Best Power Supply For GTX 1080
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

GTX series is best number of GPUs launched by Nvidia. It has all range and kind of GPUs inside it. It also has very power GPUs like GTX 1080, GTX 1070, GTX Titan X etc. GTX 1080 would be the latest graphic card in the GTX series. It is a very efficient GPU and it can run every one of the games at ultra-high settings,

The gaming performance of GTX series is unbeatable. It is efficient at running every one of the latest and powerful games for example Far Cry 5, Witcher 3, Battlefield 1, GTA V, Assassin Creed Origins etc. on medium to ultra-high graphics depending on your graphics card. It is also capable at running the games at 4k resolution at 60 FPS. The GTX 1080 broke each of the records of FPS in the event it runs the GTA V on unbelievable FPS of 82.1! This FPS could be the dream about most from the gamers which may easily be achieved only because from the GTX series. The GTX graphics cards are developing and advancing in technology and we are sure the gaming values will likely be transformed in imaginable future.

With all these features given by this series, we should pick the right strength so our enjoyment in gaming is not broken up by any form of power fiasco.

So, if you have a Nvidia GTX series graphics card and want to buy the right and compatible Power supply correctly, then the article is simply available for you since with the assistance of our selected best Power supply for GTX1080 list, we certainly going to assist you to pick the best Power supply on your most lovable Nvidia GTX Series Graphics Card.

Now let’s have a look at best power supplies for GTX 1080 to enhance and enjoy your gaming experience without any sort of interruptions.


Best Power Supply For  GTX 1080 (Comparison)

Power SupplyPowerCompatibility 
EVGA 450 BT400WSuitable for less than 100WCheck Price
Corsair CX Series 500 Watt500WSuitable for less than 200WCheck Price
ROSEWILL Bronze 650W Power Supply650WSuitable for less than 300WCheck Price
Thermaltake Smart 700W700WSuitable for less than 400WCheck Price
EVGA 1000 GQ1000WSuitable for 2 SLI GPUCheck Price
EVGA Supernova 1300 G21300WSuitable for 3 SLI GPUCheck Price



450 BT by EVGA offers outstanding value to it’s customers. It is 80 plus bronze certified which means it can improve more than 85 percent power efficiency for your Graphic processor power supply for gtx 1080 The auto and noiseless fan makes it more appealing to users. The fan size is also compact sizing only 120mm. It also has built in over voltage protection, Under voltage protection, Over current protection and under current protection also short circuit protection. This power supply comes with 3-year warranty which offers peace of mind.

Budget FriendlyPower Cable Quality Sucks
3-year Warranty


Costing under $40 it offers outstanding value to people who are looking for a power supply for their GTX 1080. The fan is noiseless and this power supply offers 3-year warranty. The downside is with its power cable which can get loose after some time if not handled with care.



Corsair CX Series 500 Watt

CX Series energy units are a fantastic selection for basic system builds and desktop PC computer power supply for gtx 1080 CX Series PSUs can be found in many different power configurations and will include features which can be normally found only on premium power supplies. it’s built and tested to firm standards for trouble-free putting in and smooth process. 80 Plus Bronze qualified competence and crafty fan design license minimal noticeable fan noise during regular process. Long cables make CX Series well suitable for connection even during full-height tower cases, plus the generous cable count lets you power numerous mechanisms and storing devices.

Usually QuietContains only 5 Modular Ports
Extended Cables
Budget Friendly


Excellent power supply for GTX 1080 if your computer takes less than 200 Watts. It fans are quiet most of the time. It also has extra cables to power your other components and it costs under $50. The modular ports are only 5 which can be downside for some people.



ROSEWILL Gaming 80 Plus Bronze 650W Power Supply

ROSEWILL CAPSTONE 650 is often a quality and high value 80+ gold power source for the gaming computer system and an excellent section deliver a calm, controlling and expected gaming available for power supply for gtx 1080 It has a silent 135 mm fan with auto fan speed control, the gaming 80 Plus energy aims to supply a special airflow with a brilliant low noise level by different speed level in reaction to varied temperatures 80 Plus bronze certified power supplies to offer nearly 90% or higher efficiency with a normal loading conditions and outstanding with over/under and short circuit protection. even years creation guarantees to make sure nonstop system performance with this 650w gaming energy and safeguard it could perhaps sustenance while process to your gaming PC system It is also UL, FCC, CE Certificated: Rose will CAPSTONE series power supplies with strong single +12V rail provide high quality operation on the cheap heat reduce operating loss

QuietNone That We Could Find
Nice Build
7-year Warranty


Costs under $80 and offers powerful wattage of 650. The fans are noiseless, the built quality of power supply is very good, and it comes with 7 years of warranty. This power supply has no noticeable con till today.



