Best Drones For High Winds
(Last Updated On: January 17, 2019)

Finding drones nowadays has become harder than anyone can imagine. Because of the countless options now available in the market, you never know which aircraft is ready to meet all your requirements.

Every drone you see on the market comes with special and notable features, not all of them that you really need. For an instance, if you require a drone for commercial use, your requirements will be different. Same as, if you need a drone for personal use, your needs will be different.

This means you cannot just go out in the market and buy the first drone you see. You need some insight and do proper research before you go ahead and spend some dollars. This is why we have made a list of recommendations for you in the drone market. With the help of our recommendations, you will know exactly the kind of drone you need. So have a look at the best drones for high winds below in this publication. We have our compilation prove to be helpful to you.

But before we share the list of drones that you can take help from, lets discuss a few of the tips that you must keep in mind.

Price Range

Drones come in a variety of price ranges. What you need to do is determine your and choose accordingly. If you are a full-time photographer and you plan on earning out of your quadcopter, then you should go for something expensive that has several features but if you require something for personal use, do not go overboard with the features and decide according to your need.

Controlling Your Drone

Most of the drones nowadays can be controlled by mobile devices. It makes it very convenient for all the pilots out there if you are not fond of carrying a separate controller. You will require to have a modern smartphone with upgraded operating systems that can run the drone applications easily.

Weather Conditions

If you live in a region that is always facing thunderstorm or other tough weather conditions, you will need a drone that can handle that. Read all the specifications of the drone you have chosen before you buy it. See if it can handle tough weather conditions or not. most of the aircrafts are lost if such weather. And we are sure that you definitely don’t want to lose your beloved aircraft.

So, these were a few things you need to keep in mind before you make your purchase. With that in sight, let’s go ahead and provide you with our recommendation if you are looking for a drone that can fly in high winds.

Best Drones For High Winds (Comparison)

DroneFlight Time 
DJI Phantom 4Up To 28 MinutesCheck Price
DJI Inspire 1Up To 22 MinutesCheck Price
X-Star PremiumUp To 25 MinutesCheck Price


DJI Phantom 4

One of the most common name used for DJI’s phantom drones is iPhones of aircrafts, does that description gives you enough idea regarding what DJI has in store for you?DJI Phantom 4 Best Drones For High Winds If not, let us help you with that. DJI has equipped their gadgets with the most functionality and product features, we are not exaggerating when we say that DJI has the best drones on the planet and every latest addition of their drone family is just impeccable in class, design and features.

Talking about the Phantom 4 Quadcopter, this comes with small but significant changes in the gadget, ones that can really improve the way you used to shoot videos and capture stills before. If you’re flying a quadcopter for the first time, get ready to be amazed by its amazing performance. The Phantom 4 streams live video to your mobile phones or handheld devices that can be attached to your controller, so you will know exactly what you’re shooting while you are at it.

The range of this quadcopter is 5 km not to mention the price that it comes in is hard to believe. You cannot get a quadcopter in this range that works amazingly well and that makes it a deal worth having for all the photographers out there. Controlling this quadcopter may be a bit difficult as compared to other drones out there but you can easily learn it as you go. The drone also comes with a “return to home button” that will bring it back to you easily, just where you began flying it. You need to make sure that you have enough battery on your drone before you press that button.

This quadcopter is integrated with ActiveTrack that not just tracks moving objects in its way but also avoids them efficiently, ensuring that your drone remains safe. Another feature that DJI has introduce in Phantom 4 is TapFly, now you can just fly your aircraft with the tap of your finger. The entire package of Phantom 4 includes a quadcopter aircraft, 4K camera, gimbal, 4x 9450S quick release propellers, remote controller/transmitter, 4 spare propellers, 2x intelligent batteries, AC cable for charger, flight battery charger, gimbal clamp, micro-USB cable, USB OTG cable and a 16GB microSD card making it the best deal you can have for such budget.

Automatic Obstacle DetectorsComparatively Expensive
Can Fly In Tough Weather Conditions
Great User Interface


If you are newbie at flying quadcopters and you’re looking for something that comes with great user interface, we highly recommend DJI’s Phantom 4. It has great features and is extremely easy to use. Not to mention, you can fly it in high winds and return it home to yourself very easily.




