Best Drones For Commercial Use
(Last Updated On: January 15, 2019)

Drones have attained their position among the most valued possessions of any photographer. Aerial views, something that used to seem impossible to capture can now be captured beautifully with the help of a drone. All you need to do is learn to operate this gadget and you will be capturing some serious captivating scenes for sure. We have compiled some of the best drones for commercial use below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

But, before we go ahead and share the highly recommended drones for commercial use, lets discuss how can you decided which drone to buy. In the market, the options of choosing a drone have become quite extensive. You can never know which quadcopter can prove to be the best choice for you. But with the help of our buying guide, you can do it like a pro.

All you have to do is keep the following things in mind and you will surely by the best gadget for yourself.


If you are looking for a drone that can be used to capture huge audience in outdoors, you will be needing a quadcopter with a larger range. Look for device that has huge range, up to 12 miles or so with great signal strength. It will be the right drone for you.

Price Range

Drones come in a variety of price ranges. What you need to do is determine your and choose accordingly. If you are a full-time photographer and you plan on earning out of your quadcopter, then you should go for something expensive that has a number of features but if you require something for personal use, do not go overboard with the features and decide according to your need.


Once you have bought your drone, you need to make sure that you fly with caution especially if you are flying it in urban and residential areas. Many people are concerned about their privacy and consider drones a threat to their personal space. Make sure you do not end up invading someone’s privacy. If you do find a lot of people where you are flying, do not be reckless and keep it as far away from them as possible or you may end up facing a fine.

So, there were a few tips that we wanted you to keep in mind when flying a drone. Now, you can go ahead and read about the recommendations we have for you regarding best drones for commercial use.

Best Drones For Commercial Use (Comparison)

DroneFlight Time 
DJI Phantom 3 ProfessionalUp To 23 MinutesCheck Price
Yangda YD6-1600S DroneUp To 60 MinutesCheck Price
Yuneec H520 DroneUp To 28 MinutesCheck Price


DJI Phantom 3 Professional

If you are looking for a drone regarding commercial use, the Phantom 3 Professional is a drone that you should definitely consider.DJI Phantom 3 Professional Best Drones For Commercial Use The proud tradition of DJI’s Phantom series continues with this latest addition and it brings several important innovations to the rich feature set. The Phantom 3 Professional is integrated with a completed 3-axis 4k UHD video camera that provides crisp and smooth video along with still photography. The drone now lets you be your own director and allows you tell your story just the way you want.

The latest feature that this drone has allows you to experience live 720p digital streaming directly from the drone with the help of DJI’s Lightbridge technology. With the help of DJI’s pilot application’s advanced features, you can now share and watch the live video in real time while you control and fly the camera. The Phantom 3 Professional also aids your indoor flying experience, it includes an integrated array of ultrasonic sensors known as Vision Positioning and it allows you to fly indoors without using a GPS signal. The best part about Phantom 3 Professional is that it includes all the tried and tested features that you would want a DJI drone to have and that includes intelligent high-power flight battery, GPS navigation with auto takeoffs and auto landings, a strong mobile application for your Android and iOS handles along with built-in safety database of no-fly zones. Another safety precaution that has been taken by the DJI itself is that they have locked your drone from starting its motor if it is in 15-miles radius of White House. However, DJI is not going to warn you of this before your purchase. You will not be able to use this drone if you live in this area even if it is you own property. With the help of Phantom 3 Professional, you will be shooting crisper videos up to 30 frames per second and it provides you with a majestic aerial view.

The Phantom 3 Professional set contains remote controller, aircraft body, intelligent flight battery, propeller pairs, power cable, battery charger, gimbal clamp, 16GB Micro-SD card, vibration absorber, micro-USB cable, landing pads, anti-drop kit, stickers in silver, gold, red, pink and blue colors along with a propeller wrench. The packing also comes with user references to different tutorials that can help you learn how to use it efficiently.

