Best Drones For Home Inspections
(Last Updated On: January 16, 2019)

Are you planning to buy a drone for all your photographic related ventures? Have you made up your mind yet or are you still confused because the options in the market are never-ending?

Buying a drone for home inspections isn’t an easy thing to do. The technology evolves every single day, the drone you may have liked a few weeks ago, there could be numerous new updates in the same series. So, you need to consider something before you go ahead and spend money.

Drones and aircrafts cost a lot. They are not easy to spend money on but once you do decide you would like to buy a gadget, make sure you keep the following tips in mind before you make your final purchase. We have also compiled some of the best drones for home inspections below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.


The FAA (Federal Aviation Association) has some rules that you need to follow if you plan on buying a drone. The FAA has classified drones as Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and it requires registration of all UAVS weighing more than 5 pounds. It is not that big of hassle as you may be thinking. Once you have registered your drone, the FAA will provide you with a recognition number that needs to be displayed at your drone’s front and you should be above 13 years of age in order to register.

Mobile Device To Control The Drone

Most of the drones nowadays can be controlled by mobile devices. It makes it very convenient for all the pilots out there if you are not fond of carrying a separate controller. You will require to have a modern smartphone with upgraded operating systems that can run the drone applications easily.

Weather Conditions

Not all drones come with weather resistance. You need to make sure that your drone can fly if there is a strong wind going around. If your drone doesn’t comply with hard weather conditions and you choose to take it on a flight, there is a great chance you will lost it.

So, these were a few tips that you need to keep in mind once you have decided you want to buy a drone. Now, read ahead and know about the recommendations we have for you regarding best drones for home inspection.

Best Drones For Home Inspections (Comparison)

DroneFlight Time 
DJI SparkUp To 16 MinutesCheck Price
DJI Mavic ProUp To 27 MinutesCheck Price
VOOCO X-Star PremiumUp To 25 MinutesCheck Price


DJI Spark

DJI is known as one of the most reputable companies when it comes to manufacturing drones and other such gadgets.DJI Spark Best Drones For Home Inspections If you are looking for drone that can help you in homes inspections, the first product we have on the list of DJI Spark that comes with a combination of remote control. Drones may feel agile in the air, but they can be cumbersome and bulky on the land. However, with DJI Spark, you will not be holding back your creativity and task inspection anymore not matter whatever is the adventure you want to go on to.

This drone is one of its kind quadcopter that comes with an integrated camera with motorized stabilization that can capture 1080p complete HD videos, 12 MP still photographs, and it can even take air selfies for you, if you are fond of them. This drone possesses 31mph top speed, a flight time of up to 16 minutes and has a very compact design. DJI spark is definitely going to appeal all the FPV enthusiasts, racers and those who just want to attain more dynamic shots than their smartphones or camcorders. This drone is made for all the photography lovers out there and comes with a very easy to understand user manual. It features a variety of flight modes, vision-based navigation for outdoor and indoor along with GPS and a 3D obstacle-detection system. That means, now you will not have to be worried about your drone getting hit by a crow or something. DJI ensures your gadget safety. Isn’t that cool?

The entire package comes with a DJI Spark Quadcopter, remote controller, 3 pairs of 4730S quick release folding propellers for the drone, one intelligent battery, one micro-USB cable, one charger and a hard foam storage box. The entire accessory kit is all you need to fulfil your photographic ventures. The drone has a control range of up to 1.2 miles and you can easily edit, share your pictures and other content with the DJI Go App.

3D Obstacle Detection SystemComparatively Low Battery Time
HD Content
DJI Go App


DJI Spark is among the most compact designed drones for home inspection. The 3D obstacle detection system is the best part about its drone because it ensures safety. If you are planning to buy a drone for home inspection purposes, this gadget is highly recommended.




DJI Mavic Pro

The most important thing, most of the pilots now want in drones is portability. Every pilot wants to just pack up his drone and take it anywhere he wants to capture anything he wants. DJI is always experimenting with their gadgets and they are not afraid of integrating new features, the Mavic Pro is a highly portable drone along with being the most featured packed drone in the market.

