Best Drone Cameras
(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

In the past 1 year the use of drones along with their application is now more noticeable, which has a news story virtually every day being published around them. Many from the well-known TV and news channels will have a couple of in-house qualified pilots. The corporations likewise use external firms and Birds Eye View Productions was recently included with Channel 5’s preferred supplier list.

So why all the excitement and buzz around drones, often known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s). The easiest way as an example this is by outlining the highest advantages of by using a drone.

1. Versatility

Due on their size, unlike manned aircraft, drones can easily fly into areas that had been once unattainable. They can fly from just a few centimeters with the ground to 400 feet in mid-air as one long continuous shot, whilst panning and framing a chosen subject. Drones can fly from the inside a room and out by way of a window or door, giving the aerial film makers an extremely unique shot. Furthermore, they will rotate on a single spot, move left, right up or down, all for the touch with the pilot’s command, whilst giving you operator total autonomy to position you to frame an ideal shot.

2. Time

In yesteryear, to obtain aerial footage, helicopters were predominantly used due thus to their versatility on the fixed winged plane. However, you continue to need considerable time to prepare onsite and numerous staff to deal with the process make certain a safe operation. A drone team is really a lot smaller and normally only consists on the pilot and your camera operator at the very least. This means that once arriving on-site, you can be up and flying in around 5 minutes, assuming all site surveys and risk assessments happen to be completed. Also, if the lighting or weather in the daytime go against us we can easily simply land our drone and wait for a next time frame. Even that has a window of just one or two minutes, we can easily launch our drone and find the required shot, something manned aircraft cannot do.

Also, if the lighting or weather throughout the day go against us we can easily simply land our drone and wait for a next strategic window. Even that has a window of just one or two minutes, we could launch our drone and find the required shot, something manned aircraft cannot do. We film many weddings coming from a different perspective using 360 videos and UAV’s which spark a truly amazing capture with the day.

3. Full HD Quality

As technology has improved, drones will still be able to shoot completely HD that will create amazing aerial videos, 4k greater without sacrificing any quality. In fact, there are far more and more gimbals (professional 3-axis stabilization systems) coming on the market to accommodate the wide selection of cameras. This permits midair recording firms to switch your type of camera they need to use, reliant on the arrangement of shots is viewing to capture.

4. Application

Many people currently see drones being employed in TV and film production, news bulletins and in many cases music videos. This is only one style of application, along with other industries including farming, construction, mining, sports training for example. Farmers are choosing them to survey their crops, aiding these to generate NDVI maps that provide the farmers invaluable specifics of their crops nutrition, plant germination and growth.

Construction sites are utilizing these to present their work at a different perspective to potential customers, and generating 3D maps. The drones are also capable of generate maps at a series of photos that could then be tell you software that will enable the user to measure distances or volumes and never having to physically be on-page.

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Best Camera Drones Reviewed (Comparison) 

Drone Name Camera Type Resolution Mega Pixels 
DJI Mavic Pro Integrated with
4k 12Check Price
GoPro Karma Compatible with
Black 4,5
Depends upon
Your own selectionCheck Price
DJI Phantom 4 Integrated with
4k 12Check Price
DJI Inspire 1 Integrated with
4k 12Check Price
DJI Phantom 3 (Professional's Choice) Integrated with
4k 12Check Price
Yuneec Q500 4K Integrated with
4k 12.4Check Price
3D Robotics Solo Solo Gimbal with Mountable Camera 4k Your own choiceCheck Price
Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Integrated with
720p 14Check Price
Cheerson Hobby CX-20 Professional Changeable Your own
Dependent on your choiceCheck Price
3d Robotics Iris+ Compatible with
Black 4,5
Your own
Dependent on your choiceCheck Price

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DJI Mavic Pro

The first drone camera on our list could be the famous DJI Mavic drone cameras

Now if you happen to don’t know, Casey Neistat himself endorsed this drone on several occasions and proceeded saying that that is quite possibly the most effective drone he’s got had the opportunity use, which is saying something.

Before we start by getting, you need to know that Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co. (often called DJI) is often a Chinese company who specializes in creating some of the most effective drones we perceive in the market, they may be famous with regards to Phantom lineup, something we are seeing on our list today, as well as to that, they’ve some other lineups like Inspire. Needless to say, the business has made sure it has drone’s ideal for all sorts of consumers.

During our entire testing process, we learned that DJI Mavic Pro is, the truth is, one of the top drones we have now used, and that we are going to show you why would be the case.

So, without further ado, let’s examine the DJI Mavic Pro, and in addition to the pros, we’re even going to consider some of the issues that hold this otherwise amazing drone back.

The DJI Mavic Pro is super compact, and just in case you are wondering how that’s possible, that’s considering that the drone may be folded, plus the size becomes as similar as being a small bottle of water, that’s why it’s the highest choice, and could be carried just about anywhere you wish. Other than that, Mavic Pro incorporates something very special that is certainly known as OcuSync transmission system; the transmission system provides the drone a transmission selection of up to 4.3 miles (7km) of allowing the controller to fly the drone with an impressive speed of 40mph (64km/h).

