Obesity is a raging problem in the 21st century, and if you reside within the overweight spectrum, you need an efficient weight loss routine to get that body back in shape. Cardio workouts through gym machines are some of the most effective and safest ways to manage your weight in a short amount of time, but most of us don’t have the luxury of time and money to visit a gym regularly. The best solution is to have your own exercise machine at home where you will be free to engage in a cardio workout whenever you squeeze some time out of your daily routine.

The truth is, if you are careful about which piece of cardio equipment you’re using, you can spend a lot less time exercising while burning a lot more calories. Instead of purchasing a gym-targeted exercise machine, which can be mismatched and expensive, have a look at our top 3 cardio machine picks below. We have tested each popular exercise model based on workout intensity, convenience, and durability, highlighting the three most worthwhile options for the price. Dive through their detailed reviews one by one so you can select the best cardio machine according to your weight loss needs and budget!

Top 3 Cardio Machines for Weight Loss (Comparison)

Bulbhead Slim Cycle Stationary Bike - ( Editor's Choice)Exercise BikeCheck Price
FUNMILY Folding TreadmillElectric treadmillCheck Price
Bestlucky Elliptical MachineEllipticalCheck Price

Bulbhead Slim Cycle Stationary Bike

Bulbhead’s Slim Cycle is one of the most powerful cardio equipment under $300, providing high-intensity exercise at minimum skeletal impact and shock. It has stormed the gym equipment world with its innovative, convertible design.

BulbHead Slim Cycle is constructed as a stationary bike with 2 modes of operation. You can convert it from an upright bike into a recumbent cycle by adjusting its seat position. Upright biking puts your body through an intense cardiovascular workout, and when you combine it with the 8-level resistance settings on Bulbhead Slim Cycle, you acquire a heavy, gym-worthy cardio workout that will have you shedding calories like never before. If you plan to start small, however, the bike’s recumbent posture is ideal for getting a passionate yet low-impact workout. This 2-in-1 functionality also makes it excellent for family use, where different members can enjoy varying workout routines.

There are resistance bands latched to the bike for additional training. They will amp up your workouts and engage the upper body muscles, making for a thorough home-based exercise session. This weight loss machine is powerfully built with a weight capacity reaching 300lbs. It is also surprisingly advanced for an exercise machine under $300. The built-in LCD monitor lets you track your activity statistics, including speed, distance, burned calories, etc. Through the handle-integrated pulse sensors, you can even ascertain your pulse readings. If you need to follow a careful workout routine due to health concerns, Bulbhead Cycle’s tracking functionality will aid you in crafting and maintaining that plan.

We loved how comfortable and convenient Bulbhead Slim Cycle is. The seat’s smart padding offers a generous amount of cushioning to last you through long biking sessions. Even the handles are specially contoured to make them easier to hold. They extend in a rectangular shape, which means you can grip them from several different angles according to personal preference. Compared to other cardio machines, like a treadmill or elliptical, this exercise machine invades a significantly small amount of space. You can fold it up after each workout to minimize the footprint. Bulbhead has engraved the Slim Cycle with unsurpassed features at an affordable rate, which is what makes it our top-ranked cardio machine for weight loss.

2-in-1 convertible designComplicated assembly
LCD monitor for activity trackingGetting onto the bike can be difficult
Resistance bands for additional training
8-level adjustable resistance



Bulbhead Slim Cycle boasts the most versatile workout potential in all the cardio machines we tested in its price range. The combination of upright and recumbent positions, as well as the 8-level resistance, extends you a plethora of workout options and intensity levels. On top of that, this exercise machine is foldable, sturdy, and loaded with fitness tracking modules, making it a remarkable cardio option for any weight loss enthusiast.

FUNMILY Folding Treadmill

The FUNMILY folding treadmill is a worthwhile exercise machine that works as the best home gym equipment for cardio. FUNMILY has been updating its workout machines with the latest technologies and high-quality features, and this cardio machine stands among their most advanced products.

FUNMILY folding treadmill is a compact home gym machine that targets your arms, legs, calves, hips, abdominal muscle, and waist. It is cautious of your knees with a multi-layer tread belt. The shock-absorbing layers serve to minimize the impact on your joints. Many people face difficulty in the settlement of treadmills as they require a larger space, but this exercise machine has solved all the hassle. With its smart and foldable body, it can be quickly assembled for workouts, and then be folded again to save space. It also carries wheels so that you can shift it from one location to another with ease.