Thermaltake Smart 700W

It saves energy through its high quality as much as 86% and accommodates any mainstream build with demanding power supply for gtx 1080 An embedded intelligent cooling fan delivers excellent airflow with an exceptionally low noise level. Additionally, the Single +12V rail design enables non-stop usage with stable and reliable performance. Smart Series adopt 120mm cooling fan delivers excellent airflow with an exceptionally low noise level. Smart Series saves energy through its high energy efficiency up to 86% and is also 80 PLUS Standard Certified. Additionally, the Smart Series has become optimized to do business with all generations of Intel’s processors to obtain maximum energy saving. High quality components enable non-stop usage with stable and reliable performance, you can forget capacitor explosion and leakage. The multiple connectors make cable installation always easy.

QuietLots of Wires
Easy to Install
Detailed Instructions


This 700w power supply costs under $50 which makes it very cheap compare to other brands. It also has quiet fans. The installation is very easy thanks to detailed instructions manual it comes with. Many people complained about that it has a lot of wiring and they can get tangled.



EVGA 1000 GQ

best power supply for gtx 1080EVGA 1000 GQ power supply some of the greatest features from EVGA’s excellent power supplies, like EVGA ECO fan mode for near silent operation, Japanese Capacitor Design and a highly efficient design, in an excellent value. These new power supplies are 80 Plus Gold rated and provide a first-rate 5 Year Warranty that’s backed by top notch EVGA support. 80 PLUS Gold certified, It has every kind of circuit protection as well.

Very PowerfulNone That We Could Find
Modular Edition
Outstanding Value


1000-watt power supply can give super powers to your gaming PC. It costs under $150 and gives extremely powerful processing and protection to your Graphic card. If, you compare it with many other makes and models you will find that you are getting an outstanding value by purchasing this one. As, it has no noticeable co.




EVGA Supernova 1300 G2

More power supply for gtx 1080 EVGA Supernova 1300 G2 has same features as 1000 GQ, but it offers 1300-watt power and comes with more protection and for up to 3 SLI cards. It has beautiful and compact design and easily fits in any kind of super powerful computer.

ModularNone That We Could Find
10-years Warranty
Very Powerful


This power supply costs under $300 but it still offers outstanding value. It has extreme features like modular connections and 10-year warranty. This product has no apparent cons as well and works flawlessly as you expect from a gaming power supply.



How to Choose the Right Power Supply?

If you buy the incorrect power source you might cause substantial problems for your electronics, yourself and maybe spark a fire. If you buy the best power source, then you certainly should get trouble-free by using your electronics for quite a while. Here are some superb advice concerning how to obtain a strength the proper way. This is written not by somebody that sells power supplies or possibly is doing somebody that does a big favor. This is compiled by an accredited ham radio operator that recently had to integrate the operation of how to obtain a power source.

The first consideration is when much power you will want. There are three considerations to determine how much power you should have.

One consideration is what style of power your power source uses just as one input and output. Most of us know what we should ham radio operators call a “wall wart”. A “wall wart” may be the form of converter that plugs right into your house’s AC outlets (wall outlets). They are often small plastic box-like plastic contraptions that has a small power cord and plug for the other end from it. You probably purchased one for the radio, cassette player or any other small device occasionally. In this instance, the AC (alternating electric current) has transformed into DC (household power).

Another consideration is what voltage you will require. Do not trust with the exact same size plug work equally as well for the device as another. Your energy need to be matched designed for the product you might be powering. If you supply your computer with either excessive voltage or you cannot enough you may cause serious problems for your device and maybe yourself. Be sure to look device’s manual and stickers to determine the best voltage needed. Do not feel that provided that your power converter supplies towards the right voltage that it’ll do great enough. That assumption can be very dangerous!

A third consideration would be the quantity of amps (often known as amperage) that a power converter will provide. Think of computer using this method. Assume the two main individuals to handle a length of coiled rope. One person, call him up “digital camera”, is pulling power (the rope). Another person, call him up “power supplier”, is uncoiling the rope and letting “computer” grab the rope that he is handing to him. If “camera” pulls the rope faster than “power supplier” is handing against each other (supplying, it) then “power supplier” will find yourself with burned hands through the rope being pulled too fast. This is just with what occurs to the electronic components and power cord on your power source when it is inspired to supply excessive power. This is where fuses and circuit breakers should part of to stop things from going past an acceptable limit. Don’t take dangerous chances – find the right match to your equipment.

Also see whether there are more, less basic considerations. For example, in ham radio, some power supplies cause interference into a ham radio bands although some usually do not. Some large power supplies have noisy fans although some use cooling fins and warmth sink devices and keep the energy cool. Some power supplies for the very same voltage and amperage are smaller compared to others due to design which could break faster than other designs.

There tend to be trade-offs in electronics design. For example, a reduced lightweight more portable strength most likely are not as durable and dependable for too long periods of operation as being a heavier unit with the exact same voltage and amperage specifications.

Once you could have your model in your mind figure out how quickly you would like your power. If you’ve the time, shop on-line for the greatest blend of price, freight and shipping times. Also remember to check on for guarantees, warranties and use of repair services.



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