Self Balancing Scooter/Hoverboard Technology Explained
(Last Updated On: January 8, 2018)

Riding a hoverboard seems to be very easy and not very difficult for the new user to adapt to. You must have wondered why that is. What kind of technology has made that possible for you to ride a hoverboard this effortlessly and how it recognizes your body movements which allow you to travel at such speeds. In this publication we are going to discuss how hoverboard works and explain to you the technology behind hoverboards. So let’s get into it.

Operation of Hoverboard

Just to get started we first look at the operation of hoverboards, when you first buy the hoverboard you either calibrate it or it calibrates automatically to your body standing upright. After you get on the hoverboard the self balancing mechanism kicks in and stabilizes the board for you to get in a starting position and stand with balance intact. Then you start to lean forwards and the hoverboard starts to move forwards while maintaining the balance.

Hoverboard Mechanism (Technology)

It all starts with series of sensors on board the self balancing scooter which work together to feed the data of your body tilt movement to the gyroscope. The gyroscope then uses that information to adjust the hoverboard position to a centralized angle which is pre calibrated, this is the whole process of self balancing on board the hoverboard.

Hoverboard Logic Board and Sensors

After the hoverboard adjusts to your leaning position the gyroscope then forwards that data to the on board logic board which processes the data and controls the power provided to the motors which turn the wheels. The logic boards also processes the tilt angle of the rider’s body according to which the power sent to the motors, the lower the tilt angle the higher the speed you will get out of your hoverboard.

This process is being done in real time and you don’t even realize what is going on inside the gadget under your feet. Now how cool is the technology and impressive at the same time which literally operates by the gesture of your body.

All the impressiveness aside we all know that hoverboards can reach top speeds of up to 15mph and that for a gadget with balancing power of a computer and a gyroscope so there is very little human control on the hoverboard that is why you should be careful riding the hoverboard at those speeds because if you get in a tight spot at high speeds there is very little you can do to control the hoverboard instantly and you can get hurt. Be safe!

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