advance laser light source which can last up to 30,000 hours making it very reliable. The EH-LS100 projector uses advanced 3 chip design which makes sure that there are no color wheels, white segments or rainbow effect on the projection.

When it comes to connectivity the EH-LS100 projector has 3 x HDMI ports and also has a built-in speaker as well. For controlling the project, Epson has provided iProjection app which makes using the projector ever so convenient.

Overall performance of the EH-LS100 projector is unmatchable and the picture quality is remarkable. The colors are vivid and it can easily be mistaken for a Full HD TV easily. The laser technology is revolutionary making it excellent for daylight viewing and using it in bright rooms.

The only thing that bothered us is the manual keystone adjustment, Epson should have provided auto adjustment and the noise level on the EH-LS100 projector is little higher.

Laser ProjectionKeystone Adjustment Manual
Laser Light Source Life 30,000 Hours
Easy to Setup


All in all the EH-LS100 projector by Epson is the best you can get when it comes to bright light projector. There are cheaper projectors who can do the job but they will not be as good as this projector.




Optoma WU336 Projector

The next projector we have on here is the model WU336 manufactured by Optoma.Best Projectors For Daylight Viewing Optoma is a reliable name when t comes to projector manufacturing. The projector in question here is a short throw projector and is one of the highest rated projectors in the market. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the design of this projector. The WU336 is lightweight making it the lightest projector we have on here. The design of the WU336 projector is compact making it portable. The build quality on this projector is solid and feels good to have it with you.

The features on this projector are a lot and we will cover some of the prominent ones here. Let’s start with the resolution of the WU336 projector it produces WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution projections with brightness level of 3400 Lumens. The contrast ratio on the WU336 projector is 20,000:1 for deeper black. The maximum screen size this projector can project is 299”and at 3.9 feet distance it can project 27”screen size. The WU336 projector is compatible with full 3D media.

The lamp life of the WU336 projector is up to 15000 hours making it super reliable and durable. The projector, when it comes to connectivity, has 2 x HDMI connectivity ports. It also has a USB port as well. The WU336 projector also has MHL connectivity as well allowing it’s users to transfer data via the MHL cable. This projector also comes with a 10W built-in speaker as well.

When it comes to performance the WU336 projector works excellently in a bright room and daylight condition. The picture quality as excellent and the picture projected by the projected is vivid and clear even in bright light. The fan is quiet while operational. The speaker sound quality as expected is not very good but it is loud.

The thing that bothered us is that it gets really hot really quickly and the USB port on the projector is not for transferring files but rather it is only there to supply power to other devices.

LightweightGets Hot
Lamp Life 15,000 HoursUSB Port not for connectivity only supplies power
Full 3D Support


Apart from the issues mentioned above which are of minor nature, performance wise the projector is a very good option for daylight viewing.



Optoma X600 Projector

The last projector we have on here for daylight viewing is the model X600 by Optoma.Best Projectors For Daylight Viewing Optoma as we all know by now, is a reputable brand when it comes to projectors. This particular model is one of the best for daylight viewing and it is also one of the highest rated projectors in that regards. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

The design of X600 projector is pretty basic and has a solid build quality making it reliable. The weight of the X600 projector is on the lighter side making it portable. The projector is also very convenient to use and to setup.

The features on the X600 projector include XGA (1024 x 768) native resolution while the maximum resolution is WUXGA (1920 x 1200). The brightness on this projector is 6000 Lumens which is a lot and the contrast ratio is 10,000:1. The maximum projected screen size by the X600 projector is 299”while at 3.9 feet of distance it can project 34”of screen size. The X600 projector comes with full 3D capability as well.

The lamp life of the X600 projector is up to 4000 hours. It also has a 3W built-in speaker and there are 2 x HDMI connectors as well. Some energy efficient measures have been taken as well by Optoma by installing auto power off feature on the projector.

The X600 projector is excellent for daylight viewing and bright rooms because of its high brightness count. The picture quality on the X600 projector is crisp and clear with vivid color projection. The fan of the projector while operational is very quiet.

The only thing bothered us is the zoom, it has very minimal zoom.

Full 3D SupportMinimal Zoom
6000 Lumens Brightness


Overall it is a very good projector for bright lights and daylight viewing and there are no technical or performance issues reported for this projector.



All the projectors listed here have high ratings and are from reputable manufacturers who have been making projectors for a while now. The projectors here are best suited for bright light viewing and have been selected taking into consideration multiple factors. We hope you find this publication useful. Do let us know in the comments what do you think is the better option.



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