Things To Look For In A Crossbow
(Last Updated On: January 29, 2018)

Before you go on to the market to buy any new product or gadget you have to have some kind of knowledge about what you want out of that specific gadget. If you don’t do your proper research on the product you are interested in buying you will not be able to make a efficient and profitable decision.

Crossbows are no exception to this rule. Crossbows are very popular among the hunters as it is easier to use and give out more adrenaline based experience in the hunting grounds. If you are choosing a crossbow to get into the hunting game or if you are looking to upgrade your current crossbow you have to keep few things in mind to make a better decision when selecting a crossbow. We have compiled some of the important factors to consider when looking for a crossbow in this publication so let’s get started. Be sure to check out our best reviewed crossbows for hunting.

Physical Strength

If you are looking to own a crossbow for the first time you have to know that everyone can use a crossbow and operating it is not that difficult but there is no one crossbow that can be used by everyone. There are models of crossbows manufactured to cater the beginner level user and then there are crossbows manufactured for advanced skill level user. The first thing you should consider is your own physical strength, buying a crossbow that is heavy and takes a lot out of you when cocking it, is not a good idea. Go for something that you are comfortable using day in and day out.

Cocking the Crossbow

Cocking the crossbow is one of the most important tasks that you will be performing when you will be out there hunting, some crossbows have a very easy cocking mechanism such as compound crossbows and require very little effort and strength. You also have to look for the crossbow which takes very little time to cock as well and not just the strength required to do it. A crossbow taking a long time to cock is not very practical in the hunting sport.

Broadheads and Bolts

When choosing a broadhead or bolt for your crossbow you have to know what kind of bolt will be supported by your crossbow. The heavier bolt will penetrate deeper into the target and will prove to be more fatal than the lighter one. But the lighter bolt will provide more range when it comes to hunting from a distance. It’s up to you to choose between the bolts for your crossbow according to your hunting style, if you have a very good aim then we suggest you go for the heavier bolts for deadlier kill.


When buying a crossbow for yourself you have to consider your budget as well. If you are shopping for a crossbow on your own and without anyone’s assistance then you should keep in mind that the simplest of the crossbows will set you back starting around $300 and they will not be packed with a lot of features expect the basic functionality out of them.

If you are upgrading to the next level of crossbows then expect to fork out around $1500 for a top of the line model, the price can go up to $2500 if you are looking to add on more features to it.

We suggest that in case if you are getting a little help from the salesman at the crossbow shop in selecting a crossbow you disclose your budget to him or her so that he or she doesn’t recommend you any crossbow that is out of your budget.

Renowned Manufacturers

If you are a first time buyer of the crossbow then you will not be able to make out which crossbow is better performing regardless of the manufacturer tag. So for the first purchase we suggest that you stick to the reliable brands in crossbow manufacturing. Do your research and ask around for the manufacturers with reliable customer support and reliable products.

If you don’t select the crossbow out of the reliable brands in crossbow manufacturing you are going to have a lot of headache when it comes to after sales service and finding parts to replace. This is not the case when it comes to upgrading your crossbow because you must have experienced which parts can be easily found from where regardless of the brand name.

Speed, Noise and Recoil

If you are buying a crossbow for the first time then you should remember these three factors as they directly affect the performance of your crossbow. The speed that is best suited for your first crossbow is between 330fps to 370fps, it’s more than enough velocity to kill any beast in the wild.

The noise of the crossbow is also a major factor to consider when buying a crossbow for hunting purposes, you wouldn’t want a crossbow that makes a racket when you are hunting. There are crossbows being manufactured which have very low noise levels but if you want to further reduce that noise you can buy add-on such as dampening systems to your crossbow.

Recoil of the crossbow is a very important factor when it comes to the performance of your crossbow. If you get a recoil from your crossbow which is not manageable by your arm and shoulder than it will directly affect the accuracy of your shooting. Whenever you buy a crossbow try out different models of the crossbows and check their recoil, choose the one which you can easily handle when it comes to recoil.

Weight Distribution

Having a crossbow with a good center of gravity is very important. If either of the ends of the crossbow (front or back) is heavy the accuracy of your crossbow shooting will be directly affected. It’s better to have front end of the crossbow to be lighter to increase maneuverability and accuracy of your shooting. Reverse compound crossbows provide just that.

Know Your Skill

Before buying a crossbow for the first time or you are looking to upgrade, you have to know your skill set. You can’t just go to any shop and choose the most expensive crossbow or one with the most features. It will be worthless to you when you haven’t fired a single arrow out of the crossbow in your life. There are crossbows manufactured for each skill level. You will find crossbows for beginner skill level users as well as for the advanced skill level users. You will even find crossbows which are for the people who are not physically strong. So you have to know what your skills are when it comes to crossbow shooting and your requirements as well.

Do Not Experiment

When it comes to crossbows people tend to experiment a lot with home made add-ons and customize it to the level at which they are unsafe to use. If you are a beginner or an expert user always use company recommended add-ons and follow the safety instructions. Crossbows are just as lethal as a firearm and if not handled properly it can lead to unfortunate incidents.

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