Benefits & Drawbacks Of Overhead Projectors
(Last Updated On: October 15, 2018)

Despite the rise of LCD digital projectors, overhead projectors are nevertheless widespread in numerous settings for instance classrooms and business conferences. They are very sturdy, user friendly, and fairly affordable. In short, an overhead projector is usually rightfully viewed as a practical tool for presenting visuals to your large lot of people.

Read on and read about the advantages and disadvantages of using this kind of projector.


  • They are all too easy to operate. The most obvious benefit the following is the projectors have simple technology. It doesn’t have complicated parts nor proper drainage. lots of cables this is why getting hired is rarely an inconvenience. You won’t worry about determining different settings as well as like software troubleshooting while others. This also means it will be easy to protect yourself from computer-related concerns which often can possibly ruin your presentations.
  • They are more affordable to get and observe after. Compared with modern LCD projectors, overhead projectors require lesser sum of money to accumulate and gaze after. Purchasing from your right resources could lead someone to about fifty percent savings so this will make an excellent choice if you’re tight on budget. Look around and try browsing the free options. You will almost certainly find projectors which have almost a similar price for an LCD lamp.
  • Transparencies are offered everywhere. Regardless in case you are employing an inkjet or laser printer, you will find transparency films which are suitable for your device. These transparencies is usually bought from nearby stores that carry buy office supplies over plus they are often readily available for an economical price.



  • The Heat

Although projector cases are built to endure the temperature of internal lamps, you to be a user might still realize it’s too hot to touch. Moreover, certain parts could possibly cause burns in case you are to never careful. Also, be extra cautious never to place flammable materials beside it during or after use. This is important so you’re able to avoid untoward incidents.

  • The Toxins

There’s always the tendency for that projector’s plastic and metal parts to melt due to the heat level. When this happens, the equipment will probably release toxic chemicals which might induce dizziness, skin irritation, among others. In case you suspect you are having these symptoms after using the equipment, it’s always best to make contact with an experienced technician to do checks and repairs.


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