DJI Inspire 1

Even though this one is an old drone of its kind, still, you will not find any drone that has better functionality than Inspire 1.DJI Inspire 1 Best Drones For High Winds It is an advanced, read-to-fly design, it is like holding the future in your palms. Inspire 1 is designed to be powerful, flexible and lightweight while it provides you with the stability you need.

Inspire 1 is also known as one of the best DJI drones that comes with the most advanced package of its range. If you are team of two people, you can easily fly this drone and record 4K HV videos from up-to 2 km away. DJI has made sure to pack new features in Inspire 1 to ensure stability, quality and safety for this drone.

With the help of GPS Autopilot, PC ground station and advanced flight modes, now you can record professional and groundbreaking videos with just a bit of planning and with a person on the gear. The Inspire 1 is exclusively designed for surveillance, professional quality video-making, law enforcement, inspection and event coverage, if you work in any of these domains, you can rest assured that Inspire 1 is your go-to aircraft to fulfill all your professional obligations. The drone comes with an XC F350 camera that allows you to fil 24-30 frames per second at complete HD resolution, isn’t that great?

Inspire 1 also features a DJI Flight Control System, it is exceptionally easy to use, with the help of GPS, GLONASS chips and satellite acquisition, the GPS reliability of this drone is better than ever before. DJI has made sure that you do not lose your drone even in tough weather conditions. And the best is yet to comes, the 4-moveable carbon fiber lift arms are designed to move the propellers from coming into camera’s views, making sure you get a clean and classy video shot. All of this makes DJI Inspire 1 one of the best drones available in the market

Easy To OperateExpensive
Live HD Streaming
Excellent Operating Range


If you are looking for a drone that is easy to learn and fly highs instantly, you can surely go for Dji Inspire 1. It is compact, stylish and great when it comes to shooting 4K videos, not to mention, you can use it with your best friend and show some team effort.




X-Star Premium

If you are looking for a pro yet sophisticated drone, X-Star has surely got you covered in that domain.X-Star Premium Best Drones For High Winds This is a very easy-to-fly drone that comes with all the premium specification you need. This quadcopter has been manufactured in such a way that it supports easy handling yet provides optimal coverage. The drone comes with a 4K camera that captures HD videos and photographs, that too from a range of up-to 12 miles. That kind of range is phenomenal on its own.

This quadcopter comes with Starpoint Positioning System that enables the aircraft to capture all the amazing scene and work extremely well even if the GPS signal is absent. In order to ensure easy control over the aircraft, the control pad of this gadget comes with an LCD screen that can be used to monitor the speed, altitude, battery life, wind, temperature and location of the drone. The control pad also features a joystick that allows you to take pictures or capture videos with the touch of a single button. The X Star also comes with an application that can be used on both, Android and iPhone, to monitor your gadget’s performance even more accurately.

It has often observed, where there is a low signal performance, drones tend to get lost in the middle of nowhere but not anymore, the X Star premium comes with dual DPS and GLONASS navigation to ensure solid positioning even if you are in a location of low signals. The quadcopter features smart-flight such as orbit, follow or waypoints and it allows you to keep your focus on controlling the camera rather than controlling the aircraft to capture the most beautiful scenes. If you happen to be beginner and you’re worried you will not be able to control its wide range, not to worry because X Star has something in store for you too, with the help of Beginner’s Mode, you can now provide a geo-fence that will limit your drone’s range and speed so that you can have complete control over it. The flight time is up to 25 minutes of X Star because of the powerful, lightweight and intelligent battery that it possesses. You can easily enjoy an HD live feed if you download Starlink application on your phone and connect it with your X Star.

Dual GPSVideo Extraction Difficult
Beginner Mode
Compact Design


The X Star is one of the premium drones that are available in the market. But the best part about this drone is its user-friendly interface. Even if you are a beginner, this drone will absolutely work great for all your task and you can learn from it as you move ahead in the photography field.




So, these were a few of our recommendations regarding best drones for high winds. If you have any recommendation that you would like us to add, feel free to contact us or just leave us with your feedback in the comments section below.



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