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(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Now if you have arrived at this publication then you will be looking for suitable headphones for ASMR and those of you who have no idea what ASMR is let us sprinkle some little knowledge about this rare disorder. ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response the more technical term for it, is a body response triggered by certain sounds which leads to tingly sensation on your scalp or trickles down your head up till your shoulders. Now ASMR is not experienced by everyone and only few people can experience them.

Now why would you want headphones for ASMR? There are certain studio produced sounds that assist some people to help sleep them better. While they sleep they listen to binaural beats to get a sound sleep. Now this might not work on everyone but it does work on the people who are suited to it. Now looking for a headphone that is so specific in purpose can be a hectic task so we have listed some of the best headphones for ASMR below in this publication you can have a look at them. But if you decide to look for headphones on your own there are few things that you should consider to make a smart purchase. Let’s get into that first.

Noise Cancellation

The first thing that you should consider while getting a headphone for ASMR is the noise cancellation feature. Now if you look at most of the headphones in the market their manufacturers claim that their headphone has a noise cancellation feature. Ok. But to what extent that is the question that you should keep in mind. The headphones should be able to keep certain loudness of sound out of the headphones and that loudness or noise should not be able to reach your ears. Inquire the manufacturer about a (db) decibel figure of sound that their headphone is able to keep out of the user’s ears.

Sound Leakage

The second that you should be on the look out for is the sound leakage of the headphone. Now if you are going to get headphones for ASMR then most probably you will use them in bed and if you have wife or kids then sound leakage can be disturbing for them as the sound can leak out of your headphones and into their ears. Get a headphone that has zero sound leakage otherwise what is the point of getting a good sleep if you disturbing the sleep of others.

Sound Quality

This is an easy one to keep in mind when going for a headphone. The sound quality of the headphone is a very crucial point, what is the point of getting a headphone if the sound quality is poor or not good to begin with.

Now let’s get into the best headphones we have on here for ASMR.

Best Headphones For ASMR (Comparison)

Sennheiser HD 598SR Open-Back Headphone11.8 oz50 ohmsCheck Price
Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones5.4 oz17 ohmsCheck Price
SleepPhones SB1BM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones6.4 ozn/aCheck Price
Grado SR60e Headphones7.8 oz32 ohmsCheck Price


Sennheiser HD 598SR Open-Back Headphone

The first headphone we have on here is the model HD598SR produced by Sennheiser.Best Headphones For ASMR Sennheiser when it comes to headphones is a renowned name and is known as the audio specialist when it comes to producing audio equipment. This particular headphone model is high rated as well. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the design of the HD598SR headphone. The headphone has an open back design making it suitable for use in the bed while you rest your head on the pillow. Wearing this headphone is very comfortable and it doesn’t feel like it is strangling your ears. The headband of the HD598SR headphones is covered with padded leatherette. The earpads on this headphone give out sense of luxury.

The headphone can be connected to virtually any device and you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues with the HD598SR headphone. This headphone comes with two types of wires, the first one a 3 meter wire has a ¼” jack at the end of it while the second one is 1.2m in length while having 3.5mm jack at the end of it.

The impedance on this headphone is rated at 50ohms. The sound pressure level of this headphone is 112db and the frequency response of the HD598SR headphones is between 12Hz and 38,500Hz. Overall the HD598SR headphones don’t weight much and they weigh 11.8oz which is pretty lightweight.

When it comes to performance the HD598SR headphones produce a very high quality sound and the sound is clear and crystal like you should get out of a very good headphone. The noise cancellation on this headphone is very good.

The only thing that bothered us about this headphone is the sound leakage.

Luxurious EarpadsSound Leakage


If sound leakage doesn’t bother you then HD598SR headphone produced by Sennheiser is a very good option for ASMR headphones.




Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones

The next headphones we have on here for ASMR is the model SE215-K produced by Shure.Best Headphones For ASMR Shure is also a reputable brand when it comes to manufacturing of good quality headphones and earphones. This particular model has an earphone design and this model is for the users who don’t prefer over the head headphones for ASMR. These earphones have high ratings. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

The design of the SE215 earphones is a very comfortable to wear one. The SE215 earphones have a very convenient and secure over the ear wearing configuration. The SE215 earphones are also very lightweight.