The motor has a power of 1.5 HP with speeds ranging from 0.5-6MPH. It can easily sustain 40-60 minutes of running and walking. The incredible thing about the FUNMILY treadmill is that it is created with a 7-level shockproof and silent design, making it the best treadmill for home. It operates at a very quiet and reserved pace, producing no more than 60db of noise, which parallels a manual treadmill’s silent profile. This exercise machine has a multifunctional LCD monitor with 12 preset programs. The screen displays the statistics of run time, distance, speed, calories burned, and heartbeat. It helps you keep track of the daily progress and lose weight at an efficient, optimized pace.

Furthermore, this exercise machine is forged of a heavy stainless material that can support a weight of 220 lbs/100kg. Some of its quirky features include an integrated safety key and an emergency shut down button.  There is also an automatic full lubrication system installed within to keep the motion smooth. In terms of technological support, the exercise machine is especially well-equipped, with a powerful built-in speaker, a heart rate detector, an iPad holder, and an adjustable knob. In short, the FUNMILY treadmill carries all the features you need for pursuing the fastest way to lose weight: cardio exercise.

Compact, folding designDifficult to assemble
Pulse sensorsNot suitable for people weighing over 220lbs
Ultra-quiet motion
Built-in safety key for emergency
Multifunctional LCD with IPad holder




The FUNMILY electric treadmill brings intense cardio workouts within reach. If you are looking to engage in heated exercise sessions for quick, consistent weight loss, FUNMILY’s 1.5HP motor and multifunctional LCD is just what you need. It is quiet, resilient, and compact. All these zestful features make FUNMILY the best choice exercise machine for any home gym.


Bestlucky Elliptical Machine

The Bestlucky Elliptical is a smart cardio machine for beginners who seek a low-impact workout. Its mighty frame and magnetic resistance system provide some of the most remarkable home workouts you can wish for in a sub-$400 exercise machine.

The Bestlucky elliptical supports 8 levels of resistance which can be tuned through a manual knob. This magnetic resistance stems from the elliptical’s reimagined flywheels. We found them to be exceedingly smooth and momentous as compared to a low-priced elliptical trainer. The elliptical’s stride length stretches to 13 inches, which means you can simulate the fervent motions involved in outdoor running for a hearty cardio workout. As a quirky add-on, the machine’s pedals are designed to support backward riding. This allows you to carry out sessions with varied intensities and physical movements, just like a HIIT workout at home.

Furthermore, the handlebars, being movable in synchronization with the pedals, will charge your upper body as well. Most ellipticals do not possess any additional support if you only desire a workout for legs, but Bestlucky’s second set of handles allows you to hold your torso and arms in place, stable and well-postured, while you pump up the lower body muscles. In order to keep you updated with your physical progress, the Bestlucky exercise machine is equipped with a convenient LCD digital monitor that displays time, speed, distance, and calories burned. You can also program it to show pre and post-workout evaluations. The exercise machine is built to accommodate folks up to 330 lbs. This is an impressive weight capacity that you won’t often find in an exercise machine at this price.

We also found the Bestlucky elliptical to be stable and sturdy during operation. The frame is reinforced with extended leg stabilizers that prevent wobbling or tipping when you are cycling with passion. The built-in transport wheels make this Bestlucky exercise machine portable, placing it among the most convenient gym equipment for homes.

8 levels of adjustable resistanceCan be noisy when riding at high speeds
13-inch stride length
330lbs weight capacity
Dual handlebar system
Transportation wheels for portability



The Bestlucky Elliptical Machine, with its 8 levels of magnetic tension, leads you from easy to challenging exercise sessions at home. It boasts the best elliptical technologies, like dual handlebars and slip-resistant frames, and can support people weighing up to 330lbs, making it suitable for beginners and heavily overweight folks. If you desire a gym-level cardio exercise machine that will bear the extremes of usage and weight, Bestlucky elliptical should be your top pick.


When it comes to cardio workouts for weight loss, there is an extensive catalog of exercise machines that claim the best results. After sorting through each of the top-rated models, we have found Bulbhead Slim Cycle to be the most remarkable exercise machine.

Biking is one of the most effective weight loss exercises, and the Bulbhead Slim Cycle has made it convenient and appropriate for any user. Its convertible frame allows you to bike in both an upright and recumbent position, and this feature works beautifully with the bike’s adjustable resistance to facilitate a diverse array of gym workout plans. Moreover, this exercise bike is foldable, ergonomically shaped, and loaded with fitness tracking functions just like expensive gym machines. Regardless of your lifestyle or location, the Bulbhead Slim Cycle is perfectly armed to start your weight loss journey, which is why we consider it the best cardio machine for weight loss!


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