The DJI Mavic Pro incorporates special features like ActiveTrack, and TapFly; strikes are there to make certain that your video shooting goes perfectly well combined with the brilliant 4K capable camera helping you to shoot high-quality images with great ease

Other feature that lets the drone’s camera see objects coming its way and easily avoids them, this coupled with sensor redundancy offers you unmatched flight safety together with reliability.

It has something generally known as vision positioning technology that work well in parallel with GPS and GLONASS making certain the positioning remains precise whether you happen to be indoor or outdoor. Thanks to the advanced sensors and tech, you can certainly control the DJI Mavic using your phone through the help of WiFi, this can be good, particularly if you’re feeling lazy indoors and also play with the drone.

OcuSync Transmission Systemnot stable in windy situations
Easily fits inside a Pocket




Go Pro Karma

The next drone on our list provides a surprise into you, plus the reason is rather drone cameras

GoPro is defined as this great company containing created active cameras for a long time, these small cameras are powerful enough to record videos at true 4K, they may be taken anywhere, and mounted to just about anything.

Needless to mention, GoPro has singlehandedly dominated the active camera market, although there have been many competitors, nothing has been able to come close to your amazing cameras by GoPro.

Considering their expertise in the “active” industry, GoPro has decided to jump to the drone industry likewise and released the GoPro Karma. Now lots of eyebrows were raised concerning the Karma, and the ones were still uncertain up until Casey Neistat turned up with the first hands-on video, and showed the best way impressive, and fast the GoPro Karma is.

With all the good things aside, you have to know that the review is totally based on the earlier opinions in the prototype version, with that in mind, we don’t doubt the capabilities and prowess from the GoPro Karma whatsoever. In our opinion, if there’s any drone to challenge DJI Mavic Pro, it’s the Karma by GoPro.

Just much like the DJI Mavic Pro, the GoPro Karma is exceedingly portable thanks to your fact the wings can fold in to the drone itself, making it easier to hold around. The Karma is incredibly easy to operate for both seasoned flyers also as newcomers, thanks for the easy to understand control schemes, as well as an intuitive UI. The drone comes with a app named GoPro Passenger, this app lets your pals view your drone fly, and control the GoPro as they wish to.

Apart on the built-in camera, the GoPro Karma supports several different GoPro cameras for example the Hero 4, Hero 5 Black, and Hero Session. The drone ships which has a GoPro Karma grip so as to have the greatest, and smoothest video recordings.

handled stabilizerlow battery life of 18 minutes
portableno downward sensor
Display on controller




DJI Phantom 4

We are going for a step down all night to talk about a few of the legends drone cameras

First and foremost, the sole reason it’s not at all in our Top position as a consequence of it’s huge, oversized design making it less portable compared to Mavic or Karma. Other than that, this is actually the most polished and professional Camera Drone on the market.

For people that don’t know, the DJI Phantom 4 just might be the most popular drone that is certainly currently available to obtain in the market. In case you are wondering how good this really is, Casey Neistat is using this drone, in addition to being a matter of fact, they have a total of 7 Phantom 4s with him.

With having said that, that needs to be one reason to acquire the drone, however, for those that are in search of more than just personal preference, don’t worry, we now have you covered. We squeezed our mitts the DJI Phantom 4, and our testing process revealed that it is, in truth, among the finest drones that are available already in the market. In case you are wondering what managed to get so good, look into our complete review below.

The DJI Phantom 4 comes with the power to takeoff too as the chance to come back home naturally, doing this thanks to the brilliant GPS technology. The Phantom 4 is exceedingly easy to operate and comes with a app that permits you to control, and monitor every one of the brilliant camera operations with great ease and convenience.The camera about the Phantom 4 is quite well made, and will easily allow the user capture videos in 4K at 30 fps. In addition to that, the digital camera also supports the absolute maximum resolution of 12 megapixels in photos.

The camera comes with a impressive f/2.8 lens that provides a rather wider field of few for individuals that want extremely crisp, well detailed, and clear pictures. It also features a technology referred to as Gimbal stabilization technology, fractional treatments is good enough to present users a fantastic hover function, along with the capability to capture brilliant footage even though the drone is within the air and active.

Users will use the included DJI director software that features a built-in video editor so as to edit their video as they wish; the editor enables you to add text, music, along with a couple of creative options as well.

Although beautiful, the Phantom 4 is available in white color, a thing that may delayed potential buyers. Battery life isn’t as effective as we would wish it to be, along with the drone is pretty expensive.

So, that’s all. Is the DJI Phantom 4 an excellent choice for people who are aiming to spend top grade money?

Yes, as a point of fact, it is among the finest drones we now have used in a lengthy, period of time. It lives approximately the amazing legacy that may be created by DJI, and that’s something to express. In case you are wondering if we’ve any complaints with all the drone, well, there may be one issue with the DJI Phantom, but that’s totally subjective, still, for those that are ready to know, the negative point is mentioned below.

most professional droneBig in size, not portable
Follow me option
Slow motion recording




DJI Inspire 1

The next drone on our list is yet another one from DJI, which one is best drone camerasknown as the DJI T600 Inspire 1; this drone actually is included with the replacement for be controlled with 2 controllers, and there’s the one which only has 1 control by using it. It’s completely up to you.

