Best All in One Computer For Gaming
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

All in one gaming PC, also known as gaming PC with home or professional use, can be a computer system that is certainly capable of playing computationally and graphically demanding game titles. They are akin to conventional computers apart from this equipment is fitted with performance-oriented video card as well as other specifications. This type of computers can be bought already in the market but at the greater price than the conventional computers. Since most in the gamers are cost and gratification sentient

Given below are the top 3 best all in one computers for gaming.

Best All in One Computers For Gaming (Comparison)

All in One ComputerDisplayGraphics 
Microsoft Surface Studio (Editor's Choice)UHDGeForce GTX 980Check Price
ASUS Zen AiO Pro Z240IEUHDGeForce GTX 1050Check Price
Apple iMac5K RetinaAMD Radeon Pro 580Check Price


Microsoft Surface Studio – (Editor’s Choice)

Microsoft Surface Studio’s screen is merely 0.44-inch thick, whilst the components and ports are typical housed in the base that measures 1.26 by 8.66 by 9.84 inches (HWD) The Studio’s design and build are gorgeous.Best All in One Computer For Gaming The look is undeniably iMac inspired, though the convertibility and glinting metal legs attaching the screen to your base supply the Studio its distinctive look. The “gravity hinge” can visit to any point between fully upright and reclined. It slides effortlessly between modes and satisfying to push the screen down or program an individual finger. As for the display itself, it bears a PixelSense resolution of four years old,500 by 3,000, including 63 percent more pixels than the usual 4K television (192ppi). The screen shines, having an incredibly crisp and vibrant picture which fits the project many creative types use it for. The colors are bold and bright, because display uses 10-bit color depth and props up P3 and SRGB color gamut, which you may swap between immediately. It’s brilliantly bright within the default Vivid color profile. All ports are placed about the back in the base. They’re a bit tough to access, particularly if the screen is reclined, as you need to reach around it or turn the full machine around. But it’s not terribly frustrating, and keeps the flush, sleek look intact. There are four USB 3.0 ports (you are a higher power port), an SD card reader, a mini DisplayPort connection, as well as a headset jack. USB-C connectivity is notably absent here.

The Studio has a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, because both versions connect via Bluetooth 4.0. These are also very iMac-like in appear and feel, and so they complete the job The Surface Pen stylus is additionally included. It works well together with the Studio, plus there is virtually no latency between strokes and response within the screen. The 2.7GHz Intel Core i7-6820HQ CPU and 32GB of memory powered it into a strong score while using GeForce gtx 980m

Beautiful DesignLacks Upgrade/Expansion Possibility
Very Thin
Very Fast


This is very powerful all in one gaming PC. It offers beautiful design, the elegant look with being very thin design and very fast processing. On downside, you cannot upgrade its components.




ASUS Zen AiO Pro Z240IE

The ASUS Zen AiO Pro Z240IE is probably the slickest-looking all-in-one PCs available, not the very least as it’s prepared to borrow liberally from Apple’s iMac.Best All in One Computer For Gaming The slim desktop features a glass and metal design, using a thick, black bezel across the display along with a curved back panel that’s constructed from an individual section of aluminum. A solid, L-shaped stand raises in the 23-inch all-in-one, permitting you to adjust the angle with the display yet not the height. The aluminum chassis and stand use a brushed-metal finish and acquire a certain amount of color that Asus calls “icicle gold.” All with the system’s ports take prescription the back in the all-in-one chassis. On the left side, there are two HDMI ports. four USB 3.0 ports, an individual USB 2.0 port plus a USB 3.1 Type-C port While the ports-on-back design is very common for all-in-one systems, it lets you do imply that you will need to fumble around a tad when you head to connect a cable or peripheral device. The addition of an HDMI input is usually a nice touch, given it enables you to make use of the all-in-one to be a 4K monitor even after the PC components have aged past usefulness. The Zen AiO Pro Z240IE carries a 23.8-inch display with 3840 x 2160 resolution and 10-finger touch. The IPS display offers nice wide viewing angles, so there is absolutely no challenge with visibility when you possess a group crowded throughout the all-in-one to look at an interesting YouTube video. When I viewed the trailer for Wonder Woman, the blue of Diana’s dress was vibrant along with the sparks that flew when she deflected bullets were bright contrary to the drab colors on the battleground. Details like individual hairs and tiny touches on costumes were all crystal-clear. The Asus Z240IE is often an accomplished player in the popular departments, as a result of an Intel Core i7-7700T processor, 16GB of RAM along with the combined storage of any 1TB hard disk and 128GB solid-state drive. With a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card and 4GB of dedicated video memory, the Asus Zen AiO Pro Z240IE is well-equipped for many people graphics-heavy users.

UHD DisplaySpeakers Not Very Good
Powerful Processing
Powerful Graphics GPU


ASUS is the only company which offers outstanding value to it’s customers they offer almost everything in their computers, laptops and cellphones without breaking the bank. This all in one gaming pc has also everything a user can look for. It offers UHD display with beautiful design. The processing is very fast and powerful. It costs a lot cheaper than Apple iMac and Microsoft studio and it beats the gaming card of both by offering GTX 1050 to it’s users. The speakers are not good but still this all in one computer offers more than you pay for.



Apple iMac

The iMac design has keep on quite unmoved since slim version was introduced last 2012.Best All in One Computer For Gaming You will get the familiar minimalist design, that has a 27-inch display flanked by black bezels and covered in edge-to-edge glass. Below the display may be the bare-metal chin bearing the Apple logo, plus a sturdy L-shaped stand adds to the whole thing a number of inches off the desk. The hinged stand provides a fair number of tilt adjustment, but there is however still useless approach to adjust the height, apart from stacking the iMac on some books. The iMac measures 20.3 x 25.6 x 8 inches and weighs 20.8 pounds, which is quite reasonable to an all-in-one desktop. While the rear-mounted position from the ports are few things new, nonetheless feels mildly irritating you have to fumble blindly behind the appliance to connect a memory stick. Still, the choices is plentiful: an audio jack, an SDXC card slot, four USB 3.0 ports, two Thunderbolt 3 ports along with an Ethernet jack. Next for the power connector can be a small Kensington lock slot to physically secure the unit. While 4K displays have raised in popularity during the last two years, minimal you have attempted to match the 27-inch iMac’s Retina display and it is 5120 x 2880 resolution. To goose the display slightly more, Apple dialed in the brightness and increased the volume of supported colors from millions to some cool billion. Our review unit boasted a Koby Lake Intel Core i7-770K processor and 16GB of 2,400-MHz DDR4 memory. As in earlier times, the iMac’s four SO-DIMM slots are available to your user, so that you can upgrade the memory after purchase. Although the base model from the iMac includes Apple’s Fusion Drive, our unit was outfitted using a 512GB solid-state drive, doing it hook rise in performance. The new components combined for the excellent multitasking experience. Another major update for that iMac will be the turn to an AMD Radeon Pro 580 graphics card with 8GB of VRAM so yes, you’ll be able to play majority of games on it

Speedy PerformanceNo Height Adjustment
Excellent DisplayNo Touch Display
Powerful Graphics GPU


Apple iMac is similar to its older versions in terms of design, but they heavily updated its hardware and display. The processing is very fast. The AMD graphic card is enough for Mac OS and well nothing beats the display quality of this all-in gaming PC. But, like always apple has the ability to leave certain things in this computer they left the touch screen and height adjustments so, if you opt to choose this computer you have to bear those downsides.




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