Without giving a second thought, the most stand out feature of Mavic Pro is its portability. It doesn’t come with space-hogging full-armed hull instead, the drone features a set of folding props and arms, so you can easily carry it around once you are done using it. The drone becomes a small little package and is not even heavy to carry. The drone also comes with a compact controller that you can easily use and take along wherever you have to go. It features a super compact 3-axims gimbal and a 4K camera that allows you to capture HD videos and still photographs. The 3-axis gimbal allows the drone to capture stabilized videos without resolution cutbacks that are required to capture high quality videos.

The drone also features DJI’s optical flow software and Active Track that will allow the user to tract objects and any obstacles that may come in the way and cause hinderance. The two software ensure your drone’s safety when you’re flying It high. Another notable feature of Mavic Pro is that DJI’s has equipped it with a transmission system called OcuSync that enables the drone to have a range of up to 4 miles and increases its resistance to any sort of interferences. Also, if you plan on using it on shorter ranges, the drone will provide you with a live stream footage of 1080p resolution and you can also download photos or videos of up-to 40mbs. The built of Mavic Pro is also very sturdy and you will feel the tough compact drone it is once you hold it in your hands. You can fly it up to 40 miles per hour or as long as 27 minutes. The package includes an aircraft, two DJI intelligent batteries, one remote controller, 16 GB microSD card, gimbal clamp, three 8330 quick release folding propellers, charger, micro-USB cable, AC power cable for charger, RC cable for Mavic controller and two RC cable sliders.

PortableGimbal Assembly A Bit Fragile
Solid Construction
Affordable Price


If you are looking for drone to carry anywhere you want, Mavic Pro is absolutely your winner. It has a high portability and comes with a very compact design. Not to mention, the extra battery that DJI provides you in this package adds to your duration regarding the use of Mavic Pro.




VOOCO X-Star Premium

If you are looking for a pro yet sophisticated drone, X-Star has surely got you covered in that domain.VOOCO X-Star Premium Best Drones For Home Inspections This is a very easy-to-fly drone that comes with all the premium specification you need. This quadcopter has been manufactured in such a way that it supports easy handling yet provides optimal coverage. The drone comes with a 4K camera that captures HD videos and photographs, that too from a range of up-to 12 miles. That kind of range is phenomenal on its own.

This quadcopter comes with Starpoint Positioning System that enables the aircraft to capture all the amazing scene and work extremely well even if the GPS signal is absent. In order to ensure easy control over the aircraft, the control pad of this gadget comes with an LCD screen that can be used to monitor the speed, altitude, battery life, wind, temperature and location of the drone. The control pad also features a joystick that allows you to take pictures or capture videos with the touch of a single button. The X Star also comes with an application that can be used on both, Android and iPhone, to monitor your gadget’s performance even more accurately.

It has often observed, where there is a low signal performance, drones tend to get lost in the middle of nowhere but not anymore, the X Star premium comes with dual DPS and GLONASS navigation to ensure solid positioning even if you are in a location of low signals. The quadcopter features smart-flight such as orbit, follow or waypoints and it allows you to keep your focus on controlling the camera rather than controlling the aircraft to capture the most beautiful scenes. If you happen to be beginner and you’re worried you will not be able to control its wide range, not to worry because X Star has something in store for you too, with the help of Beginner’s Mode, you can now provide a geo-fence that will limit your drone’s range and speed so that you can have complete control over it. The flight time is up to 25 minutes of X Star because of the powerful, lightweight and intelligent battery that it possesses. You can easily enjoy an HD live feed if you download Star link application on your phone and connect it with your X Star.

Dual GPSVideo Extraction Is A Bit Hard
Beginner Mode
Compact Design


The X Star is one of the premium drones that are available in the market. But the best part about this drone is its user-friendly interface. Even if you are a beginner, this drone will absolutely work great for all your task and you can learn from it as you move ahead in the photography field.




So, these were a few of our recommendations when it comes to buying drones for home inspections. If you have any questions that you would like us to answer regarding drones and other such gadgets, feel free to contact us in the comments below. We will be happy to take your feedback.



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