Now if you happen to didn’t know, this drone also has a 4K camera, plus it actually is excellent for video recording; suitable for people who are trying videography, and desire to record high-quality videos that happen to be brimming with details, colors, and sharpness. Now, in comparison to the DJI Phantom 4, this place has a different design, and it also’s actually more aggressive as opposed to Phantom 4 at the same time. With that said, that doesn’t turn it into a bad drone since it is one of the best ones available. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the advantages that made the DJI T600 Inspire 1 our favorite drones.

There is completely no denying which the DJI T600 Inspire 1 is actually the most effective drones we come across in a number of years, it truly is surely a pricey one, which enables it to get more expensive if you’re willing to get the one which comes with 2 controllers, but besides that, there’s no denying that this drone is merely amazing. Believe it or not, it could accept the Phantom 4. If you’re wondering regardless of whether we encounter some downsides using the T600 Inspire 1, you must know that we have, though it isn’t deal breakers, they’re still there.

The T600 Inspire 1 has a ready to fly system, which means everything you need to fly this beautiful drone is added in the therapy lamp. All you need to complete your experience is often a mobile phone or even a screen and you’ll get a live HD look at the beautiful capturing. The arms within the DJI T600 Inspire one are designed out of strong fiber, these arms remain completely away from sight, meaning all of your video recordings should go smoothly, and also you won’t be seeing the arms interfere the videos in any respect. The camera around the DJI T600 Inspire 1 can perform shooting videos at 4K and has now the ability to take clear, sharp, and incredibly detailed photos at 12 megapixels, as a result the Inspire 1 among the best drones for photographers likewise as videographers.

Users may easily remove the gimbal along with the camera system on the T600 Inspire 1; this permits the user to simply upgrade in the future, or perhaps have the whole drone carried safely from place to another.

The drone can certainly be associated with your phone in order to supply you a real-time, live feed straight on the drone’s camera on your phone; it is viewed in your phone in 720p, plus a great feature for individuals who want to be fully alert to how the recording is taking place. While the professionals will obviously love the drone since it is, newcomers will likely be glad to know the drone is very easy to setup, and easier to fly once you develop the proper your hands on it.

Sadly, as effective as the flying experience with the DJI T600 Inspire 1 is, the car battery life is terrible, plus the drone only could last us 18 minutes on full charge. Separate accessories such as controller, and the battery can hike the price tag on this drone drastically.

strong builtvery expensive
4k videobad battery life
advanced intelligent flight




DJI Phantom 3 (Professional’s Choice)

There is no disagreeing that this DJi’s Phantom sum of dronesbest drone cameras became class of a standard with the top of the line purchaser drones, even however they are made with clients under thought, these are likewise appealing to the most experts in presence.

In case you don’t know, the most popular YouTuber/filmmaker Casey Niestat has become using the DJI Phantom 4 as his primary drone for shooting many quality footages since that time the drone first became available. With that said, today, we aren’t looking at the Phantom 4, instead, i will be looking at its younger brother which is known as the DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Now low-priced this for the older brother, not very much has changed due to the looks, however, the Phantom 3 Professional incorporates a bit of a flashier design thanks towards the golden accents. However, should you be wondering regarding the accents ruining straightforwardness of the drone, don’t. They actually complement the drone nicely and are also certainly a welcomed addition.

We had the DJI Phantom 3 Professional in your hands for quite some time, although we were a tad skeptical, we learned some fantastic things, along with some minor issues regarding the drone. However, we can take a look at every one of the good things concerning this drone. Below you will have every one of the amazing features which will make DJI Phantom 3 Professional a very amazing camera drone to obtain. Sadly, similar to the other drones, we view on the list, that one is also plagued while using familiar conditions that we are very much accustomed to see. What are those issues, you may ask? Well, let’s try them out below, but first, let’s have a look at the pros.

The DJI Phantom 3 Professional can be quiet, super easy to setup, and is also a delight to fly even with the beginners together with the professionals. The camera within the Phantom 3 Professional is probably the best 4K cameras we perceive; it creates crisp, clear videos which are brimming with details. It is usually equipped with vision positioning system allowing the indoor flights to get super smooth, and with no issues. The drone has a feature called the Lightbridge digital streaming, this feature allows an individual to live stream 720p videos within the internet, even though the full-size video has been recorded and stored internally.

Live viewvery expensive
auto pilotBattery life is an issue
return to home mode




Yuneec Q500 4K

We are getting a step from DJI, and looking out at another options,best drone cameras the following offering we’ve got at our hands would be the Yuneeq Q500 4K, and also the proper term for this beautiful drone is Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon.

