Best Bluetooth Speakers For Desktop
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Bluetooth speakers are truly advancements from the wireless world. Working on a similar Bluetooth technology that permits you to share music and files in your cellphone wirelessly with friends, these speakers supply a top-quality listening experience without resorting to any wires. As far as wireless technologies go, Bluetooth continues to be rolling around in its nascent stages, but still, gives a compelling performance. If you own a mobile phone, you might have maybe used Bluetooth already. Nowadays, you should buy anything from earphones and headphones to headsets that run about this technology. Desktops, laptops and netbooks also utilize Bluetooth to attach devices wirelessly, including speakers, headphones and small printers.

Today, we are going to share best Bluetooth speakers for desktop in this publication. We have reviewed and selected only top 3 Bluetooth speakers which are actually suitable with desktop computers. So, if you are interested in getting Bluetooth speakers for your desktop check out following reviews.

Best Bluetooth Speakers For Desktop (Comparison)

Bluetooth SpeakerWeightDimensions 
Audio Engine HD3 (Editor's Choice)9.6 lbs11.8 x 8.9 x 11.6 InchesCheck Price
Thonet & Vander RATSEL BT7.9 lbs14.6 x 9.4 x 7.9 InchesCheck Price
Edifier S1000DB18 lbs11 x 8 x 13.5 InchesCheck Price


Audio Engine HD3 – (Editor’s Choice)

it’s refreshing to determine Audio engine creating a wireless bookshelf-style speaker pair which allows legitimate stereo separation the nearly everywhere speakers each measure 7 by 4.3 by 5.5 inches (HWS) and therefore are sufficiently little to be utilized as desktop, computer speakers (wired or wireless), but powerful enough to fill cash room.Best Bluetooth Speakers For Desktop You can use them because your all over the place satellites for the home theatre setup, though adding a subwoofer may not be the worst idea within this scenario. The speakers provide an output and bass reduction switch with this exact purpose—more on that in a very bit. Removable grilles that snap on magnetically assist you to exhibit the drivers or hide them from view. Both speakers come with a 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter plus a 2.75-inch Kevlar woofer. Each channel features a power rating of 15 watts RMS. It has speaker’s solid base depth. The Audio engine HD3 are an outstanding option for those seeking a definitive sound signature off their Bluetooth stereo speakers.

Attractive DesignNot Suitable For Booming Sounds
24-bit Dac
Excellent Audio Quality


These Bluetooth speakers have book shelf design just like you will have on your desktop shelf. They also have 24-bit dac which is enough for producing an excellent treble and bass. But, if you want very loud bass and booming sounds these speakers will not cut for it.




Thonet & Vander RATSEL BT

The Rätsel BT feels similar to a speaker system the 9.9-by-3.9-by-4.3-inch satellite speakers are wired to some desktop plastic control center with speaker cabling, as is also the massive 9.9-by-9.9-by-14.4-inch (HWD) subwoofer.Best Bluetooth Speakers For Desktop There are connections around the back panel on the control center for left/right RCA inputs—one for just a PC, then one on an Aux sound source. The speakers all connect with a corner panel, along with the included power cable. A fuse to counteract the speakers from blowing can be located for the back panel. Beneath the grilles, the 18-watt satellites each house a 0.5-inch tweeter along with a 3-inch mid-range driver, as the 30-watt subwoofer works on the 6.5-inch driver. It would be nice when the satellite speakers may very well be angled upward a tad, therefore the tweeters are definitely more prearranged along with your ears—but dependent upon your desktop height, they might be close. The subwoofer may be placed anywhere nearby that may be convenient, provided its signal will not be blocked. The Rätsel BT also ships using a remote control—another feature that has recently disappeared inside chronological age of Bluetooth audio. The remote is equipped with buttons for Power, Mute, Input, Pairing, Reset, Volume Up/Down, Track Forward/Backward, Play/Pause, and controls for Bass and Treble.

Bass ControlInterference Issue With Mobile Devices
Treble Control
Good Speakers For Desktop


These are classic designed but very powerful Bluetooth speakers and just perfect for desktop. These Bluetooth speakers also comes with subwoofer and remote control which you can use for controlling it. Their design makes them very good for desktop computers. Their Bluetooth connectivity with mobile devices lags sometime if there is something hindering the connection.




Edifier S1000DB

Primarily wood polished, this standing rectangular speaker having size of 11 x 8 x 13.5 inches.Best Bluetooth Speakers For Desktop The front interface in the device is as well as two varying sized woofers. Nonetheless, a corner mainly black coated consists group of ports including adjustments knobs on volume, bass, and treble. It also incorporates a button to show on or off the unit. At its sides, streamlined with wood to use sophistication and durability with the device.

S1000DB delivers a digital sound processing (DSP) technology establishing single,000 dB highly advanced audio codec. It features a frequency response of 48 Hz-20 MHz giving the full array of bass with clarity and high quality of sound. It provides for a 120-watt RMS quality sound. these devices may very well be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 reaches an optimum array of 10-15 feet. edifier induces strong treble and bass that has a wide variety of frequency response who makes clear and high-quality audio output. It is pre-loaded with highly advanced audio codec as well as Digital Sound Processing Technology (DSP) to provide an outstanding sound. The device includes wired input sources which might be highly appropriate for various devices. Aside from that, it might be connected via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It has also an intuitive handheld control that one could use to control various controls in the device. Nonetheless, you may want to practice it manually because interface from the unit. You could assure longevity with this speaker because it’s intuitively made incorporating industrial strength materials from an aluminum remote based control to woody oak streamlining with the sides in the speaker. It truly meets its quality of construction and show off.

Various Connectivity OptionsHeavy Weight
High Quality Sound
Strong Material


These speakers are very powerful and truly gives you comfort. It also has various connectivity options apart from Bluetooth. The sound quality is also very good, and material is made from is very sturdy. But, it has a downside of being heavy weight. If, you have no issue with hefty Bluetooth speakers then you are going to love them.




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