Best Electric Rosin Press
(Last Updated On: January 11, 2019)

Electric rosin press uses are models which uses electric outlet for operations. They usually comes in size of 1-2 tons. However, there are 10-ton rosin presses are available in the market. In this list we have added some of the top-notch rosin presses so, you can choose the best electric rosin press for your needs.

Best Electric Rosin Press (Comparison)

Rosin PressPlate Size 
Dulytek DW6000 (Editor's Choice)3 x 5 InchesCheck Price
MyPress Gen 23 x 3 InchesCheck Price
Honey Habit Rosin Press6 x 8 InchesCheck Price


Dulytek DW6000 – (Editor’s Choice)

Dulytek DW6000 is motorized by electricity, so no hand reeling or wheel rotating is required with this rosin press, just hit “push” button to start pressuring.Dulytek DW6000 Best Electric Rosin Press The DW6000 structures robust stainless-steel body, it comes with 3 by 5 inches solid aluminum clasps, you can monitor, and control activates via touchscreen temperature/regulator panels, you can stop it any time with release button,

It also offers LED work area lights, and a handle for easy moving of the press.

The DW6000 does not need any additional equipment or parts to start pressing, and its 3-prong power cord as well as the operating instructions are included with the acquisition.

Excellent QualityNone That We Could Find
Outstanding Value
Best Customer Support


Dw6000 is one of the best electric rosin press you can find in the market. It truly offers excellent quality and ease of use you can control it via touchscreen panel. Moreover, you do not have to start it manually all you have to do is press the start button and it will start processing very quietly. Aftersales support by Dulytek is just excellent. This rosin press has no cons yet.



MyPress Gen 2

MyPress Gen 2 a transportable, trivial electric rosin press planned and plotted through the ground-up in Colorado.MyPress Gen 2 Best Electric Rosin Press No need for a loud air compressor or bulky hand pump, My Rosin Press is silent and requirements minimal effort to control.

It is less space-consuming than most home coffee makers. Its sleek design allows it to reside comfortably in an environment. The power cord stores away cleanly around the back from the unit for straightforward and safe storage or transportation. it Activated by Plates Open/Close. 0-9999 seconds. MyPress carries a front-facing count-up timer, which halts counting when opened and resets from zero when closed again, allowing the operator to efficiently monitor the task, and fine-tune modifications to realize the most beneficial yield or finest flavors. This proprietary functionality allows the operator to record and track the most beneficial starting material-specific most current listings for later repetition. My Rosin Press Axiom Plates are evenly heated and study the temperature through the plate surface at contact-point of your respective starting material. it assists you Maximize your starting material’s potential and desired outcomes. For each starting material, easily experiment and record some notes for future reference. This will enable you to consistently achieve what exactly is most desirable available for you, whether it is: heightened flavor, larger yield, or maybe a careful balance of both.

PortableNone That We Could Find
Easy To Operate


If you are looking for compact, lightweight and easy to use model then, my press Gen 2 is one of the best electric rosin press for you. No one reported any cons about this rosin press as well.




Honey Habit Rosin Press

The fact that your machine is done to the creation of rosin essences from the highest grade! Since it’s the USA made rosin press, there’s no doubting the usage of top-quality components for construction. These materials will also be corrosion resistant and high grade. Including the steel parts! What’s more is niagra electric rosin press was created to maximize yield superiority of rosin concentrates. The practical C-shaped structure stores those press plates inside the handiest manner. Honey Habit is a transportable unit that one could governed by personal uses. All you have to do is plug within the press and enable the thing to perform its duties.

DurableHydraulics Can Be Leaky
Operate Able On Higher Pressure
Plug n play


This electric rosin press is suitable for people who want to extract resin on higher pressures. It is made of durable material and well easy to use as it is plug n play. On downside, you can experience leaky hydraulics.


How To Choose Best Rosin Press

Gone are the times that you should risk life and limb to create concentrates aware of sketchy solvents, because now all you ought to do is grab a rosin press to build incredible concentrates. It’s easy, safe, rather than to bring up each of the money it can save you by pressing rosin rather than buying overpriced grams with the dispensary each week. If you’ve considered getting a rosin press for at-home use or for making dabs from the grow, read this handy guide about what you have to know when investing in a press.

Skip the hassle of purchasing a heat plate kit, a harbor freight shop press, plus each of the extra equipment you’ll need – save the problem through getting an all-in-one unit. Although it sounds attractive to begin with to construct a rosin press, you’ll finish up spending over you imagine beginning with, with nowhere to show when something fails. Despite precisely what is claimed, cheap shop presses don’t last for an extended time, so you’ll be stuck the need to buy a growing number of equipment. You also want to make certain you don’t waste your precious material, which can be sufficient cause to stop the headache of refining plate kits and shop presses.

You get everything you buy, so we recommend only purchasing a rosin press which is produced in the USA from good quality components. It’s a great investment that will have longevity, so don’t be fooled by cheap Chinese machines which might be literally re-purposed t-shirt presses. When you run the numbers about how much extra rosin, you’ll get with every press utilizing a premium quality rosin press

Solvent less rosin is quickly becoming called the premier connoisseur grade concentrate, so preservation of terpenes is essential to creating the very best rosin possible. Most rosin presses currently available offer only square heat plates, which basically guarantee a loss of profits of yield and burned terpenes considering that the oil has got to travel much further and sits within the heat for a longer time. Make sure your rosin press only features long, narrow heat plates, that is necessary to ensuring the very best yield possible and terpene profile. This design allows your rosin oil to quickly escape your heat plates, thus maximizing every press and permitting that fully terpene-rich aroma to become preserved inside your concentrates. Make sure your heat plates are built with aluminum, as well.



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