Great For Shooting A Big AudienceCustomer Service Issues
Live Streaming


Phantom 3 Professional is definitely among the best drones available out there. It’s efficient controls and live HD streaming allows you to never miss even a second of your event. It is great for commercial use, especially when you have a huge audience to capture in your camera.




Yangda YD6-1600S Drone

YD6-1600S Octocopter framed drone comes with a little too many latest features that you just won’t be able to believe.Yangda YD6-1600S Drone Best Drones For Commercial Use The water proof long fly time Hexa-copter comes with a one-time forming carbon fiber that reduces weight of the drone while still keeping it stiff enough, making it lighter and stronger for a long-time use. You can use this drone up-to 60 minutes constantly to shoot all your tasks and assemble/dissemble this drone with using any tools.

The product is known as one of the best drones out there because it comes with rain, fire and dust resistance, that means you can use it just the way you want in any weather condition. You can use it for more time consuming aerial photography tasks and for 3D mapping. The drone also comes with a glass fiber canopy that makes sure the GPS signal should not be blocked or face any sort of interruptions from both ends. The YD6-1600S comes with detachable frame arm that is very easy to carry and can be used for maintenance.

The fact that it is water and dust proof make this drone even more valuable. It means that you can use this drone to capture dramatic events even in tough weather conditions. This also makes it an ideal tool for police security monitoring, emergency research, rescue missions and firefighting. Imagine the drone being a huge asset for tough and life-threatening situations.

Let’s talk briefly about its specifications, the drone has an axle diameter of 1600mm and the frame material is made up of Toray 3k carbon fiber. The wingspan is 2350mm and the maximum takeoff weight is 20kg along with payload capacity of 12kg that is more than enough for any drone out there. The maximum range of this drone is 20km and the takeoff altitude is 4500m along with a flying height of 2000m. You can get this drone in red, black, white or green color according to your own choice. The pack you will be purchasing if you plan on buying this drone includes one YD6-1600S frame, six motor connections, one center board, one bottom board and one double side tape.

Rain, Fire & Dust ProofExpensive
Can Be Used In Tough Weather Conditions
Longest Shooting Time


If you are looking for a drone that can be used in tough weather conditions or you like to film dramatic scenes with as much originality as there can be, go for YD6-1600S. it is one of the best rain, dust and fire proof drone out there and it has the longest shooting time.




Yuneec H520 Drone

If you are looking for a commercial solution to all your drone problems, the H520 Hexacopter is the answer to all your prayers. The aerial system of this drone has been developed specifically for commercial use. The H520 features a stable, proven, long flight time airframe with advanced Data Pilot mission planning software and multiple payload options. These drones are built exclusively for law enforcement, inspection, security, surveying, construction, broadcast applications and mapping.

Keeping the inspecting industry in mind, this Hexacopter is designed with six rooter systems that enable the drone to have a precise and stable flight, data storage that can be delivered directly in 4K/2K/HD videos and 12 megapixels still images or shared from the ST16 ground station and long focal-length lenses that allows the drone to fly at great distances from the object itself.

It also comes with an integrated flight planning system. Now users can easily create 3D scans, orthomaps, cinematic movement for repeatable, crop data imagery, recallable aerial flight paths without having to require expensive 3rd party software only because this drone comes with Data Pilot software system. You can easily pre-plan the entire flight of your drone by using the Data Pilot, it automatically generates survey path for you to make use of. The six-rooter Hex provides stability, reliability and safety to your drone in tough weather conditions and it also has a wind resistant airframe, making sure your drone doesn’t lose balance when hanging high in the air.

This is absolutely among the best commercial drones that are available in the market. It has a very user-friendly interface and you can easily learn how to use it. It is best for those who have duties among the research agencies of the country and can also be used for other purposes.

Smooth FlightHard To Understand
Captures Perfectly Even At Longer Distance


If you work in a security department where you are always in need of a drone to find out what really is going on in a certain location, this product is a must have for you. It provides you with smooth flight and can give you clear images even if it is at a far distance from the object.



So, this was all in this publication regarding best drones for commercial use. If you have any questions that you would like to have answers to, feel free to contact us in the comments below.



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