With nevertheless, one can possibly assume that it was made as being a direct competition with drones on our list, and also the ones from DJI, and yes it actually can be viewed as a competition. The drone can be purchased in a stylish travel case that is oddly large. For those who aren’t too attached to the white, sober looks in the DJI Phantom series drones, you ought to be glad to find out that this one comes donned in black, something Batman can have loved. Still, a small percentage love is lost as this is one with the prettiest drones we’ve had the chance use. Sadly, we can’t really permit the looks decide how good the drone is, so that’s why we thought we would put the Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon from the paces to be able to see precisely how good it can be. Just like before, we’ll be keeping our discuss the good things before we have a look at the things that aren’t so appealing. So, without further wasting any further time, let’s check out the nutrients about the Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon.

From the looks, it may look like that the Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon is really better than your competitors, especially with the competitive price, but doesn’t exist without its flaws. In case you are wondering, there are many obvious flaws for the drone, therefore we are going to see those that there are. So, there you will find the complete rundown about the Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon, if you will certainly buy it, can be you. However, we did recognize that even with every one of the handsome features, it’s still less expensive most in the competition, and that may be certainly the best thing.

Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon can perform offering an easy, and completely stable 4K video recording that may be all nice, sharp, colorful, and overflowing with details; the 12 megapixels camera does an admirable job at capturing amazing stills, along with the distortion-free lens turns out to be more than just useless. The camera can be employed separately and attached with a handgrip included that can be utilized to take a similar beautiful footage and photos around the ground likewise. Unlike a few other drone controllers, the controller about the Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon will be based on an all-in-one concept; the controller carries a screen that delivers you which has a first person view from the drone while using the camera, together with the ability to access camera controls completely from the screen.

The drone ships using a large travel case, and has now 2 spare batteries which you can use; make sure you remember that you can buy the identical drone minus the 2 added batteries for any cheaper price. Apart from being controlled from the built-in remote, the Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon will also be controlled throughout the super compact Wizard remote device. The drone is competitively priced and is less expensive most on the direct competition with or with no battery bundle.

While the drone itself looks compact, there’s no optimal way to put it in something aside from the rather large bag, turning it into not so travel-friendly. As sad as it may look, the Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon comes without support to the famous waypoint navigation.

Last yet not the least, the Phantom 3 Professional comes with a iOS and Android-compatible application that permits you to control you, and also have a live take a look at everything that may be being recorded by your camera on your phone.

Unsurprisingly, the DJI Phantom 3 Professional comes for a hefty price regardless how you buy it (with or without the accessories bundle). Much like another drone there are on the list, the DJI Phantom 3 Professional also features a mediocre life of the battery that lasts around 20 minutes on one charge, and purchasing a spare battery only racks the cost.

Easy to controlblurry videos
4kbad video quality
strong built




3D Robotics Solo

You may be wondering why have we drifted independent of the best drone camerasfamous the likes of GoPro and DJI and today are focusing read more about the underdogs, well that’s simply because they aren’t receiving a lot of attention, therefore we are gonna change that.

The next Drone/Quadcopter on our list is 3D Robotics Solo, even though the name has become very, very uninteresting, the drone certainly isn’t. In case you might be wondering, the same as the Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon, this drone is usually heavily devoted to the price to performance ratio, meaning the buyers will be experiencing more out in the drone for every single dollar are going to spending on it.

Now before we start by getting reviewing this drone, you have to know that the consumer drone publication rack currently put into 2 parts; one part is dominated by the drones that include their own cameras installed, along with the 2nd part would be the part during which drones are utilizing the top on the line GoPro cameras.

In case you might be wondering which category does the 3D Robotics Solo is associated with, it’s the other one because it does permit you to attach a GoPro, however, depending on the Amazon listing, you should buy that separately. Something that is understandable as the drone costs almost 3 x less compared to the DJI Phantom 4, whilst still being manages to be one with the best drones already in the market.

However, if you wish everything right on the spot, alternatives extra (still less costly than the competition) and obtain the Gimbal bundle that may give you just about all you need, in addition to a carrying case used to house your drone in.

With despite this, enough chatter concerning the camera features, along with the pricing, let’s find out how the 3D Robotics Solo could hold out inside our testing process.

The drone offers one on the best industrial designs we come across and includes complete Gimbal support shows that it has the superior stabilization and support almost all of our beloved drones are famous for. The 3D Robotics Solo incorporates a return to home safety feature that enables the drone to go back to the position it became popular from with thanks to the GPS system.

Although the drone ships having a remote control using a powerful 1 GHz processor inside, it is possible to control the drone utilizing an app that can be found on both iOS and Android. The ability to attach any camera can be a amazing option. The drone is very easy to learn and master and will make both hardcore, and newcomers feel right in the home.

As good because the other features on this drone are, the GPS looks like it’s a bit slow, which enable it to have an issue choosing the right positioning. Pretty much like another drone we’ve got reviewed, it life suffers.

budget friendlyBattery life not good at all
great designPoor GPS system
Gimbal integrated




Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

The next drone on our list can be something entirely completelybest drone cameras different from the rest, it’s much less big as the go to drones that you are able to buy out there, so that it is perhaps one of several smallest drones we percieve with the rotors attached.