The cable system on the SE215 earphones is a detachable one leaving out space for future upgrade. The sound isolation on these earphones is very good rated at 37db which means no sound to the point of 37db will reach user’s ears when they are wearing these earphones. The wireless connectivity is covered by Bluetooth v4.1 on these earphones. The operating wireless range of these earphones is 10 meters and on a single charge they can last up to 8 hours.

The sound pressure level of these earphones is 107db and the frequency response rate of these earphones is between 22Hz and 17500Hz. The impedance of these earphones is measured at 17 ohms.

When it comes to performance the SE215 earphones produce a very clear and high quality sound. The SE215 earphones are easy to use and the pairing is also very easy with Bluetooth capable devices. There have been no reported issues regarding the earphone’s performance or build quality.

ComfortableNone That We Could Find
Detachable Cable


If you are looking for earphones for ASMR that produce high quality sound with no annoying issues then look no further than SE215 Earphones produced by Shure.




SleepPhones SB1BM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The next headphone we have on here for ASMR is the model SB1BM produced by SleepPhones.Best Headphones For ASMR SleepPhones is relatively a new company that is producing unique headphones that have not been seen before in the market. These headphones are designed to facilitate your binaural beats listening experience. The manufacturer is producing different models of these headphones and this particular model caught our eye. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

These headphones are designed to wear on your head rather than the conventionally worn over the head design and they are manufactured using a very smooth and comfortable material. This unique design gives users a very comfortable listening experience and you don’t have to worry about headphones like you would if you wear a traditionally designed headphone. These headphones are easy to use.

The SB1BM headphones have 17 preloaded binaural beats in them. This headphone is battery operated and it takes 3 hours to fully charge the battery of the SB1BM headphones. The fully charged battery lasts for 20 hours. There is an option for both wireless and wired connectivity on this headphone. The wireless connectivity is covered by Bluetooth technology while the wired connectivity is covered by traditional headphone jacks. The SB1BM headphone is travel friendly. The headband material of the SB1BM headphone is hypoallergenic that is easily cleanable too.

When it comes to performance the sound quality is in no way comparable to proper traditional headphones. If you are getting these headphones for convenience purposes then it will do you good. The sound quality is good for it’s purpose.

Unique Headband DesignSound Quality Not Very Good
17 Pre Loaded Binaural Beats
Hypoallergenic Material


If you are looking for a headphone for ASMR that is convenient and super comfortable to use then  SB1BM binaural headphones by SleepPhones is a very good option.



Grado SR60e Headphones

The last headphones we have on here for ASMR is the model SR60e produced by Grado Labs.Best Headphones For ASMR Grado Labs is a reputable name when it comes to production of high quality headphones. They are known as one of the pioneers of headphone manufacturing. So how it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

The design of the SR60e headphone features a over the head open back design which is an ergonomic design. The SR60e headphone is very comfortable to wear and it has a foldable design feature as well. The SR60e headphones are lightweight as well.

The SR60e headphones use open air operating principle and it has a dynamic transducer type. The impedance level is rated at 32ohms of this headphone. The sound pressure level of this headphone is 99.8db. The frequency response rate is between 20Hz to 20,000Hz. The weight of the SR60e headphone is 7.8oz. The wire that comes with this headphone has 3.5mm mini plug and ¼” adapter.

The sound quality of this headphone is excellent. There are no issues with the sound output whatsoever. The only thing that bothered us is the durability, it’s not a very durable headphone.

LightweightNot Durable
Good Sound Quality


If you take care of your headphones very well and you want a high performance headphone for ASMR then this headphone is a very good option for you.



The headphones listed here are some of the best in the market right now for ASMR. If they have any issues regarding performance or build they have been mentioned here in this publication. We hope you find this publication useful. Let us know what you think about these headphones in the comments below.



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