Different Types Of Hoverboards
(Last Updated On: January 8, 2018)

Hoverboards have been around for a few years now and they have become somewhat of a “cool thing” or “fun form of commute” among the teens and the adults alike. Initially the hoverboards we were introduced to were two wheelers which used gyroscope technology to move around. Now as with every technology product there is always something out that is better than the previous model. This goes for hoverboards too as many types of hoverboards have been introduced in the market which are different than the original design of the hoverboards which were introduced back in 2013. In this publication we are going to discuss all the types of hoverboards which are either currently available for purchase or can be expected in the near future. So let’s get into it.

Two Wheel Hoverboard/Self Balancing Scooter

The original hoverboards or also referred to as Self Balancing Scooters do not actually hover even though the name suggests so. The self balancing scooters were introduced few years back and became instant hit with the crowd. The design of these self balancing hoverboards is very simple, there are two wheel attached two either side of the board on which you stand and control the hoverboard’s movements. There is no handle or steering on these scooters and they are self balancing as well.

First generation of these self balancing scooters did encounter some safety issues related to the batteries on board those hoverboards. To tackle this issue over 500,000 units were recalled and a newer safer hoverboard was re launched into the market. The UL certified these hoverboards by testing these gadgets to the limit. Now these hoverboards are safe to ride without any worry.



Real Hoverboards

Real Hoverboards are the real thing, these hoverboards can actually hover off the ground and are not widely available as of yet. These hoverboards use different technologies, electro magnetic one is the real deal of all. These hoverboards are very expensive and cost upward of $10,000 per unit and the technology itself is not very refined and you will have to wait for few years for a practical real hoverboard.

There is jet propelled hoverboard as well which can reach speeds of around 90mph and altitude of 10,000 feet, there is a hoverboard that use multiple rotary motors like the ones on a drone to provide lift off the ground and travel for few hundred meters.



One Wheel Hoverboards

One wheel hoverboards let the users experience as if they are surfing through air. The design is very unique of this hoverboard type, it has a single wheel in between the hoverboard. The direction in which the rider leans (forwards or back) allow for acceleration and deceleration of the hoverboard. The one wheel hoverboards can travel at around 15mph mark and they offer a very unique reiding experience. They are trickier to adapt to as compared to self balancing hoverboards but they can go on variety of surface types with ease.



Other Hoverboards

Due to surge in popularity in contemporary culture there are different hoverboards that have been produced and are somewhat very different. These attempts to produce something new and different based on hoverboard design has not gone very well for the manufacturers.

Example of such hoverboards is ICarbot, this board does not have a conventional hoverboard design and is not very appealing either. It looks like a Roomba or weighing scale, like the ICarbot you will come across many gadgets which have failed to catch on with the masses when it comes to popularity.



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