That’s not every, where other drones have a very aggressively placed design language, the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 actually features a way different design language, as opposed to going all the way, the design and style is very, very held back, and resembles a flying saucer instead. Whether or not that contributes or removes anything from the aerodynamics, discussing too sure this. With that said, for those wondering about simply how much the drone costs, you’d be happy to know that it is extremely, very competitively priced, and that is certainly completely understandable considering how this drone isn’t really produced for professional photographers or filmmakers. Still, that doesn’t mean this drone isn’t suitable.

Now before we start by getting taking an in-depth go through the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, we wish to address some confusions; unlike additional drones in this list that happen to be actual, consumer grade, professional drones. The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 is truly a toy drone, even though you are still acquiring a camera, it’s not 4K capable, and of course not made for professional photography. However, it’s also advisable to keep it under consideration that even though it must be more of a toy drone when compared to a full-sized drone, it’s still really, great, all of which will provide you a lot of time of fun provided you charge it following your battery ends. Another thing you must keep planned is this drone doesn’t consist of physical controls, as well as to physically control the drone, you need a Nvidia Shield. However, you can still fly the drone while using the app with your personal smartphone.

The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 is really a nice middle ground between toy and enthusiast device. It’s not really a remote-controlled helicopter for hobbyists and it’s not really a quadricopter camera mount for professionals, but it’s far more than just a toy helicopter.– Will Greenwald, PCMag

With that dealt with, let’s stop wasting time, and speak about the pros along with the cons with the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0.

Incredibly simplistic controls choose this drone a goody to fly; it is possible to even perform stunts on the drone. Despite without having a high-end camera, the 2 main built-in cameras provide an abundance of fun functions which are fun to understand more about and try out. While you need to have a Nvidia Shield to use the physical controls, the drone is tremendously easy to use even with the phone applications.

All the footage taken through both the built-in cameras get stored right on the phone, a thing that is cool. The drone will come in a multitude of different colors.

The life cycle of battery is unexpectedly short, pretty much like almost every other drone we have now tested.

easy to flySmartphone is necessary
smartphone supportedLow battery life
camera filters



Cheerson Hobby CX-20 Professional

You may have realized that as the list is on its way towards its end,best drone cameras were also starting out explore drones that are actually less expensive than many of the drones that any of us have reviewed within the start.

Bear in mind that any of us already stated that there might be a sudden shift, so should you didn’t look at the article properly, you’ve now learned what we’re also talking about.

Without wasting much more time, we’re going to announce our latest product in line which is known as being the Cheerson Hobby CX-20 Professional, now essentially by the name, this drone is much more inclined towards hobbyists, however, you will be glad to learn that regardless of the drone not being shipped that has a camera, there’s a mount ready to get a Go Pro you could attach and initiate shooting footage at 4K, and taking brilliantly detailed pictures.

Now before we start digging deeper in the details, you have to know that the Cheerson Hobby CX-20 Professional shares a resemblance on the DJI Phantom series drones, and you also shouldn’t be concerned considering tips on how to still differentiate involving the drones thanks towards the red accents for this one. Although this particular drone is quite competitively price, the other may think that it’s a toy drone, that’s not entirely true. The drone is actually quite powerful and comes having a lot of advanced features including vision positioning system, and unlike the AR.Drone 2.0, it really has a dedicated remote controller you could use to correctly control the drone.

With that taken care of, let’s not waste any further time, and examine just how good the Cheerson Hobby CX-20 Professional is, hitting the scales on the pros as well since the cons.

Comes with advanced features like vision positioning system, pathfinder, in addition to auto-return home. The camera mount allows the person to add a Go Pro camera and shoot beautiful 4K footage, and clear stills.

Competitively priced without sacrificing within the build quality. Attractive white design with red accents about the body. Easy to learn, and fun to fly with full physical controls.

Plagued with shorter life of the battery, and longer battery charging time. Due to being quite recent, there isn’t much information entirely on finding spare parts.

path finderlack of spare parts
Changeable cameraBattery life is not good just like any other drone out there
Cheap pricing



3D Robotics Iris+

We are finally around the last manufactured goods will be goingbest drone cameras around the list, and just like the prior entries, this again can be a drone made for the hobbyist.

Meet the 3D Robotics Iris+, although the name certainly sounds interesting, i was a bit skeptical regarding the drone like a mediocre, cheap drone, but to get fairly honest, the drone completely defined out expectations. The 3D Robotics Iris+ is among the best drones we now have used in the complete list, high are actually many reasons for that. For starters, the drone has plenty of features which can be found in high-end drones such as DJI Phantom 4, and also other similar drones which are still more expensive.

So, what’s so special in regards to the 3D Robotics Iris+? Well, being honest, lots of things, it really looks greater than some from the other drones within our list, and while it doesn’t include a built-in camera, you will discover a mount that can be used to put a Go Pro all on your own choice, and shoot beautiful footage in 4K, and take stunning photos due to the camera mount you have. With that said, although this drone is marketed to be a toy, it’s not; the 3D Robotics Iris+ is usually a large, intimidating drone that has a footprint that is certainly as big as the flagship drones we’ve got managed to test.

Some from the good things in regards to the 3D Robotics Iris+ is always that each from the arms have LEDs attached to them so that you can give you a better understanding directionally, the 3D Robotics Iris+ also comes in a bundle that has several different accessories just like a 4GB memory stick, replacement propellers, and spare battery too. Anyway, without further ado, let’s have a look at the pros and also the cons from the much loved and adored 3D Robotics Iris+.

The drone is quite, very stable in relation to flying. There is no steep learning curve like several of the most common, high-end drones.

The drone is a lot capable when you start adding the accessories that happen to be sold separately. You can add just about any camera so long as it is works with the mounting system. The drone can also be equipped with the highly useful and equally popular Gimbal tilt on control. Has a handy return-to-launch function that work well as advertised. Somewhat impressive life cycle of battery. The handheld control provides you with real-life on-screen telemetry data since you fly.

Add-ons including the camera Gimbal, at the same time as first-person view, can be very expensive. The drone doesn’t instantly power down and requires a few seconds for that motors to halt. Remote control can be a lttle bit intimidating for freshies.

user friendly16 minute battery life only
changeable cameraPoor build
Cheap Price




Honorable Mention

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone with 4K Camera – Live Camera Drone

The drone in question here is no ordinary drone the X-Starbest drone cameras Premium Drone by Autel Robotics is an outcome of a start up project and one thing is for certain that they have done an excellent job introducing this drone into the market. X-Star is the finest and the best drone camera you will find in the market today. The ratings of the buyers on different retailer websites led us to spot a light on the X-Star for ourselves and it was worth the while testing this drone camera. So enough with the introduction let’s get right into the main thing you are here for, how it fared in our review test.

Autel Robotics X-Star Design

The orange coloured X-Star’s body is not a thing you can miss, the drone is coloured orange for a reason, we tested the X-Star to the limits and the farther it flew away you’d expect it’d have been extremely hard to spot with our eyes, you are wrong. The bright orange colour made it very easy to keep an eye on the drone camera during it’s flight. Little attention to details matter!

The body or the casing of the X-Star is made of semi-hard, splash proof material and it’s zippered. The remote controller of the X-Star also has it’s functional value with the command stick having firm grip for the agile maneuver. The casing of this drone camera showed no sign of wear and tear after several days of usage, there are reports of some high-end drone cameras start to show cracks on their casing after prolonged usage but the X-Star is extremely durable in that regard.

Autel Robotics X-Star Features

The main purpose of the X-Star is to be the eye in the sky and for that it has to have a great camera. The camera on board is a 108 degree FOV Camera with integrated 3-axis gimble. Videos with that camera can be shot 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 120fps and 720p at 240fps. 12 megapixels stills can be shot with different photography options like burst shooting, time lapse and AEB. The camera on board the X-Star can be upgraded with just a touch of a button and like other camera drones you will not have to replace the whole camera drone with your old one for an upgrade.

The range of the X-Star on paper is 1.2 miles but you can extend that via the controller operating at 900MHz. The fly time of the X-Star Camera Drone is 25 minutes to 30 minutes on a full charge. The battery (14.8V LiPo) is fast charging and charges up in about 1.5 hours.

Along with other features you get GPS, dual GPS and GLONASS navigation on board the X-Star Drone Camera for the most accurate navigation possible. Along with the purchase we got 64GB Micro SD card and spare propellers with some other spare parts. The best thing about this drone camera is that you get 24/7 Customer Support and that if you own a camera drone you will realize how important it is.


All in all except for the choices of colours which they don’t have everything is perfect on board this camera drone and if you are willing to pay the moderately high price tag you will get the best in the market right now in shape of the X-Star camera drone.

Strong Build QualityNothing That We Could Find
Camera Can Be Upgraded
24/7 Customer Service




Best Seller

Kidcia Detachable Drone Camera with 6-Axis Gyro – Best Portable Drone

The Drone Camera in question today is the one by Kidcia and the best drone camerasmain reason of us reviewing this drone camera is because of it’s portability. As you may have read the title that it is fully detachable, you can disassemble this drone and carry it around the world with you in your luggage and you wouldn’t have to worry about it being damaged. This drone camera of all the drones we reviewed is comparatively simpler to use and manage. The ratings also caught our attention as it has over 90% 5-Star rating and is among the best sellers on Amazon. So what this drone camera has in store for us? Let’s find out.




Design Features Performance
As we have previously mentioned that this drone camera is one of the easiest and simpler drones out there. The whole assembly of the drone takes about 15 minutes if you follow the guide and as you go along the assembly and disassembly takes no more than 5 minutes. The drone comes with extra spare parts and an extra battery, the replacement of this drone’s parts is inexpensive and easy. The LED navigation lights and the indicator lights are useful for night use. The whole design of the drone is functional and simple, by the looks of it and in different tests the body is durable and strong but it’s not something you can throw around. Mandatory care is required. The whole drone weighs about 0.3lbs so it’s super light weight and it doesn’t require FAA registration to operate.
Now on to the features this camera drone is not packed with whole lot of them but the features it possesses are no short of amazing. The camera mounted on the drone is a simple 2.0 megapixels with resolution of 1280 x 720 (720p), camera is adjustable with a rotation of 90 degrees. The camera can take high quality photos and can transmit live video to your smart phone. The best feature for us on board this drone is the 6-Axis Gyro which made control of this drone very easy with the smart phone. The one key return feature is very useful for bringing the drone back itself to the base camp without needing human operation.

There is also a feature for holding the altitude while you take pictures or record video. Along with many other features you can also preset the flight pattern for this drone to automatically fly on. Battery capacity is 500mAh (Li-Po) since you get an extra battery on purchase of this camera drone you can use both of them for a fly time of 10 to 13 minutes. The whole battery charges to a 100% at around an hour mark.

The performance of this drone camera saw no flaw in it. The features are high tech and the best part is that you can get used to them in no time. The flight patterns that were set it followed with no error and the 6-Axis Gyro feature worked all well. For performance we give it 9/10.


All in all if you look at this drone, the drone performs exceptionally well. The only problem we found with this camera drone is the camera itself. We hoped that we would get the option to change the camera of this drone and get something with a little more juice in it. The 2.0 megapixels camera cannot record 4K video or take ultra high resolution photos that is a disappointment. But if your requirement out of a drone camera is functionality and practicality you will not be disappointed in owning this drone camera.

Strong Build QualityCamera not 4K
User FriendlyCamera Can't Be Replaced
Quick Charge
6-Axis Gyro
Parts Replacement Inexpensive and Easy



Best Drone For Aerial Cinematography (Expensive)

Freefly Systems ALTA 6

The drone camera we reviewed here is nothing like any of the drones we drone camera for cinematography It is unique in every perspective imaginable. The performance, price tag and it’s quality is all in it’s own class. If you look at the high end drones this is one of the best high end drones you can buy right now. This drone was reviewed by us for only one purpose to give something to our readers that are professional cinematographers and they want to take their game on another new level. The Freefly ALTA 6 will surely do that because we bring the best for our readers. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.




First of all let’s look at the design. If you are always on the move and a professional who is greatly involved in photography or cinematography you’d want a drone that is easy to travel with and doesn’t require much effort to pack it up or set it up. The ALTA 6 is super light and has a very compact design that folds up and can be carried around without any hassle. The drone Made in USA has a Carbon Fiber structure which is ultra strong material and is used in building cars and it weighs very light. The whole thing can be unpacked and setup and ready to fly in under 5 minutes literally.

The first thing about this drone that sets itself apart from the previous drones is the ability to carry payloads, yes this drone can carry up to 20lbs of payload realistically, even though the Freefly Systems recommend you don’t go above 15lbs but in our review the performance wasn’t affected with extra 5lbs on board, it’s your decision we recommend that you don’t exceed 15lbs. There are different battery options with the ALTA 6 that you can choose from going all the way up to 4 x 12Ah. With 2 x 12Ah batteries the range was around 1 mile mark and the flight time without payload was around 45 minutes and with payload around 20 to 25 minutes.

The camera on board is of very high quality and can record 4K videos and that is the best you can get in the market right now. There is an option for autonomous return home for the drone. The vital components on board the ALTA 6 are weather resistant and can take a little punch from mother nature with no issue. The high quality calibrated sensors on board the ALTA 6 and propriety control algorithms provide a stable and agile flight for all the cinematography. There are configurable navigation lights for night time flights but be sure of the local flying laws that if you can fly at night time or not.

The performance of the ALTA 6 in it’s class of high end drones is unmatchable and it is one of the highest rated drones in the market. The setup and ready to go is very quick which professionals would want in a drone, the motors don’t make any noise and will not interfere in your work. The height hold feature is a very nice touch that allows for stunning video angles. The motor vibration is also very controlled which is great for the stunning video work you are about to do.

The live graphs were amazing which showed all the flight parameters of the drone illustrated onto a integrated on screen display. The one thing you might need according to your local laws is a license to operate this drone which is great for your and other’s safety. We rate it 9.5 out of 10.


If you are willing to spend a sum of money and looking for a quality increment on your work the ALTA 6 by Freefly Systems is your go to drone camera. The performance and quality of this drone will surely affect your work and the positive effects will surely boost up your game and it is worth the price take our word on that.

Carbon Fiber StructureHigh Priced
Can Carry Up to 20lbs of Payload
Different Battery Options
Weather Resistant
Ultra Strong Made in USA




Drone Cameras Buyer’ Guide

“Not All Drones Are Easy To Fly”

If you would like to buy a drone, it is best to first be aware that anything that flies will probably be hard to control. A typical quadcopter is physically impossible to fly, but what keeps it stable would be the computer inside (typically the flight controller). Each drone glides a tad different dependent on how the flight regulator is arranged. Some flight controllers are setup to get more agile flying, while other people might be geared more towards stability.

When looking at flying and capability, there’s this magical price curve that nobody really speaks about. I refer to it as the “price vs ease-of-use curve”. Normally, with radio control cars, planes or helicopters once the price rises, the issue level increases. However, with drones that isn’t the truth. Here’s a straightforward graph as an instance what I’m talking about

“Not All Drones Are Ready To Fly”

When you’re considering drones to get, you’ll experience a few common acronyms that turn up, RTF, BNF and ARF.

RTF represents Ready-To-Fly. Usually an RTF quadcopter doesn’t require any assembly or setup, however, you may have to with a bit of things like charge up battery, install the propellers or bind the controller for the quadcopter (have them talking to the other).

BNF is short for Bind-And-Fly. A BNF quadcopter usually comes completely assembled, but with no controller. With BNF models, you’ll need to take the controller which you already have (if it’s compatible) or discover a controller sold separately. One thing you ought to know is, must be transmitter and receiver take prescription the same frequency that doesn’t show that they’ll communicate. In the analog days, should you have a transmitter and receiver both running on a similar frequency we were holding almost guaranteed to band together. Now with digital communication that’s all changed. Even If your transmitter and receiver take the same channel, they should use precisely the same manufacture protocol to talk to the other person. So, check to make certain that your controller will continue to work with your drone prior to buying it.

ARF means Almost-ready-to-fly. ARF quadcopters tend to be like quadcopter kits. They usually don’t feature a transmitter or receiver and can require partial assembly. An ARF drone kit might additionally leave out components like motors, ESCs, or perhaps the flight controller and battery. The definition of an ARF drone kit is vary very broad, so if you see ARF inside title, you must read the description thoroughly.


If you only want something to fly at home for $50, next the section doesn’t really connect with you, however if you’re investigating spending hundreds (even perhaps thousands) of dollars you will need to invest your time and effort and money wisely.

Here are a few things that “I wouldn’t do” when the first time I began my journey with my first drone, that would’ve taught me drastically afterwards.

Invest inside a good controller. Getting a fantastic controller is probably the best investments you could make. Controllers (unlike smartphones) don’t get outdated rapidly, if you’re thinking of being inside hobby for a time, you’re planning to want for getting a controller that may last at the least a couple years. I know of a few some people that have been using exactly the same controller over 10 years. The reason why you may make one last so very long, happens because the “transmitter” part is removable so that you simply can upgrade results with different or newer communication technologies from the future.

Buy an excellent charger. I know it seems crazy to waste a lot of money for just a battery charger, but simply like together with your controller, a great charger is going to last for years. Cheap chargers that include RTF drone kits usually charge slow, will not be very reliable, and will usually only charge battery that they have (nothing bigger). So, at some point, when you invest in a bigger drone you’ll desire a bigger charger anyway. The more expensive chargers can charge virtually any battery you can imagine, from lithium polymer to enjoy acid. You can even buy adapters for charging more and a second battery each time.

Invest in research. I realize that buying a drone is exciting, but it’s not something you need to rush. The more research you are doing, greater knowledge you’ll gain, and in the end, you’ll begin to understand the differences between each of the drone parts available and the logic behind why one part could possibly be better than this other. This can help you save a lot of time and money within the long run since you won’t be buying bad products, making bad decisions, wasting money on and on through everything blind.

Things to Know Before Selecting Best Drone Camera

There are a few things you should know about, the drone companies are divided into 2 parts; you’ll find the high level, enthusiast grade drones such as the DJI Phantom 4, and the DJI T600 Inspire 1, and then you will discover cheaper options.

Now alternatives cheaper options, they cost way less than what you’d anticipate paying for a DJI Phantom 4, or another similar competitive product, however, concurrently, these items are considered toy drones. Keeping that in your mind, you should consider that we went ahead and covered both types because we didn’t desire to be prejudiced towards a drone compared to the other.

So, you’ll be seeing some high-end stuff on the likes of DJI, and GoPro together with some entry-level toy drones which can be targeted towards people that just want to enjoy the fun.

Before starting, you need to understand that these drones are commonly known as Quadcopters because of the look and blades on all 4 ends.

There are majorly 2 different kind of drones/quadcopters, there is a type that comes with virtually no camera preinstalled or even a camera mount used to put a camera there, and then there are those who are designed with high-end cameras that could shoot videos at 4K.

Now in the event you just want to employ a drone you could fly around, and showcase, you will get the simple one who won’t cost much. However, should you be a film student or even an aspiring filmmaker, and you are therefore looking for something that has a high-end camera, you have to be prepared to spend a ton of money because drones that can come equipped with high-end cameras can be extremely expensive.

Final Verdict

Drone industry is booming. Everyone looking to chip in from professional photographer to enthusiasts like us. We, researched complete market and found best drones available now. Hope you found the best drone you are looking for in that list. If we missed some drone you love or can be considered in best list. You can let us know in comment section or via our contact us page.

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